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Come, feel our warmth. Know that we are not violent.

Physical Description[edit]

Vatranites appear similar to a fire elemental, but with pieces of metal that partially make up their bodies in bands and structures. A vatranite is not much different than a human in size variance. Despite what many people initially perceive, the fire that makes up a vatranite is only hot, not burning to the touch. It rarely extinguishes. They do have skin beneath the flames that wreath their bodies. The vatranites fire can vary between red, purple and everything in between depending upon their souls. Angrier souls have redder fire. In between the metal plates is what can only be described as containment field which acts as their skin. Given that the vatranite's soul is no longer contained and subdued by the body, they can harness arcane powers naturally as if they were born with it.


Vatranites are not born, they are created. Every 100 years, hundreds of people simply disappear overnight. It has been rumored that they are sent to the Trials of Ignis, spirited away en masse. It is believed to be a kidnapping done by followers of a deity named Ignis. The kidnapped people are put through a series of rigorous tests of strength and willpower. Those who survive the trials are allowed to leave, though there is a catch. The survivors always go through a change in their souls. The Trials of Ignis force a survivor's soul to escape the body and take the shape of flames that wreath the person's entire body. In the process it tears the original body to shreds. Depending on the quality and characteristics of the soul, the flames will be different colors. Before any given person leaves the trials they are given a suit made of magically bound metal plates that contain the energy of the soul. This suit becomes a part of their body once donned.


While the newly created vatranites are allowed to return to their previous lives, many of their former friends and family assume that they are some sort of demon or evil entity that is trying to destroy them. They are not totally to blame, considering that a vatranite has a totally different appearance and possibly even size than that of the original body. As a result of this, the majority of vatranites are cast out, they tend to be drawn to each other at which point they create small settlements in large caves where no one will take them as a threat. They are trusting of other races, but not everyone is willing to accept the vatranites as companions.

Vatranite Names[edit]

Vatranites tend to keep their names from before their trial. They retain their memories and personalities, though the latter may be a bit strained. They become a bit more flamboyant and fiery, even passionate. Some take on new aliases to mirror this change. More often than not, these new names are androgynous.

Names: Enma, Fira, Pyro, Ignacio, Volcanus

Vatranite Traits[edit]

Beings who succeeded a trial... and got punished by losing their bodies.
Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma, Dexterity, and Wisdom scores each increase by 1.
Age. Vatranites reach adulthood at the same age as their origin race but can live for centuries because the body can no longer decay. they will die when the flame of their soul burns out.
Alignment. While there are no tendencies towards either good nor evil, after the trials vatranite usually lean towards being chaotic.
Size. Every vatranite changes to a near uniform height range upon being relocated to this new body, regardless of their former race. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Darkvision. The eyes of a vatranite are two red pinpoints of flame. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Metal Plates. Metal plates cover your body in bands and other shapes like natural armor. While unarmored, your Armor Class is equal to 12 + your Dexterity modifier. You may use a shield and still gain this benefit.
Flame Body. Your brilliant flame casts bright light up to 15 feet from yourself, and 15 feet of dim light beyond that. You have disadvantage in Dexterity (Stealth) checks to hide in dim light and darkness.
Corona. Your body's heat deters any searing pain you might feel from fire. You are resistant to fire damage.
Blazing Form. Since your entire body is aflame, you can channel your heat to do some real damage if you wish. You can cast burning hands as a 1st-level spell, without material components. You can use this spell via this trait once, regaining use upon finishing a long rest. Charisma if your spellcasting modifier for this spell.
Telepathy. You can communicate telepathically with other vatranite within 60 feet of you. Neither of you need to know a language and you can sense each other's presence within this range automatically.
Languages. You can read, write, and speak Common, Primordial, and Ignan.

Race Variants[edit]

Vatranites of the cold and lightning varieties exist as well. The process for their making is similar, save for the trial and the god it is dedicated to. Lightning vatranites undergo the Trial of Farron, and cold vatranites have the Trial of Crya. Farron, Crya and Ignis are deities believed to be part of some cultish pantheon. Their appearances differ from normal vatranites of course, with lightning vatranites having a body of electric plasma, and cold vatranites having a solid blue body that is cold to the touch.

Design Note: These variants replace the Flame Body, Corona and Blazing Form traits.

Lightning Vatranite[edit]

Plasma Form. Your shining body of lightning casts dim light up to 5 feet from yourself. You have disadvantage in Dexterity (Stealth) checks to hide in dim light and darkness.
Charged. The nature of your body allows you to absorb charges that would otherwise be harmful. You are resistant to lightning damage.
Zapping Touch. You can use your electrifying nature as a weapon. You can cast the shocking grasp cantrip without components. When you use this version of shocking grasp, it is considered nonmagical for the purposes of effects like antimagic field.

Cold Vatranite[edit]

Frigid Body. Your body is chilled to subzero temperatures superior to most other forms of cold. You are resistant to cold damage. You are also immune to the effects of Extreme Cold, as listed on page 110 in the Dungeon Master's Guide (5e).
Freezing Channel. You can send out a chilling blast from your hands by channeling your inner cold. You can cast frost fingers[1] as a 1st-level spell, without material components. You can use this spell via this trait once, regaining use upon finishing a long rest. Charisma if your spellcasting modifier for this spell.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

5′ 6″ +2d6 100 lb. × (2d4) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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