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The weaker is dominated by the stronger. We are weak, but our inventions made us stronger. ("Speak of Adam "Leader" Clark, First king of Reickland")


With unkonwn origin, Smallfolk are alike their bigger human cousins, but with a little more creativity. They are rare, and their last strongholds are located in towns and cities underground caverns and abaonded sewer sistems, unlikely, but not unseen settlements in good defended natural locations in plains or forrest.


Their weeker body is not match for the other clans and races that are bigger than them or has wings or just stronger, and just for fun, they are almost fully cut from magical powers. Howewer, the great inventions are on their side in the conflicts with other tiny nations. Steamtanks overhaul their vulnerubliness, flycopters overpower the skies and steamcarts (trains) take the undergrund tunnels for transport. This all balance their low number and lack of strength.

The underground fortresses[edit]

Rare to see, these underground towns are defended until the last man. To a foreginer it is a real death trap, the first defence lines in the max one meter lengt and one meter narrow tunnels defended by city guards armed with pikes und blowguns, in last cases they flew deaper and set fire in the corridor or just blow it up. In the outter walls, that are about a size of a village, of course in their size, in their size, where are the mines and other work stations, guarded by the steamtanks and calvary (cat riders). The inner city is in the last line of defence, the soliders here are fight until their last breath, until the citizens are flew in the numerous escape rout into the wild. The leader is not allowed to leave, by traditions the leader fall with the city.

Smallfolk Names[edit]

They are give their children the same surnames as humans who lives in the territorry, where they live, but their family names are represent their ancesstories identity, and they add their city's name.
For Example: Lorry Hunter es Contor

Smallfolk Traits[edit]

-summary:Many of the normal people, who knows about this race thins they are rare because they are made for failure in this word. They are wrong.
-abilities:Your inteligence score increases by 1.
-age:You mature like normal humans and live until your 100th birthday.
-alignment:Alligment: Littlefolk tend towards lawfull becouse their disciplined society, and they can be good, netural or evil either.
-size:They are no taller than half meter (one feet) and no smaller than 30 centimeter (7 inch), and weight is around 1.5 pound or 0.7 kilogram. Your size is tiny.
           -You get -15 (min 2) to your strenth score when you in a battle that involves Small or greater sized enemies. Small Mounts and Small Animals are not counted.
           -You can ride on Medium or greater sized people, if they allow.
           -You can fit in hollows half of your size, but in this way you will have disadvantage against .
           -You can hide behind a crearure bigger than you and you have advantage in hiding.
           -As an attack you can graple into an enemy that is Medium or bigger. In every turn you have to roll a Dexterity saving trow 15.If it succes, than you deal your one handed weapon damige. If it fails you fall off and you need to roll again a Dex saving trow, if it fails too, then you get 1d4 bungeoning damige. In addiction the enemy as an action can get rid of you if he succes a Dex saving trow (10+dex and contribution modifier). You can do this three times between long rests.
           -Light weight: You can't activate pressure plates that not made for tinys and ice can't break beneath you.
           -Tiny equipment: You can buy stuff with your size at most merchant in full price because of the hardness of the production. Howewer, you can shop at tiny shopkeepers at tiny settlements with the same price just in silver coins.
          -Tiny lifestile and paymant: Tiny quests pay in silver. One currenthy bellow is copper coin. Everithing is in the same pric, just with one currenthy bellow. Howewer, completing a normal quest is still paid in gp
          -Tiny can go into crowd or another bigger creatures space, but in every turn you need to trow a Dex 15 saving trow or you get 1d8 bungeoning damidge by get stepped on.
-speed:Your base walking speed is 5 meter (10 feet).
-Blowing powder:You have acces the Fortress armdealers.

-Steam workshop: You have acces to the tiny mounts veliaches made by a Littlefolk manufacture
-You are unable to use weapons, armors and veliavhes that made for Small or bigger characters.
-languages:You can speak, read, and write Smallfolk Common. This is familiar to the Common, but have major diferencies, like English and German. Smallfolk Common is spoked by most of the tiny world.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

′ '' + lb. × () lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

When creating a Smallfolk character, you can use the following table of traits, ideals, bonds and flaws to help flesh out your character. Use these tables in addition to or in place of your background's characteristics.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I doubt that I was not drunk, when I stepped outside from my cavern.
2 Our soliders do not ask about defending the city, just do it. Why should I wait inside until they get defeated?
3 I want to see other places, not just underground cities.
4 I done something terrible, and I paying back the price of my second chance.
5 I will destroy my past friends, who did not help me claiming the power in my homeland.
6 All my ancestor died in the same illnes. I may enjoy my life this way before I die too.
7 I got tired of my fellow citisens. I would be defenetly happier With the bigger people.
8 roll again
d6 Ideal
1 Our order will defend us from all threats (lawfull)
2 We need to do anithing for our civilisations survival (chaotic)
3 Our citisens have to be defended, no matters the cost (good)
4 The enemies of Littlefolk will be crushed (evil)
5 I do not care about what way things will be done, In the end it should be good for me (natural)
6 Roll again
d6 Bond
1 I could drink all of the drinks even in a giant Tavern.
2 I would never let down my friend, even if they are bigger.
3 I would go to fire if something or someone close to me got in danger.
4 I need to find a new place for my people.
5 I always get disorientated, so I need to prove my abilities to miself.
6 roll again
d6 Flaw
1 My weakness is like everyones weekness. Alcohol.
2 I get along better with foreigners than my specie.
3 I rellieing too much to our inventions.
4 I cannot tolerate, when I get bullied because my size.
5 I have a fobia against big people.
6 Roll again
(one vote)

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