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"Calm yourself child an gaze into all I have seen." The roba said gently as he wiped the child's tears and explained why he should not be sad about his parents passing but glad that they have moved on.

Physical Description[edit]

Roba appear like spindly tall humanoids with very basic features. They have no hair anywhere on their bodies and always appear to have their eyes shut. The only give away that a roba posses is a small colored gem on the base of their neck which betrays their elemental heritage. This stone is always either blue, green, red or purple but can be any shade of these colors (color determined by subrace).


The roba are scribes and scholars for the fey and other powerful planar beings. It is said they were once pure fey but an attempted excursion to understand the elemental planes better tainted the roba and they have broken into 4 groups ever since. The roba-tasta or true roba of the Feywild which have green stones and curious personalities, the roba-flamda of the elemental plane of fire which have red stones and are exceptionally motivated, the roba-aqua from the elemental plane of water which have blue stones and have caring dispositions and the roba-ereba which can occur in any circle of roba have purple stones and a downward angry view.


Roba society is very much the same even across different subraces. Roba are on a never ending quest for information and travel across the universe to find the answers to the questions that keep people up at night. Before a roba has travelled through the cosmos they must pass a test to prove to the other roba of its group that it will not fail. Top do this a roba must go on a chlinate or pilgrimage onto the material plane to complete something of significance. This can be anything from deciphering old texts to helping to bring down an tightfisted tyrant. After they complete this goal the roba waits for its death on the material plane which unlocks its mighty elemental spirit and sets it free to discover the answers of the cosmos.

Roba Names[edit]

Roba always choose their own names but generally select names that reflect states of mind or well being. Males usually pick names of clam emotions while women generally pick stronger names.

Male: Harmony, Ebb, Tranquility, Fright

Female: Rage, Enthusiasm, Ecstatic, Insanity

Roba Traits[edit]

Elemental scribes that attempt to understand the universe
Ability Score Increase. Your intelligence score increases by 2
Age. Roba can live after they reached the material plane for about 180 years
Alignment. The alignment of the roba depends on its subrace roba-tasta and roba-aqua are always of some good alignment, roba-flamda are almost never lawful and roba-ereba can be any alignment but generally steer away from good
Size. You are tall but spindly ranging in height from 6 to 7 1/2 feet but only weighing between 80 and 100 pounds. Your size is medium
Speed. Your base walking speed is 25 feet.
Expansive Mind. You have proficiency in any one Intelligence-based skill of your choice
Sorters and Scribes. Your mind has become attuned to handle multiple things at once. You can use telekinesis to lift up to three objects at a time weighing no more than 1 pound each within 5ft of you. You cannot move these object with enough speed to attack or defend with them and if someone grabs one of the objects you immediately lose your grip on it
Elemental Body. You do not require air, food or water but you do still need sleep to sustain your material plane form
Languages. Primordial, Common and two others of your choice
Subrace. You must choose between a Flamda, Aqua, Tasta or Ereba Roba


Ability Score Increase. Your constitution score increases by 1
Fiery Heart. It is almost impossible to deter you in the heat of the moment and harder still to stop you. You have advantage on wisdom saves against being frightened and constitution saves against being stunned
Born of Flame. You are resistant to fire damage
Infusion of the Flame. You know the Chromatic Orb spell and can cast it once per long rest at its lowest level without expending a spell slot and you can only choose fire as the damage type. Intelligence is your casting ability for this spell


Ability Score Increase. Your charisma score increases by 1
Waters of Life. Once per long or short rest you can touch a dying creature and stabilize them
Cold Waters. You are resistant to cold damage
Calm Currents. You can cast Bless once per long rest at its lowest level without expending a spell slot. Intelligence is your casting ability for this spell


Ability Score Increase. Your wisdom score increases by 1
The Fey's Blessing. You cannot magically be put to sleep and you have advantage on saving throws to resist being charmed
Cacophony of the Wild. You are resistant to thunder damage
Fey Magic. You can cast Charm Person once per long rest at its lowest level without expending a spell slot. Intelligence is your casting ability for this spell


Ability Score Increase. Your strength score increases by 1
Shimmering Chaos. Once per long or short rest when targeted by an attacker within 30ft that you can see and that you are aware of you can use your reaction to fluctuate and pulse your form giving the attacker disadvantage on all attacks against you until the end of their turn
Darkness Within. You are resistant to necrotic damage
Expression of Darkness. You can cast Crown of Madness once per long rest at its lowest level without expending a spell slot. Intelligence is your casting ability for this spell

Random Height and Weight[edit]

6′ 5″ +1d12 55 lb. × (1d4) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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