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Star Warriors[edit]

What, dem Puffs? Dey's alright, I suppose. A bit doofy lookin’ for my tastes, but dey pay well and keep me in business, so ain't no complaints from this guy!
—a Clan Dedede restaurant owner

Physical Description[edit]

The Star Warriors range from a variety of shapes and colors, but a consistent theme is that they average between 3ft to 6ft (based on the subspecies), don't tend to have much hair on themselves if at all, and have somewhat simplistic features. Despite being able to hear or smell, many aren't seen with noses or ears to begin with (instead appearing as a vestigial feature or aesthetic). The race seems to have a voracious approach to basic functions as their bodies of either subspecies can hold quite a bit of material, stretching and enlarging to accommodate.

The smaller and more iconic Puffball race are extremely simplistic in their design, appearing as spherical entities with stubby limbs and a cute face in most cases. Their bodies tend to be fairly flexible due to not having much of a skeletal structure, being more similar to a adorably fleshy balloon.

The larger and more realistically proportioned Bigpuff race are humanoid in appearance, having a more fully developed anatomy such as complete limbs, torso, and neck. Their hands can develop into digits, though usually it's more of a malleable “mitten-glove”, while their feet are usually an exception; ending in either a flat stump or a pseudo foot (a foot with digits is not unheard of, though).


Star Warriors (also known as Children of the Stars) are descendents of a race of the same namesake hundreds of years ago. They were brought into the world of Popstar all of a sudden, and a factual answer is sadly unknown. However, they have stories of the last two true Star Warriors; Kirby of the Stars and his mentor Meta Knight.

The legend goes that, in the past, the entity Dark Matter was able to amass itself to a near unstoppable power, but it would take three years until it arrived at Popstar to exert its dominion and revenge of its previous defeats. During that time, Meta Knight vigorously trained Kirby and assisted in forming an alliance with all the residence of Popstar for the final confrontation. The battle was won, but at the cost of both Star Warriors’ lives. Soon after this, the mysterious birth of the Star Warrior amassed all over the planet.


Oddly enough, Star Warriors don't have much of a society themselves; rather, they tend to integrate themselves into the society of others and fill in roles not yet covered.

The societies that do consist mostly of the Star Warriors follow a loose “family structure”. You have a leader(s) that acts like a parent or elder, while the remainder are considered “children” until they move out of the family to venture on their own. The “parent(s)” tend to be very knowledgeable on a multitude of topics to teach the children, who fill out the remaining needed roles such as farmers, chefs, scribes, doctors, and other such responsibilities. These “families” barely get above 50 members, and seems to be more similar to a rest stop for them. These locations are normally instantly recognizable by a large hemispherical dome that they live in.

One issue with Star Warrior society is that many of them do not wish to fight (jokes of this irony are commonplace); instead welcoming any guest with open arms despite how obviously malicious their intent may be. Somehow, this tends to work out; it’s not unheard of that a group of bandits will arrive to pillage them, only for a big welcoming party to be thrown in their honor due to the arrival of new guests. Some of these bandits even have a change of heart from this generosity and goodwill and volunteer their services as a form of city guard.

While not considered actual deities, the Star Warriors focus on three individuals specifically in high reverence, Kirby of the Stars, Sir Meta Knight, and the Galacta Knight.

Because of the legend of their origins, many Star Warriors tend to revere Kirby and Meta Knight for their existence and tend to follow many of their morals. More often than not, they follow the morals of Kirby who seems to revolve around “Enjoying Life and all of its newfound Wonders” and hold a general good will towards all life. The ones that encompass Meta Knight’s views still believe in an overall view of good will, but understand that life is not always a party; instead focusing on bettering themselves and filling out the duties needed for whichever society they’re in. Then there is the story of the Galacta Knight; Many elders are unsure if they are even the same race as their known predecessors, but he is used as a cautionary tale of letting loose one’s urges in violence.

The tale revolves over the fact that each member of the Star Warrior race does have the heart and soul of their namesake and, in a time of crisis they may be called to fight for what they believe in. However, there could be some who find battle exhilarating, to the point where it may be a way of life for them. Sir Meta Knight himself was focused on being a warrior, but he had a code of morals that kept him in check; the Galacta Knight had no such morals and would fight anyone (innocents including) to become stronger and more powerful until he was nigh-invincible, the blood of his victories warping him into a monster. As a last-ditch effort, the heroes of time’s past were able to seal him in a crystal thought unbreakable in the hopes that he would never harm anyone again.

Star Warrior Names[edit]

Due to being something of mimics, Star Warriors tend to have a variety of names of various origins; out of preference, they usually don't go beyond two syllables and the name may even be a pun of something. In the end, it simply comes down to what they like to hear, but most will not reuse the name Kirby out of a sign of respect though.

Male: Sokkim, Jacob, Morion, Balloo, Mets

Female: Chu, Darlie, Omeena, Krista, Anna-Bell

Star Warrior Traits[edit]

Born from the alleged deaths of Kirby and Meta Knight hundreds of years ago, this race of gluttonous and fun loving characters are ready for adventure!
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2; they tend to be ravenous and eat many things, harmful or otherwise. This with their resilient and somewhat malleable anatomy makes a hardy race.
Age. It takes a good 20 years to reach adulthood, where most of them can enjoy an average lifespan of 85-90 years.
Alignment. Due to their generally friendly demeanor practically anything but without strong ties to a government or true hierarchy, they often range from Neutral Good to True Neutral.
Size. It varies depending on the subspecies listed below.
Speed. It varies depending on the subspecies listed below.
Custom Tailored. Because of the Star Warrior’s inconsistent frame, any armor or clothing worn needs to be tailored to shift with them. Otherwise, activities such as successfully inhaling an enemy run the risk of destroying the current attire. Costs can be increased deemed appropriate by the DM.
Insatiable Appetite. While you can survive with normal-sized portions, you don’t want to just survive; you want to enjoy! Thus, you’ll typically eat twice as much to curb your hunger (despite the costs). Three days of eating less than that amount will have your Constitution score reduced by 1 for each day until it’s maximum of -5 from your total. Eating a large meal consistently each day can eventually reverse these effects at a rate of +1 Constitution per every three days fully fed.
Extra Clingy. You have advantage on grappling enemies by inhaling them within your reach Athletics.
Inhale and Copy. Target - Single. 10 ft. 1/LR. Target one enemy within 10 feet; enemy must be the same size or smaller or can also be one size larger if they are marked prone. Enemy must make a Dexterity saving throw against DC 8 + proficiency bonus + Constitution modifier. If succeeded, they avoid the attack entirely and you expend the attack. If failed, the enemy is swallowed by the attacker. The enemy has complete cover and shares the space with the attacker. The enemy takes 1d4 + half level + Constitution/Strength damage every other turn. If the attacker is harmed while still ingesting the enemy, they must make a DC 10 + Constitution + Damage received saving roll or release the swallowed enemy into an adjacent space. When initially swallowing, the attacker may roll 1d6. On rolling a 1 or 2, nothing happens. On rolling a 3-5, you gain +2 score based on the monster’s highest stat and either a resistance/proficiency based on said monster, or +1 AC. If you take any damage, flip a coin. Heads will allow the effect(s) to stay, while Tails will cause you to lose the bonuses. If you choose to Inhale & Copy again, you must first get rid of the bonuses you currently have. You can revert back to your original stats as a free action. If the attempt to inhale fails, you cannot try again for an hour. Success uses the ability until the completion of a long rest.
Languages. Common, and one Bonus Language


Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 1; they tend to be rather endearing even if they’re grizzled, fully bearded, and battle-wounded.
Size. Your size dabbles between 2’6’’ to 4’. Your size is Small.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 25ft
Not Quite Flight. Puffballs, due to their light bodies and malleable anatomy, are able to inflate themselves and perform a form of flight as a movement action. Flight speed is 15ft, but you’re able to bypass any floor hazards and can hover. Your continuation of this flight is determined by your constitution (1 turn + 1 additional turn per Constitution modifier), in which afterward your character will need to take a breath and end the flight; whether they are still in the air or not.


Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score is increased by 1; having an anatomically correct body over a fleshy balloon-esque one does have its benefits.
Size. Your size dabbles between 4’ to 6’ on average. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30ft
Super Inhale. Because of your larger frame, your lungs are larger. Because your lungs are larger, the range of your inhalation is also larger. Inhale and Copy now has a range up to 15ft away, and any creature caught must make a DEX saving throw or else be ingested. When 5-10ft away from you, creatures must make a DC 12 + your proficiency bonus + Constitution saving throw to resist being inhaled. When 15ft away from you, creatures must make a DC 10 + your proficiency bonus + Constitution saving throw to resist being inhaled.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

2′ 4″ +2d10 lb. × () lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

3′ 9″ +3d10 lb. × () lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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