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The hydris was once known as an abomination of nature which caused a sense of fear to follow the species name where ever it when due to their appearance. though time, exploration, diplomacy and if necessary conquest the Hydris race became known as a powerful race that is as distinct as it is members are varied.

The Hydris are nomads in nature so they don't naturally have a set location or home preferring to live like a caravan train passing though countries and lands while leaving a trail of memory in the tribes wake, The Hydris come in many colors and they are happy to share their belongings but once angered they will repay the slight twice-fold.

The Hydris are especially hateful of bandits or marauders who target travelers and nomads, their biggest enemy is gnolls and their packs who target Hydris nomads due to their exquisite blood for their god.

Religion wise the Hydris race doesn't worship any select god but they do monthly tribal celebrations to please their ancestors this tribal ritual is called Shiru night.

Physical Description[edit]

A fully grown hydris is a larger than life aberration type humanoid creature with a multiple sets of long serpent-like necks that can end with either a serpent head or a draconic head( the highest number of heads recorded has been 6), Hair can be present as a mane like decoration in any color contrasting their scale color, the hair appears on the back of the necks running along the spine, but most hydris prefer to trim this.

Their enter body is encased in fish like scales these scales can appear in any color with each having their meaning within the tribes and overall race, Each hydris has a bulky body and longer than average arms and legs but not to an extreme measure, at the end of these appendages lies reptilian-like hands with 4 digits.


The Hydris race was once known as a proud and mysterious race that were known for their long lives, monster-like durability, unique biological race caste as well as their vast versatility of diversity to facilitate the castes present in their society.

Their race was sent into a vast hibernation due a massive annihilating cause that would have lead to the extermination of the hydris race, historians have attributed this most possibly being a rapid ice age, this hibernation lasted for eons till their mention in history was reduced to either whisper or as myths depicting them as monsters fighting with the strength to rival giants or the creativity to make masterpieces in the arts of music or acting that would make masters weep at their skill.

They have awakened to a new world and turned to diplomacy and mercenary work to survive in this new world, but most leave their tribes to explore this new world to see the overall difference of the past and the future.


The Hydris society is known to be diplomatic when there isn't the presence of a leading scale such as a white scale but overall the race society follows a structure of nomadism for their settlements (not trusting of outsiders but will trade if its a good deal).

Each scale type has its level in the hierarchy of their tribe in a general cast and this is set at birth as well as though their life but exceptions can be made. This list will be from the highest ranked to lowest with their place in the tribe stated.

Black = Tribe leader/warlord (general).

White = sub-tribe leader/spiritual leaders.

Red = warrior/combat members.

Blue = Mage/spiritual members.

Yellow = Crafters/workmen/supporting members.

Any color is available for the scale color but if the color chosen isn't one of the 5 above, you will have to learn the 2 primary colours that are used to create it and use the corresponding sub-race information (example for green, the primary colours used to make green is blue and yellow so you would use the blue/yellow hybrid sub-race). If multiple colours are used to consitute the scales of a hydris they use the non-primary subrace information.

Hydris Names[edit]

Hydris names are usually one-word names that the hydris themselves chose when they become 15, normally their names are usually used to describe what they like or what they do as a job, as an example of a hydris that uses a pickaxe to mine could choose his name to be Pick.

Their names are usually gender-neutral, but there are exceptions.

Hydris Traits[edit]

A small race of humanoid hydris people, be it through war or peace they will survive.
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2.
Age. A Hydris grows into an adult at 15 and can live for as long as 1300 years.
Alignment. Since a hydris has three heads, they can have three separate alignments (one per head) which are chosen by the player. The character can just have one alignment, though.
Size. Hydris are built to be bulky and sturdy with an adult's average height becoming between 5ft and 7ft tall, their necks alone can become 6-15inches long (roll a d8 to determine, this height isn't added to the weight modifier).
Speed. Your base walking speed is 20 feet.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Multiple heads. A hydris has multiple heads as well as heads, so they can see easily and react quicker than most. Due to this trait, a hydris cannot be Surprised in combat and they have resistance to being Blinded, these heads can be moved at the hydris's will as if there an extra limb, if a head is cut off, it takes a week of recuperation where the hydris is required to takes no physical damage for the serpent head to be regenerated, in some cases through this process can cause mental problems such as memory loss.
Ancient blood. During combat you can choose to tap into your ancient blood to heal rapidly. The amount of hit points you regain is equal to double your Constitution modifier, this action takes 1 bonus action, the amounts of times you can use this trait is equal to your overall character level divided by 2, limited to 5 uses Per long rest. (this trait cannot be used at level 1)
Ancient Biology. While a hydris develops they reach a point where their body grows into a more powerful form. When a hydris reaches level 14 they gain one additional trait, this trait can manifest as;

1. A pair of wings (flight speed equal to your movement speed)

2. Gills, (allowing the hydris to breathe underwater).

3. Truth seeing eyes, (10ft of Truesight).
Languages. Common and one exotic.
Subrace. Black scale, White scale, Red scale, Blue scale, yellow scale, Red/blue scale hybrid, Red/Yellow scale hybrid, Blue/Yellow scale hybrid, non-primary scale.

Black scale[edit]

The Black scale is known as the strongest of the hydris. With their entire race looking up to them, their battles have always been known to cause great harm to their enemies and bring pride to their people. Black scale hydris don't belong to an existing caste but they take the position of either the leader of the tribe or leaders of combat-focused casts The birth rate of a black scale is a 1/1000 chance.

Ability Score Increase. either your Strength or Dexterity scores increase by 1, one of your Wisdom, Intelligence or Charisma scores is decreased by 1.
Natural armour. without armour your natural ac is 11+Dexterity
Lord of Battle. once Per long rest you can use your skills of battle to influence your aggressive and defensive reactions, this trait makes is so whenever your character attacks, cause another to do a saving throw or becomes the target for an attack or saving throw, you can modify the resulting roll by either +1 or -1, before the final result of the roll is decided.

This ability cannot be used to modify a result of natural 20 or natural 1 as well as this trait cannot change the result into either a natural 20 or natural 1 result.

In the situation that this ability is used to increase the result of an attack to hit to create the result of hitting what you are targeting, the enemy cannot use their reaction action in that present attack except for the use of legendary actions (an example of this occurrence would be when if a to-hit roll resulted in a 14 but the targets ac was 15 if this trait would be used to change the result of the 14 into a 15, the target would be unable to impose reaction actions to counter this trait's effect).

When you reach certain Levels this trait develops making it so the traits modifier is increased At level 5 the modifier becomes from (±2), At level 10 (±3), At Level 15(±4), At level 20 (±5)

White scale[edit]

The white scales are not a normal type of scale but a natural case of albinism occurs in the race. It causes the eyes to be red. Due to the mystery and weakness of the albino body, they have chosen to focus on strengthening the mind and entering the magical world, where they became masters at their craft. The white scale hydris are leaders of either the spirituality caste or the Magical caste where they focus to extend their knowledge for the tribe, they also act as advisers for a black scale hydris in times of war. The birth rate of a white scale is 1/400

Ability Score Increase. your Constitution score decreases by 1, either your Wisdom, Intelligence or Charisma scores increase by 2.
Mystical White scales. without armor your natural ac is 10+Dexterity+ your class spellcasting ability, this AC result cannot go higher than 16. If the character's class doesn't use a spellcasting modifier use Intelligence as the spellcasting ability.
Ancient Mystic training. A white scale is trained in an ancient way to increase their mystical powers giving them access to learning an additional non-cantrip spell from their respectful classes spells list, this spell cannot be higher than your current spell slot levels can provide. If a class that doesn't have access to a spell list is chosen, a white scale gains a single spell slot and 1 level 1 wizard spell. Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for this spell.

Red scale[edit]

The red scale is often compared to a raging flame in combat. With them being masters of melee combat, a war to them is like a festival celebration, red scale hydris are known as the warrior caste of the tribe focusing mainly on unit tactics and skirmish combat.

Ability Score Increase. your Strength or Dexterity scores is increased by 1
War trained. You become proficient in martial melee weaponry.
Festival dance. when hitting an enemy, when rolling the d20 to hit a target if you roll equal or above 17 you apply a special status effect known as bleed or the status effect Stunned to the damaged enemy depending on the damage type (piercing/slashing damage causes the bleeding status effect, bludgeoning damage causes Stunned status effect), Bleeding in from the result of the festival dance trait is a repeating damage equal to half of the damage dealt by the attack, this status effect's damage cannot go higher than 5 and the enemy afflicted has to pass a Constitution saving throw of DC15 at the end of their turn to see if the wound stops bleeding, If they fail the saving throw they take the damage that would be applicable, the Constitution saving throw DC decreases by 2 per round the bleed status effect has been in since it was applied. This saving throw is made before the bleed damage is applied.

The stun effect of festival dance makes it so the target is affected by the status condition stunned till their next turn where they must make a DC15 Constitution saving throw or they are stunned until their next turn at which point the stunned condition is removed.

Blue scale[edit]

The Blue scaled hydris are known to be more passive than their other brethren, as they have a natural interest in knowledge, Blue scale hydris are known as the Magical caste of the tribe, they focus mainly on magical bombardment as well as magical enhancement focusing on either the path of a druid or a wizard,

Ability Score Increase. your Wisdom or Intelligence scores increases by 1
Three minds in cooperation. Due to the multiple presence of the heads of the hydris's each have multiple minds that are present to work through problems making it so their more efficient than a others who work with a single mind, the blue hydris have gained the capability to compile their minds together to generate magic faster, Blue scales can perform rituals and cast spells that require cast times longer than 1 action in half the time. (example: a 1-hour ritual takes 30 minutes instead.)
Calm minds in cohesion.. You gain proficiency in 1 skill of either Insight, Investigation, Perception, or Deception.

Yellow scale[edit]

The yellowness of their scales is a form of pride in the tribe with their colors compared with gold. These hydris are known as the industry caste of the tribe due to this they are prideful but not arrogant this is due to how Their works of music, art, and metalworking were once known as grand creations in the past, though those pieces are now lost.

Ability Score Increase. either your Dexterity or Charisma are increased by 2
Masters of the past. You gain proficiency in either 2 artisan tools or 2 musical instruments
A workman's cunning. You gain proficiency in either Persuasion or Deception.

Red/Blue scale hybrid[edit]

The red blues are an odd mix of personalities and styles. They are mostly known to be calm warriors. This scale hybrid is mainly connected to the ranged forces caste of the tribe focusing on the path of rangers and magical archers where they can harm an enemy before they can even get close.

Ability Score Increase. your Constitution score is decreased by 1 while your either your Strength/Dexterity scores increase 1 as well as either your Wisdom/Intelligence increases by 1.
War trained. You gain proficiency in all marital ranged weapons.
Calm minds. You gain proficiency in 1 skill of either Insight, Investigation, Perception, Deception or Intimidation.
Calm warrior. You are resistant to being frighted.

Red/Yellow scale hybrid[edit]

The Red yellows are known as the crazy mix of the hydris race, with some being known to sing merry folksongs during battle.

This scale hybrid is usually connected to the entertainment caste of the tribe where they entertain and support their fellow tribe members as bards or as hidden knives of the tribe as rogues due to their darker scale colour in the Knife caste.

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution is decreased by 1 while your Dexterity score increases by 1 and your Charisma score increases by 1
Singers of war. you gain access the level 1 bard spell 'Healing word' regardless of class choice, if the class chosen doesn't provide a spell slot, you gain a single level 1 spell slot and can only cast Healing word.Charisma is your spellcasting ability for this spell
kinda War trained. you gain proficiency in martial melee weapons, excluding items with reach or heavy properties.

Blue/Yellow scale hybrid[edit]

This scale type is something of a reserved healer that can is obsessive of the greater plan and can focus for times on end with little effort on menial tasks, they are mainly connected to the spirituality caste as healers and holy warriors such as clerics and paladins.

Ability Score Increase. your Charisma is increased by 1
Trained healer. You have proficiency with healing kit's and survival
Mindful cooperation. Blue/yellow scale hybrids gain a weaker version of the blue scale exclusive skill making it so the time taken for rituals and spells that take longer than 1 action is reduced by 1 third. (1 hour cast time is reduced to 40 minutes)

none primary scale[edit]

This scale is known as the oddity among the hydris due to their unknown capabilities in trade and combat, they have been known to be wildcards among the tribe due to this.

Ability Score Increase. your gain 1 point to allocate to any of your ability scores besides Constitution.
jack of all. gain proficiency in one of the skills dictated by your allocated ability score improvement from this subrace, an example of this would be the choice of Intelligence allowing the character to gain proficiency in either Arcana, History, Investigation, Nature or Religion.
master of one. you gain expertise in one of your proficiencies, this trait is activated after the class and background have been chosen and finished.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

6′ 5″ +2d8 180 lb. × (6) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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