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Troll with the biggest club gets to be king. That's the rule!


Physical Description[edit]

Official art from Legends of Runeterra depicting a troll raiding party led by Trundle, the Troll King

Trolls are large, hulking humanoids who average at over 5 meters/16 feet of height. Their skin color is typically some hue of a greyish blue, green or rust-brown with warts or even sharp craggy protrusions on their bodies, and their hair is almost always some shade of red, purple, dark green or orange. They tend to have large noses, sometimes of a different hue than the rest of their skin. Notably, the number of fingers on a troll can vary; many only have three fingers, but individuals with four or even five fingers exist. They frequently have a notable underbite, with two teeth in particular growing longer than the rest. Some trolls also grow large, prominent curved tusks akin to a mammoth. Males very often have large beards. A hunched posture is common.


Trolls inhabit the frozen region of the Freljord, their natural hardiness allowing them to survive the inhospitable cold. The harsh winters, ferocious wildlife and limited resources force the inhabitants of the Freljord to be strong to survive, and this has molded the troll tribes into fearsome warriors who have evolved to be incredibly difficult to kill. In ancient times troll kings worshiped the old gods and in exchange were granted powerful artifacts to aid in their rule and conquest. However, in time the kings disappeared and the trolls split into various tribes. In recent times a troll named Trundle entered an alliance with Lissandra the Ice Witch. Using a mighty weapon called Boneshiver he has conquered many tribes, forming them together into a kingdom under his rule.


Most trolls live in disparate tribes, ruled by various chieftains. Many tribes have now been united, willingly or not, under the troll king Trundle. Being cast out of the tribe is practically a death sentence considering the harsh environment, and most clans would rather kill a stray troll than let them join. Housing mostly consists of caves and hollowed glaciers, with clothing and weapons formed of animal remains or materials looted from human tribes. Strength, brutality and suicidal bravery are considered virtues, while intelligence and strategy is considered confusing and cowardly. Most trolls are incredibly dumb, and tend to react to confusion with anger and violence. Trolls who are too smart are harassed or even cast out, such is what happened with Trundle. Thus, the trolls under Trundle's rule find that their mental gifts are more accepted than in other tribes. Cannibalism is an accepted practice, and is treated as casually as eating any other kind of meat. The primary religion for trolls are the Old Ones, ancient mysterious deities. While their worship is not as prolific as it once was, troll Augurs who are taught the chants of the Old Ones can gift individuals with immense power. Ancient troll monoliths built in the Old Ones' honor still litter the far north of the Freljord.

Troll Names[edit]

Male: Trundle, Uzgar, Tarkaz, Grubgrack, Yettu, Sligu

Female: Hgar

Trolls Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 2 and your Constitution score increases by 1.
Age. Trolls can live for centuries.
Alignment. Trolls are almost universally chaotic evil, only obeying their chieftain as long as that chieftain is the strongest killer around. Those under Trundle have a slight degree more structure than most.
Size. Trolls are Huge creatures, averaging at over 5 meters/16 feet tall. Their builds tend to angle towards muscular and fat body types, with only a few individuals such as mystics being skinny.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 40 feet, due to the size of your legs.
Colossal size. You are a Huge creature. However, your size makes you easier to predict, giving you disadvantage on attacks of opportunity. Additionally, your fingers are too thick to effectively Grapple Medium and below creatures, giving you disadvantage against Medium and below creatures and a -2 and -5 modifier against Small and Tiny, respectively.
Troll Regeneration. When you finish a long rest you gain an additional 1d4 hit dice. Add an additional d4 every second level.
Used To The Cold. You have resistance to cold damage.
Crush! Smash!. You have advantage on Strength checks related to breaking, punching or smashing.
Open wide. You can open your jaw at an unnaturally wide angle, giving you advantage on checks related to eating.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Troll.

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