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The amazon women are a renowned race for their strength and grace, coupled with their often stunning beauty. However, they got their name from the original amazonia, who were goddesses among men. It is from their forms that amazons came to be admired. Sadly, as apparent from the popularity of amazons, the amazonia remain fairly unknown and dwindling in numbers. Despite that, they remain a proud race as they face possible extinction.


The amazonia are believed to have been originally high elves. However, this particular bunch formed their sect of worshipping violence and war over the more high-minded and snooty high elves. Their core belief was that they were not really elves at all, but descendants of the gods. This resulted in a loss of their affinity for magic. When they were found to be too rowdy, the main high elves moved to commit genocide and eradicate the early amazonia. A good number escaped into isolation and dared never show their faces again to the world. In their isolation like rats in the bowels of the world, their faith dwindled. However, their prayers were answered in their dark hour as the gods of war and harmony came upon them one day mysteriously, in the form of humans. The amazonia were granted strength beyond that of even the eladrin elves and had their warrior spirits reinvigorated.

With their new god given power, the amazonia underwent a bodily change that also made them more human, much like the shape of that of their benefactors. Their elven history was practically lost and erased. They were truly gods children. With their new strength, they revealed their long-hidden faces to the world as conquerors. For a while, they had the brute strength needed to foil their lack of tactician strategy and were even able to hold a small empire for a while. Their rule was peaceful and harmonious as they prayed and worshipped their god of not only war, but harmony. It is believed that the stories of these beautiful women are what reached the ancestors of the amazons and inspired their life ethic, sans the religious aspect.

In time however, the amazonia were pushed back by the means of kingdoms versed in magic and means that trumped their brute means. Ultimately, their empire was educed to no more than a few acres, and then nothing. Amazonia are a people now with not central home, having scattered after the fall of their glory days. They still number among a few hundreds across the lands but it is unlikely they will ever return to prominence, as their god powers have diminished due to their mingling with other races. This history of their golden era is forever etched in the lore surrounding every amazonia's childhood and so many grow with the sense of pride and desire to see eminence return.

Physical Description[edit]

Amazonia are tall, imposing humanoids with a strong, athletic build. They are a race of only females and are often physically attractive. Their skin colors range range among the pale end of the spectrum. Amazonia hair colors tend to be red, black, brown, or silver, with a variety of styles. Often they will have defining tattoos dedicated to their religious styles along their thighs and up to their faces, framing their cheeks. They do not have pointed ears, having erased that elven part of them. Amazonia often have red or gold eyes which seemingly flash with their energies when they are hyped up in combat. Their hair has a similar effect when flying as they do combat.

They are humanoid and can reproduce with other humanoids, but they dilute the bloodline of their race when they do so. Amazonia also do not change in appearance as they age and can have long lifespans, a vestige of their elven lineage.

Personality and Culture[edit]

Amazonia are a very prideful race. They seek good battles and brawls with anyone, regardless of size. Often they are thrill seeking or just plain arrogant and wanting of more glory and fame from their conquests. They do this in the name of their gods and are also religious as well as violent and rowdy. People will often note amazonia conduct ritual prayers daily, with a variety of dances to please their deities. even outside their comfortable homes, amazonia on the go will keep to their rigorous training and lifestyle, as amazonia have a hatred of idleness and atrophy.

Despite their roughhousing ways, amazonia can be quite amicable with non amazonia. This holds true for most of their interactions with humanoid races, whom they will often breed with. However, they have a great liking of hunting and so do not like beasts in particular, even viewing anthropomorphic animals as often beings beneath. Amazonia have a fond liking for alcohol and can drink a lot, making merry much like men might in a pub. Their mannerisms are loose despite their stricter religious ethic.

Society and Interaction[edit]

Amazonia society is rather small given their sparse numbers. In their tribes, the strong are immediately recognized in mock-death battles that happen almost weekly. Sparring is a common past time of amazonia children. The old are often still active in their societies as their bodies do not age in appearance. Women are expected to bear for their honor as amazonia before anything else. In their warrior culture, they have customary war cries and rites for those fallen in battle, vowing vengeance and promising peace for the valiant. Bravery and pride as an amazonia are their prime principles. It would not be uncommon for amazonia to therefore help a wounded opponent. However, they do this out of hope the opponent will recover to be a worthier opponent and so boost their own win streak.

Amazonia society values their religious services and so are very devout. They do not speak of their elven association and so later generations often are ignorant of this. Religious rituals often comprise of merriment, food, and drink. sometimes, a sacrifice, paid with all the help of the tribe, will be conducted to their gods and the amazonia will dance along the fires, believing their songs and prayers will travel up with the ash to the gods. Splinter sects are uncommon given their already fringe following and small following.

Amazonia love to interact with other races, most commonly trading in adventuring. They can get along with almost all races, excluding most demonic races since they themselves originate from gods. They also view beast races as inferior, and hold an inherent distaste for their original elven race. Most amicable races are fond of the amazonia for their blacksmithing abilities that are good enough to rival even the dwarves in most respects. Amazonian craftsmanship more commonly has elaborate designs (unlike dwarves) and is often decorated with pelts or feathers of monsters they have hunted. They make sport out of sparring and often "mock battle" with each other to test these weapons and their mettle. Only after the weapon withstands several matches do they deem it ready to be sold. Thus, their craft is exquisite looking as well as durable.

Amazonian Names[edit]

Amazonia like to pick exotic names from what they call their tongue of the gods. True enough, it's not a very human or elven tongue.

Female: Aello, Ainia, Ainippe, Alcinoe, Alkaia, Bremusa, Celaneo, Clete, Clyemne, Deianeira, Diana, Doris, Echephyle, Eumache, Euryleia, Harmothoe, Iphito, Kydoime, Lykopis, Lysippe, Molpadia, Okyale, Prothoe, Pyrgomache, Tecmessa, Thraso, Toxaris, Valasca, Xanthippe.

Amazonia Traits[edit]

A race of warrior women descended from gods of war
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 2, and your Constitution score increases by 1.
Age. Amazonia reach adulthood by age 16, and live to be just over 200 years old.
Alignment. Amazonia usually tend toward lawful alignments, given their religious devoutness. However, their hunger for battle can drive them towards chaotic alignments
Size. Amazonia typically stand roughly between 7 and 8 feet tall and weigh between 280 and 340 pounds. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Innate Weapons Skills. You have proficiency with spears, javelins, glaives, shortbows, longbows, and shields.
Weapon Craft. You are proficient with smith tools.
Dancers. Amazonia are very good dancers, off and on the battlefield. You are proficient in the Performance skill.
God Communion. Amazonia don't need sleep. Instead, they recharge energy while communing with their gods for 4 hours a day. They remain conscious and aware while doing so.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, Celestial, and Giant.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

Table: Amazon Random Height and Weight
Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
6′2″ + 2d10 in 200 lb. 2d6 lb.
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