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Physical Description[edit]

Phygmentborn vary widely in appearance, as each one corresponds with a different phygment.(phygments are living spirit manifestations of emotions or ideas, like grace, strength, or smashtitude.) They can be scaled, feathered, furred, leaf skinned, or not even corporeal. They often have glowing eyes, if any at all, and Horns are not at all uncommon. They may often have crab or bird legs, or snake tails instead of legs. They may have claws or animal heads as well. the 5 most common forms are as follows. Hope Phygmentborn resemble elves with skin made of pottery, and their heads, hand, and feet are made of orange light surrounded by black thorny twigs. Their light shines in dire situations, giving hope to those around them. Nature Phygmentborn are creatures wreathed in cloaks of moss and grass. they bear a deer, goat, or cow skull with green glowing lights in their sockets. Those around them are given an innate connection to nature that lets then hide and wield magic. the appearance of a destruction Phygmentborn might surprise you. They are short like a dwarf, but their head is that of a ladybug with huge moose horns. When angered, their strength increases and they hurl huge rocks at their foes. Grief Phygmentborn are newt-like creatures with yellow skin and black and purple spots. They have butterfly-like frills all over their tails, and emit a soul rending, grief laden screech to defend themselves. This attack can leave victims with EmOtIoNaL DaMaGe for several weeks afterwards. Wisdom Phygmentborn are snakes from the hips down, sport 3 fishlike heads on the end of serpentine necks, and are otherwise merfolk. they can fuse minds with other beings.


Phygmentborn are created through a variety of processes. Normally, a spirit enters a humanoid by choice to impart supernatural powers on them, but other things can cause this mysterious transformation. For example, an alchemist might bind a phygment to themselves to grant himself greater power, or a human might stumble into Lorwain, the plane of spirits, and unleash a magical effect that makes them fuse with a spirit. The first Phygmentborn were created in this way after a planar leak on Lorwain, and consider themselves "true Phygmentborn". For more information, see the Jattanata campaign setting. (It doesn't exist yet. Sorry.)


Phygmentborn tend naturally to chaos because of their spirit nature. They also have no real society on Dolwain (the material plane). they think that society is pointless because of entropy, and who would want to have one anyway? This leads them to live a nomadic lifestyle, and leaders are almost completely absent. On Lorwain, however, they have a complex society consisting of dozens of castes. The Lorwainian Phygments and phygmentborn are raised in an atmosphere of intrigue, Where laws mean the difference between life and death. They think laws are vital, but dolwainian phygmetborn think laws make about as much difference as a summer breeze, so the two are naturally involved in a conflict.

Phygmentborn Names[edit]

Male: Tolith, Xilneir, Wynhorn, Folred, Loraka, Drannor, Oric, Maeral, Reval, Wranror

Female: Rhysvala, Fylsonor, Xyrreland, Aelrindel, Crafieleth, Revaloroth, Wranrora, Trapeiros, Vesstano, Qinjoril

Phygmentborn Traits[edit]

Other races magically imbued with the power of spirits.
Ability Score Increase. Age. Phygmets share the lifespan of the creatures that they inhabit.
Alignment. Phygmentborn can vary widely in alignment.
Size. Vary widely in height and build. see your subrace for your size.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Phygment Soul. you are bonded with one or more Phygments, imparting several benefits. You don't need to sleep, but instead enter a trancelike state in wich you commune with the phygments inside you. magic cannot put you to sleep. you cannot be possessed by ghosts and similar spirits. You also have resistance to psychic damage.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and one other language of your choice.


Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by three. This cannot raise a score above 20.
Size. Your size is medium.
Aura of hope. Creatures within 30 feet of you have "once per day, when this creature would drop to 0 hit points, it drops to 1 hit point instead."
Wings of dawn. You have a flying speed of 25 feet. once per day, you may double this speed until the end of your next turn.


Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by three. This cannot raise a score above 20.
Size. Your size is small.
Aura of rage. You and creatures within 30 feet of you have "Whenever this creature reduces a creature to 0 hit points, it may take a bonus action to move up to its speed and make a melee attack.
Burning carnage. Whenever you are reduced to 0 hit points, the spell "fireball" is cast centered on your former location. Every 8 levels, the spell is considered to be cast 1 level higher.


Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by three. This cannot raise a score above 20.
Size. Your size is small
Aura of nature. You and creatures within 30 feet of you can cast "thorn whip" anny number of times per day, and cure wounds once per day. They also can hide when only lightly obscured by nature. (they use your constitution modifier for spell mods.)
Primal affinity. Choose a 1st level spell from the ranger or druid spell list. you may cast that spell twice per day.


Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by three. This cannot raise a score above 20.
Aura of grief. As an action, your may make creatures within 30 feet of you take 1d6 necrotic damage. They also have disadvantage on death saving throws until the end of next turn.
Mournshriek. You gain a projectile attack breath weapon (15 foot cone) that does 1d6 necrotic damage to any creature that can hear you caught in the cone unless they succeed on a dc 10+ your proficiency bonus charisma saving throw. The dc for the saving throw increases by 5 if they are affected by the aura of grief affect.


Ability Score Increase. your Intelligence score increases by three. This cannot raise a score above 20.
Aura of knowledge. You can read the minds of other beings within 30 feet of you, and you plus allies within 30 feet of you have advantage on wisdom, intelligence, and perception related saves and rolls.
Mind Wind. once per day, you may make a special ranged attack (range 60 feet) that does 1d6 psychic damage + the intelligence scores of all creatures within 30 feet of you put together to one target.

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