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Unknown in light, unknown in dark, to those who walk, unknown are our fate. Nameless Shadowling before being executed for killing a corrupt noble.

Physical Description[edit]

What a Blackhound would look like. made by Bongoshock.

The physical of a Shadowling can largely differ. Most Shadowlings don't have a solid body, most of them are a bag of shadows contained in the form of a vaguely humanoid shape, apart from Solidark, Voidshadow and Shadowborn Shadowling. The "hair" of a Shadowlings tend to be the same color as their skin tone, as they do not have hair, just tendrils vaguely looking like hairs. Solidark Shadowlings are solid pitch-black color with red, white, silver or gold "eyes", they do not leave a trail of shadows behind them. Voidshadow Shadowling tend to be like a moonless night sky with a spot which is pitch black where all the rest of the pattern of the body swirl around, and they have red, orange, yellow or white eyes, and leave behind a small trail of shadow resembling a nebula. Shadowborns are the most humanoid of all Shadowlings, as their body are material in essence, their skin tone varies between black to white, and sometimes have a slight tone of a normal humanoid, can have eye colors of all colors, since they can change it at will, their eyes are always covered by a plum a shadow witch let pass the glow of their eyes, and they leave behind them a small slight mist of shadow. Darkmade are, by their name, not born as a Shadowling but transformed by arcane means, they look like a skeleton or a slender man/ woman covered in shadows, they generally don't have eyes, but have red glow where the eyes should be. Blackhounds have a small skeletal body wrapped in shadows, and their eyes and mouth are almost always featuring a vicious grin. Brightshadows have a body swirling with light and darkness, the light inside form the eyes and mouth, and is always slowly changing color, and they leave a slight trail of dark and shimmering mist behind.


Shadowlings don't have much history, as they are generally new to sentience, but what is known is that Darkmades are a attempt to gain immortality without becoming a lich, as the processes do not need life sacrifice, it only transform the flesh into magical power, witch appear as shadows around the Shadowling. Shadowborns on the other hand come from various origins, but most of the time they are the blessed children of Perdisium, the Shadow God of Darkness, Magic, Death, Redemption and Creative Chaos. Blackhounds are a creation of Perdisium for his wife, Arcane Lilith, an Ex-Arch-Succubus, to aid her in the mortal realm, but after a few centuries, Blackhounds became part of the Mortal realm and became sentient, so they were set free of their divine rule with the prophecy that one night they would be called to come back into the service of Arcane and Perdisium. Solidark and Voidshadow are the only one who created a city, as it is between the Astral Realm and the Material Realm, Orbis, but they are very cautious of outsider, as they are often attacked by Gith and were until recently under attack by the humanoid races. Brightshadows are extremely rare and almost nothing is known about them, but a generally accepted theory is that they are created when a elemental of darkness merge with a elemental of light.


Darkmade do not have a society of their own, as they are created from other races. Voidlings and Solidark live like other humanoids, as merchants, traders, farmers, etc. Shadowborn generally have a family of other Shadowborns, but they travel a lot. Blackhounds lives in small tribes of 4 to 8 hounds but will sometimes gather to form a temporary village when multiple tribes gather at the same place, when there is a lot of prey, or when a friendly village accept to trade with them.

Shadowling Names[edit]

Shadowlings tend to have common names from all languages and a name in primordial, which is often said in Tenebraille and start with the gender of the individual.

Tenebraille names: Woman walk in Shadows, Man invisible, Woman seducing, Man Dead Walking, Woman Bright heart, Etc..

Common Male: Astrum, HinueIo

Common Female: Luna, Terra, Tenebrae,

Shadowling Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity and Wisdom score increases by 1.
Age. Shadowlings can live over few thousand years old, and are considered mature about 100 years old, but that depend on the type of Shadowling.
Alignment. Shadowlings tend to be all over the spectrum, especially Solidark, Voidshadow and Shadowborn Shadowlings, but a Darkmade Shadowling will tend over the Chaotic side, a Blackhound Shadowling will tend to be evil and Brightshadow will tend over Neutral good.
Size. Shadowlings are generally able to shape the form they take, but they will always be of an Humanoid shape as they have a skeleton. they tend to be around human size, with exception of Solidark Shadowlings who are often bigger than Humans
Speed. Your base walking speed is 35 feet.
Perfect Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 120 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. Within 30 ft, you can see colours in the dark, but the colours you see are faded (ex: orange and gold will look the same)
Light sensibility. Since you are made of shadows, the presence of bright light makes you uncomfortable, giving you -2 to all of your rolls when in your "face" is in bright light. you also have disadvantage against being blinded.
Willful darkness. As an action, you can change your body info a plum of darkness, as if you cast darkness on yourself. While doing it, you cannot get hit by attacks that target you, but AOE attacks can still hit you ( like fireball) attacks that would target your body pass through you, and you have Truesight in that area, and any creature in that area that can see can see through the darkness. While this is active, you cannot use your action to cast new spells that requires somatic or material components, make a range/melee weapon attack or anything that would require a physical body and you are immune to necrotic damage. You can use this a number of times equal to your wisdom mod + proficiency bonus, and on each of your turn, you need to pass a con saving throw of DC 5 plus half the damage you took during this turn. Recharge at long rest.
Shadow body. Since you are completely made of shadows, you do not need food or air to survive, but you need to sleep for 8 plus 2 hours where you are not quite awake, giving you a -2 to you initiative and you attacks rolls. You also are immune to poisons and diseases, and when ever you gain more hit points, you gain double, except for the hit points gain from your lv up hit die. Unless specified you are still affected by poison damage.
Shadow of deaths. When you die and the person who killed you is still alive and within line of sight, make a roll where the DC is 20 – Wisdom mod - proficiency, if you succeed, the shadows that constitute your body form a creature to avenge you, the creature is a manifestation of your will/soul (you control the creature) and will not attack people you consider your friends, but will attack people who are neutral or against you. Check the Will of death feature of your subrace to know what is summoned. The creature summoned is not capable of reason or speech, but can understand strategy, and will always chase the object of your death. The creature summoned will dissolve after one hour without a creature to attack, if the creature that killed you die, or if it doesn't find an enemy to attack for 1 hour. When you use this trait, you can still be resurrected.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, Tenebraille (native language of Shadowlings) and Primordial.
Subrace. Solidark, Voidshadow, Shadowborn, Darkmade, Blackhound, Brightshadow.


Ability Score Increase. Your Strength and Constitution score increases by 1.
Solid darkness. When you use your Willful darkness trait, projectiles do not pass through you and you take the damage from all range attacks that pass through the darkness, instead of the target, but you gain resistance to all types of damages.
Shadow body. You are resistant to poison damage. Your creature type is elemental.
Will of death. Roll one die equal to twice your proficiency bonus, the number you get determine the number of Shadows spawn. When you die, the shadows that constitute you disperses, leaving a black core with a skeleton, which count as your body for resurrections.


Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2.
Nebula of the Void. When you use your Willful darkness trait, you absorb everything caught in it, reducing them into nothingness. Creatures in the darkness do not see through it, projectiles that would pass trough are consumed and creatures caught in the darkness take (proficiency bonus) d6 force damage. You still are physically in the centre of it, so you can still be targeted.
Shadow body. You are resistant to poison damage. Your creature type is elemental.
Will of death. Your body burst, leaving only your core and equipment, and the shadows that form a void elemental. When you die, the shadows that constitute you disperses, leaving a black core with a skeleton, which count as your body for resurrections.


Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution and Charisma score increases by 1.
Malleable darkness. By consuming a use of your Willful darkness trait you can form objects by molding your darkness as you see fit. By expanding a use of Willful darkness, you can cast Mage armour, false life or cure wounds as a half-caster highest spell slot at your lv or form any weapon from your darkness. The weapons you create with your darkness count as magical for overcoming resistances, and you can make a glyph to copy the enchantments of a magic weapon/armour/ piece of clothing, as long as the enchantment is not to complex, that you have access to the magic item during all the process and you can create a magic item of that rarity. The cost of copying an enchantment and applying it to a glyph is equal to half of the monetary cost, but the entire time it would take to make it.
Shadow body. Your creature type is humanoid and elemental. You are not affected by the light sensitivity trait of base Shadowling.
Will of death. You come back at full health as a revenant. You do not follow the rule of summoned creatures of shadow of death feature, but if you die in this form you do not naturally come back to life like other revenants.


Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increases by 2.
Darklord. By expanding a use of your Willful darkness trait, as an action, you can create an undead from corpse. You can have a number of undead equal to your intelligence mod. You cannot regain any point of willful darkness used to create an undead for 24 hours minimum or until the undead dies, which is later. Undead created like that will only stay for 24 hours and after that you cannot use that corpse to create a new undead, but you can invest two use of Willful darkness to create a permanent undead that will stay with you.
Shadow body. Your creature type is undead, elemental and humanoid.
Will of death. Roll a d6, on a 6, 1 invisible stalker, 5, 2 banshee, 4, 2 ghost, 3, 1 ghast and 2 ghouls, 2, 5 shadows, 1, wraith, spawn.


Ability Score Increase. Your Strength and Dexterity score increases by 1.
Shadow master. By expanding a use of Willful darkness, you can summon a hellhound for one hour, or cast the spell invisibility on the radius of the darkness spell.
Shadow body. Your creature type is fiend, elemental and humanoid
Will of death. Roll 1d3, the number determine how many hellhound spawns. Your body crystallizes.


Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom and Charisma score increases by 1.
Luminous Nebula. By expanding a use of Willful darkness, you can conjure the power of both light and dark, for 1 minute you can add your Charisma or Wisdom mod as ether necrotic or radiant damage to any weapon attack or spell, or add it to healing you do with spells. Plus, by expanding a use of willful darkness, you can cast ether cure wounds or inflict wounds as a first level spell.
Shadow body. Your creature type is elemental. You are not affected by the light sensitivity of the base Shadowling.
Will of death. Roll 1d4, the number determine how many Will-o'-wisp spawn. For each will-o'-wisp spawned, it spawns 2 shadows.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 I am very bland.
2 Shoot for the stars, never bellow.
3 Power is only a mean to an end.
4 I am very nervous around close friends, as a never had one before.
d6 Ideal
1 Life is made to absorb as much as possible.
2 Your birth doesn't need to impact your future.
3 If there is a light, there must be a Shadow.
4 Light and Darkness are only a matter of opinion.
d6 Bond
1 I use to be a different creature and i was transformed into this.
2 I was the experiment of a mad Wizard who wanted a daughter/son.
3 I just started existing while in the elemental plane, and would still be stuck there if not for person X.
d6 Flaw
1 I tend to eat a little too much, and sometimes it isn't eatable.
2 I Have nightmares of my previous life, and it can be overwhelming.
3 I do not fear death, as death is nothing to a Shadowling!
4 I tend to look more like a monster than a humanoid.
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