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As one of the thousand young of Shub-Niggurath, they wander the forests in search of something known only to them.

Physical Description[edit]

A Shub is borne from Shub-Niggurath, a Great Old One. The Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath are terrifying, pitch-black monstrosities, seemingly made of ropy clawed tentacles. They stand as tall as a tree on stumpy, hoofed legs. A mass of tentacles protrudes from their trunks where a head would be, and puckered, fanged maws cover their flanks. The monsters roughly resemble trees in silhouette — the trunks being the short legs and the tops of the trees represented by the ropy, twisted appendages. The whole mass of these things smells like the musk of goats. If required, they can shape and shrink their bodies to be humanoid, but retain their powers.


They dwell in woodlands wherever Shub-Niggurath's cult is active. The Dark Young are usually called upon to preside over cult ceremonies. One means for summoning them is found in the Book of Eibon and requires a blood offering. The ritual may only be performed in the deep of the woodlands at the darkest of the moon, and the victim must be sacrificed over a stone altar. Dark young act as proxies for Shub-Niggurath in the accepting of sacrifices and the worship of cultists, in the devouring of non-cultists, and in the spreading of their mother's faith across the world.


The Shub are often solitary, since why have two of the same when only one is used. Because of this most Shub will often go centuries without seeing one another. Sometimes though, a Shub will wander the forests and travel vast distances for reasons unknown to all but itself.

Shub Names[edit]

The names of Shub do not exist for they are the proxy -a representation of their mother. If needed a temporary name may be used until it is no longer necessary.In general though they are given titles. Some which are Shub or the Young of Shub-Niggurath. Other epithets include Niggurath-lite,Little Shub Niggurath or even Lil' Shub Scrub. Depending on the player, responses can range from violent to relatively docile.

Shub Traits[edit]

Spawn of the Old One, Shub Niggurath.
Ability Score Increase. Add +1 to a stat of your choice.
Age. immortal
Alignment. Most if all Shubs are neutral in some sort, uncaring of the outside world and whatever it thinks.
Size. Large, When shifting your form your size becomes medium.
Speed. 45ft/25ft for medium/large respectively.
Aberration. You are of the aberrant type and require no sleep. You do however need to eat 2x the amount of rations. You can eat anything organic with no side effects, including humanoids. You are resistant to poison due to your alien biology but you are also vulnerable to radiant damage as a downside. Try not to scare your allies. No seriously, they might kill you.
Blindsight. You can perceive your surroundings without relying on sight within a radius of 120ft. You cannot see in color. "Whath ish colorhg ishith delishioushh?" "tongue noises"
Spawn of Shub-Niggurath. Resistant to psychic damage. Tentacles. You are proficient with your tentacle(s), which are a melee weapon that deals 1d6 bludgeoning or slashing damage(your choice)+Dexterity Modifier and have a reach property of 15 ft for medium size and 30 for large. The damage die is doubled while you are in your Large form. You can use your tentacle(s) to grab and throw objects, but you cannot perform complex actions with your tentacles, and you cannot wield a weapon or a shield with it. If your tentacle(s) are cut off, it regrows after one day, when you finish a short rest or long rest. You have a number of tentacles equaling your proficiency bonus. Your tentacles 2ft thick at their base. Bite. You are proficient with your teeth, which are a melee weapon that deals 1d8 piercing damage+Strength Modifier. The damage die is doubled while you are in your Large form. At level 7 and 15, add 1 die of damage to your tentacles and bite in medium size.
Shifter. You can alter your body's physical features and take the form of a pitch black Satyr. When in this form, your height is halved and your weight is reduced by a factor of 8. Your score and traits remain the same. It takes 1 minute to change from one form to another. Either form is your true form for purposes of Truesight. This trait can be activated as a bonus action.
Languages. Common, Deep Speech
Subrace. Bruiser, Skirmisher, Juggernaut, Observer, Overseer, and Destroyer.


Personality: Capricious

Shub-Niggurath meant for you to be the front line of fight killing all in your way. To take and conquer areas and/or enemies in the way. Do not fall short of your design and purpose.

Your form is stout and stable. Smooth in tentacle yet surprises lay tucked away within.

Ability Score Increase. +1 Strength
Anger. You ability to deal damage is higher than others of your kind. Your attacks now have +1 to attack rolls and damage. It increases by 1 at level 7, 13, and 19.


Personality: Aggressive

Never stopping. Always on the hunt to devour its prey it roams deep in the forests attacking all that it can. Others are still, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Never stray from a worn path, lest you encounter the wandering beast.

Ability Score Increase. +1 Dexterity
Frenzy. In battles is when your primordial blood boils and you rush to trample all in your mad haste to slake your urges. Your movement is now 50 feet and 30 feet for medium and large respectively. You can take the dash action as a bonus action. When you move towards an enemy for at least 10 feet using the dash action and stop within 5 feet, you may make your attacks with advantage until the end of your turn, but all attack rolls against you have advantage until the beginning of your next turn.


Personality: Solemn

Compared to its more emotional brethren, the Juggernauts are quietly intense, focused on crushing the dying embers of resistance under their immense hooves as they wade through a veritable apocalypse in the name of their goddess-mother. Tireless and thorough, they are what leave nothing alive and standing to tell the tale of what happened. The walking forest of hunger, ceaseless and relentless, will walk over all obstacles or die trying.

Ability Score Increase. +1 Constitution
Scorn. You have been attacked many times, you have crushed equally as many. Reduce all damage you take by 3+(1/4 of your level rounded down).(Apply the damage reduction before resistances.) When you reach level 11, add your Constitution Modifier to the damage reduction.


Personality: Crooked

The Observers like to toy with their food. Slowly wiping a brain clean one brush at a time. Until the mind is empty and clear as a crystal orb, unblemished by even a passing thought, and then it is eaten slowly savored like fine silk rolls. The purpose of the Observant Ones is to make sure all races in contact with the Shubs never remain able to remember any detail about them.

Ability Score Increase. +1 Intelligence
Malice. You can sense within 300 feet any creature with an intelligence of 2 and over unless they are protected by the mind blank spell. As an Action, you may force a creature to make an intelligence save of your level+intelligence modifier+proficiency+5 if they fail, they take 1d8 psychic damage per every 2 levels you have and is knocked unconscious for 1 hour if it takes damage equal to or more than half its hitpoints. Also for every 4 levels you have, roll a d6. If the total is equal to or greater than the creature's Intelligence score, that score is reduced to zero and the target is stunned until it regains one point of Intelligence. You can use this trait a number of times equal to half your Intelligence Modifier rounded down.


Personality: Paranoid

Created to by Shub-Niggurath to guide its kin. It plans and plots courses and consequences to chains of potential events. Always wary always waiting for the next great enemy to put down.

Ability Score Increase. +1 Wisdom
Aversion. Alien in body and mind, you resist worldly concepts from affecting you. Gain advantage on a saving throw to resist spell effects. You may do this a number of times equal to your Wisdom Modifier per day.


Personality: Murderous

Hateful to everything, it attacks with anything it can. Reality is bent and warped and lain waste with. Strengthened with the power of the mad, it never lets one escape -even its own kind.

Ability Score Increase. +1 Charisma
Loathing. Those who live to stand against you die failing to escape. You can force enemies to have disadvantage on saving throws. You can only do this a number of times equal to your charisma modifier per long rest.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

9′ 6″ +2d10 1000 lb. × (165) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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