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A Vorik's Wing Individual Credit: Willis H. O’Brien, 1915

Vorik's Wing[edit]

Hang gliding great apes. Their niche is aerial trade between population centers and very remote areas. They can build, operate, and hang from great gliders by combining the benefits of strength, acrobatics, athletics, intelligence, and family. They are able to transport more than aarakocra over longer distances. They are easier to deal with than aerial beasts, dragons, etc. They have a general liking for all humanoids. They have lots of interaction with the 'ground races' as they call them. They might possibly be the most connected and gregarious race with other races in some universes. They are gregarious with all races that are not hostile. They can build, operate, and hang from great gliders.
Here's how Vorik's Wing may affect your campaign
  • Travel: Vorik's Wing make the world more travelable overland. This can make it easier to assemble parties from far distant places, and for parties to travel long distances.
  • Trade: They make remote locations more viable. Distant keeps, villages, outposts etc. can be more easily supplied and engage in trade. In addition, some creatures or races that despise each other may be able to trade with each other using Vorik's Wing as an intermediary.
  • Descriptions: One or more 'gliders' will usually be 'docked' above every great city. When a party comes upon a town or city, before they see the city itself, they will often see the great glider(s) of the Vorik's Wing floating in the breeze above the town or city, tethered to the city like kites.
  • Tactics: Vorik's Wing have outdoor flying ability in many situations. This can affect outdoor tactics. The Vorik's Wing party member will have to have their glider ready before the battle though.
  • Motility: Vorik's Wing have outdoor flying ability in many situations. This can affect building and cliff accessibility.
  • History: This write up creates a historical figure named Vorik the Ape.

Physical Description[edit]

A Vorik's Wing is an ape that resembles a taughtly muscular hominid orangutan. generally its fur is brown. It is able to hang from tree limbs or glider struts for hours. It also has hands for feet. Vorik's Wing have four hands, and one prehensile tail. They can hang from a beam by their tail and manipulate four objects at the same time. When entering a room they have a tendency to look for something to climb up on. Often you will find them climbing up on something when they can. They like hanging out in rafters, and then start cleaning them if they are not clean. Vorik's Wing, as apes, prefer not to wear clothing. When they have to, they wear a loin cloth. Vorik's Wing are covered with fur and have much less gender dimorphism than humans so you have to look fairly close to see whether a Vorik's Wing is male or female. This is a DC 8 perception or insight roll.

Vorik's Wing also do not like armor. They will tolerate light armor, sometimes even a breastplate. Their natural hide and fur give them AC 13 without armor much like a wolf. Armor merely slows them down, so they if they do wear armor, their base AC is 11. They may carry a shield without this AC penalty.
Animals, Not Humanoids
Vorik's Wing are not humanoids, so things that affect humanoids do not affect them. They are animals so that things that affect animals do affect them. Like animals, they sometimes do not have alignments. They are perhaps the smartest of animals, being equally as smart as humans. They often have the sensibilities of animals. Because they are not humanoids, they have trouble walking long distances. Sometimes young (unclassed) Vorik's Wing become ranger's companions. Druids can transform into Vorik's Wing using Wild Shape. They are involved diffently with spells and effects. For example For example Animal Friendship, Animal Messenger, Animal Shapes, Conjure Animals, Locate Animals or Plants, and Speak with Animals involve them, but Charm Person, Dominate Person and Hold Person do not affect them.


Vorik was the first Wing, that lead his people into the sky. Vorik's Wing stems from a race of apes that progressively lifted itself higher and higher until Vorik the Ape lead his people all the way above the treetops into the sky. As they rose higher, they became smaller, stronger, smarter, and more tightly muscled. They are apes that tried to lift themselves up to be like humans. They used the existence of the higher level (smarter) humanoid races to inspire them to greater things, eventually achieving the sky.

The Great Rising
As Vorik achieved the sky he brought with him as many apes of his race, as could also achieve the sky. This event was known as The Great Rising. Originating from forests, they could finally see above the canopy, what the world was. They have a very optimistic and inspired view of themselves and the world. They always call themselves 'Vorik's Wing' in memory of Vorik. For them 'Vorik's Wing' is both singular and plural and is both a noun and adjective. They make great librarians.


Vorik's Wing prefer living in a combination of forest and city, specifically they live on their gliders, tethering them to the tops of tall trees in the forest, or tall buildings in the city. Vorik's Wing come down from their gliders daily to interact with creatures in the forest and the city. They will also tether their gliders to eyries, oxen, towers, castles, or the ground if necessary.

With Other Races
  • Vorik's Wing often visit port cities where they can find inexpensive canvas, tools and sailcloth to make their gliders. Sometimes they make mutual deals with sailors, traders, and pirates, to extend the trading network of these groups inland.
  • Vorik's Wing are usually d6: 1.outpost traders, 2.general traders, 3.pirates, 4.transporters, 5.forest protectors, 6.adventurers.
  • Given the vulnerability of their glider craft, they tend to try to be at least nominally friendly with everyone.
  • Vorik's Wing have a tendency to try to pick flees and lice off other humanoids as they do with each other. They will be a little surprised if this sort of grooming attention is rejected.
With Themselves
Vorik's Wing feel most at home in the air, with their families hanging under the wings of their huge gliders. A Vorik's Wing family consists of 6d6+1 apes who have built a huge glider to carry the entire family. The glider can have a wingspan of 100' or more. The family 's glider can stay aloft for days with the entire family, eating, drinking, sleeping and hanging out (literally). The glider also carries the entire tribe's possessions. Vorik's Wing are not terribly interested in having lots of possessions. If they have lots of possessions, they will sometimes find a friendly dragon to leave them with and add to the dragon's horde. Regarding money, Vorik's Wing tend to prefer silver to copper, gold to silver, mithral to gold, and gems to mithral, because of the weight restrictions of their gliders. Families of Vorik's Wing tend to sleep in shifts in hammocks underneath the wing of their communal glider. The sexes tend to be equal.


A Vorik's Wing personal class glider by Nenad Cerovic

An individual Vorik's Wing can carry a personal glider folded and rolled up, and will be able to assemble it into a fully working glider in ten minutes. Vorik's Wing gliders are usually made of wood and canvas. Individual Vorik's Wing sleep in hammocks at the tops of trees or buildings, with a tether to their glider as if it was a kite. If the wind is strong enough they will sleep in/under the glider itself, when attached to a tree or building. Individuals move at 25 and carry a 40 lb glider folded and wrapped up, and a 10lb glider building tool kit. Gliders move at a speed of 30' per round in still air. Moving air will either speed up or slow down the glider depending on its direction and the direction the Vorik's Wing wishes to take the glider. Gliders may be red, green, tan, olive, white or brown colored. The struts are generally darker than the glider cloth. They are nearly always constructed from wood and cloth, however a few may still be found that are constructed from thin leather sheets. A few even constructed from dragon wings.

Glider Size Wingspan Maximum Number of Riders Crew Build Time+ Assembly+ Weight Designation Effective Hit Points
Small 20' 2 medium 1 1 day 10 min 40 lb Personal 40
Medium 50' 10 medium or 3 medium, 1 large 2 3 days 30 min 150 lb Explorer 150
Large 100'+ 30 medium or 15 medium, 2 large 3 1 week 2 hours 400 lb Family 400

+ Build Time assumes that all the Vorik's Wing who will be riding under the glider will be involved in building, assembling, or disassembling the glider.

Results of Damage
Gliders are resistant to damage from piercing, bludgeoning, lightning and cold, and vulnerable to damage from fire and acid. Gliders are immune to poison and psychic damage. A glider will 'break' and start crashing down at a speed of 30 once it takes damage equal to 1/4 of its hit points. This 'crash' will not be fast enough to damage its occupants. If it takes damage equal to its full hit points it will fall out of the air at a speed of up to 300. Riders will take half damage from the crash based on height fallen. Damage from such a crash may not exceed 100 hit points for any one rider. A glider has an effective AC of 15.

Vorik's Wing Names[edit]

Vorik's Wing are a young race and tend to have fairly concrete names related to their environment, either based on their aerial home or their forest origin. Their names are often inspirational or aspirational, and therefore since the sexes tend to be equal, any name can either be male or female.

Vorik's Wing consider their race name to be a proper noun, so it is always capitalized. In addition it is both a singular and plural noun, as well as an adjective.

Male or Female: Vorik, Bough, Breeze, Canvas, Dusk, Forrestal, Green, Hail, Leafy, Lightning, Puff, Rain, Root-n-Branch, Sailcloth-Moon, Spindrift, Stars, Starlight, Storm-crow, Struts, Sunrise, Treetop, Twiggy, Winger, Whirley, Windy, Zephyr.

Vorik's Wing Traits[edit]

Hang gliding great apes.
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 2, your Dexterity score increases by 1.
Age. Vorik's Wing have shorter lifespans than humans, they are fully adult at age 15, and live to be about 60.
Alignment. Usually some form of neutral, tending away from the extreme alignments. This is because they are naturally rather laid back. Willing to go with flow as in the flow of air they glide through all their lives, and literal 'hang out'.
Size. Medium
Speed. Vorik's Wing are not humanoids so they have trouble walking long distances. Your base walking speed is 25 feet. Your climbing speed it also 25 feet. You also swim well at a speed of 15 feet. Speed reduces to 20 if walking more than 4 hours; reduces to 10 after 4 more hours. These feet weren't made for walkin'. Speed recovers after a long rest. Glider flying speed is 30 ft. relative to the wind.
Normal Vision (Night Vision). Many Vorik's Wing are nocturnal. Your night vision is as good as a cat's, but it's still just normal vision. You are pretty good at seeing in starlight.
Lofting Breeze. bonus action cantrip that can lift a small sized glider and provide enough breeze to have it move up to 30 relative to the wind; a medium sized glider requires two Vorik's Wing to do this; a large sized family glider needs three Vorik's Wing to move it this way. A lofting breeze is also enough to move a small sailboat up to 15 ft. long at a speed of 15 ft, or add +5 ft to the speed of a ship. It's really designed for gliders however. Lofting Breeze can even be cast while a Vorik's Wing is asleep. A Lofting Breeze is not directed enough to extinguish lanterns candles or torches, or knock anyone down, however it can be used to blow loose paper around, or clear fog, mist or gas.
Prehensile Tail. gives grappling advantage. May also be used to hang from rafters, struts, or spars, or tree branches allowing all four hands to manipulate things simultaneously.
Build Glider. takes 1 day (12 hours) to build a personal glider, 2d4 hours to repair a personal glider.
Enhanced Climbing. Proficiency in Acrobatics or Athletics, advantage on rolls for climbing, no roll needed while climbing around a glider, up a rope, up a tree trunk, in the rafters, or in the upper branches of a tree. Climbing speed 25.
Aerial Resistance. resistance to lightning and cold damage
Furry Hide. their fur and agility make them as tough as that of a wolf, giving them natural AC 13, base AC 11 if wearing armor
Petrification Immunity. immune to being turned to stone; resistance to paralysis and hold spells.
Tree Diving. Vorik's Wing can dive up to 50 ft. into the top of a sufficiently large tree without taking damage. If you fall through a series of branches to the ground you only take half damage from the fall.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and one other language of your choice.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

4′ 8″ +2d6 100 lb. × (1d6) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

Interactions With Other Creatures[edit]

The dungeon master makes decisions on how the other creatures in their world see Vorik's Wing, not this write up. So the notes below are merely examples and suggestions about the sorts of relationships Vorik's Wing may have with other creatures, for the dungeon master to either accept or to do something more fitting with the campaign.

It's a dangerous world and if the dragons and other aerials are vicious enough this race will not exist in your world. As such Vorik's Wing work awfully hard to make friends or at least truces with powerful aerial creatures.

Close Friends
Vorik's Wing are especially friendly with green and copper dragons, humans, wood elves, sprites, gargoyles, and cockatrices - which they sometimes keep as pets.
  • cockatrices - sometimes Vorik's Wing have these a pets to guard their gliders, sometimes, they just ignore each other. It helps that Vorik's Wing are immune to petrification.
  • elves - likes them, especially wood elves, since Vorik's Wing are still part of the forest ecosystem.
  • gargoyles - gargoyles and Vorik's Wing interact frequently. Neither likes air elementals and both often attach themselves near to tops of cliffs, buildings, towers and walls. They don't so much like each other, as realize that they have to put up with each other. None-the-less they sometimes play pranks and practical jokes on each other to get the other annoyed. Perhaps the basis of the relationship between the gargoyles and the Vorik's Wing, is they keep each other from getting bored, treating each other more like quarreling relatives or frat brothers than friends or enemies.
  • green and copper dragons - complex relationships (see Dragonkin below)
  • humans - trade and transport to and from remote outposts, castles, towers, keeps, fortifications, village and settlements. They make the world more travelable.
  • sprites - among the closest friends of Vorik's Wing, sprites often find commonality in the protection of forests, exchange of intelligence, and trade with the outside world. Since Vorik's Wing are friendly with both sprites and green dragons, they can act as go-betweens for both creatures as they tend to despise each other in person but if they need to communicate they will use a Voriks' Wing as a go-between
  • dracolich - tends to try to remain secret and hidden and knowing the Vorik's Wing will report one if they see it, they stay well away, unless it wants to make the Vorik's Wing (individual or family) one of its minions.
  • dragons - procuring items for their hoards, and asking for their help in keeping young dragons under control.
    • chromatic - Vorik's Wing have complex and troubled relationships with chromatic dragons, who find Vorik's Wing somewhat laughable.
      • black - Vorik's Wing avoid or fly high over black dragon swamps and ruins (which are obvious from the air) unless they have specific business with a black dragon.
      • blue - Vorik's Wing are resistant to lightning since they spend much of their time in the clouds. They also provide intelligence on 1)caravans, 2)brass dragons, and 3)herds of food, to powerful blue dragons in exchange for not being eaten.
      • green - Vorik's Wing is most attuned to green dragons. Vorik's Wing is the only creature that can make easy access to the center of the forest of a green dragon's lair, and yet their gliders are easily destroyed by green dragons, and also a family of Vorik's Wing is not strong enough to storm a green dragon's lair. And yet if the green dragon destroys a glider, the apes will simply drop into the trees and spread out and be in deep concealment in the upper story of the forest. Interaction with one or more glider families allows a green dragon to extend its rapacity and lust for power beyond its normal range, conveying individuals, messages, and treasure to and far beyond the green dragon's lair. Of all the chromatic dragons, Vorik's Wing is the friendliest to them.
      • red - Vorik's Wing hate and fear red dragons and the red dragons hate and despise them. The Vorik's Wing will do their level best to both stay as far from red dragon lairs and/or find powerful aerial allies that can keep red dragons at bey. Red dragons can turn the glider of a family to cinders in a minute or less and so their lives are at great risk when there is a red dragon about. When flying through red dragon territories they will glide very low to the ground, both to avoid being detected, and if their glider is destroyed to fall a shorter distance to the ground. Vorik's Wing will also seek out copper dragons as allies against the red.
      • white - Vorik's Wing and white dragons mostly ignore each other, with their thick fur, Vorik's Wing are able to travel to and fly through quite cold climes, nonetheless Vorik's Wing generally don't travel to clime cold enough to meet many white dragons.
    • metallic - Vorik's Wing tends to get along well with most metallic dragons.
      • copper - Vorik's Wing especially seek out copper dragons to help protect them from the hated and feared red dragons. As such, Vorik's Wing generally deposit their treasure in a friendly copper dragon's horde for 'safe' keeping. Vorik's Wing have weight restrictions on their gliders, and do not care much for material gain, so they deposit their copper and silver with a copper dragon, and sometimes much of their gold, if the Vorik's Wing is very prosperous.
      • gold - gold dragons tend to see Vorik's Wing as being a bit suspect and being not quite good enough since they are lowly apes rather than humanoids, This is especially true if there is an alliance between a green dragon and a Vorik's Wing anywhere in the vicinity of the gold dragon's lair.
  • fearie dragons - Vorik's Wing families occasionally make pets of faerie dragons, although these relationships do not last long, general 2d6 days. This is because faerie dragons find it easier and safer travel long distances by resting on the struts of a glider. Once the glider of a family has traveled to where the faerie dragons want to go, it flies off on its own business.
  • pseudodragons - pseudodragons occasionally become Vorik's Wing wizard familiars. This is an ideal combination in that the familiar has an aerial base to call home, and can operate fully in three dimensions.
  • wyvern - sometimes a wyvern will snag a Vorik's Wing off of the communal glider of a family with its tail. It faces incoming archer fire if it tries. It usually succeeds and then flies away with its prey.
Aerial 'Beasts'
  • blood hawk - Vorik's Wing find blood hawks to be a rare tasty delicacy
  • chimerae - very dangerous to Voriks' Wing, nonetheless, they stay away from chimerae territories or fly miles above them
  • giant eagle - friendly
  • griffon - griffons tend to find Vorik's Wing tough and stringy but will snag one once in a while if they get hungry enough. Vorik's Wing never train griffons
  • hippogriff - If a Vorik's Wing feeds a hippogriff enough food, a hippogriff might allow them to tether by their nest, an arrangement that is defensively beneficial to both.
  • pegasi - tend to be friendly, although don't have much in common
  • perytons - perytons find Vorik's Wing distasteful since they are not humanoids, and fear them since they have lots of ranged weapons. Only a large flock of perytons can take on a Vorik's Wing family and then a number of them will be killed even so.
  • pteranodon - generally much smaller than a communal glider for a family of Vorik's Wing, an individual glider is about the same size as an individual pteranodon. They may treat an individual gloder as a fellow pteranodon or they may attack it.
  • rocs - rocs find Vorik's Wing to be too small to make a useful meal. Sometimes however they will come upon the glider of a family thinking it is something else, and when they discover that it is merely a glider filled with apes will smash it out of pique.
  • sphinx - most Vorik's Wing are considered as unworthy base ape creatures and sphinxes do not share knowledge with them.
  • stirges - in huge numbers they can be overwhelming, but Vorik's Wing can usually gain enough altitude fast enough to survive an attack.
Aerial 'Humanoids'
  • aarakocra - generally friendly
  • cambion - enemies of the Vorik's Wing, nonetheless because they are not humanoids, they can not be charmed by Cambion.
  • empyrean - Vorik's Wing are wary of empyrean and treat them very respectfully (as much as an ape can) and carefully.
  • djinni - Vorik's Wing greatly respect and sometimes ally with and serve djinni. There are not many djinni in the material plane, but Vorik's Wing are in awe of them.
  • other genies - Vorik's Wing tend to fly higher than they want to fly
  • urds (winged kobolds) - Vorik's Wing despise the urds, seeing them as weak nasty degenerate gargoyles. Vorik's Wing try to turn gargoyles against them when they can.
Other Aerial Creatures
  • angels - generally friendly
  • banshees - Vorik's Wing are not beautiful - they are somewhat humanoid apes, not quite hominids having four hands, so banshees ignore them
  • beholders - Vorik's Wing fly faster and higher than beholders, outrunning them when they encounter them
  • couatl - friendly
  • demons - generally ignore Vorik's Wing except for:
    • Nalfeshnee - which have a distinct hatred for Vorik's Wing. They are considered a rebuke to the Nalfeshnee form and so when they can, Nalfeshnee attack Vorik's Wing even high in the air.
  • devils - whereas Vorik's Wing and erinyes have a certain respect for each other, horned devils and imps can be a huge problem for them
  • elementals - an air elemental can destroy the glider of a Vorik's Wing family, so Vorik's Wing try not to make enemies with wizards and sorcerers.
  • ghost - Vorik's Wing is happy to help finish the business of any ghost.
  • invisible stallker - Vorik's Wing tries not to make enemies of wizards
  • mephits - Vorik's Wing tend to shoot down mephits, and/or outfly them
  • nightmares - hated and feared by Vorik's Wing, a family or an individual will dive for the ground if one appears before it destroys their glider and kills them all.
  • succubi/incubi - succubi and incubi find Vorik's Wing disgusting.
  • flumphs, flameskulls, gas spores, homunculus, manticores, modrons, grell, pixies, will-o-wisp, wraiths, demiliches etc. do not tend to fly high enough to interact with Vorik's Wing.
Vorik's Wing interact with many humanoid species, a number of whom they have sought to emulate.
  • bugbears - Vorik's Wing occasionally provide air cover for bugbear operations, otherwise they do not interact much, and don't like each other much.
  • dragonborn - wary of them, they might breath fire and burn up the glider.
  • dwarves - respect them as great craftsmen.
  • elves - high elves don't pay much attention to Vorik's Wing. Wood elves on the other hand are close friends (see above).
  • gnolls - Vorik's Wing do not like gnolls and will not trade with them.
  • goblins - Vorik's Wing find goblins sort of cute and are happy to work with and trade with small bands of them. Vorik's Wing do not however seek to emulate them as they live underground.
  • half-elves - like elves that can make it in the big city.
  • half-orcs - tolerable.
  • hobbith - likes, doesn't really understand them as they live in holes in the ground.
  • hobgoblins - whereas Vorik's WIng like goblins, the tend to shy away when there are hobgoblins around. Vorik's Wing think that hobgoblins are the cause of the corruption of regular goblins.
  • gnomes - cute as a button.
  • lizardfolk - Vorik's Wing see their role as traders for the lizard folk with the rest of the world, as lizard folk live far out in the deserts away from most civilization.
  • lycathropes - just don't turn into a bear while you're on our glider, ok?
  • orcs - willing to trade with them.
  • tieflings - thought of as humanoids that went down in the world whereas Vorik's Wing that rose up in the world. Vorik's Wing considers them wrongheaded and tend to distrust what they assert while being otherwise polite.
  • troglodytes - Vorik's Wing do not like troglodytes.
  • vampires - have you ever seen an ape turn into a bat? Pretty weird huh? Vorik's Wing that become vampires are able to transform into bats.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

When creating a Vorik's Wing character, you can use the following table of traits, ideals, bonds and flaws to help flesh out your character. Use these tables in addition to or in place of your background's characteristics. If you pick the grooming bond, you also pick the grooming flaw, and if you have th grooming flaw you also pick the grooming bond. These two go together.

d8 Personality Trait
1 Sanguine - I tend not to get too involved or excited about taking sides in arguments or being part of causes. I prefer to observe the various positions people take, and get involved only if a friend asks me to.
2 Curious - I'm extremely curious and love to learn about new things.
3 Peaceful - I'm a big wuss and don't like dangerous situations. This doesn't stop me from getting into a fight if I have to, but I do my best to avoid fighting.
4 I Love Furry Creatures - I love any furry little creature that won't bite me. I like cuddling with them and having them as pets. We have fur in common, something that humanoids don't understand.
5 I Love Scrimshaw - I love making scrimshaw. Each piece you make takes 1 week and can be sold for 2d6 GP. Double that for each ability that is 15 or higher, or any ability that is 5 or lower.
6 I Love Flying - I like to glide under my glider. I feel like the air is where I belong. No one can harm me while I'm gliding, after all! I also desire to take every opportunity to fly in different ways.
7 I Love Eating Bugs - it's not just flees and lice that I like to eat. I also like ants, spiders, dragonflies, crickets, roaches, cicadas (especially cicadas when I can get them), beetles and all sorts of other bugs.
8 I Love Sleeping On The Roof - Rather than indoors in an inn or a barn or a farmhouse or a castle, I like to sleep on the roof. This is not exactly a phobia, but I prefer being outside rather than inside. I have a fondness for dogs that sleep on the top of their dog house.
d6 Ideal
1 Family - your first priority is your ape family. When not with them, you set aside treasure and knowledge to bring back to them. You think of yourself as an extension of your family, and imagine the day when you can return to them.
2 Business - you are always looking to trade, buy, sell, haggle, or provide a service to the people you meet or in the places you find yourself. You will do this just for enjoyment, even if you have no real need for anything.
3 Exploration - you like to know what is around you locally for the protection of the group you are with. This desire has grown until it has extended to the whole world. You love discovering new places and observing the local people and creatures.
4 Alliance - you know you, your group, or your family is in danger without adequate aerial allies. You try to make friendships or alliances with all you meet, especially aerial creatures, and like to seek out powerful creatures to ally with them.
5 Forest - you care about the survival of forest, your own and all forests. You gather rare seeds and spread them as your glider traverses the world. You hate seeing a tree cut down, and you like to work with other sylvan beings to protect the forest.
6 Weather - you like nothing so much as to perch idly in the breeze and let it drift over you. You love all kinds of weather, storms, stillness, rain, snow, hail, heat. You love mostly just to be with it and experience.
d6 Bond
1 Grooming - You have a strong emotional protective bond with any creature that will allow you to pick flees and lice off of them. You tend to try this at least once with everyone having hair or fur without asking, assuming obviously that no one wants flees and lice on them (see Flaw).
2 Glider - You have a strong sentimental bond with your glider. Perhaps it was the glider owned by someone special to you, perhaps it has been with you through thick and thin. You will do what it takes to keep your glider from being destroyed. If it is destroyed you will will mourn its passing.
3 Humanity - you have a deep bond with humans and all things human. You admire them and seek to emulate all of their good qualities. You will do what you can to help out humans in trouble, and to help humans grow and learn.
4 Elvenkind - you have a deep bond with sprites, elves, and all things fey. You admire them and seek to emulate all of their good qualities. You will do what you can to help out elves in trouble, and to help elves grow and learn.
5 Goblinkind - you have a deep affection for goblins, orcs, and bugbears. Unlike other Vorik's Wing you do not despise hobgoblins. You do what you can to help them, and do what you can to raise them up to be less corrupted, and less underground.
6 Isolation - you only like your own kind. You prefer to spend time only with other Vorik's Wing. You have close associations with your home wing, and with Vorik's Wing, Vorik's Root or Vorik's Leaf. If you must be with other people it is only in necessity.
d6 Flaw
1 Grooming - You tend to try to pick flees and lice off of any creature that will allow you at least once with everyone having hair or fur without asking assuming obviously that no one wants flees and lice on them. You are consistently surprised if they don't respond well to this (see Bond).
2 Fearless of Falling - You simply are not concerned about falling. You assume you will survive. You take chances that might result in a fall. You take 1d6-1 points of damage for every 10 ft fallen, but a high enough fall can still kill you.
3 Nocturnal - your nocturnal nature is more pronounced than most Vorik's Wing. You tend to be very sleepy and lazy during the day and wide awake at night.
4 Excitable - when you get excited, scared, angry, upset etc. you starting shrieking, running around, climbing things, jumping up and down, shaking things back and forth and so on until you calm down. You do this because often as an ape, you don't have your words.
5 Pining for Forests - you are dissatisfied with the non-forested life and want to return to the forest from whence your species came. If those forests are on low mountains surrounding deep cold water ocean inlets, doubly so. You plant little trees everywhere.
6 Ground Phobia - you fear the ground, and spend as little time with your feet touching it as possible. You climb on just about anything available, climb into the rafters, trees or on walls, ride in carts, on horses, or hang under your personal glider whenever possible.


Vorik's Root[edit]

Vorik's root consist of apes who still live in the forests and never made it into the air on gliders, or who fell back into the old ways that existed before Vorik. They have +3 on Strength instead of +2, but never more than 20. They live in the tops of trees, sleeping in hammocks. They never wear clothes, ever. Vorik's Root often have the 'Primitive Tribe' background.

Vorik's Wing[edit]

Vorik's Wing are the standard hang gliding apes. They are now the most common. This article mostly focuses on this subrace. Hang gliding throughout their lives in the cold and the heat and the storms is very strenuous, and so they have +1 on Constitution. Vorik's Wing often have the 'Family Business' background.

Vorik's Leaf[edit]

Vorik's Leaf are the descendants of Vorik's Wing who have come down from the air and now live in the societies of various humanoids. They are usually sailors and they wear clothes most of the time. They are most common on ships and in port towns. On ships they are able to use their Lofting Breeze feature to increase a ship's speed by +5 ft. Three additional Vorik's Leaf can increase a ship's speed by another +5 ft. Twelve more additional Vorik's leaf can increase a ship's speed by yet another +5 ft. They spend much time in the rigging of ships and they have +2 on Dexterity rather than +1. They tend to be well treated because if they are not, they still know how to build a glider and fly away. Vorik's Leaf tend to have the 'Sailor' background. Vorik's Leaf tend to be friendly with locathah and merfolk.

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