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“Do you know where they came from?” Sigmund said as he watched the small group of Evnir headed off down the road to the next town. The other merchant shrugged,
“Never seen anything like it. Mechanical beings that act just like humans... think they'll be back?” Kien smirked,
“Why? One of them strikes your fancy already?”
“No! … Alright maybe, but that's beside the point. If they get this trade route set up, think of what it'd mean for the town. No one else has bothered to help us, why would they?” Kien shrugged going back into the shop as he spoke,
“Maybe they want to fit in? Now c'mon Sigmund, your metal girlfriend will come back. We still have work to do.” Sigmund followed after rolling his eyes,
“She'd probably be easier to woo than that orc you went after last month...”

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Physical Description[edit]

Art by らむ屋

Evnir appear to be finely crafted mechanical beings that closely resemble humans in appearance aside from some noticeable details. Their 'skin' appears to be a pale white color, balled joints making up all of their joints, but fitting into the plates that make up their arms, legs, and body almost seamlessly with very little room, if any, for anything to get inside of the joint. They have artificial hair that ranges in style and length, though the color always has a metallic tone to it often shimmering in bright light. An Evnir's eyes appear to be normal at a casual glance, but closer inspection reveals that the inner working of their eyes are carefully made mechanical irises with each Evnir having a unique color. Every Evnir has a winding key that sits in the middle of their back akin to a wind-up toy and every winding key on each Evnir is unique with each of the keys having elaborate designs on them and the key only being able to fit into the Evnir it was designed for. The keys are normally only made of common metals, with the rare metals only appearing very rarely on specific Evnir.

Evnir only difference in gender comes from the difference in their external body structure with the 'males' tending to be taller with larger chest cavities and 'females' being smaller with slimmer frames though no less capable than their counterparts. Evnir do not distinguish themselves as male or female, although when others do distinguish them as a particular 'gender', an Evnir will usually go along with it, curious to understand the difference or what being part of such gender means.

An Evnir's voice has a distinct metallic ringing sound to it. Their voices vary in pitch and tone, with the ringing matching the pitch of their voice and usually comes off as a pleasant accompanying sound with their speech, though this makes it difficult for them to mimic other people's voices.


Evnir come from an unknown place, made by an unknown creator. Every time they appear, it is almost always from an underground cave or other hidden areas, with all of them becoming active at the same time. The number of them that 'come to life' varies but once they are introduced into an area, it's very rare to ever see any new Evnir appear. After activation, they're fully aware of themselves and begin to investigate their surroundings and determine what it is they need to do next. Most of them traveling in small groups and expanding out from where they've awoken and trying to introduce and integrate themselves into the society that they've found themselves in. They're typically non-violent, only resorting to violence when necessary to protect themselves or those who they've grown to care for. Although they're also known for their love of adventure and exploring, not ever hesitating to venture out into the world and discover everything they can.


Evnir have no specific homeland of their own, because of this they tend to integrate themselves into whatever society they find nearby, almost going out of their way to ingratiate themselves with locals to ensure that they can survive in the environment they find themselves in. They don't discriminate among who they meet either, enjoying talking and learning about any race they come across, usually asking if they need any assistance so that they can gain a people's trust.

Evnir Names[edit]

Evnir have no set naming conventions, deciding among themselves what they feel fits for themselves after they've been activated. Their information on how they name themselves, they believe, was preset into them before they were activated and Evnir has speculated that their ideas for naming themselves come from whatever their creator was and what names they liked. Collectively they decide what their 'surname' will be, most surnames they choose will be closely related to a metal.

Male: Tonrec, Joslil, Daero, Kasver, Garrus, Theren, Felver, Corvon, Sedar, Yeros

Female: Nua, Seldra, Aradi, Isonoa, Kattyn, Encyne, Ceri, Keldrey, Elinvar, Orla

Surnames: Stellus, Ironun, Tinure, Copperia, Silvey, Lithi, Caesi, Radis, Vanad, Galli

Evnir Traits[edit]

A clockwork race of unknown origins, even to themselves.
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2.
Age. Evnir are all 'activated' at the same time and are considered adults at such time. They live on average of 200 years but can last as long as 600 years if meticulously maintained and upgraded.
Alignment. Most Evnir tend towards good or neutral alignments, wanting to integrate and blend into the societies of the people they meet with.
Size. Evnir range from 5-6 feet in height. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. You sink in water as if your speed was 0 and you were falling.
A Machine's Toolkit. You gain proficiency with a set artisan's Tools of your choice.
Living Construct. Even though you were constructed, you are a living creature. Your creature type is both construct and humanoid. You are immune to diseases and being poisoned. You do not need to eat or breathe, but you can ingest food and drink if you wish. Instead of sleeping, an Evnir needs to wind the key that is in its back along with performing regular maintenance on their body this takes 4 hours each day. You are fully aware of your surroundings and notice approaching enemies and other events as normal. An Evnir can go a number of days without winding their key equal to their proficiency bonus, if they fail to wind their key after a number of days equal to their proficiency bonus then they fall unconscious until their key is wound back up. In addition, instead of a Wisdom (Medicine) check a Intelligence check or an Intelligence (Tinker's Tools) check is needed to stabilize you.
Flexible. You can take the Dodge action as a bonus action a number of times equal to your Dexterity modifier(minimum 1). You regain all expanded uses of this trait when you complete a long rest.
Sounds of Gears. The subtle sound of moving gears, springs and other mechanical components surround you, causing you to have disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks.
Mendable. When the mending spell is cast on you and you have 0 hit points you become stable. Alternatively, as part of the casting of mending, the caster may expend one of their spell slots, causing you to regain a number of hit points equal to 1d8 + their spellcasting ability modifier; when this is done using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, the healing increases by 1d8 for each slot level above 1st.
Languages. You can speak, read and write Common.
Subrace. Evnir's internal construction tend to lean towards specific abilities. As to whether or not Evnir actually follow their internal makeup is entirely up to them, though if they do, they find themselves able to perform above what would be considered the average.


These Evnir are more skilled with their hands than the rest, able to work on all various types of things, from forging to sewing they manipulate things with precision and skill that would normally come from years of practice. Mechanics tend to be more reserved and quiet, not venturing too far from towns or their own shops. Some are known to want to experience the world they're placed in, eager to see just how much they can find and create throughout the land.

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 1.
Creator. You have proficiency with Tinker's tools. Using those tools, you can spend 1 hour and 20gp worth of materials you can construct a Tiny clockwork device that serves a specific, simple function. They have an Armor Class of 6 and 2 hit points. The device ceases to function after 24 hours (unless you spend 1 hour repairing it to keep the device functioning), or when you use your action to dismantle it; at that time, you can reclaim the materials used to create it. You can have up to three such devices active at a time.

  • Messenger- These constructs are kept small to be discreet, allowing them to travel unseen and deliver messages to whomever they were assigned to without being noticed. The message they carry can either be vocal or written, depending on the situation and once the message is delivered, and the recipient confirms they heard it, it immediately returns to its creator. This device has a walking speed of 10 feet and a flying speed of 30 feet.
  • Delivery- Usually made into the form of small animals or basic, bipedal machines with a compartment for holding whatever needs to be delivered. Once the parcel is received by its recipient it will return to its creator and it will only take a couple hours to reset it if a new destination is needed. It has no real means of defense only able to escape any attackers by its agility. This device has a walking speed of 40 feet and a +2 to all Dexterity saving throws.


Trader Evnir are well known for their ability to socialize more than anything else. They're more friendly than any other Evnir and will engage any and everyone they meet, trying to talk their way into, or out of, any situation they come across. They quickly become knowledgeable in local customs and traditions and love meeting new people to learn what they can from them about the area. Traders also have an excellent sense of direction, never losing their way, be it on a mountain, a dense forest or an open field.

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 1.
A Way With Words. Whenever you make an Charisma (Persuasion) check attempting to barter, trade or engage in some other commerce based activity, you are considered proficient in the Persuasion skill and add double your proficiency bonus to the check, instead of your normal proficiency bonus.


Soldier Evnir are the only Evnir that look physically different in appearance, their normally pale, white skin is instead deep silver color. Their skin doesn't seem to be any thicker than other Evnir, although it does seem to have a better resistance to it than other Evnir. They're more formal and less talkative than most other Evnir, but only to other races. They're friendly with members of their own race, but can be a bit on the protective side when others approach their group.

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 1.
Silver Skinned. While unarmored, your Armor Class is equal to 13 + your Dexterity modifier. You can use a shield and still gain this benefit.


Always curious and always willing to listen, Scholar Evnir are always out the hunt for new knowledge and new things to discover. They love to delve into the knowledge of the land they've woken up in and investigating the different stories and legends that the people of the land have, taking special care to find the honest roots of stories and artifacts. Despite their nature of enjoying learning, they also enjoy discovering things as well, often wandering freely to do research on whatever they're working on, fearlessly exploring ruins and ancient temples to find whatever clues they can.

Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom or Intelligence score increases by 1.
Naturally Curious. You are proficient in the Investigation skill.
Keen Mind. You always know which way is North. You always know the number of hours left before the next sunrise or sunset. You can accurately recall anything you have seen or heard within the past month.


Knowing that a path needs to be cut through the wilderness, these Evnir are always out at the front, blazing new trails and watching for dangers that could arise along the way. Unlike the rest of their kind, their gear make up lets them move quietly, not having to worry about the usual noise of gears and springs clicking and moving inside of them, possibly giving away their position, letting them hide and observe without the fear of being detected as easily. While still open and friendly like the rest of their kind, but always seeming to be on the watch for what is to come.

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 1.
Silent Running. Your internal make up runs quieter now. Your Dexterity (Stealth) checks are no longer done at a disadvantage.
Path Clearer. Difficult terrain doesn't slow your group's travel and you cannot become lost except by magical means.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

4′ 6″ +1d20 300 lb. × (30) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

Art by スミスミ スミス

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

When creating an Evnir character, you can use the following table of traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws to help flesh out your character. Use these tables in addition to or in place of your background's characteristics.

d8 Personality Trait
1 The world is so vast, I want to see it all!
2 I must write down every encounter I have and document everything that happens.
3 Any new experience I take on with all of my enthusiasm!
4 Experiences are to be treasured and taken in slowly, after all why rush what you enjoy?
5 My curiosity has no limits, no matter the situation.
6 I tend to speak a little too openly about everything.
7 I don't see the evil in anyone unless it's deliberately shown to me.
8 I ignore anything that I don't immediately find fascinating.
d6 Ideal
1 Trust. I trust in my fellow Evnir and anyone they say is trustworthy (Good)
2 Curiosity. If its interesting, I'll explore it! (Neutral)
3 Aspiration. I'm determined to make myself worthwhile (Any)
4 People. I'm loyal to my fellow Evnir, other must earn my trust. (Neutral)
5 Generosity. I create and explore for the benefit of others. (Good)
6 Logic. I will not allow emotions to cloud my judgment. (Lawful)
d6 Bond
1 My research/inventions are vital.
2 I'm never without my tools, they're more precious to me than gold.
3 My brothers and sisters will always come first.
4 Someone saved me from a terrible situation, I'm forever grateful.
5 There is another Evnir who I have always looked up to.
6 The town that took me in will forever be precious to me.
d6 Flaw
1 I forget everything going on around me when I'm working/reading.
2 I can never resist listening to gossip.
3 I am uncomfortable anytime I'm outdoors.
4 I always dig a little to deep into other people's lives.
5 My tools/equipment/belongings must ALWAYS be organized.
6 Socializing with strangers is difficult for me.

Racial Feats: Experimental Augmentations[edit]

The more time that the Evnir have to work on themselves, they discover new ways to rearrange and augment their own bodies to serve themselves better in the environment. While helpful, they may also affect an Evnir's performance.

  • Replacement Springs: Forgoing the original springs you were built with, you had a different makeup of springs installed to help keep your gears moving. Rather than having a large winding key sticking from your back now, you carry around a small device that winds a series of increasingly larger springs that power you. The device can easily be kept hidden in a small compartment somewhere on your body.
  • You can continue to operate for a number of days equal to twice your proficiency bonus before needing to rewind yourself.
  • You may add half your proficiency bonus rounded down, minimum of 1, to your initiative bonus.
  • Built in Weaponry: All it took was reworking some of the gears inside of an area of your body to conceal a weapon that you can deploy and use when you need it.
  • You have a weapon that can be deployed or hidden using a bonus action from an area of your choice on your body such as your arm, wrist, foot, or hand. This weapon must have the light weapon property and once deployed may be removed for throwing or other needs.
  • Stealth Augment: All of the gears and springs that made noise inside of your body are replaced with gears that run much smoother and quieter, allowing you to hide with ease without the worry of being given away by your internal makeup. During this upgrade, you also were able to improve your ability to remain through the silencing of footsteps and other alterations.
  • You no longer make noise while in operation. You are no longer suffer from disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks due to your Sound of Gears trait.
  • You gain proficiency in the Stealth skill. If you are already proficient in the skill, you add double your proficiency bonus to checks you make with it.
  • Refractive Plating: The plating that covers everything on an Evnir's body is replaced with plating that is capable of bending light so that you may blend into your surroundings.
  • As an action, you can become invisible for 1 minute. Each time you use this feature you lose one days worth of time before you need to rewind your key. If you only have a day left worth of time or less you cannot use this feature.
  • Enhanced Optics: Replacing the eyes that they were originally made with, these are made to adapt better to the conditions that they've found themselves in.
  • Your Wisdom score increases by 1.
  • You gain proficiency in the Perception skill. If you are already proficient in the skill, you add double your proficiency bonus to checks you make with it.
  • Lightweight Materials: All of the outside plating, along with all of the heavier gears and systems inside of the Evnir are replaced with lighter materials, giving the Evnir more mobility and weight more comparable to an average human.
  • You gain a swimming speed equal to your walking speed and no longer sink while in water.
  • You can take the dash action as a bonus action.

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