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Physical Description[edit]

Titanborne are half-breeds of humanoid creatures and titans. Their general appearance is humanoid, depending on their subrace. The main difference is that one never knows what size a Titanborn may come in. These humanoids are capable of taking heights of four to ten feet, and can change this at will, which cannot be dispelled or counter-spelled. This change of physiological form allows them to breed with a larger variety of creatures - which is great, since their kind is near extinction.


The origin of Titanborne is unclear. The current mythos believed by many of the race is that their kind spawned from a single titan slain by an army of humanoids. The blood of the benevolent titan struck down by ignorance warped the army into creatures like itself, in hopes to open the eyes of the fools. Another, less common legend revolves around a titan that could change its size and form, and would bed humanoids. This legend breaks down into the titan being a complete manwhore, or having many families over many generations, one at a time with each mourned before the next.

While their origin is unclear, Titanborne have a recent history that they know all too well. Their kind is near extinction, and many of their species is in hiding. Their prowess is legendary among humanoids, and the name that society has labeled them with gives the entire race a feel of wanderlust. Upcoming champions may take to slaying a Titanborne as practice for the real thing, while many know Titans as mindless monsters and expect the same of their descendants. The convoluted stories about titans in their various iterations and the lack of solid evidence to which Titan fathered the species simply shines a dark light on the otherwise normal folk.


There are few Titanborne willing to cluster into even a small village. Often, the Titanborne are scattered across the realm, putting space between themselves and others of their kind, to reduce attention on themselves. Often, those who do stick together will do so to try and blend in and protect their kin. Because of their way of life, Titanborne do not tend to have much bonds with their own race beyond the need to protect them via distance. It has, for many generations, been their greatest defense.

Titanborne Names[edit]

Titanborne tend to take names of the race which they appear closest to, to help blend in and assimilate the culture.

Titanborne Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 4,your maximum increases to 22, and your Charisma score increases by 1. Your Constitution decreases by 2, due to the constant strain on your body from Size Shifting.
Age. Titans age similar to humans until they achieve maturity at 16-19 years of age. Titanborne can live to nearly six hundred years old before their bodies enter the Crackling.
Alignment. Titanborne tend to shy away from Good and Evil, at least those who wish to blend in.
Size. Titanborne are the size of their relative Cover Race in their common form (though all forms are their Natural form.)
Speed. Your base land speed is dependent on your Cover Race
Stretch/Condense. Titans are known for being larger than life, but whatever type of titan sired your species could change their size.
Large Form. While in your Large form, your stretched body gives you Slight Build. You deal an extra 1d4 damage on any weapon without the Finesse or Light tag, however, because of your smaller-than-Large state, you cannot wield weapons truly oversized, such as an Ogre's club or Minotaur's axe. You have advantage in Acrobatics, due to your weight to strength ratio. Your height ranges from 8 feet to 10.
Small Form. In your Small Form, you are a condensed mass of power. You gain Powerful Build, and your speed remains 30. You can still wield weapons wit the Heavy tag. You have advantage in Athletics, due to your weight to strength ratio. Your height ranges from 2'6" to 4'.
Medium Form. This form looks truest to your nature, as most Cover Races are Medium in stature. You gain advantage to Deception when trying to pass yourself off as a member of your Cover Race likeness.
Cover Race. You appear as a Humanoid race of Medium or Small size. This must the the same as one of your parents, and cannot be changed.
Toughness. While your general constitution is lower, making you more susceptible to spells, poisons and other internal effects, you can still tolerate more damage than most. You gain 1 extra hit point per hit die you gain.
The Crackling. When you roll Maximum Age, you do not die by normal means. The first signs are stiff joints that crack when you move. For 1d10 days, you have disadvantage on all Dex checks, saves, and any attacks using Dex. Then, your muscles harden. For 2d10 days, you have resistance to all non-magic damage, but disadvantage on Strength checks, saves, and attacks using Strength, in addition to the previous ailments. Finally, your body is completely petrified. You die of old age by leaving behind an incredibly hard stone statue. Poetic. You can choose to succumb to death, and many do so that they may die in the most memorable position. All worn and carried non-magical items are also petrified at the end of the duration, or when you choose to die.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, as well as the language appropriate to your Cover Race.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

Use tables appropriate for your Cover Race.

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