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The Navarada are an ancient race of supernatural origin.

Physical Description[edit]

The Navarada in their pure form appear as almost a black spot in any non-supernatural beings eye but to a supernatural being, they are seen as a warped humanoid figure which is normally disproportionate to its distance away from where it really is. The Navarada's true form is very fragile even though powerful so it drains a creature of its life force, normally humanoid, and becomes the new host of its newly acquired form of which is then protected by the life force of the creatures own life force. The Navarada are seen to be genderless at first sight but upon closer inspection, the male's are seen to be darker and more condensed whereas the female version is seen to be more floaty and spread out like a fog. Height and weight cannot be measured since it varies from host body to host body.


The Navarada are an ancient race of supernatural origins that were alive well before man's discovery of fire. They would lurk in the shadows in order to potentially stalk their prey or to rest. Their true origin of where they have come from is unknown to all but themselves and to them, it is considered their race's greatest secret of which they only tell upon death to their closest and most trustful non-Navaradian companion; upon hearing this the non-Navaradian's life is normally shortened by the fact that the Navaradian council of elders sends out their best agents of darkness known as the Vanesha, the most deadly of their entire dark army. The first sighting of the Navarada was when a human noticed that he had two shadows, later that evening the Navarada consumed that human of its life force and became the host of their body. Then the sightings became more frequent over time until the Navarada became more intelligent and began hiding their killings by only taking the life force of the near dead while they're sleeping. This was also around the time where the Navaradadian council of elders was formed to place laws of consumption into the everyday lives of the Navarada.To this day the council monitor all of the Navarada consumption rates and have put in place great fasts and gigantic feasts every one to two years to ensure the survival of species or keep the population of more destructive races such as the orcs under control. Upon rare occasion a Navarada can be born through a failed banish spell if enough necrotic magic is absorbed in the ethereal state.


The Navarada normally keep secluded to a small pack of either related Navarada or closely bonded but can be summoned with great patriotism to their kind by the council by the summoning of a blood moon or an eclipse.

Navarada Names[edit]

Male: Glazgar, Yarco, Salvazar, Kaspian, Suda

Female: Seradin, Valice, Consordia, Tripen, Davaki

Navarada Traits[edit]

The Navarada are ancient supernatural beings that live in shadows.
Ability Score Increase. The Navarada being an ancient race have been able to gain a lot of intelligence from what its race consumes. Your intelligence increases by 2 or your wisdom increases by 2.
Age. Navarada normally reach full maturity in their pure form at about 5 years old but can live almost forever as long as they consume life force. The older the Navarada the more life force it needs to be consumed.
Alignment. The Navarada are chaotically neutral since they do not discriminate when it comes to their killings or which non-Navaradian race they are companions too.
Size. Male Navarada tends to be smaller due to them being more condensed and darker than a female Navarada, which tends to be more spread out and less dark. Males are small and females are large.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 40 feet. Base flight speed is 60 feet.
Life soul absorption. Can absorb the life force of creatures close to death within 15 feet; heals 1D6 + wis mod hp; gives +1 strength to next attack only.Roll D20 above armor class for success.
Superior dark vision. Can see in total dark if it was normal and clearly in all others.
Pure form. If host body dies, pure form is shown but with -1 to all stats; intelligence and wisdom unaffected by stat change.
Take over. If an enemy humanoid creature is at low health a Navarada can take over body as new host; roll D20 to succeed a target by DM.
Eternal Drain - (Character must reach level 10 before being able to perform this). Drains all enemy creatures within a 20ft radius of 1D8 + Wis mod hp; Can take over weakened humanoid creature of your choice. Roll D20 above armour class for success
Languages. Navaradadian and any races it takes over as host (maximum 4 languages)
Subrace. There is only a single race of Navarada but in rare cases, there are grey Navarada born or they become grey through repeated light magic use.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

′ ″ + lb. × ({{{weightmod}}}) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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