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Aren't they fascinating? An entire group of folded and unique peoples. Occasionally covered in illustrations, some times in calligraphy. They are truly art, down to the very core. - Oliver
A thinking Oragim, albeit less ornate then some of his brethren. Image made by He Man.

Physical Description[edit]

Oragims are as varied as the art of origami itself. Including their various shapes and paper colors. However, they tend to be taller than the average piece. Their creators are fond of writing messages into them. These messages serve as the main goal or ideals of an Oragim though the message varies from creator to creator. The message inside them must be imbued with some sort of message or else the Oragim will see it as "their form being disgraced", as they do not take lightly to being drawn on without consent or with this magic. Lastly, Oragims also can be seen with an illustration of sorts on their bodies. These illustrations can show any sort of things that the Oragim or its creator wanted to portray. It could be a face for personality, or perhaps a mark to signal the beauty or distinctness of the creature.


Only day a wizard bold as he was animated paper to make live making a man of origami. This origami would head out to learn magic to make yet more of it's race. And so they expanded and expanded. This went to the point where they made themself a race. The Oragims were born

There was once a bold wizard who was hunched over an array of folded paper. He toiled and toiled, until one day he succeeded. "Eureka!" He exclaimed, as he had made a man of origami. This origami would head out to learn magic, and would go on to make more of its race. And so they expanded and expanded. This got to the point where they were large enough to become a race, and thus the Oragims were born.


Oragims upon creation if left with a magical message inside them will take this message as their "code" or "goal" though any other writing or drawing on their body with highly offend them. Seeing it as sacred, especially their inner layers (how would you like someone scribbling on your guts?). Further more, if one were to want to draw on an Oragim, it would need to give consent first, and to have the illustration have some sort of magical property. Although likely it would only let its creator do so. Oragims tend to not mingle with each other much unless they have them same goal as dictated by the messages scribbled inside them.

Oragim Names[edit]

Oragims are generally named by their creators, but if not will usually name themselves some variation of Paper or Origami.

Oragim Traits[edit]

A race of enchanted paper people.
Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 2 and your Wisdom score increases by 1.
Age. Due to their construct nature, Oragims effectively do not age.
Alignment. Oragims when set on a goal will set achieve by almost any means. This leads them to be almost all chaotic.
Size. Oragims are typically 6 to 8 ft. You are medium sized.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Hard Origami. Oragims' paperskin is surprisingly rough and durable. You have a natural AC of 12 + your Dexterity modifier if you are wearing no armor and it would be otherwise lower.
Origami Shaping. Oragims due to being paper can shape themselves somewhat. You can flatten yourself to fit into 1 inch small spaces.
Paper Body. You are vulnerable to fire damage.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and one other language of your choice.

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