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Cosmos Elf[edit]

Elfs affected by the astral plane on a molecular level and now possessing unique powers.

Physical Description[edit]

Cosmos elves are extremely similar to normal elves, but their bodies always have a characteristic that reflects their cosmic origin and sub-race.

Starchilds usually have hair that constantly floats around like the "flames" of the sun, their hair has various colors from the color spectrum, and they are able to change the color of their hair as they go through life (the whiter, the older the elf).

Planetary Child are robust and their movements are slightly rigid, like a planet with its tectonic plates moving, their bodies are also extremely well defined and have phenomenal health and physical capabilities, even among Cosmo Elves.

Moon Child, are more delicate like the moon, with a delicate and even feminine appearance (it is common for a male Moon Child to be mistaken for a woman). Moon Childs have smooth, pale skin, delicate voices, and fluid movements like water.

The Meteoric Children are a strange variation, often born out of relationships between known and unknown types of Cosmos Elf, they possess characteristics of both their father and mother, sometimes they can have the delicate appearance of a Moonchild but the muscular body of a Planetary Child, however they are the most common to be seen around, as they tend to strangely wander wherever they are trying to figure out what they are perfectly

Starchilds are most commonly male

Planetary Child are perfectly divided between both genders

Moon Childs are most commonly female


Eons ago, a group of elves decided to venture into the vast cosmos, and over time, an elf was banished to the Astral plane for a crime that history, long forgotten, cannot tell if she did it herself or not. Because of the Astral Energy united with the Cosmic Energy, she became the First Cosmos Elf, as the eons passed, each of the new elves that were born, gained more and more characteristics of the astronomical objects, clans emerged initially and because of this they were constantly at war, but after a specific elf with a Name that means Light appeared, he managed to unite all the clans into one family, this family is now known as Galactia and because of this, the Cosmos elves tend to keep themselves isolated at a distance, trying to avoid getting out of the delicate attunement they reached to go back to the Chaos of the past


The Cosmos Elf Society is something that mimics the cosmos itself, with each family normally having a Starchild as their main member (Patriarch or Matriarch) and with several Planetary Childs close to and obidient to them, all of whom in turn are below the very rare BlackHole Born (very little is known about these, since they only command a whole galaxy of families from a distance) and finally the BlackHole Borns are below the Cosmos Elf Gods.

Due to the energy that altered these elves, they separate themselves from the Elven Gods and worship their own Gods, the First Elven Cosmos and the 12 Constellation.

Cosmos Elf Names[edit]

Cosmos Elf names are very close to common elven names, but usually giving a characteristic relating to the Cosmos or Cosmology. You can name your Cosmos Elf anyway you like, but remember they tend to use names related to the Cosmos or Cosmology (As Eons, Quark, Neutron and etc).

Cosmos Elf Traits[edit]

Elfs affected by the astral plane on a molecular level and now possessing unique powers.
Ability Score Increase. One score increases by 2 and other score increases by 1.
Age. Legends tell of Cosmos Elfs that can live for eons, but usualy they reach adulthood at 18 years, from that point on they live easily for 1000 years, you stop suffering the frailty of old age when you reach adulthood, and you can't be aged magically. You can still die of old age, however.
Alignment. Cosmos Elfs are affected by the Cosmos Objects they interact, this make them extreme wide in range of Alignment, but usualy they are Chaotic.
Size. Cosmos Elfs vary widely in height and build, from barely 6 feet to well over 8 feet tall. Your size is Medium. (You are a Humanoid. You are also considered an elf for any prerequisite or effect that requires you to be an elf.)
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Star Sight. You have darkvision like 60fts and you see perfectly in the dark. but cannot discern colors, only shades of gray and neon colors
Fey Ancestry. Above all else, you still are a Elf and for this reason. you have advantage on saving throws you make to avoid or end the charmed condition on yourself.
Beyond the Five Senses. You have proficiency in the Perception skill.
Cosmos Trance. You don't need to sleep, and magic can't put you to sleep. You can finish a long rest in 4 hours if you spend those hours in a trancelike meditation, during which you remain conscious. Whenever you finish this trance, you gain proficiency in one skill of your choice and with one weapon of your choice, selected from the Player's Handbook. You magically acquire these proficiencies by drawing them from shared elven memory and the experiences of entities on the Astral Plane, and you retain them until you finish your next long rest.
Cosmos Bearer. You know one Cantrip from your subrace
Cosmic Will. Once every long rest, when you would fall to 0 hitpoints, you can ignore it and come back at your feets (if you choose) with 1 hit point and move your moviment speed to one direction of your choose, you move at extreme speed and cant recieve opportunity attacks.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, Elfic and Cosmic (a language proper to the Cosmos Elves, it is filled with whispers, giving an air of vastness and infinity).
Subrace. Choose one subrace from the below options

Planetary Child[edit]

Mineral Body. From Lv1, you get a +1 Hit point and everytime you level up you recieve again this Bonus, your body becomes rigid like a real planet and you have resistance to Non-Magical Piercing damage.
Planetary Manipulation. You have the Mold Earth Cantrip
Physical Purity. You are immune to disease.


Nuclear Heat. Your Body is actualy inside making the Nuclear fusion of the own sun (but in a extremely smaller version), for this reason you do not suffer the effects of Extreme Heat and have resistance to Non-Magical Fire Damage
Burning Light. You have the Sacred Flame Cantrip
Burning Impacts. You inflict fire damage instead of bludgeoning damage with your unarmed strikes.

Moon Child[edit]

Absolute Coldness. You now have imunity to extreme cold and resistance to Non-Magical Cold damage, and Your skin is pale as the moon.
Lunar Magic. Choose a class: bard, cleric, druid, sorcerer, warlock, or wizard. You learn two cantrips of your choice from that class’s spell list. Choose one Status for your spellcasting from Wisdom, Intelligence or Charisma.
Lunar Purity. As an action, you can touch a creature and cause it to regain a number of hit points equal to your level. Once you use this trait, you can't use it again until you finish a long rest.

Meteoric Child[edit]

Cosmic Velocity. You moviment is extremely quick, you recieve a bonus of 5fts to any type of speed you have, and you have resistance to Non-Magical Bludgeoning damage.
Meteoric Swarm. You have the Magic Stone Cantrip
Meteoric Punch. You have a Unarmed Damage Die of 1d6 piercing or blundgeoning damage, as your punches channel the force of a meteor itself

Extended Cosmic Elf[edit]

This part of the race is completely optional and not recommended for a normal campaign. This part will only be balanced if other players and DMs also use Expanded Races or Your DM use this race as base for an expansion of other players' races (for a better understanding of what a race expansion looks like and giving credit where I got this idea from, see Enpowered Races).

This was done in order to allow your choice of race to influence your choice of race beyond the lv1 choice and to represent your character becoming more powerful and accessing more power within your own race.

Deep Meditation[edit]

Upon reaching Lv3 you receive +1 proficiency of your choice to your Cosmos Trance and your Cosmos Trance can now give proficiency in Tools and Armors.

Tapping More into Your Cosmos[edit]

By Lv5 You are now stronger and more in control of your inner cosmos, you receive one of the bonuses listed below, relative to your choice of subrace:

Planetary Strength
Planetary Child Sub-Race
Your Body has reached a peak of physical strength, you are now counted as one size bigger for any feat involving physical strength like jumping, breaking, smashing something in half, crushing something, and the like. Additionally, you can use oversized weapons made for Large creatures without disadvantage.

Helio's Blessing
StarChild Sub-Race
You now have the ability to absorb sunlight yourself, once per turn, a number of times equal to your proficiency modifier (this feature is recharged by spending a long rest directly in sunlight) you can add 2d6 radiant damage to one of your attacks.

Lunar Cold
Moon Child Sub-Race
You are now able to pass the calm and assurance of the moon, you have a number of d6 dice equal to your proficiency modifier that can be used to heal allies; allies who are healed by your feature are stabilized (even if they don't get back on their feet). Once you use up all your dice you can recover them with a long rest directly in the moonlight

Cosmic Velocity
Meteoric Child Sub-Race
You have now achieved a power that replicates the capabilities of space-faring Comets and Meteors. Your movement now increases by 5fts (this feature stacks with the +5fts you received at lv1, making it a +10fts bonus). In addition, your unarmed strikes are now counted as magic for resistances and immunities.

Cosmic Mind[edit]

By lv10 your mind is beyond what a mere mortal should know, you are immune to the conditions: frightened, charmed and you have advantage in resisting mind control features

BlackHole Born[edit]

At lv15 You can now float and fly using the cosmic veil that carries all the planets, stars and even black holes themselves, you have become BlackHole Born itself, you receive the benefits:

  • You can now fly at a movement speed equal to your Walking movement
  • You now have the ability to spend your entire turn pulling creatures within 10ft of you, targets must be within 60ft of you
  • Your race features can now deal Force Damage
  • You now have resistance to Force Damage
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