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Physical Description[edit]

The Karvaskjar are large-sized humanoid creatures with the ability to transform to their liking in the following creatures: -Bear (which can be of various species and colors). -Crow. -Etruscan shrew. They are extremely strong, wise and charismatic. However, they are constrained in their movements due to their mass and size.


Created by a superior entity from black magic and human and animal sacrifices, they are aware that they are more powerful than normal creatures and therefore never back out of combat and immediately respond to provocation. The Karvaskjar, not being very agile, struggle with small or fast creatures, but they have a particular predisposition to fight creatures bigger than them. They have a very particular blood in fact, in addition to having a color that varies from black to blue, they are immune to poisons, bleeding and spells of type Fire and Electricity. Instead, they are vulnerable to cold and ice magic. They are competent in the use of any weapon, except for firearms.

Battle Cry[edit]

The Karvaskjar has a very deep voice and launches a battle cry before every fight in which, if the opponent is lower or lower level, he must take a will test to avoid escaping in terror. Furthermore the cry works as an encouragement to the comrades, in fact they get a +3 to hit and on initiative.

Karvaskjar Traits[edit]

Big, strong and wise.
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 5, your Wisdom increases by 5, your Charisma increases by 5 and your Dexterity score decreases by 3.
Age. They become adults around the age of 20 and can live for another 5 or 6 centuries.
Alignment. Tends strongly towards chaotic.
Size. The average size is about 7 feet, but can even reach 10 feet.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Rhino charge. With a sufficient run-up you could even break a brick wall
Divine blood. Immune to poisons, bleeding, fire spells and electricity spells
Faithful shield. Competent in the shield of the Karvaskjar.
Sword Breaking Bone. Damage reduction = LvL+Con.
Languages. You cand Write and Speak Common. Since you can become an animal, you can talk with animals.

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