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Physical Description[edit]

Bossemers are Human looking creatures with the simple difference of pale white skin tone, and green eyes. Some rarely have shades of blue eyes, and perhaps gray skin tones. They're taller and skinnier than most humans, with distorting features, like large hands or feet, ears, and jaw structure. A Bossemers voice is deep and raspy. Even the females have a more brutish undertone to them on most occasions. This doesn't mean they're unfriendly by any means though.


Bossemers were first discovered on the highest mountain peeks, tunneled throughout. They live secluded away from others, allowing progress to their society. They live moderately, as the humans do below them. Their origin itself is quite unknown, though speculated that they were once an underdark race, but moved into the mountain tops after several dangers below caused them threat. The Oldest known account of a Bossemer was the great Bossemer sorcerer, Astraddle, who reached near invincibility at the expense of insanity. Nothing more is known of him, other than he became immortal and insane. A story told to divert children for striving for power.


Bossemer fit in well in human society, as they look much like them, or at least a close relative to a half orc of such. Perhaps some side eyes here and their but transaction between them would be fluid and prompt. Society in their culture is the same way.

Bossemer Names[edit]

Bossemers are named after the unique quality each child possess, this is often shown, and given at birth through small actions.

Names Might, shooter, spike, skills, slayer, etc.

Bossemer Traits[edit]

Mountaintop humanoids with unique talents.
Ability Score Increase. Ability scores increase depending on your birth talent.
Age. Bossemer mature as humans do.
Alignment. Bossemer have variety of all alignment and are not subject to one.
Size. Your size is Medium.
Speed. You have a walking speed of 30 feet.
Mountaintop Lives. Your live above the clouds has addapted you. You can hold your breath for 1 + 2 times your constitution modifier and are resistant to cold damage.
Birth talent. When you create a Bossemer you pick a birth talent, listed below.
Languages. You can speak, read and write Common and goblin

Strength a +2 to your strength score.

-Athletic: you can add your strength score to long and high jumps distance.

-Wrestler: You can add your proficiency to your grapple checks.

-Mighty: You can pull, push and lift as f you were a size larger

Dexterity + 2 to your dexterity score

-Stealth: You can attempt to hide while lightly obscure.

-Light fingers: You can use a bonus action to make a slight of hand check.

-Acrobat: You can add your proficiency to all dextarity saves, and double if you already could.

Constitution+ 2 to your Constitution score

-Iron stomach: You add your proficiency to saves against poisons, potions, and alcohol effects.

-Spiked: When an unnamed strike or natural weapon is used on you, the use takes half the damage as well.

-Hard Headed: You can make a headbutt action, dealing 1d4 damage. The target makes a constitution save of 8+proficiency or be knocked unconscious.

Wisdom+ 2 to your Wisdom score

-Steal will: You can add your proficiency to saves against being frightened, and double if you already could.

-Perceptive: Your passive perception is now 10 + perception.

-Medic: No check is required to bring a creature to stable.

Intelligence+ 2 to your Intelligence score

-Magic Imbue:You can tell when something has a magical counterpart, such as an enchantment, curse etc. You do not know what the curse or enchantment is for example however you know its there.

-Knowledge full: You can recall the names of most creatures you see.

-You can add your proficiency to saves against being charmed, or double if you already could.

Charisma+ 2 to your Charisma score

-Barrener: You can always sell an item for the price you could by it.

-Show man: You can keep a creature that is friendly to you busy for up to an hour.

-Body Language: You can express small concepts an ideas through body motion that most anyone can understand.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

Table: Gargoyle Random Height and Weight
Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
5′ 8″ +1d10″ 160 lb. + (4d10) lb.
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