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An excerpt from a Gnome diplomat's journal - "For most the journey, it just stood there, like a statue, the blue glow of its core a gentle reminder of the strength that hid inside its stoic frame. Occasionally it would ask questions about our location or the general situation, but generally it stayed silent. That was until we were ambushed by bandits. They killed the driver and began killing my.....fleshy...guards all the while it stood, doing nothing, watching, waiting. However, the moment the bandits pulled me from the carriage and stuck the dagger in my side, I knew it was over for them. The gentle calming blue light faded and was promptly replaced by a fierce red roar of arcane energies as its transformation took place. Its passive mode configuration unfolded and extended into the combat configuration. It burst through the carriage, now standing nine feet tall, the guilded shell that composed its passive form now split to reveal its core components which let off jets of steam as it cooled itself. Immediately two of the bandits ran, throwing me to the dirt, but I knew this was not the end. Leaping from what was left of the carriage, it landed on top of one of the fleeing bandits, killing them instantly, the next found themselves in two places at once as its foot long claws tore him in two. I lost consciousness and when I awoke, I found it attempting repairs on the carriage, all the while we were surrounded by a mountain of blood and gore. I counted over a dozen corpses before I could stomach no more. Lets just say that I am definitely keeping it around."

Physical Description[edit]

(I'm Working on getting a picture)

Mecharians in their passive mode appear human from a distance, at least in terms of proportions. In place of skin they have plates of a lightweight gnomish alloy, usually a pale white in color and often guilded in gold scrolling. Their joints are often more or less exposed, revealing a darker material for the inner skeletal structure, which is usually a dark copper color. Their faces are smooth with holes for eyes and a segmented set of plates that allow the simulation of a mouth. The inside of Mecharians in passive mode usually glow a light green-blue color, though this can be any cold color. While the Combat mode is usually a red or a warm color. These colors are seen through the eye holes as glowing lights and deep in their throats when they speak. Some models are fitted with hair and this can be of any length, color or style. The main panels of their body such as the torso are often designed to simulate simple clothing such as a shirt, tunic or waistcoat. Mecharians can be given Masculine, Feminine or neutral aesthetics, as determined by their design. This appearance only affects their passive mode as it is only the external plates which change. In their combat mode, Mecharians "unfold and extend" to a new design. Their limbs split and double in length, e.g. = to -- . Their torso panels open up to reveal their core, allowing it to cool. This also reveals the mechanical skeleton. Their fingers unfold into claws, their knees become double-jointed somewhat like that of a kangaroo.


During one of the many wars, the gnomes needed warriors to defend their cities. The normal constructs did not meet the requirements and so a new race of mechanical soldiers was designed. Thus resulted the Mecharians, a race of mechanical barbarians, which remain in a passive state until combat is detected. Usually combat is defined as a certain individual or group being attacked, such as nobles or captains.


Most Mecharians have little to no free will and serve the Gnome government or military that they were made to serve. However, rogue units do exist, like many of the Gnome's mechanical creations, errors occur within the mind of the Mecharians, which can result in them revolting. It has been rumored that colonies of mechanical beings such as these have sprung up in the realm, but no-one knows if its true.

Mecharian Names[edit]

When created, Mecharians are usually given numbers or serial codes rather than names. However, specialist or rogue units may choose to adopt their own name, usually a nickname given by whomever they roam with. (Personally, I create a Unit ID or serial code, then let my fellow players give me a name, like Finn from the new star wars)

Masculine: Pluto, Apollo, Mars, Unit-XM-16, Unit-YT-09,

Feminine: Ganymede, Sedna, Riley, T-9001,

Mecharian Traits[edit]

A next generation race of mechanical warriors which can access a barbarian like rage state.
Ability Score Increase. (See subraces)
Age. Mecharians have no age limit as long as they maintain and repair themselves, or keep on good terms with a tinkerer.
Alignment. Lawful in Passive Mode, Chaotic in Combat Mode.
Size. Medium in Passive Mode, Large in Combat Mode.
Speed. 25 in Passive Mode, 50 in Combat Mode.
Mechanical Being. Mecharians have no need to eat, drink or breathe.
Reboot / Repair. Instead of sleeping, Mecharians can choose to enter a "reboot / repair" state. This counts as a long rest, lasts four hours and cannot be interrupted. During this time the unit is unaware of their surroundings. This should be entered once per day or general ware and tare may begin to take effect. (This works like exhaustion).
Inorganic Body. Not being made of flesh has its advantages and disadvantages; Mecharians are immune to poison, organic diseases and necrotic damage. Resistant to non-magical slashing, fire and thunder damage. However they are also vulnerable to Acid, Cold and Radiant damage. Due to the affect these have on its frame and core.
Overcharge. When hit with lightning damage, Mecharians can become overcharged (Beat a constitution save, where the DC is the attack roll, to avoid this affect, or choose to fail it.). This gains one level of exhaustion, but gives advantage on all checks, saving throws and attacks. This affect lasts until a short or long rest.
Magical Mind. Due to the nature of their consciousness a Mecharian's cannot be read by normal means and have advantage on saving throws on being charmed or frightened, unless the opponent has experience with mechanical beings, which then proposes a disadvantage. Mecharians also cannot be put to sleep through magic. You also gain the keen mind feat, without the int increase.
Anchor. Mecharians innately cannot swim and sink in any body of water they enter. While in water all checks, saving throws and attacks have disadvantage and movement is halved. However they also gain advantage against being knocked back or prone.
Exoskeleton. A Mecharians AC is 10 +Con +Dex, unless its class has unarmored defense, in which case the DM can choose. While in combat mode the Mecharian is larger, it is also quicker and more adept at combat, thus negating the target increase.
Technical Knowledge. Being mechanical in form, Mecharians have advantage on checks to do with mechanical technology.
Detachable limbs. Mecharians can attach and re-attach their limbs at will.
Mode switch. When provoked or triggered Mecharians switch from their passive mode, to the combat mode. (See subraces) The trigger usually is something along the lines of a party member becoming injured from an attack, not including themself. This happens right after the attacking creature's turn.
Languages. Common, Gnomish and one other depending on what opponent you were designed to fight.
Subrace. Passive Mode, Combat Mode.

Passive Mode[edit]

Ability Score Increase. +2 Intelligence
Size. In passive mode Mecharians are the same dimensions as Humans and are therefore Medium.
Speed. The base walking speed is 25 feet due to the weight of their frame.
Diplomatic Circuits. While in passive mode Mecharians have advantage in persuasion checks.
Guilt Chip. Once per day Mecharians can let an attack hit them and attempt to console a creature that can understand the same languages as the Mecharian. This affect is the same as the "Friends" spell.
Interchangable masks. A Mecharian can spend four hours crafting a new set of outer plates to change the way they look. The materials cost 100 GP and only affect visual appearance.
Headlights. Mecharians can choose to have their eyes glow bright light with a 60ft range. The light is the color of their core.
Combat Shy. Disadvantage on all attacks and aggressive actions.

Combat Mode[edit]

Ability Score Increase. +2 Strength
Size. When in combat mode their size doubles and are considered large.
Speed. When in combat mode, this increases to 50 as their legs double in length and gain another set of joints. This also doubles jump distance.
Last Resort. If reduced to 0 hit-points while in combat mode, Mecharians enter a final resort phase. After 1d6 turns the Mecharians core explodes, dealing level*1d6 fire and level*1d4 force damage to anything within 60 ft of the source. This doesn't damage the Mecharian.
Claws. When in combat mode a Mecharians unarmed attack is 1d6 Slashing and is counted as proficient and light.
Ultimate Frenzy. Once per long rest Mecharians can enter a frenzy which grants them 3 actions in a turn. After which they automatically fall into a heavy "reboot / repair" mode which can last 1d4+level hours.
OHGODWHATISTHAT. While in combat mode Mecharians gain advantage in intimidation checks.
Combat Ready. Get a free dash movement after changing modes and +5 to hit on all attacks. Gain advantage on strength and dexterity checks and saving throws.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

4′ 6″ +1d4 300 lb. × (10) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

Malfunctions (Optional Rule)[edit]

d20 Whenever a Mecharian rolls a 1, they make a constitution save (add con mod) where the roll determines the effect:
>20 Gives advantage on all checks, saving throws and attacks. Until the next long rest.
20 Gives advantage on all checks and saving throws. Until the next long rest.
19 Gives advantage on all saving throws. Until the next long rest.
18 Nothing
17 Nothing
16 Nothing
15 Nothing
14 Nothing
13 Nothing
12 Nothing
11 Nothing
10 Nothing
9 Nothing
8 Deafened
7 Blinded
6 Paralyzed
5 Short Term Madness.
4 Reduced to 0 Hit-points.
3 Long Term Madness.
2 Instantly begin the last resort trait.
1 Indefinite Madness.
<1 Instant Death.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

When creating a Mecharian character, you can use the following table) of traits, ideals, bonds and flaws to help flesh out your character. Use these tables in addition to or in place of your background's characteristics.

Being a mechanical creation designed for killing certainly gives you an interesting take on the world.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I am reckless, believing my hardy construction makes me safe from death.
2 I am detached, being so different from my mortal companions makes social interactions feel unnatural to me.
3 I am endlessly curious, wondering about my construction, and my relation to the ones I serve with.
4 I envy the living. They are not certain of their creation, and therefor, may assume what their purpose is, as apposed to being told.
5 I sympathize with mortals, understanding that death must terrify somebody with a finite existence.
6 I find mortals odd. Emotions such as fear and hate seem like such wastes to me.
7 I find peace in purpose. I am glad to know of my place in life.
8 I am constantly excited and eager to see new people, places, and things.
d6 Ideal
1 I may not understand them, but there's good in mortals. It must be protected (Good)
2 I have a purpose, as does all else in this world. (Lawful)
3 I simply wish to exist as any other in this world. (Neutral)
4 Killing is okay if it's the elimination of possible risks to yourself. (Chaotic)
5 You can accomplish anything without harm, somehow. (Any)
6 I'll do the work, but some day I will return with a request...
d6 Bond
1 My original master dumped me for a malfunction which I have since overcome, if I show them that I'm better now, perhaps they'll have me back.
2 My creator had great hopes for me. I will make them proud.
3 It was a child that met me with curiosity and friendship that proved to me that I was more than a simple machine.
4 I've met other constructs that have helped me find a place in the world.
5 I've never really gotten close to anyone.
6 I can never linger anywhere for too long, or my secret will catch up to me.
d6 Flaw
1 I often forget that others are more fragile than me.
2 I get too excited for my own good when I encounter another construct.
3 I am morbidly interested in the notion of death.
4 I egregiously underestimate or overestimate the risks a job represents.
5 I cannot manage money to save my life.
6 I get distracted easily.

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