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Many a magical item has the marking of a Qualf craftsman. The distinct image of a Qualf has four arms rather than two, and as such are hard workers, but they despise the labor of mining. Although many see them as outsiders, there is nothing a qualf would like better than to make a friend, and when they do, they are loyal and trusting companions, helping their friends to the ends of the land. A Qualf loves it when things go as they should, taking great pride in their creations and plans.

Short and Slender[edit]

Made with the strength of a smith, and the control of a tinker, a Qualf's four arms are well suited to the tasks. They are used often, tinkering and fooling around, never seeming to stop moving. A Qualf has the grace of an Elf, while being no taller than the tallest halfling. Their eyes can range from a dark purple to a golden glow, which always shine with interest in everything, and their skin typically comes from the darker hues, their hair almost never being straight, despite frustrated attempts to tame it. A male Qualf has facial hair that grows straight in contrast to a bushy Dwarf beard, and the females have soft, delicate features that seem to pull a smile to a face.

Simple Pleasures[edit]

Qualfs love the stars, enjoying the silvery light from a source so far away, and they always enjoy the sunrise and sunset, a love inherited from their Fey Ancestry. They typically live in small communities, hating the squabble of large cities. A Qualf can live anywhere from 375 to 500 years old, but they almost never live their whole lives in solitude. A Qualf will seek a partner for their lives, whether involved romantically or simply as friends. They seek perfection in all that they do, and often leave marks of their work or craftsmanship.


Qualf Names[edit]

Male: Alros, Arkaan, Cameron, Deron, Elmon, Farrell, Kareth, Otho, Riavir, Sunev, Virion, Vulmon, Zaor

Female: Aelyon, Aurae, Terin, Caeda, Lynis, Pallyn, Phaerl, Rania, Saidin, Salihn, Syndra, Vaeri, Verronna

Qualf Traits[edit]

The four-armed Qualf are known to be very astute tinkers and smiths because of their great attention to detail
Ability Score Increase. Your dexterity or strength score increases by 1 and your Wisdom or Intelligence increases by 1.
Age. A Qualf reaches maturity in their late twenties and can live from 375 to 500 years.
Alignment. Many Qualfs are chaotic good, and they generally help those in need. They sometimes lean more towards neutral alignments.
Size. Your size is small, however, when used to determine carrying capacity, your size is medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 25 feet.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Four-Arms. When doing things outside of combat, such as forging, the time it takes to complete your work is halved. In addition, your unarmed strikes deal 2 damage. You may not wield more than 2 one handed weapons, and you may not wield more than one two-handed weapons. You may, however, wield 2 one-handed weapons or one one-handed weapon and a shield, provided you are proficient with shields.
Fey Ancestry. You have advantage against saving throws on being charmed, and magic can't put you to sleep.
Languages. Common, one other language of your choice

Ancient Qualf[edit]

The Ancient Qualf is a race which came from the Feywild more recently, and as such, they have had less time to physically adapt to the world, but maintaining some mental superiority. They are often described as stubborn, they never want to be wrong about anything, and will go to great lengths to prove their intelligence.

Open-Minded. You gain +1 wisdom or +1 intelligence
Cautious. You gain proficency in the Perception skill

Stronghand Qualf[edit]

The stronghand Qualf are strong and noble compared to their kin, being more humble, but never backing down from a challenge they feel they could win. They are often forgers and smiths, making good use of their many limbs, but are typically very self conscious, always seeing the faults in themselves.

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength or Dexterity score increases by one.
Weapon Adept. You gain the Dual Wielder feat.

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