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Voidlings. Born of the void, reborn of the void. But just who are they? Let's see what this book says.

Physical Description[edit]

Voidlings can take the appearance of any race, determined when they appear in the Prime Material Plane. This appearance is a nigh perfect copy of another nearby creature, similar to what a doppelganger could do. Voildings are not, however, shapeshifters and will retain this appearance for life. When seen with the aid of True Sight, they appear as a vaguely humanoid black void. Despite some voidling appearing like a race that can fly or is better at swimming, digging, or has some other ability, such as breath weapons, that voidlings normally don't have, voidlings do not seem to gain these advantages. They instead must create an excuse, usually involving injury or illness, as an explanation as to why they are unable to do these things.


Voidlings are literally born of the void and, when they appear on the Prime Material Plane, take the appearances of the nearest humanoid race. Strange things have been known to happen around voidlings. They are elusive and rarely reveal themselves or share anything about themselves or their race. However, it is believed the first voidling appeared with the first humanoids, but this has never been confirmed. They cannot have children. Ancient records mention an empire of peoples who were of a variety of races, yet worked together seamlessly. No evidence supports them being voidlings, but it does explain the few times that voidlings have been identified, they act superior. Mentions of voidlings are fragmented and uncertain, but speak of a race on the fringes of society, acting secretly and without letting anyone know of their existence. Legends claim they destroy knowledge about themselves to keep it hidden.


Voidlings are very independant, yet can work well in groups. They rarely accept charity. Voidlings often act superior to other races, including the race they appear as. They pretend to be the race they appear as so much, it is hard to tell they are anything but that race. Voidlings ignore each other to hide what they are, but may occasionally meet to share information and to see if anyone seems too suspicious of what they are. Voidlings fear others know what they are so much, they discredit and destroy anything about their race and loathe to reveal it to anyone, including trusted friends. They often seem lonely, even in large groups they are actively befriending.

Voidling Names[edit]

To avoid arousing suspicion, voidlings take name(s) appropriate for the race they appear as.

Voidling Traits[edit]

A secretive race literally born of the void.
Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 2 and your Dexterity score increases by 1
Age. Voidlings mark age from when they appear in the Prime Material Plane. They usually spend about 10 years learning and studying, thus, they reach what they consider as "adulthood" at age 10. Their lifespan is unknown, but believed to be thousands of years, if not infinite.
Alignment. Most voidlings are chaotic neutral, but voidlings have been known to have all sorts of alignments.
Size. Varies depending on the race they appear as. Your size is Small or Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Aberration. Your creature type is aberration, instead of humanoid.
Racial Appearance. Choose another race. Your size, weight, height, and appearance are the same as that race.
Born Of The Void. If you die, your essence returns to the void. Unless you are resurrected (you cannot be reincarnated) within 3 days, your essence is used to create a new voidling that is not you and has no memory of or connection to you. Once this has happened, you are permanently dead and cannot be brought back to life by any means.
Magic-less Void. You may cast the dispel magic spell once as a 3rd level spell, without requiring any components. You can use this feature again when you finish a long rest.
Void Sense. You have an innate sense for voidlings. If you can see a creature within 30 feet of you, you know if they are a voidling.
Indifference of the Void. The void cares not for anything material and you inherited some of that. Whenever you complete a short or long rest, you gain temporary hit points equal to your level.
Languages. You can read, speak, and write Common and Deep Speech.

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