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(Pronunciation: Lu-Ah-Pin / another example would be Lu-Hopin the H being silent)

Physical Description[edit]

A rabbit-like humanoid race around five foot tall and generally very slender figures. Their body is covered is a layer of thin or thick fur of different shades ranging from black, light to dark grey, white, light to dark brown, to light sandy yellow to tan colors. Their hands are like fuzzy paws with two main fingers and an opposable thumb. Their one set of legs like that of hind legs of rabbits, with three fuzzy toes and a fluffy rabbit tail. The males look more animalistic while the females are more feminine, with their faces less rabbit-like and more human. They're male and female forms have many of the same gender features of humans, though both still having about the same light and slender body mass.

Luopin History[edit]

Not a very old race having only been around for a few thousand or so years, the Luopin were made in the image of a relatively new deity to the pantheon, the goddess Hareyja. Hareyja is the goddess of renewal, spring, fertility and rebirth though she is also known as the goddess of the dawn. She is a gentle goddess whose domains are that of life, nature and light. She is regarded as a beautiful and loving goddess who is reveared by many of the Luopin. Her figure and iconography can be found throughout all of Luopin society, art, and the great Luopin kingdom of Leapoa has many temples and statues dedicated to her. There is even a massively large tree in the middle of the castle in which the king of the Luopin reside.

The royal family has had 19 kings hold reign over the throne, though only one king has ever been removed from power by force. The king's name was Zarik Blackfoot the 13th king of the Leapoa, he desired to break from the Luopin path of the simple happy life of farming and the arts. Zarik's desires were dark and cruel, he had gathered a group of followers known as the "Shade Hare" who worshiped him. These followers did unspeakable things and dark rituals to summon evil spirits in which granted them horrid powers. They used these powers to kill high class figures in other kingdoms, while stealing powerful artifacts from ancient temples and tombs of the other races. He almost caused a great war between the other kingdoms, this chaos was only ended by the revolt of the Luopin people and the royal army's betrayal. He was then punished with the first ever sentence of capital punishment, in the history of the Luopin people. On that day, he was beheaded in front of the whole kingdom and the kings from the many kingdoms he attacked. Zarik upon the chopping block vowed to get his revenge, his words were quickly silenced by the ax cleaving his head from his body.

The days to follow were full of dread as the new king, the 14th king Winnik Brighttail tried his best to rebuild relations with the other kingdoms. The kings after a lot of talks finally agreed to forgive and move on, though mostly for the many imports that the Luopin kingdom produced. Centuries has passed after the incident, the Luopin people regained their status and reputation among the other kingdoms. Though who knows what happened to the "Shade Hare", after the death of Zarik they vanished into the shadows of Luopin history not to be heard of again. Though many believe they disbanded, no one really knows what happened to them. They might be staying quiet, waiting patiently for the day they will come back to seek out vengeance for their king.

Luopin Society[edit]

Arts, crafting, farming, religion, and trading these are the things that make up most of the daily lives of Luopins. Luopins love the earth and things that grow, they are an herbivorous race that love farming. They enjoy the simple life for the most part while most Luopins tend to the fields, some take to the arts painting and sculpting beautiful works of art. While others enjoy crafting wondrous new weapons, tinkering in their workshops making toys or other new and amazing contraptions. Others transition to the quite and peaceful religious life, committing too the worship of a god or philosophy. While others take to travel and the trade of goods, Luopins are naturally great salesman masters of speech and the spoken word. Then their are the few that end up wanting the adventurers life, always living in the fast lane and never looking back. Taking up what property they own and setting out on a quest, either to make their name in the world or to make their fortunes.

Luopins are generally quite excepting of most races, being quite generally good honest folk and just trying to live in the world like everyone else. They don't like to make fusses over things that are tedious and minuscule in the long run of the world. Though most Luopin live and march at the beat of their own drum, making every meeting with a Luopin generally a new experience.

When it comes to law and rule systems, the Luopins have a king who makes decrees and laws. Though the king's role is more like a glorified mayor with lots of fancy perks, his job is mainly to deal with the other kings and politics of other kingdoms. The king makes decisions on behalf of the Luopin people, though all decisions are first run by the royal court. The royal court is a group of chosen Luopin who have an eye for strategy and politics, they converse with each other upon what would be best for the Luopin people. Though the king has final say on any matter, the royal court can overrule a decision made by the king if its absolutely necessary.

Luopin Names[edit]

Luopins give short yet very distinct names to their children and their familial names are just as short and distinct. They like to use names that roll off the tongue very well, this makes the transition from introductions to conversations flow fluently. Luopins like to use easily pronounced letters, keeping their names to having three to five letters and about one to two syllables. Luopin female names tend to end in A's or the "Ah" sound generally, while the male names have more diverse spelling.

Male Names: Alex, Lupa, Marik, Mike, Naka, Nate, Ricky, Sam, Wiz, Zack

Female Names: Ann, Aela, Lula, Mina, Maren, Nhira, Ruka, Shala, Sarah, Zina

Luopin Traits[edit]

A race of humanoid "Rabbits". Fast, agile and quick on their feet.
Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score Increases by 2.
Age. Luopin mature at around 14 and live up to or around a century or so give or take.
Alignment. Luopins lean toward any Neutral alignment, though generally most are Neutral Good.
Size. Luopins range around 5 feet tall and have slender builds. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 40 feet.
Sharp Senses. You have proficiency with the Perception skill. You have advantage on Perception checks, that involve hearing, sight, or smell.
Leapstrider. You have proficiency with the Acrobatics skill. You may use your action to gain a jumping distance equal to half your normal speed.
Tunneler. You can Burrow through dirt at a quarter of your normal speed. Though you can't dig through either rough terrain, or solid rock.
Languages. You can speak read and write in Common and Luopin. Luopin is a very defined hypnotically fast passed speech, with slightly squeak-ish tones and consonants. What would be an extensive conversation In Common, would take only a few minutes or more in Luopin.

Jackalope Luopin[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 1.
Quickster. The Luopin can Dash once using this trait and regain the ability to do so after a short or long rest.

Forest Luopin[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increases by 1.
Natural Survivalist. You gain Proficiency with the Nature and Survival skills.

Tundra Luopin[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 1.
Tundra Survivalist. You can move around freely in snow and you have advantage on ability checks and saving throws in icy cold environments.
Variant Trait. You have Resistance to cold damage.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

′ ″ + lb. × () lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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