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Living Dolls[edit]

Created by magical means or crafted by creatures, all Living Dolls are essentially a vessel with a soul inside controlling it or with an artificial soul.

Physical Description[edit]

Created with almost no flaw, living dolls are enhanced with beauty. Some of them can be made of extrange materials and a wild variety of them, from mud, cloth or forgotten arcane materials, like a special metal, plastic, porcelain or even glass. The ones that are humanoid shaped, can blend with the people to the point where they can act like one of them, they can't hide their emotions very well and most of the time they will express themselves with a wide variety of facial expressions, although some of them have problems when doing facial expressions, they always try their best to replicate humanoid expressions to make them feel comfortable. Some of them has joint pieces placed where their elbows and knees should be able to help them make their graceful movements. Some others don't have joints, because they don't need it, like the ones made of cloth, but others with magic, they can still move pretty much smoothly. Depending of the size, if they are tiny or diminutive, they can travel on a purse or over the shoulder of an ally, since the weight of carrying those, will not be a problem.


Most dolls were created just as toys, but later down on the history, some spirits could take over a doll and control it as if it was their body. A spirit could be there from the beginning, while others were placed in the dolls as part of a curse or a way to avoid death once. Sometimes a spirit can be granted a real living body of a creature by the gods, but it's very hard for that to happen.


Living Dolls live on their own, they don't have a society, but instead they may try to integrate between the creatures which they resemble.

Living Doll Names[edit]

Living Dolls don't have names made up by themselves, though they may give one when integrating into a group or party, or have been granted one by their resemblance of their creators or owners.

Living Doll Traits[edit]

Resistant and magically enhanced
Ability Score Increase. Constitution +2
Age. The doll itself doesn't age, but it can show signs of wearing and tearing depending by its background.
Alignment. It depends on what they were created for. The cursed dolls lean towards evil and the ones with careful owners or watchers of a god leans towards good, those who doesn't enter into those two alignments, most of the time are neutral. The love or hate towards your creator allows you to manifest the soul. If formed of love, you lean for lawful. If from hate, then you lean for chaotic.
Size. The doll vary widely in height and build, from diminutive to huge.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 ft.
Living Construct. You are a construct and therefore don't need to eat, breathe or drink unless specified. Instead of sleeping for 8 hours you can instead release control of your body for 4 hours a day, while releasing control you are fully aware of anything in a 10 ft radius around you. You are also immune to any non-magical disease.
Almost Human. You have advantage in disguise checks passing yourself off as human, but only if your size is medium, also you can't use this trait if the doll is not using clothes that covers most of its body.
Languages. Common and any 1 other language.
Subrace. Subraces are divided into what keeps your body animated and how you attained your body is, or how it was made.

Body types[edit]

Beating Heart Doll[edit]

Your body is kept moving through strings of necrotic magic gathered within a heart on the inside of your chest.

Ability Score Increase. Strength +1
Heartbeat Monitor. Thanks to the heartbeat of the heart inside of you know how human heartbeats work and you can easily hear that of other people, thanks to this, you can tell when a person is frightened, charmed, alive or death up to their normal vision distance and you become proficient in the insight skill.
Blood Bound Heart. Even though your body is that of a construct your body still is run by a heart and thus you are required to eat and drink.

Magic Crystal Doll[edit]

Your core is that of a crystal, can be small as a pinhead or big as an orb, even though gods and curses can create these dolls you need this crystal to move your body.

Ability Score Increase. Intelligence +1
Magical Crystal Load. Your magical core runs through gathering magic in the air around you. Each day you need to absorb 2 levels worth of spells, you do this when a spellcaster (an action of an ally or a reaction of an enemy) cast a spell on you, of first level or higher. You can finish a long rest (release control for 4 hours) to charge the crystal completely or alternatively cast a False Life spell. If the core is not powerful enough and you haven't absorbed any spells in a day, you gain 1 level of exhaustion. By level 10, you don't need to absorb spells anymore, because the core absorbs enough magic in a day and is powerful enough to sustain yourself.
Magical Crystal Overload. If the magical crystal is already loaded with the 2 absorptions, or you are at level 10, you take normal damage from spells.
Magical Conduct. Thanks to your magical core you have an innate advantage as spellcaster.

Spirit Type[edit]


Your body was created through a curse, which your original spirit was moved to the doll. You gain proficiency in intimidation thanks to an aura of horror you give off.

Ability Score Increase. Wisdom +1
Frightening Stare. As an action you can attempt to inflict an enemy you can see with a curse. The target must make a Wisdom saving throw of DC + Wisdom modifier. You can cast this trait once per long rest.


You were created by humans for their entertainment and are made to allure people. You gain proficiency in the persuasion skill.

Ability Score Increase. Charisma +1
Alluring Grace. Thanks to the magic involved in your creation, you have learnt to cast the spell Charm Person.

Gods Watcher[edit]

Gods have bound your spirit to a doll to spectate the world or achieve one certain task. you gain proficiency in the religion skill.

Ability Score Increase. Inteligence +1
Soulsight. You are able to see the souls of living things within 60ft, thanks to this you know a creatures Allignment and Racial type (Beast, Apperition, Humanoid, Construct, etc)

Random Height and Weight[edit]

′ ″ + lb. × () lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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