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Psyche Swallower[edit]

An ordinary humanoid approaches an armed guard for information. When the guard becomes hostile, the human opens his mouth. His face splits into four jointed spikes connected by a membrane of skin, which covers a cavernous maw filled with spike teeth. The guard stands straighter, and reports a brief but informative summary, as if to a superior. His report completed, the guard's sanity splinters and he collapses in a heap.

A Psyche Swallower is a normal being, transformed by twisted science, into a psychic abberation of frightening power. They possess aberrant physical traits, and can use their psychic powers to subjugate and harm their foes.

Altered Form

This race is intended as a complement or alteration to an existing race. This is by no means intended to make any races supremely overpowered. All this race contains is an ability score adjustment and a few psychic powers. This contains some class-like elements.

Physical Description[edit]

Psyche Swallowers are rare, and as such, no complete physical descriptions of one exist. Psyche Swallowers were normal beings who were infused with aberrant traits, causing massive changes to their physiology. Externally, Psyche Swallowers resemble the race they were engineered from. Instead of a mouth, Psyche Swallowers possess a thin, skin-like membrane which puckers towards the middle. The membrane conceals four insectile mandibles. When opened, the mandibles stretch the skin outwards from a pit of teeth with a long, thick tounge consistant with aberrant biology.


The first Psyche Swallower was created when a wizard attempted to fuse parts of an aberrant creature to a humanoid to create a terrifying soldier. The fusion was successful, and the result killed its creator and fled into the world, only to vanish a month later. Other attempts have been rare, but enough have been made to note that the subject gained some psychic powers from its aberrant graft. The creature's innate ability to render people insane by seemingly devouring their thoughts earned the experiments the name "Psyche Swallower".


Psyche Swallowers have no society, and try to insert themselves into communities they were familiar with in their past form. This usually fails, as their aberrant nature produces an aura of fundamental wrongness, which other creatures cannot abide.

Psyche Swallower Names[edit]

Psyche Swallowers are made, rather than born. So each Psyche Swallower uses a name from its previous race.

Male: Choose a male name from the Psyche Swallower's original race.

Female: Choose a female name from the Psyche Swallower's original race.

Psyche Swallower Traits[edit]

Psyche Swallowers are created from other creatures by mixing Aberrant and Normal genes.
Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 2 and your Strength score increases by 1.
Age. Psyche Swallowers can live for up to twice their parent species' age.
Alignment. Due to their treatment at the hands of wizards, Psyche Swallowers are normally hateful. they tend towards chaotic behaviour, and are usually neutral or evil.
Size. Psyche Swallowers have the same size as their parent race.
Speed. Psyche Swallowers have been slowed by the conversion process, which twisted their original form out of true. subtract 5 feet from your parent species' speed value. You lose any types of movement that are not walking.
Abberant Vision. Due to the addition of aberrant genes, you now have darkvision to 30 feet if you did not already. If you already have darkvision, its range is doubled.
Mutated. Choose a "parent" race. this race functions as your original race. you gain all advantages and disadvantages of your previous race, except your ability score increase and any natural weapons or armour.
Devolution. Lose all armour and weapon proficiencies (except for light armor and simple weapons) afforded by your class, race, or background. They belong to what you were, not what you are. In addition, choose one other proficiency (one from your class and one from your background) to lose.
Wierd Intellect. When you make an cha or int check, the DC is lowered by 2. And if you fail on an intimidation check, the creature you were attempting to intimidate goes insane (DM's choice of insanity type). In addition, all attack rolls made against you in darkness have disadvantage (e.g. nighttime or in a cave). Also, when an enemy makes a psychic attack aginst you (where damage type is psychic or part-psychic), they take half the attacks damage (in psychic damage type) if it succeeds.
Ravenous. Your aberrant mouth is your biggest physical difference from the rest of your parent race. Your mouth functions as the origin for any spells, unless otherwise specified (e.g. you will shoot magic missiles from your mouth instead of your hands. this applies for any spell originating from your self, unless the description specifies a specific body part such as with burning hands). In addition, you need to consume twice the amount of food you did before your conversion (if your parent race only had to eat one ration per day, you have to eat two) and if you did not eat food, the you must eat the same amount as a normal Human (one ration a day or equivalent).
Exile. Any class used by a Psyche Swallower counts as multiclassing, and you must meet the multiclass prerequisites of any class you wish to use. You cannot multiclass more than once.
Languages. You can read and write Common, and one other language of your choice. You are not capable of verbal communication and do not possess telepathy unless it was a trait of your parent race.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

Use the Random Height and Weight for your parent species.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

When creating a Psyche Swallower character, you use the traits, flaws, ideals, and bonds (if any) of your parent race. You can choose whether to swap some of these for an aberrant characteristic if your parent race does not have the aberrant type.

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