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Ink Cursed[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

Red Inked Female


This race of Human like people has a strange nature to them. Countless ages ago a gathering created pigments that they had placed on they skin of a child as a sign good luck and prosperity, but they could not have been further off. The child's skin absorbed these pigments and as he grow so did they, this new ink across his skin created swirls and lines with every new experience he encountered and slowly his pale colored skin turned gray along with his deep blue eyes becoming as white as his sclera. This man was the first of what is now known as the Inked curse, for as society had merely casted him out he never got to establish or recognize what powers came from these marks along his body. This man was eventually able to have a son, who bore the same gray skin he did with and was born with a more vibrant ink infused into his skin. At first it was nothing more than a few thin lines but as his father's did, his tattoos grew along with him only this time they brought him an unnatural strength that matched the vibrancy of his markings over his dead colored skin. For every generation of Ink Cursed that is born the powers related to these birth given marks grows stronger with them.


The Ink cursed look human enough to pass of in a normal society if it wasn't for their skin that looks like the clouds of a rainy day. They usually tend to keep to themselves but not in a tribal aspect but instead building small towns and communities made of either other Ink Cursed or other outcasts such as themselves. The color of the ink across their skin appears at birth and usually has a lot to say about their personality as many Ink Cursed work for a specific skill relating to the color of their tattoos. Those on the warm colored spectrum where the skilled workers such as the blacksmiths, tanners, and chefs. The most famous of which was a Orange inked male that was the personal Blacksmith of an Elven king. Those with tattoos of cool Colors are known for their calmness and sense of adventure, they served as the soldiers, scholars, and adventures. On a very rare circumstance one would be born with the markings of the neutral colored spectrum where able to decide their own fate and where known for their social skills as their elusive nature compared to other Ink Cursed makes them oddly trustable and hard to read. For a Ink Cursed to be born only one parent must have the curse and no matter what the other parent's race is the child is an Ink cursed, if the child is born from two Inked Cursed the ink on the child's skin is slightly more vibrant.

Ink Cursed Names[edit]

The Ink Cursed have first names that consist of easy tones and two or three equal length syllables and have last names in the human dialect.

Male: Ro'ko'in, Shen'Nurm, Zio'Yon

Female: Fey'Tra'Lah, Gi'Ju, Lu'Ee'La

Ink Cursed Traits[edit]

This race of Human like people born with tattoos that grow with them.
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength increases by 1.
Age. Ink Cursed have a life span of about 200 years and mature to adulthood at 20, the older the Ink Cursed the more intricate the tattoos over their body are.
Alignment. The Ink Cursed can live any where just fine leaving any alignment available but their tattoos will represent any good or evil they have done.
Size. Your size is medium, you are slightly taller than a human and have a muscular body.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Tatted up. Your tattoos give you unnatural abilities see Sub-races for what benefit is gained...
Skin of the Cursed. Your gray skin has become resistance to the elements as it does not let in or let out any body heat. (Can not gain exhaustion due to environmental temperature)
Bright Vision. Your pale white eyes are resistant to bright light (Natural Bright Vision for 60 ft)
Languages. Common, Primordial

Red, Yellow, & Orange Inked[edit]

Those of the warm color spectrum are known for their superior craftsmanship and quick wits. They also have exceptional problem solving skills and have nice warming personalities that cheer up all those around them.

Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom increases by 2.
Natural Craftsman. Gain proficiency in any tool kit of your choice
Cheerful nature. At beginning of combat all hostile Humanoids must make a DC Wisdom save, or be charmed. (If you harm any enemy charmed this way all other hostile-enemies lose charm)

Blue Green & Purple Inked[edit]

Those of the cool colored spectrum are known for their calm nature and sense of adventure. Many cool colored Ink cursed are also protective and curious of those they trust letting nothing stopping them from helping a friend in need.

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution increases by 2.
Sense of adventure.. Due to your experience adventuring you can not be frightened.
Magical Curiosity. Can cast "detect magic" as a cantrip once per long rest

White Black & Gray Inked[edit]

Although rare than other colors, neutral colored Ink Cursed are born. Those of the neutral colored spectrum are hard to read and have no predetermined personalities or fate allowing them to create their own. Many trust these neutral colored Ink Cursed without question to desperately try to

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma increases by 2.
Trustworthy face. Gain proficiency in the Deception skill
Personal personality. Choose one of the follow: Learn two additional languages. You gain advantage on common scenario Acrobatics and Athletics skill checks. Gain proficiency in one game set and one instrument. All other party members get +1 maximum hit points per level. Gain 5 extra movement speed. Roll advantage on Stealth checks when hiding. Gain proficiency in the Nature skill and the herbalism kit. Gain the Inspiring Leader Feat.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

5′ 5″ +3d4 130F 150M lb. × (10) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)


Personality Perks

d8 Personality Trait
d6 Ideal
1 I want to be seen for more than the color on my skin
2 I want to be the best at my trade / I want to be the best known explorer / I want to discover who I am
3 I want to teach others the culture of my people
4 I want
d6 Bond
d6 Flaw

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