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Physical Description[edit]

Capri are humanoid creatures with features of a goat. They have hooves for feet, long curled horns, thick fur, and an ambitious gaze. They have the hands, nose, and mouth of a man, but with wide pupils in their eyes, almost like a planet getting stretched apart.


The history of the Capri originates on an island with mountainous terrain. A group of mountain goats, unlucky enough to come across a beholder, somehow manages to survive the piercing gaze of their eyes. But, the dreams of the beholder grasp the goats and stretched them like clay, eventually forming them into humanoids. The newly formed Capri, awake to find hands, the ability to think deeper and smarter, but are thrown aside in these new bodies. With no time to waste, and no idea where the beholder is, they manage to survive for centuries on end. They create fire, then communication, society. Then they dig deeper, into the mountain, where they discover metal, gems too beautiful for any's eyes, rocks sturdy enough that it breaks even some metals. Using these newfound materials, they have built one of the greatest cities and most beautiful societies that any person has seen. But, they dug too deep, and fell into the caverns of a beholder. Horrified, but with no escape, a group of Capri are forced to go further in. Then, they sink into the ground, but when they get pulled out mysteriously, they have formed into different creatures. Minotaurs. Cursed to wield a different body, they manage to escape through sheer will, and come to meet the Capri. But, the Capri are horrified, and cast them into a large labyrinth by the base of the mountains. The Minotaurs, hating their own kind, and themselves, search for a way out for decades. And one day, when they escape, the Capri can only imagine what horrors they will unleash upon their kind as a result of their foolishness.


Capri have a human-like society. They are ambitious and persistent, and have achieved near-equality. The top of the pyramid of power is 9 great Capri citizens that have contributed the most to society, called Capri Kings. Capri Kings are decided by the citizens, and they are to be changed every 10 years. Right below them are landowners who keep the welfare of citizens. They help keep order and tax citizens to provide for the Kingdom. At last, it's the miners, farmers, soldiers, and merchants. They are the base that keeps the kingdom standing, and without them there would be nothing. There are a few religions that the Capri follow, but the most followed one is called Caprianity. It details a god called Capricorn of which is formed to be like a huge goat, with long curled horns that shine like the stars, fur with a great golden sheen, and eyes as piercing as the great horns that sit upon it's head. It is known to have been the one who have created mountain goats, and have given some of his power to help them get off on a well start to the world. He himself introduced them how to graze, and the safest places for them to be in order to avoid contact with predators. She has no apparent gender, and cares about his children of the mountains. She sometimes takes shape in the stars, to provide the Capri with hope, and it is said when the stars glisten, and brighten, great wealth comes to those born of the mountains. On the day of which a new year starts, the Capri throw celebration for the Capricorn, to remember where they originally came from.

Capri Names[edit]

Male: Pacri, Cirpa, Apric, Cairp, Rapic, Capir, Racip, Prica

Female: Arcip, Praci, Apirc, Iprac, Apricorn, Acropin, Incorpan

Capri Traits[edit]

Capri is a goat-humanoid species created by a beholder, who takes home in mountains.
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 2 and your Dexterity score increases by 2.
Age. The age of maturity is 18, and the standard lifespan is less than a century.
Size. Speed. Your base walking speed is 35 feet. Your base swimming speed is 10 feet.
Darkvision. Darkvision is 25ft
Vision. Capri can also see wider than a normal being, like a horizontal oval shape. This gives Capri a 12 base stat for perception.
Skill Proficiencies. Choose two from Athletics, Acrobatics, Survivalism, Perception, Nature, and Animal Handling
Tool Proficiencies. You are proficient in either Cobbler's Tools or Mason's Tools.
Fur Insulation. You gain an advantage on rolls against you involving temperature.
Mountain Climber. When on rocky terrain you don't suffer movement defects.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, Sylvan, and one other language of your choice. You can also communicate with goats in bare terms.

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