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Large beasts roam the land, bigger and stronger than the average feline humanoid. They are known by their saber-like fangs and are known to be a threat to human and orc alike.

Physical Description[edit]

Saberon are big cat-like humanoids, standing around 6-7 feet tall. They generally have huge fangs protruding like a sabertooths, their main feature from whence their name comes. They range from muscular to lithe body types but most are very fit. They have a variety of pelt colors from bronze to silver snow. They have large, clawed and padded feet and paws and a varying tail. Some saberon sport thick mains and bushy-ended tails and others are more streamlined like a cheetah in fur.

They diverge into two specialized groups that differentiate based on abilities and clothing. Melee type, or primal saberon usually wear minimal clothing, often a simple loincloth, and may fight barehanded or with dual-wielded knife-like weapons. They are very muscular usually and toned in musculature to aid them in mundane combat of all kinds. Often, they sport scars and have very large fangs.

In contrast, the magical type, caster saberon are lavishly decorated with complex garments, ornamentation and feathers, and wield large and lengthy jawbones as weapons. These saberon are adorned with necklaces, belts, shoulders, bracers and headdresses, and wear wrap-like garments covering their lower bodies. They usually have smaller fangs and more lithe or normal bodies.


Few creatures embody the savagery of Draenor as much as the saberon: vaguely feline beasts who have adapted to nearly all of this world’s diverse environments. From the icy caverns of Frostfire to the steamy jungles of Tanaan, to the maze-like rocky outcroppings of Nagrand; there’s not a niche that the ferocious saberon haven’t conquered. Saberon outwardly appear more advanced than normal beasts. They have a social structure and can shape simple tools into weapons. Adventurers should be especially wary of saberon hunting parties, whose coordinated attacks, sharp rending claws, and ability to shadowstep behind prey make them deadly indeed.

Saberon are a widespread race on Draenor and indigenous to many areas. The tough extremes of climates they brave are believed to a contributing factor to their immense success and reputation as amazing fighters and conquerors.


Saberon are divided only by the region in which they occupy. Historically, their mother group proliferated into the vast niches of Draenor, and each group's adaptation to the local extremes and hardships made them unique. Depending on the climate and need by survival, they grew different colored pelts, like that of jaguars, panthers, tigers and lions. These then make up their individual tribes.

Within these tribes, the melee type and magic are separated. They are the 'primal' and 'casters,' respectively. The difference between the apparel of the two groups is likely due to the higher position or rank of the magic-wielding types within general saberon culture, but may also relate to religious or ritual purposes. All combat, in general, is valued in saberon culture as a means of displaying strength and solidarity as a powerful race. Those who support this by making weapons have only slightly lower status.

The largest aspect of saberon society is the army. Saberon are honored to join the forces which uphold and protect their society. Their ranks include hunters and warriors, as well as witch doctors and "shadowshapers", both whom are wielders of magic. Magic is just given more attention due to its relative rarity in the saberon race and its versatility in battle.

In Cuisine[edit]

Saberon cook and eat other humanoids such as orcs, much like the carnivorous large cats can eat humans. Saberon vary in tastes but they can and do cook, preferring the energy richness compared to that of raw food. This is another point differentiating them from the usual barbaric beasts. Saberon are fond of using skeletal remains that are sturdy for weapons as well as trophies on their clothing. Saberon despise orcs in particular and so enjoy their meat the most.

On the other side of the cutting board, saberon have strong, muscular hearts, and shamans are willing to pay nice coinage to obtain them for ingredients. Saberon heartstring, particularly from a magic type, can be used to make a decent wand.

Saberon Traits[edit]

Vaguely feline beasts who have adapted to nearly all of Draenor’s diverse environments.
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength or Dexterity score increases by 2.
Age. Saberon reach adulthood at 15 and live to be 50 usually, with a max age of around 70 years.
Alignment. Saberon are typically neutral, and tend to lean towards the lawful side when upholding their own laws.
Size. Your size is Medium
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. You also have a climb speed of 30 feet.
Natural Weapons. Your claws are natural weapons, which you can use to make unarmed strikes. If you hit with them, you deal slashing damage equal to 1d4 + your Strength modifier, instead of the bludgeoning damage normal for an unarmed strike.
Natural Climbers. You have a climb speed equal to your movement speed. You can move in any direction, and on most surfaces with your hands being free.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Languages. You can read, write and speak Common.
Subrace. Choose one from the Primal and Caster saberon subraces.


Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 1.
Survivalist. You are proficient in the Survival skill.


Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 1.
Shadowstep. As an action, while in dim light or darkness, you can magically teleport up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space of dim light or darkness you can see. Once you use this trait, you can’t do so again until you finish a long rest.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

6′ 0″ +1d12 180 lb. × (1d4) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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