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The large, amphibious beast stands before the young humanoid, glaring down on it. It screams in a gutteral perversion of common down at its foe, "CHOOSE YOUR LAST AND SECOND-TO-LAST WORDS, INTERLOPER. I WILL CRUSH YOU AND THEN DEVOUR YOUR GHOST." For only a brief moment, silence reigns. "I've got 80 pounds of face-breakin' spectral muscle standin' between you and the rest of your life, not to mention there's an irate magical girl outside likely t'be half as merciful with you as I'm not gonna be. So! I need you to hurry up n' choose before I acquaint you with your internal anatomy: are we gonna do this the easy way, or the I KILL YOU way?" The beast strikes out of confusion and rage, only to have the body of the young child dissolve into mist on contact. It whirls around, assuming an illusion, and is caught off-guard by the blade that bites into its back. Reforming from the ether, blade clenched in his fist, the child whispers, "I like the 'I Kill You' way."

Physical Description[edit]

Spectrals appear however they pictured themselves prior to death, the appearance is most often human and of ethereal(see through) nature, however there can be exceptions.


A Spectral is a ghost with such incredible power of will that it created its own physical form. Or maybe its a human with a scorned past. re: sudden dissolution of corporeal body, production of ectoplasm. There are many speculations as to the proposed cause, such as a near death experience, prolonged exposure to supernatural phenomena but because there are so few Spectrals known, the world may never know for sure.


Spectrals don't have much of a society to speak of! Often they are formed individually, and by fluke, which makes gathering more of them difficult bordering on impossible. When they do meet up with more of each other, they typically group together to form clubs or consortiums to perform various activities.

Spectral Names[edit]

Race names aren't terribly important and are typically analogous to what the character's name was when they died/dissolved.

Male: Max, Ed, Isaac, Spender, Sandra, Revolver Ocelot

Female: Isabel, Day, Vice Admiral Mulholland, Zoey, Aerith, Isaac

Spectral Traits[edit]

Spirits who have, through vaguely defined means, created physical bodies for themselves.
Ability Score Increase. +2 Charisma, +1 Wisdom. Spectrals rely on their intense force of personality to exist.
Age. Spectrals do not age naturally and appear as they pictured themselves prior to their death.
Alignment. Spectrals favor no particular alignment.
Size. Medium
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Dissolve. Dead Spectrals do not leave bodies behind. When the Spectral fails its third death saving throw, the body dissolves into ectoplasm, which evaporates in 1d20 minutes.
Resistance. Spectrals have resistance to poison damage due to being composed largely of not-flesh and not having most of the internal organs that poison likes to attack so much.
Weakness. Spectrals have vulnerability to force damage due to being composed largely of densely packed ectoplasm.
Spectral Magyyks. At first level, the spectral learns the Dancing Lights cantrip. Once they reach third level, they can cast Color Spray once per long rest as a second level spell. At fifth level, they can cast Levitate once per day.
Ethereality. Spectrals fade in and out of the ethereal plane much more frequently than other characters. At first level, once per short rest, the Spectral may use a Reaction against any physical attack to partially enter the ethereal plane and avoid damage. Roll 1d10+Charisma modifier and reduce the damage by this amount. At 3rd level a Spectral can use this reaction twice per short rest. At fifth level, Spectrals gain the ability to fully shift to the ethereal plane, allowing them to move through physical matter. Once per long rest, the Spectral shifts fully into the ethereal plane and cannot be affected by non-magical actions on the material plane. They remain shifted for one round per level.
Languages. Spectrals can choose from any one of the following languages: Common, Draconic, Elven, Dwarven, Giant, Orcish

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