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Twelve thousand years, and NOTHING has changed!
—Asura's Wrath


The Asura are a race of demi-gods. They were originally humans who have been chosen by gods to become something far greater than what they were. They are enforcers of what is right and are sworn to protect the Material Plane from other worldly threats. To do so, they are gifted with the power of "Mantra", an ethereal energy that is generated from prayers to the different pantheons. Without being a direct descendant to an Asura, one must be chosen to undergo a procedure to become one. The procedure involves implanting a Mantra Reactor in their chest. This device drastically alters their body, and allows them to use Mantra, since they could not do so naturally. The Asura are also known to be linked to different emotions, the stronger the emotion they are linked to, the stronger their physical form becomes.

Life for the Asura has not been completely peaceful. Even though they were originally gifted their powers from the gods, the Asura were granted the gift of autonomy and were not held down by the absolute wills of the gods. Because of this, many wars of conflicting ideals have been waged. Some Asura believe they should be ruling over mortals, and forcing them onto what they believe is the right path. Others believe humanity should be left to make their own mistakes, and be free to live their own lives. Some of these wars became so intense, that they put entire worlds at risk, when empires of these near god-like beings clashed.

Being such a powerful creature is not easy to accept, especially when you're in a world where you will out live hundreds of generations of other races. With this and the knowledge of just how dangerous their powers could grow, some Asura choose to live far more humble lives. This can stem from an Asura rejecting what they are, for fear of what they could become, they could grow so fond of mortals that they practically abandon the Mantra that flows through their body, and sometimes they may never find out what they are. If one is born a descendant of a Pure Asura and never meets that parent, they may never discover what incredible power they possess.

Yasha vs Asura - Asura's Wrath

Asura Names[edit]

Male Names: Yasha, Wyzen, Deus, Augus, Kalrow

Female Names: Durga, Mithra, Olga, Daiya

Asura Traits[edit]

A race of demi-gods that use Mantra.
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score is increased by 2.
Age. Asura live for eons. The longest recorded age of an Asura was 100,000 years.
Alignment. An Asura's alignment depends on one's point of view, but they are almost always Lawful in some way. Some Asura truly attempt to be noble guardians of the material plane, while others are trying to rule it. However, while those that are trying to rule may seem evil, they may believe they are doing the greatest possible good by leading the world down a path they believe would end in ultimate peace and happiness.
Size. Asura vary in size, but typically stand between 6 and 8 feet tall and weigh between 200 and 400 pounds. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30ft.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60ft of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Celestial Resistance. You have resistance to necrotic and radiant damage.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, Celestial, and Primordial.

Sub Races[edit]

Pure Asura[edit]

A being that has had a Mantra Reactor implanted in their chest.

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity or Strength score is increased by 1.
Mantra Powered Body. Your hit point maximum increases by 1, and it increases by 1 every time you gain a level.
Reactor Mutation. Your arms and upper torso are mechanical, but are not considered metal. If you lose your arms, they will grow back in 1d4 days. You also have advantage on saving throws against being poisoned, and you have resistance to poison damage.
Mantra Purity. You are immune to disease.

Asura Descendant[edit]

Someone who has at least one parent that is a Pure Asura.

Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score is increased by 1.
Healing Hands. As an action, you can touch a creature and cause it to regain a number of hit points equal to your level. Once you use this trait, you can't use it again until you finish a long rest.
Prayer Guider. You have proficiency in the Religion skill.
Mantra Attunement. You know the Guidance cantrip. Starting at 3rd level, you can cast the Healing Word spell with this trait. Starting at 5th level, you can also cast the Aid spell with this trait, without requiring a material component. Once you cast Healing Word or Aid with this trait, you can’t cast that spell with it again until you finish a long rest. You can also cast either of those spells using any spell slots you have of the appropriate level. Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these spells when you cast them with this trait (choose when you select this race).

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