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This content deviates from 5e standards. Its use could dramatically alter campaigns, take extreme care. DesignDisclaimer.png
Caution - Here there be monsters!
This content intends to provide a different experience, or goes beyond the scope of the anticipated subjects and situations, than the 5e rules were intended to handle. Some portions of the content below may not be what you expect from traditional game content. When implementing this content, DMs and Players should read over all the information carefully, and consider the following specific notes of interest:
This race is very different than that of most if not all standard races, so caution advised. Consult with your GM before choosing to play as this race for the sake of balance reasons. If you do not wish to be an full bodied Glitch, check out the Anomaly class (WIP Class). - Polaton


You are no longer meant to exist, yet you do. You exist in a world that was not designed for you, to accompany you, or to even house you. You are the very definition of existence yet the definition of the abstract and inanimate. As according to the laws of the universe, you are not supposed to be.

Physical Description[edit]


Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏es tend to take the form of humanoids, trapped in an existential field of static. Their bodies jitter and break, completely breaking the reality of their forms. Their colorations, alignments, and positions break with each and every moment of their being, leaving them to be unpredictable as well as equally volatile encounters. However, typically, those who are deemed as glitches live in an existential pain and fear from their unpredictability.


The first Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏es began to appear upon the creation of The R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ. Once the R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ was torn open, random people among the population began suffering these symptoms, approximately affecting 1 in every 10,000 people. Those societies living closer to the R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ would have affection rate of 1 in every 500 people. These symptoms had a tendency to drive people into insanity and frenzy. Typically, Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏es would be put down by those who knew the person afflicted previously, as to prevent their suffering. However, some chose to live rather than die. Those who decide to continue to live are extremely rare in the world, as the pain is excruciating and the static overwhelming.

History of the R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ

The R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ was a mistake brought upon the face of the world by a group known as the Spectral Scholars. They wished to understand how the laws of creation tied into the laws of space and time, believing that there was some form of pattern simply unrecognizable to the human mind due to the complexity of the subject. In their strife to understand how the laws of creation, time, and space interconnect and affect one another, they accidentally tore the very fabric of reality, exposing the world to the R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ, an alternate mirrored universe to that of our very own, where the laws of reality are completely opposite of our own. Gravity is irrelevant, the universe and its laws, irrelevant. The world functions solely off of the idea that it simply exists. The reality have driven those who have encountered this universe to go completely insane, for their mind, simply cannot comprehend the impossibilities of the world.


Around the R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ

Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏es can exist in any community, but as you move closer to The R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ, the symptoms become much more aggressive as well as frequent. Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏es are no different than that of regular people in any other community, the only differences being that they are difficult to understand when they speak and that their physical appearance breaks and reforms in sudden jittery movements and twitches. These societies tend to have more scholars, scientists, and sages in them, so they may study the R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ and its effects on Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏es and the citizens surrounding the R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ.

Societies of the R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ

Those who inhabit the R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ are no different than those who inhabit around the R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ, however, they have adapted to life and it's broken realities, incorporating the differences into their everyday lives. Those who were born and raised inside of this alternate realities do not suffer from the same effects as those who are Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏ed, but rather suffer the same effects outside of the R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ.

Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏ Names[edit]

The name of one affected by The R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ is no different than that of what names their community or society of origin inherit. If the Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏ was originally an elf, then they should still respond to their previous name. If they do not, it is due to their inability to intercept the frequencies of the sound pattern their name inherited.

Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏ Traits[edit]

You are the very definition of existence yet the definition of the abstract and inanimate.
Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 2 and your Intelligence increases by 1.
Age. As time goes on, a Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏'s physical stability continuously gets worse and worse, until eventually the Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏ simply cease to exist and seem to have an intense sudden twitch or jitter, afterwards, never to be seen again in existence. The amount of time needed for a Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏ to reach this point is unpredictable, and completely is up to time tell. The longest ever known living Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏ however, lived for over 300 years before disappearing. If one is what others would consider killed, their tether to reality is lost, and they simply cease to exist.
Alignment. Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏'s tend to follow the alignments that they previously had. However, they sometimes abandon all of their previous knowing their fate is meaningless until that point, leading them to lead a Chaotic lifestyle.
Size. A Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏'s size is typically that comparable to a human, generally ranging from 5 to 7 feet tall.
Speed. The base walking speed of a Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏ is 30 feet.
Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏ed Perspective. As a bi-product of being a Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏, your vision no longer is restricted to where you are looking, but a field of view that you are able to see clearly as far as normal vision goes in front of you, as well as behind you. You have advantage on any Perception checks relying on sight.
Unstable Existence. Your jittery and shattered figure is difficult to even identify, let alone hit. As a reaction to being attacked, you may severe your tether to reality, giving any creature who attempts to hit you disadvantage on their attack rolls. Doing this however, resets your connection to reality dealing 1d6 damage to yourself to reset. Another side effect of your unstable existence within this world is that your physical and metaphysical being and its ability to exist in this plane of reality is fragile, leaving you with -2 hit points per level gained (minimum of 1).
Motion of The R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ. When you take the dash action, anyone who attempts to hit you with some form of attack that turn suffer's disadvantage in their rolls against you. However, when you do this, you take 1d6 damage, due to your shattered existence.
Shattered Static. You emanate a field of static that overwhelms the minds and focus of those near you. This field emanates in a 5 foot radius around you. If a creature spends 3 or more turns in this field, they fall under the same effects as the confusion spell. If the creature affected by this static succeeds on its Wisdom saving throw, then you must make a Wisdom saving throw as well, or fall under the same effects that the creature was under. This static affects you as well, leaving you with disadvantage on any Perception checks relying on sound.
Channel 2. As an action, you may take an incapacitated creature and channel a part of you into them. This puts them into a Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏ed state, as mentioned under the 5e homebrew diseases as Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏.ed. Doing this also puts you under the same effect for 1 day, unless you attempt to purge the affliction as mentioned under Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏.ed. You can only do this once per week. Link to the Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏.ed disease here: Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏.ed (5e Disease)
Lagged Out. As an action, you are able to teleport up to 65 feet in any direction, given that you can see your destination. Doing so however, causes your connection to reality to reset, dealing 1d6 damage to yourself. You regain this ability after taking a long rest.
Reality Check. When you hit 0 hit points and are put into the incapacitated state, you may sacrifice a saving throw and give yourself a failure. In return, you take only half the amount of damage while in this state.
Shocking Reality. Due to your levels of unstable energy, you are vulnerable to lightning damage. (This skill can not be replaced by the Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏ A͖̚̚n͎̭͍̮̻̯ͭͬͭͯ̒̆ͪo̖̭͂̐̑̔m̘̬͖͍͎̾a͖̹̹̱̠l̲̰͈̱̫̝̖̄̈̓̈̊y̤̤̅́̌͑ͥ subrace.)
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ Speech. R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ Speech is the language spoken by the inhabitants and creatures in the R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ. This language is typically only used by scholars and sages researching the R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ and its components. R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ Speech is the equivalent to common in the R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ, making it a nearly essential language to know to inhabit the R͕̰͔̈̂́iͩ͒̓̾̈́ͅf̟̜̦̘̳́̐̽ť̗͓͑͊̔͂ͯ.
Subrace. You are a Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏ A͖̚̚n͎̭͍̮̻̯ͭͬͭͯ̒̆ͪo̖̭͂̐̑̔m̘̬͖͍͎̾a͖̹̹̱̠l̲̰͈̱̫̝̖̄̈̓̈̊y̤̤̅́̌͑ͥ.

Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏ A͖̚̚n͎̭͍̮̻̯ͭͬͭͯ̒̆ͪo̖̭͂̐̑̔m̘̬͖͍͎̾a͖̹̹̱̠l̲̰͈̱̫̝̖̄̈̓̈̊y̤̤̅́̌͑ͥ[edit]

As an alternative for a more sci-fi-esque campaign, you can take the following traits in replacement to 5 of the previously mentioned traits or in addition to those mentioned above in order to fit into the technology surrounding your character. Consult with your GM.


Ability Score Increase. Rather than increasing your Dexterity score by 2, you increase your Intelligence score by 2, and your Dexterity by 1.
Technological Possession. As you are one with technology and the very code that makes it work, you are able to freely enter and possess any form of computer or machine. Upon possession, you must make a DC 17 Intelligence check. If you fail, you are immediately ejected back into the world, taking 1d8 damage from the machine's internal firewall.
Figure of A͖̚̚n͎̭͍̮̻̯ͭͬͭͯ̒̆ͪo̖̭͂̐̑̔m̘̬͖͍͎̾a͖̹̹̱̠l̲̰͈̱̫̝̖̄̈̓̈̊y̤̤̅́̌͑ͥ. Upon possession of a machine, if it is connected to a network you may attempt to take possession over every machine connected to the network. You can attempt this as many times equal to your intelligence modifier (minimum of one) per long rest. If you attempt this, you make a DC 20 Intelligence check. Upon success, you gain the ability to control any machine connected to the network. Upon failure, you are ejected from the network, and take 2d12 damage from the network security.
Injection. On any machine you are possessed over, you are able to inject, extract, or break while inside the machine. To inject or extract information, you must make a DC 14 Intelligence check. Upon success, the information is injected or extracted with your memory staying intact. However, upon failure, you may choose to either corrupt your memory or the information that you have gathered from said machine, of which neither are recoverable from either the machine or network you are connected to. You can do this as many times as your Intelligence modifier per long rest.
Projection. When in possession over a network, you have the ability to project yourself over either audio or video output. When doing this, you have advantage on Persuasion or Intimidation rolls against any viewers or listeners of the projection.
EMP. While in control over a network, you can trigger an EMP through any piece of technology connected to both the network as well as electrical systems. This effect lasts for 10 minutes, however, traps you inside the downed network for the duration and take 3d12 damage to reset. You can do this only once per long rest.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

4′ 8″ +2d12 110 lb. × (2d4) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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