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Supple v1.2,

Slimefolk Subrace WIP

Physical Description[edit]

Supple’s are a shapeshifting type of slime having a more solid form unlike their more well known cousins in the Slimefolk family. their body's ripples and dances like Jell-O. Whenever they gain and solidify their transformations, they become near perfect replicas of them; with humanoids they can change their appearance whenever they feel like.


They're a rare species of Slimefolk that was hunted to near extinction, they aren't exactly well known at today's time, so when they're seen many people will just call them regular slimes. Supple’s have a basic Humanoid form that don’t really resemble any actual humanoid, looking like a blank slate. These Slimes are more elastic and well put together so their bodies don’t fall apart. As Supple’s get older their mass grows and they can gain better control over their size and shapes, with lots of mass they can stretch so much that they can reach up to the Gargantuan size. This subspecies has an interesting ability which allows them to take the shapes of many creatures and races that they encounter.

Supple Names[edit]

Names that can harmonize with the ending 'oopy'; Like Loopy, Doopy, Waoopy, Souoopy, Lataoopy. Usually they'll have no last names.

Supple Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 2 and your Constitution score increases by 1.
Age. Matures at age 30, ∞ lifespan.
Alignment. Their alignment is Chaotic Neutral. For they are a dying breed, their own survival comes first.
Size. The Supple’s share their Basic humanoids form height with humans. Your size is Medium; They can change their Humanoid forms which will change their size. their Slime Form reaches 1ft.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Due to the fluid nature of your form, you can move through a space as narrow as 1 inch without squeezing. You leave behind any items you are carrying, and any equipment which you are proficient with merges into your form until you exit the space.
You are composed of a large amount of liquid and as such, you fare poorly in the burning environments. You have disadvantage on saving throws against Extreme Heat.
For slimefolk, water is both an essential part of life and a death sentence. If you start your turn in a body of water, such as a lake, an ocean, you take 1d6 Necrotic damage at the start of each of your turns. Rain is similarly harmful, but only inflicts 1 Necrotic damage per turn. If this damage reduces you to less than half of your maximum Hit Points, you are considered to be Poisoned until your Hit Points are restored to over half your Hit Points maximum. Finally, if you are reduced to 0 Hit Points by this trait you die.
[Ooze Nature].
Your creature type is both Humanoid and Ooze. You don't require sleep and by moving across surfaces you can break down otherwise inedible substances to garner nutritional value.
[Non-Newtonian Fluid].
Your body hardens when getting hit by physical attacks or attacks that apply force. Take 1 less damage from Bludgeoning, Piercing, Slashing or Force. When getting hit by Bludgeoning return 5% damage taken back at your attacker or object. Being hit by a fast Bludgeoning or Force attack will make that area of your body explode. (ex. Like a cannonball) WIP Feature.
As part of the Slimefolk race, you can store extra materials and objects inside you. Any Armor, Weapons and Tools that you're proficient with can be stored inside their body. The weight for proficient items in categories Armor, Weapons and Tools can be set to 0 in basic Inventory: you can only hold 3 items like this.
The ability to completely devour a creature that's on the brink of death. A creature that has been defeated can be devoured by the user. The Supple engulfs the body of their target to begin the analyzing process, breaking down the body. When analysis is complete, you’ll gain a specialty from that creature in the form of a skill or a talent that can only be used in that transformation: having the talent to use magic lets you use skills of magic that creature might have, otherwise it’ll only be physical skills. when you have a full storage of transformation devouring another creature will swap out and forget a previous transformation, pick and choose.
^ DM can Exclude creatures so they cannot be absorbed and analyzed to be used.
While in Slime form you have the ability to split yourself apart up to 3 times, having the ability to do multiple tasks at once. Splitting apart takes 1 action; During that action, you can choose how many separations to do and what equipment that duplicate will hold on to. You will have 5 less Hit Points within the duplicate(s). During a fight you engage at the same time using the same attack but the damage outcome will be individual: rolling for each duplicate(s). When using [Manifest]; the duplicate(s) will all be the same transformations. Forms in the Small size category would only be used here: excluding your humanoid form. And their durability will also be lessened by 3.
[False Mass].
The special substance that you are made of lets you change your shape and size at any time. The Ooze can contract to small sizes and also expand to greater sizes. This allows you to morph into basic objects like a bowl: you can also use a basic form of creatures that are small in size: they’ll become smooth all around unknowing of the details of the original animal being used; like a dog or mouse. At 13th Level, The Ooze inside you condenses its mass allowing you to access the forms of larger creatures: The Large size category of creatures can be used as transformations. At 17th Level the Gargantuan size category of creatures can be used as transformations.
Having devoured a target you’ll gain their appearance in your memory. Remembering an entire body structure is difficult to maintain and holding more will limit your Intelligence, it's recommended to those in the old Supple clan to stay within their limitations. Warriors of old in the Supple clan have trained their minds and body's to learn the body structures, gaining better strategies in fights. Having a transformation saved within you brings your Intelligence down by 1 (INT -1).

  • Transforming takes 1 action.
  • Being struck hard enough will take you out of your transformation and into your liquid form being unconscious for 1 turn.
    Getting hit for more than 10 Hit Points on small, 15 on Medium, 30 on Large.
  • There are two forms that don’t affect your intelligence; Humanoid and Slime: you can change your humanoid form anytime
    by devouring another humanoid. Also the basic forms of small sized creatures and objects won’t take away Intelligence.
  • Starting out you can save 1 transformation. At Lv.4/8/10 you gain 1 additional slot in your storage (4 total).
  • At Lv.8 one of the slots of transformations won’t take away INT.
  • At Lv.15 your transformations become strengthened and solidified: you’ll no longer be knocked out of one of your transformations.
  • At Lv.20 your transformations now have 2 skills or talents; or both a skill and a talent

    Languages. <Common> and <Ooze>, a dialect of Primordial. Ooze to those that speak Primordial sounds like a butchered version of Terran and Aquan. To everyone else, it is a bubbling, slushing language that sounds more like boiling mud than it does a language.

Example of a table to use: keep track of Transformations.


{Humanoid} - Size - [Humanoid]
{Slime} - Small
{Creature Name} - Size
Skill - Description
{Creature Name} - Size
Skill - Description
{Creature Name} - Size
Skill - Description
{Creature Name} - Size
Skill - Description

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