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The Beastmen, sometimes known as the Beastkin, the Cloven Ones,the Horned Ones, the Beast of Chaos or even the Children of Chaos, are a race of savage mutant humanoids that bear various traits of bestial appearance, such as cloven hooves, muscular human bodies, horned bestial heads and a malign primitive intelligence. Proud of their origins, it is said that they are the descendants of ancient humans corrupted and twisted by the influence of Chaos at the dawn of Chaos's coming into the world.

Physical Description[edit]

"warhammer fantasy beastmen" by canius

Rather stronger, and more muscular in their nature, beastmen are a strong race of beings. With the head of a beast, the most common being that of a goat or bull, the body of a strong human and with the legs normally of the same beast as its head, beastmen are some of the most barbaric humanoids in the world. Their fur is normally a brownish color, with black or white being extremely rare and normally seen as a sign of greatness by the tribe or herd.


The origins of the Beastmen is tied closely with the origins of Mankind itself. Indeed, long before the collapse of the Northern and Southern poles, there was no such thing as a Beastmen living within the world of that ancient age. By this time, Mankind was still a fledgling and unknown race, still confined to lands far from the reaches of the ancient civilisations of the Dwarves and Elves. The Old Ones, ancient beings of incredible power had watched like a guardian upon this fledgling world, staving off the undesirable races and seeding the world with the first true forms of life. However, a catastrophic event had occurred in an unknown point in time that has since cursed the World to its inevitable damnation.

A great calamity befell. Something glorious, wonderful, and powerful died, and when it did, the Great Polar Warp Gates, once a marvel of technology, had collapsed, and with it, the raw stuff of Chaos flowed like a river upon the harsh lifeless lands of the northern and southern waste. Boiling out from the wound within reality itself were the Daemons and their warping powers of magic. The effects of the gate’s destruction created all manner of abominations, and from these abominations came the first Incursion of Chaos and the first of the Beastmen.


The Beastmen build no cities, for order and construction are anathema to them. They roam far and wide, following the scent of fresh meat and hunting down whatever wanders into the ancient hunting grounds that the Beastmen patrol.All the lands of the Old World are regarded as these very same hunting-grounds. It has always been so, since the coming of Chaos in a distant and legendary age. The Beastmen are tough and strong, for they must compete with the unimaginable horrors that haunt the world

Beast Men Names[edit]

Naming for beastmen works on a three-part system, the tribe or herd name, the role then the individual's name itself. For example, Darkhide Chief Dag.

Tribe: Darkhide, Blackhoofs, Bladehorns, Dreadmanes.

Male: Gog, Gra, Frag, Drog, Barg, Dag

Female: Dil, Gril, Kan, Co

Beast Man Traits[edit]

Beastmen are beings made of chaos and corruption,embodying unstoppable and cruel calamity
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2 and your Strength score increases by 1.
Age. Beastmen reach adulthood rather quickly at the age of 5 years old, but otherwise, age like humans with the average life span being 60 to 80 years, if they don't get killed first.
Alignment. Beastmen are creatures of whim and want,even within their small societies they often break convention and kill their superiors for power,most beastmen are evil,but there are few beastmen who are Lawful neutral or true neutral
Size. 5ft 9in is the average height for a beastman. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Keen Senses. You have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on hearing and smell.
Charge!. If you move at least 15 feet straight toward a target and make a melee attack against it on the same turn, the attack deals an extra 1d6 bludgeoning damage. If the target is a creature, it must succeed on a DC 15 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone.
Hide Skin. When you are not wearing armor, your AC is 13 + your Dexterity modifier. You can use a shield and still gain this benefit.
Languages. You know Common and Beast Tongue,Beast tongue is a version of Black speech spoken by Beastmen,it replaces most words with grunts,body movements,clicks,pops,muttering,grumbling or howling.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

5′ 2'' +2d6" 116 lb. × (1d8) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

When creating a <race name> character, you can use the following table) of traits, ideals, bonds and flaws to help flesh out your character. Use these table in addition to or in place of your background's characteristics.

d8 Personality Trait
1 My beastman traits developped later in life,so I was never tuly accepted as one
2 The gods of chaos give me visions through dreams
3 Anything more complicated than my weapon doesn't deserve my attention
4 Everyone insists I am bullheaded,they are all wrong
5 The strongest deserve to rule! And the strongest is ME!
6 I never fight without partaking in the proper rituals of battle
7 I think most other beastmen are brutes incapable of thought.
8 I take every excuse I can to make a feast
d6 Ideal
1 Order: I will unite every beast tribe there is!
2 Opportunity:I am not an unthinking brute,that's just a convenient excuse to get what I want
3 Chaos:atribe can turn on itself at any moment,I am just the first to take advantage of it
4 Freedom:killing other chieftans means I will liberate all their herds
5 Greed:there is nothing better than rutting in your own filth
6 Coexistence:do we need to kill eachother?
d6 Bond
1 My tribe who found me in the woods and raised me
2 The bray-shaman who was always giving me advice
3 I was raised by a normal human family,who hid me from the world
4 My mother,the only beastwoman I hold compassion for
5 I was the only beastman of my kind in the past
6 I have killed all who I've encountered
d6 Flaw
1 I cannot stay still without rutting or fighting for more than a few hours
2 I can be heard coming from a mile away,I hurl and scream without realizing it
3 Whenever I see my own blood I go into a frenzy of rage
4 If I am not leading,I will fight until I am,or die trying
5 I start eating animals while they're still alive
6 I never bandage my wounds,and they fester horribly
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