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Physical Description[edit]

Features:Motti are a moth bat like hybrid that can range in size heavily, they carry moth like wings and usually have large but very soft fur coat with in them, they have a very humanoid body to them besides their face which is slightly bat like


  The Motti's birth remain a strange mystery all that is commonly known that their Silk mother and Tree father are their creators and that at one time they were unified when peace ran through their home lands shielded by the mothers wings and protected by the fathers fruit. Eventually tragedy would strike the Motti as Dragons had moved into their lands unprepared they were ravaged and robbed, and then the humans came expanding their territories waging an unwanted war with the Motti and ravening them only more. The Motti soon became more violent with each other and starting a civil war with one another and the Silk mother for seeing her children's fall into war she forced them to separate permently and hide them selves from the world only gifting a few with the original sprit of Motti. After that the Motti split into tribes rarely communicating with each other and more so the world.  


   The Motti live in a tribal like society roaming the cloudy mountains freely and rarely disturbed due to a highly xenophobic culture though young Motti are usually sent off on pilgrimages, exiled, or they are born with a strong wild spirit giving them a want for freedom. The Motti help contribute to the tribe as long as they live there you are either a hunter, clothmaker, homemaker, historian, chef, etc. The Motti take pride in their history and record every second of it this goes for most tribes at least. The tribe leader or the elder does not actually lead the tribe but instead guides it and a select few of its people in his ways. The Motti despise war seeing it a an unnecessary waste of life and time but they think battle between people is acceptable as long as both side are consenting battlers the Motti see battle as a show of friendship sometimes unless of course as long as you don't bring actual weaponry into the fight. The Motti have very special ritual for the dead when a tribes man or woman dies their cremated and turned to ashes where the Motti ashkeeper then puts a hint of the ashes into a shared urn full of a sprinkle of all other Motti's ashes the unmixed ashes are then spread all across the valley they lived in by the ashkeeper this is all done for religious reason the mixing of the ashes are the representation of the unity the Motti will never have again and the spreading is done so that the passed Motti can finally live freely if they never did their ashes for ever floating through out the world. The dominate religion of the Motti is the worship of either the Silk mother, or the Tree father the Silk mother is described as giving her priestesses visions of the coming future and physically is describes as taking the avatar of a Motti with enormous wings to shield her children from the falling fruit of the Tree father. The Tree Father priests are usually gifted with powers to create great crafts and enhance the harvests he is described as also taking the avatar of a large Motti.       

<Race Name> Names[edit]

Male:Asmuns, Gitti, Tustun, Ungui, Blode, Nusti, kurvu, Ulssie

Female: Junise, Kurvu, Duasi, Creite, Ulstie, Nusti, Gaije, Lotie

<Race Name> Traits[edit]

{{5e Racial Traits |summary= |abilities=Your Wisdom goes up by a +2 you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature 1. Your Wisdom goes up by a +2 you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.-->

|age=The Motti age faster than humans and only live up to 80 if they are lucky

|alignment=Motti are usually neutral beings and always lean towards good unless they are born with the wild heart in which they are free to choose any path but commonly lean towards chaotic

|size=Depending on what sub race you can vary from 5 feet to the rare 8ft tall your size is always medium unless stated by a spell

|speed=Your base walking speed is <30> feet.

|trait1=dark vision

|Description1:You have 120ft of dark vision but can only disconcern in shades of gray and if a light is present you can see it as if it were highlighted

|trait2= Echolocation

|description2= Because of you species bat like features you can't suffer from blindness as long as you can hear


|description3= you have moth like wings that allow you to fly but they can handle much you can fly 20ft as long as you aren't wearing medium or heavy armor or are over your carrying cappacity

|languages= you can speak common, and Motti

|subrace= there are 3 subraces to choose from Glider, Warrior, Gifted


{{5e Subrace Traits |abilities= Your dex score goes up by +1 |trait1=Gliding wings |description1= You have mastered your species use of wings and have found a Varity of ways to use them as a reaction if you are falling more than 10ft you can sprout your wings and begin gliding down additionally if you get a running start you can use this to double your jumping distance.


{{5e Subrace Traits |abilities= You can optionally give up your +2 wisdom for a +2 to strength |trait1=Powerful build |description1= You have built your self beyond your tribe members you may have sacrificed your wisdom but have gained strength and the ability to use it you treat your carrying capacity as if it was 1 size larger additionally you can now fly using medium and heavy armors.


{{5e Subrace Traits |abilities= Your chr goes up by +1 |trait1=Silk mother's voice |description1= You have been touched by the Silk mother herself and thus are gifted with her voice you gain the friends cantrip and can cast charm person 1 per day without expending a spell slot you regain this feature after a short or long rest.

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