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A small, foxlike humanoid race that live in well-developed and civilized settlements in various locations. They tend to be very religious and faithful to whatever god they are tied to, but won't go as far as interposing it on others due to their usually kind demeanor. Though not all raposa are like this, some abandoned religion to pursue knowledge in attempt to take fate into their own hands.

Physical Description[edit]

A male Raposa as depicted in Drawn to Life

Usually quite small in size and stature, they are known for their rather long ears similar to that of a fennec fox, which are roughly fives inches long on their own, with only the male's fur completely covering their ears. Said fur is usually a variety of colors ranging from more oranges, rust, and yellow colors to greys or silvers, though the color does not appear to be dependent on age. Despite the animal-like characteristics, their fur does not cover their face, leaving their small eyes, button nose, and mouth visible.


Raposa believe to have been one of the first races created by the their god that they simply refer to as "The Creator" though it is not specified which god in any of their "Books of Life" which are considered a "holy book" to the raposa. This caused much confusion and in fighting amongst the earliest of raposa tribes. Though they eventually resolved it by allowing "The Creator" to be to up the interpretation of each individual raposa, in which they may choose who to worship once they reach maturity. Some raposa, however, choose not to follow a god either due to not wanting their fate controlled by a higher power or the fact a universal god was never chosen. These raposa were labeled as "Deviated" and earned a poor reputation early on in the tribal days due to mass book burnings of "Books of Life" orchestrated by them. Sadly, due to this modern day "Deviated" have to keep their position secret regardless of how pure or malicious their intent


Raposa tend to live in towns comprised mostly of their own kind, though they do get along well with other races due the their usually kind and cute demeanor. They are in many ways similar to humans in the fact they are quite adaptive and versatile, being able to perform a variety of tasks and live in a wide range of locations without much of a problem. Besides this, they are considered very religious due to their strong belief in being one of the first races ever created, but they do no gloat or interpose this ideal on other races due to wanting to keep a good relationship with them. Not just that, but they in general prefer to keep religion to themselves and their communities and aren't usually very open about it with others unless its another raposa, since they are quite loose and don't have a universal religion amongst their kind. Regardless, deviated raposa are still looked down upon for not choosing a religion as well as due to very poor representation in the past with the earliest of deviated being rather violent.

Raposa Names[edit]

Raposa names can be a wide variety of things, but tend to be either food, various objects, onomatopoeia, or a modern human name sometimes spelt a bit differently than the traditional form. Their name can also depend on where they live as well as what kind of family they came from, whether it is full of miners or farmers, to artisans or performers.

Male: Jowee, Cookie, Cricket, Click, Maximilien

Female: Mari, Cherry, Genevieve, Penelope, Nanci

Raposa Traits[edit]

Short, foxlike creatures that are usually very faithful to their religion and use the word "Rapo" in front of objects that originated from a raposa-run village
Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 1.
Age. Raposa mature at the age of 18 and live up to roughly 100
Alignment. Faithful raposa tend towards lawful alignments due to keeping in line with their religion. Though Deviated raposa tend towards chaotic and neutral alignments due to breaking away from religion, but aren't necessarily evil because of it
Size. Raposa are roughly 2'6" to 3'6", their ears making up 5 inches of their height, alone. Your size is small.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 25 feet.
Fox Ears. Due to having ears that are literally 5 inches your own height, you have advantage on Perception checks based on hearing.
Raposa Charm. You are a small, cute, fuzzy creature that gets along well with most races. You are proficient in the Persuasion skill.
Adaptable. You are able to live just about anywhere and are quite familiar with surroundings similar to that of where you are from. Choose a biome type you originated from, you get the bonus tied to the corresponding one as your trait for this. In addition to what it gives, you have advantage on Survival checks made while within that biome.
Volcanic: Being used to the extreme heat from being around volcanic activity, your fur has developed some resistance to it. You have advantage on saving throws against spells that deal fire damage.
Tundra: Being used to extremely cold temperatures, your fur has developed some resistance to it. You have advantage on saving throws against spells that deal cold damage.
Desert: Used to traveling long distances in awful conditions, you have built up some endurance. You have advantage on Constitution saving throws against exhaustion.
Forest: Being used to hiding from much bigger creatures in very dense forests, you are able to hide in various shrubs and trees with ease. You have advantage on Stealth checks when attempting to hide among things like leaves, foliage, and other natural phenomena.
Cavernous: Accustomed to having to find your way around in the dark to perform simple tasks, you have honed your sense of hearing to the point of being able to rely primarily on your ears, if need be. You can spend a minute being perfectly still to attune your ears to your environment and gain 30 feet of blindsight for the duration.
Swamps: Accustomed to wading through muddy waters and cautiously stepping over jutting out tree roots, simply moving through such terrain isn't much of an issue for you compared to most. You ignore difficult terrain caused by organics such as roots, vines, thorns and the like as well as any terrain considered sticky due to effects similar to the web spell.
Plains: Used to moving around a mix of flat and hilly terrains, you have developed faster movement that makes traveling a breeze. Your movement speed increases by 5 feet.
Coastal: Used to often times having to retrieve something dragged away by high tide, you swim pretty frequently and have gotten much faster, due to it. You gain a swimming speed of 10 feet.
Mountainous: Having to climb rocks just to get from point A to point B on a daily basis, climbing has become no problem for someone such as yourself. You gain a climbing speed of 10 feet.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and one other language of your choice.
Subrace. Choose either the faithful or deviated raposa.

Faithful Raposa[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 2.
Faithful to the Book. Tuning into your god, "The Creator", you can use their power to fix anything of their creation. You know and can cast the mending cantrip. You are also proficient in the Religion skill.

Deviated Raposa[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increases by 2.
Defining Your Own Fate. Turning to the knowledge of books in attempt to replicate the power of "The Creator" to take control of fate itself. You know and can cast the prestidigitation cantrip. You are also proficient in the Arcana skill.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

2′ 6″ +2d6 25 lb. × (1d4) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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