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Physical Description[edit]
Kyvera reference, by Katari

Kyvera are mammals with body shapes similar to rodents (wider hips) as well as a fox. Their bodies have fur that can range from long to short, and are brown, grey, white, black, charcoal, or velvet in colour. Typically Kyvera will only have one colour of fur across, but they can feature fur patterns as well as multiple fur colours. The Kyvera head sports massive ears with the ability to sense very fine vibrations not only in the air, but in the ground. They also feature "cheek/jaw flaps" that can vary in shape and size and are mostly used to cool the Kyvera down. Kyvera use them to communicate emotion as well. Some Kyvera only have one on each side of the face, while some have many more. The Kyvera tail base has flaps around it. These are left over from how the Kyvera grows its tail in its infancy.


Kyvera do not have much of a defining history. If anything defining ever happened it was not logged, and so it has been long forgotten. They roam the Feywild, in different environments, which decide their evolutionary paths. Some Kyvera are cross-breeds of the two, taking some biological differences from both backgrounds. When this happens however, some are born with unique differences, like being unusually light and agile, or have a sharper tail.

Attitudes and Beliefs[edit]

Kyvera are omnivorous, social creatures. While typically nomadic, kyvera can shelter themselves and grow their own food. kyvera stay in small to medium groups, usually as a family or group of families. They can also build simple weapons, usually with their own scales and with materials in their environments. Compared to humans, kyvera are more emotional. They can be violent at times, but also very caring of each other on the other hand. Kyvera are very loyal, they will choose a single mate for their entire life. Some of them can be rather naughty as well, so watch your back. Overall, kyvera enjoy the adventure they find in traversing the Feywild.

Credit and Official Lore[edit]

Original race made by Katari, DnD port by Rhai and Paku, original idea for port by Paku. For lore, visit

Kyvera Names[edit]

Male: Kanari, Katsu, Tori

Female: Saraiya, Sashi, Paiya

Kyvera Traits[edit]

Kyvera get their traits from their biology and environment.
Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 2.
Age. Kyvera reach adulthood 10 years and can live for 40 years.
Alignment. Kyvera travel in small to medium groups, usually as a family or group of families. Because of this, Kyvera are usually good or neutral. Evil Kyvera usually travel alone, and are less common.
Size. Kyvera range in height from 3’ to 4’ tall, and 20 to 80 pounds heavy. Your size is Small.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Soft Paws. Due to your light weight, adorable paws and nature, you gain proficiency in Stealth
Grappling Tail. Your Tail acts as a grappling hook. You have a climbing speed of 10 ft.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Sylvan.
Subrace. Kyvera come from all types of environments because of their diverse planet. You can choose one of the following subraces.


Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution increases by 1 and your Strength decreases by 1
Fluffy. You’re acclimated to cold environments, so you are resistant to cold damage. However you are vulnerable to fire damage. (1)
Camouflage. You can spend 1 minute creating camouflage for yourself. You must have access to fresh mud, dirt, plants, soot, and other naturally occurring materials with which to create your camouflage. If you are in a creature's line of sight you must make a Stealth check against that creature's passive perception. If you succeed you are not spotted by that creature. If you fail they spot you. (2)


Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom increases by 1 and your Charisma decreases by 1
Long Life. Your average life expectancy increases to 70 years old, and through your years of study and research you gain proficiency with a tool of your choice after you reach 35 years old. (1)
Magic Of Old. Mountera are the oldest subspecies of Kyvera, as well as the wisest. From a young age you have learned the magic of old. You gain 2 cantrips from the wizard spell list. Your spellcasting ability for these cantrips is Wisdom. Your spell save DC is 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier. Your spell attack bonus is your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier. (2)


Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma increases by 1 and your Wisdom decreases by 1
Hot. You’re acclimated to hot environments, so you have resistance to fire damage. However you are vulnerable to cold damage. (1)
Blistering Heat. As an action, you emit uncomfortable heat that spreads out in a 10ft. circle centred on you, all creatures within that area want to spend their movement trying to get out of that area. Creatures can still make ranged attacks against you. The heat goes after 3 turns. You can use this feature once per short or long rest. (2)


Ability Score Increase. Your Strength increases by 1 and your Charisma decreases by 1
Amphibious. You gain a swimming speed of 20 ft. You can breathe in water as well as air. (1)
Scaly skin. When you aren’t wearing armour, your AC equals 8 + your Dexterity modifier + your Constitution modifier. This is not affected by a shield. (2)


Ability Score Increase. Your Strength increases by 1 and your Intelligence decreases by 1
Blindness. You are blind, but have 60 ft. of blindsight. (2)
Grappler. You have hunted by grappling things for as long as you can remember. When you successfully start a grapple, you can deal 1d4 piercing damage to the grappled creature. You can also grapple medium and large creatures. (1)

Mixed Family[edit]

Some Kyvera are cross-breeds between two subraces. When this happens, the kyvera child has some features from the two parents' backgrounds. You can choose two subraces and gain feature 1 (in brackets) from one and feature 2 (in brackets) from the other. You can choose one ability score from either subrace.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

2′ 10'' +2d8" 20 lb. × (1d4) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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