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they can be whatever you want them to be

Physical Description[edit]

Resembling humans in terms of skin tone with an addition of a yellow skin color they stand tall with a slightly blocky frame with circular heads, attachable hair and claw like hands that are much more dexterous than they appear. Due to various subraces, they tend to have distinct looks with regular minifigs having a short blocky appearance with simplistic generic faces as the baseline while the subraces sharing their own unique baseline in terms of how they look


A race of construct like people who have built various buildings, cities and various items, they have a tendency to produce all sorts of things for others or themselves to use however they want. They tend to be focused on building cities, vehicles, weapons and armor and see it as the highest calling one can do. They've mostly avoided getting into wars with other races and mainly remain neutral between conflicts most of the time. Their most notable achievement in urban planning is the massive multilevel and district city known as bricksburg, featuring skyscrapers, castles, pyramids and more in various styles


Generally split between two sides, the free spirited creators who wish to constantly build, invent and transform the world around them to the more orderly sorts focused on sticking in their own place in the world and keeping everything running stable, they coexist with each other in relative stalemate. Most of both sides will welcome new oppurtunities to trade with new neighbors like dwarves or elves or new residents to their city like humans, gnomes and halflings. Some might not like this, viewing either the new oppurtunities as too restrictive or uncomfortable or new arrivals as too uncreative or too weird to fit in.

minifig Names[edit]

resembling human naming conventions, their names tend to be simply, straight and to the point

Male: greg, emmet, bruce, benny

Female: lucy, carol, nancy, iris

minifig Traits[edit]

lego figure folk
Ability Score Increase. Your int score increases by 2 and your con score increases by 1. age: minifigs reach mature adult hood mentally by 18 years. As constructs they can technically live forever barring death or being broken
Age. {{{age}}}
Alignment. minifigs like to at least keep instructions in mind or get insanely creative, leaning either towards law or chaos
Size. minifigs stand at 5'11 inches and rarely vary from this height
Speed. Your base walking speed is 25 feet.
low light vision. you can see in low light twice as far as humans
studded feet. When you would be pushed, pulled or slid, you move 10 feet less than normal
building skill,. you have a +4 bonus to checks to build things or to spot things in buildings, vehicles, weapons, armor or constructs
lego durability. when making a death saving throw, you can take 10 on them
adaptability. you can either, choose one bonus feat or gain training in one bonus skill at 1st level
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and one other language of your choice.


|abilities= |trait1=darkvision |description1=duplo's have darkvision 60 feet |trait2=immovable |description2=once per round, you can make a strength check to not be subject to forced movement |trait3=demolition skill |description3=you treat your strength as 5 higher for checks to break objects |trait4=enduring body |description4=you make death saving throws with a +4 bonus |trait5=durable |description5=duplo's gain 1 bonus hit point per level


|abilities= |trait1=normal vision |description1=you have normal vision |trait2=studded body |description2=your ac without armor is 13 plus your dexterity modifier |trait3=angular studs |description3=opponents who attack you in melee take d4 bludgeoning damage |trait4=to stubborn |description4=the first time you drop to zero hit points per long rest, you instead remain with one hit point |trait5=combat ready |description5=you gain one bonus combat feat of your choice


|abilities= |trait1=arcane vision |description1=you have normal vision but can see magical auras with a concentration check |trait2=firm grasp |description2=you have a +5 bonus on checks to avoid having things sundered or disarmed |trait3=crafty |description3=you can craft items in 25 percent less of the time required |trait4=solid body |description4=when making a saving throw, you gain a +2 bonus to it. This bonus increases to +4 if it's a strength or fortitude save |trait5=skilled |description5=you gain training in two additional class skills


|abilities= |trait1=HUD vision |description1=you have normal vision but can gauge creature and object's hp and status with a concentration check |trait2=rebuildable |description2=you have fast healing 2 |trait3=recycle |description3=you have a +5 bonus on checks to forage for items to reuse |trait4=weapon's training |description4=you gain training in 4 different weapons of your choice. If you already have training with these weapons, you gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls with them |trait5=dodge training |description5=you have a +2 bonus to ac and dexterity saving throws


|abilities= |trait1=darkvision |description1=you have 120 feet of darkvision |trait2=gears |description2= your speed increases by 10 feet |trait3=mind storm |description3= you have a +4 bonus on mental ability checks and saves |trait4=power strike |description4=once per round, you can deal d6 extra damage with a melee attack |trait5=saving skill |description5=you have a +2 bonus on saves

Random Height and Weight[edit]

5′ 6″ +d8 140 lb. × (d10) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

When creating a <race name> character, you can use the following table of traits, ideals, bonds and flaws to help flesh out your character. Use these tables in addition to or in place of your background's characteristics.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I enjoy just spending time with my friends
2 I like fixing all sorts of odds and ends
3 I enjoy my job even if it is a little violent being an adventurer
4 everyone needs a place in society
5 I can't stand broken things and try to fix them as best as I can
6 I like helping out other people in my own special way
7 I believe in following the law to the best of my ability
8 I enjoy bending the rules every now and again
d6 Ideal
1 Instructions are there to help you succeed
2 a good idea needs only guidelines to succeed
3 no big project can succeed with one person
4 I can go it alone if needed since I always find a way to succeed
5 Society needs to have rules to keep everyone safe
6 society's rules can be bent if you give the right reasons to others
d6 Bond
1 society is made to help everyone
2 A good society should be flexible to deal with problems
3 I do my best to support those around me
4 I work to raise up those around me so they can take care of themselves
5 I believe order can provide for all
6 A free spirit should work to help themselves
d6 Flaw
1 I'm rather rigid in my planning
2 I prefer to go it alone at times
3 I can be blind to society's problems
4 I can take more than I need for myself
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