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Woolly Rhino-Folk[edit]

If you thought that regular rhino-folk were bad, just wait untill you see their woollier cousins. - a traveler of the northern realms, sharing his encounters with woolly rhino-folk.

Physical Description[edit]

Woolly rhino-folk are related to other rhino-folk, but the difference between them is immediately clear. While they aren't significantly bigger, they are covered in thick fur that is usually a shade of brown or black. In addition, they also have two horns on their nose, one big one at the front and a shorter one behind it. The former can be used as a fearsome natural weapon.


Wether created through the creativity of a deity or millions of years of natural selection, the woolly rhino-folk are a powerful race of anthropomorphic woolly rhinoceros that dwell in the colder regions of whatever realm they inhabit. They are grumpy loners by nature, and rarely interract with anyone else. When they do interract with other races, these woolly rhino-folk are usually wandering mercenaries, looking for either coin or glory.


Woolly rhino-folk live in small tribes led by a Chieftain or Chieftess, who gained their position through a mixture of strenght and wisdom. While they usually aren't above taking advice from other tribe members, especially exsperienced warriors, they're ultimately the one who makes the decisions. Another important position in the tribe, however, is that of Shaman. Shamans can be of any gender and act as the tribe's priest and healer all at once, healing both body and spirit. While woolly rhino-folk can be rough and competitive with one another, they are ultimately loyal to one another, even if they often express it in a form of tough love.

Woolly rhino-folk that are away from their tribe or lack one entirely are often wandering warriors, looking for a chanche to prove themselves, or wandering mercenaries looking for coin.

Woolly Rhino-Folk Names[edit]

Woolly Rhino-Folk tend to have short names that are usually one or two syllables for either gender. The names of female woolly rhino-folk often end with an 'a'.

Male: Ull, Mog, Dah, Torn, Creb, Broud, Vorn.

Female: Iza, Ayla, Uka, Olga, Ebra, Ika, Zara.

Woolly Rhino-Folk Traits[edit]

A race of bulky, cold-dwelling people that resemble anthropomorphic woolly rhinoceros'.
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 1 and your Constitution score increases by 2.
Age. Woolly Rhino-Folk reach maturity at around 18 years, and can live up to around a century.
Alignment. While exceptions and variations always exist, woolly rhino-folk tend to be Neutral.
Size. Woolly rhino-folk usually stand between 6'-9' feet tall, including the horn. Your size is medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Large Horn. Your front horn is a large a natural weapon which you can use to make unarmed Strenght strikes. If you hit with it, you deal 1d6 piercing damage instead of the bludgeoning damage normal for unarmed strikes.
Charge. Immediately after taking the Dash action, you can make an attack with your horn, as a bonus action, provided the creature is within range and you have moved more than 20 feet in a straight line towards the target. Upon hit, your horn deals 1d6 piercing damage plus your Strength modifier.
Tough Skin. While unarmored, your Armor Class is equal to 12 + your Constitution modifier. You may use a shield and still gain this benefit.
Poor Eyesight. The Woolly Rhino-Folk has poor eyesight, and rolls at a disatvantage for perception checks that rely on sight.
Woolly Fur. The Woolly Rhino-Folk resists cold weather and has an advantage against non-magical cold attacks
Powerful Build. Woolly Rhino-folk count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Rhinoceros.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

6′ 5'' +3d6 350 lb. × (5d6) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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