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Lyrella, a thief and smuggler, ran through the streets, chased by just about every guard the small city could spare. Lyrella, with the bounty on her head, jinked and weaved through the main streets, dodging arrows intent on stopping her shenanigans, and turning into a nearby alley; wanting out of the archers' sight. Much to her dismay, the alley led only to a dead-end. The guards slowed their pace as they realise they have cornered the greatly-wanted elf, as she draws her shortsword, not wanting to admit she has lost yet. As the captain pushes forward, a tall, muscular figure crashes down between the two. The grey-skinned humanoid, towering a head or even two over the guards, content that the captain of the guards has sufficiently stopped in his tracks, looks back at his companion, and Lyrella immediately recognises Ruschuin. The two exchange smiles, Lyrella's being much more nervous, as Ruschuin turns back to the swarm of guards before him. Two hours later, Ruschuin and Lyrella are talking and laughing at each other in the tavern, owned by their Thieves Guild. The guards, however, are groaning to each other in the infirmary, agreeing to never mess with either of the two again, and to let them go free, lest Ruschuin come for each and every one of them again.

Physical Description[edit]

The coyouin can be categorised simply as anthropomorphic shark-people. Whatever sub-race they are, they are always humanoid in body shape, if a little better built thanks to being natural predators. Their faces protrude outwards slightly just below their nose would be, giving an appearance not dissimilar to a shark's snout. This, of course, means that their noses are unconventional, instead appearing as four horizontal slits in approximately the same area. Their noses simultaneously function as gills. Their teeth are ludicrously sharp, as well as being retractable, and are the cause for their distended snouts. Their ears can simply not be described as ordinary. Instead of 'normal' ears, their lower jaw extends backwards farther than where it joins with the rest of their skull, lined with wave-sensitive nerves. These still allow for standard hearing, but provide exceptional hearing underwater, granting the ability to pinpoint another organism while underwater with uncanny accuracy! Their eyes can vary greatly in colour. Sometimes in a standard array of blues, browns and greens, but also sometimes in odd colours of violet, pink and yellow. Regardless of colour, they always glimmer in an odd and borderline hypnotising manner. They also possess full heads of hair, long, short styled, unkempt, any style or length imaginable with no hindrance to their ability to swim, with the possibility to be any colour on the visible spectrum. Decorating their backs are dorsal fins much like a shark's. Their spines also extend into squaline tails, thick and almost as long as they are tall, ending in a pair of vertically aligned fins.

There is some variance in the sub-races of the coyouin.

The megalodon sub-race are undeniably the largest sub-race, towering over their companions with their rough skin primarily being a dark, greyish blue their ventral side being white. Megalodon coyouin are rather rare, since they come around only when the surviving strain of their most ancient ancestors comes to light.

Great whites are the shortest sub-race, but still larger than humans, but the most wide-spread. Their rough skin being lighter than that of megalodons, and leaner than them.

Tiger coyouin are barely taller than great whites, but still cannot compare to megalodons. Their skin tends to feel a little rougher than others of their species, and is largely a glaring orange, but still possess white ventral sides. They also have black stripes across their bodies.


Coyouin generally don't keep tabs on the past, being too caught up with affairs of the present to trouble themselves with history. Most of them reason through the logical means of evolution; that, over time, some sharks began to inhabit the land, eventually leading to the coyouin of present. Regardless, there is no answer that is for-sure true.

Unbeatable Friends[edit]

A coyouin is a welcome addition to any group of friends, no matter what. They are supportive of every action their friends take, provided the action does not stray to the realms of evil, and bring with them a whole new perception of banter. They are also incredibly honest about their friends; telling them where it is they need to improve, and when to simply abandon something. Forever in the best intentions, of course.Their loyalty to their friends beats out that of anything else; remaining by their friends' side stoutly in the face of death and loss. And even beyond that sometimes! There are multiple recorded incidents of a coyouin denying the grasp of death for one last ditch effort to prevent their friends from suffering the same fate. When a coyouin goes out adventuring, they will often times learn techniques that best protect their friends from harm. Coyouin fighters generally specialise the protection fighting style, as do paladins, and even rangers. A coyouin paladin expresses loyalty both to their deity and their friends, but will always choose to side with their friends over their deity without hesitation, should the need for such a choice arise. Because of this, coyouin paladins never wholly commit to law and order.

Accidentally Romantic[edit]

Coyouin romance is rather peculiar. Each coyouin, when they mature at 9 years old, regurgitate a small, gently glowing stone no larger than a quarter of the palm of their hand. This stone, named a 'lover's stone', binds the coyouin's sexual attraction. When a coyouin feels that they are sure that the selected person is, in fact, right for them, they gift this stone to their lover. The lover may accept the stone, and thus accept the coyouin's apparent offer of wedlock. Should they do this, the stone glows much more brilliantly and beautifully. Oftentimes, the lover may choose to wear the stone as a piece of jewellery, since it's simply so beautiful. Alternitavely they may discard the stone, rejecting the coyouin's offer, in which case the stone loses its glow forever, and the coyouin from there-forth cannot feel attraction anymore. Naturally, coyouin are extremely careful regarding this gifting process, since they only have one stone to give. This is precieved as unbelievably romantic by other races, and when the public realises someone denied such a beautiful offer, they are shunned and scolded for the irreparable damage they caused to the coyouin's life.


Coyouin society is based purely upon building each other up and good-hearted actions. While their physical appearance might tell that they are abrasive and unsociable, they are one of the most kind and friendly people imaginable. The very thought of intentionally committing a bad deed absolutely revolts them, sometimes to the point of physical retching. Because of this, they persistently seek opportunities to help and assist. They are often described as the very embodiment of good. Though, they still acknowledge that physical conflict can be inevitable sometimes, and are unafraid to march to war when the need arises, but still dread it when the time comes. And the day that a coyouin city goes to war, demons flee of absolute and irrevocable fear.

Coyouin encampments are usually stationed near water. Partways because of the obvious benefits of a wet-point site, and also because Coyouin adore swimming. Swimming is almost always a coyouin's favourite pass-time. Beyond that, there is little to no hierarchy in coyouin encampments; there are no superiors or inferiors.

Coyouin Names[edit]

Coyouin are often given graceful names in comparison to that of humans, but sometimes also give their children names of other races. To them, every name is gender-neutral; the concepts of attributing certain things to certain genders is simply dumbfounding to them.

Example names: Syoui, Woul, Shir, Tirianui, Ruschuin

Coyouin Traits[edit]

Shark-like people who are friendly beyond belief.
Ability Score Increase. By default you have +1 to charisma, other racial modifiers are listed with sub-races.
Age. Coyouin generally reach maturity at the age of 9, and on average live to be 125 years of age.
Alignment. {{{alignment}}}
Size. Your size is medium. Megalodon coyouin range from 9' to 10' in height, some even reaching 11', and weigh anywhere from 300 to 600lb, but are still counted as medium. Great whites usually grow to be around 6'6" and 240lb to 270lb. Tiger coyouin usually are just under 7', and weigh about 245lb through 275lb. Coyouin weigh large amounts due to their impressive mass of muscle, and their tails contribute as well.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. While underwater you have a swim speed of 35 feet. You are also able to dash as a bonus action while swimming.
Amphibious. You can breathe in both water and air
Natural hunter. You are proficient in athletics, and gain advantage in any checks related to smell to determine the direction of a wounded organism while underwater, so long as you can still smell.
Loyal friend. You cannot voluntarily harm a friend. If a creature or other entity would attempt to make you harm a character you deem a friend, as per the Command spell, or similar effect, you automatically succeed any roll made to resist it, or the one attempting to manipulate you automatically fails their roll to force you; whichever is most applicable. At 3rd level, if you are charmed and are asked to harm a friend, not only do you resist the demand, you also break out of the charm. At 5th level, if you are being totally dominated in some way, as per the Dominate Person spell, or similar effect, and you are thus made to harm a friend, you may make a Charisma saving throw with advantage. On a success, you are no longer dominated, and are immune to being dominated or charmed by the same source for the next 24 hours. The Charisma saving throw is made against the dominator's spell save DC. If the dominator doesn't have a spell save DC, the DC for the Charisma saving throw is 6 + the dominator's proficiency bonus + the dominator's Charisma modifier (Be sure to make the distinction between 'friend' and 'acquantence'; these only apply regarding your friends. Now, that's not to say it has to be a character that you have spent years and years with, but it cannot be somebody whom you have just met that day)
Bite. You can use your incredibly strong jaw as a weapon that you are proficient with. You may choose to bite a target for 1d6+strength piercing damage. On a successful hit, you may also attempt to grapple your target, so long as they are the same size as you or smaller. Your target can choose to attack your now vulnerable head, if they roll a natural 20 you end the grapple, reeling in pain. While you have a creature grappled like this, you cannot use your bite attack
Sensitive hearing substitute. Your 'ears' are stupendously sensitive. You can passively detect moving objects while underwater for 90'. You are resistant to most effects that may deafen you.
Languages. You can read, write and speak Common, Coyouin. Coyouin is a mixture of delicately soft and bluntly harsh pronunciations, depending on both the word & what it means, and the speaker's current mood. You can also convey and receive simple messages to sharks, such as where 'food' is nearby, sharks are also non-aggressive to you by default.
Subrace. Megalodon, Great white, Tiger


Ability Score Increase. You gain +2 to strength
Immense strength. Due to your above-average muscle power, your unarmed attacks deal 1d4+strength mod bludgeoning damage (if you are playing a monk or other unarmed attacking class discuss with your DM how this will work with the additional damage as the class levels up), you are also considered one size larger for the purposes of grappling, but still your normal size for the purposes of being grappled. You also count as one size larger for the purposes of how much you can pull, push, lift and carry.
Gift of ancients. Due to being the result of an ancient strain becoming prominent in your blood, you have faint un-memories of civilisations past. You have a basic understanding of primordial; you can read simple texts in the language, and can even speak a small amount of it. You cannot understand any complicated words; just the bare basics for conversation, and when you speak in primordial it comes out clumsily and a little disjointed. This understanding of primordial is not comparable to a full understanding of the language, and can be replaced by a full understanding if you learn the language in full from somewhere. Additionally, ancient beings of the sea, such as Krakens or even Aboleths, will likely recognise your ancient blood, and are a little more keen to negotiate with you before conflict.

Great White[edit]

Ability Score Increase. You gain +2 to dexterity.
Quickest to move. You are proficient in dexterity saving throws and acrobatics. You also have a swim speed of 50', and a base walking speed of 35'
Fast-reacting immune system. You are immune to poison damage, and diseases are half as difficult to remove (it takes half as long, half the resources, half the gold, etc, to cure a disease). Additionally, when you receive healing from any non-magical source, you may add half of your proficiency bonus to the amount healed


Ability Score Increase. You gain +2 to strength, +1 to constitution, but lose your charisma bonus
Particularly rough. your skin is far rougher, and a little thicker than that of other coyouin. Because of this, you are resistant to bludgeoning damage, and, while you are wearing no armour, when you are struck by an unarmed strike, the attacker is dealt 1d2 (1d4 / 2) unattributable damage, this is upgraded to 1d4 at level 8, 1d6 at level 13, and 2d4 at level 17
Bloodthirst. You have a slightly more acquired taste for blood than your brothers and sisters. When you make an attack roll against a target whose current hitpoints is less than their maximum hitpoints (excluding temporary hitpoints) you may add your proficiency bonus to your damage roll, as well as the to-hit roll. A weapon you are not proficient with adds half your proficiency bonus to both rolls (rounded up)

Other sub-races[edit]

Other forms of coyouin exist; there is almost one for each existing form of shark. If you want to play as a coyouin based on a different form of shark than presented above, such as a hammerhead for example, you can converse with your DM how that sub-race would function. If you choose to do so, I recommend using the framework of having a total of +2 to the stats, or negating the charisma bonus for a total of +3, as with the tiger coyouin, and two traits of equivalent potency to the ones presented. Choosing to add +3 to one stat cannot raise that stat above 20.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

Table: Coyouin Random Height and Weight
Sub Race Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Megalodon 8′ 2″ +2d8" 300 lb. x 2d3 lb.
Great White 6′ 2″ +2d6" 240 lb. x 1d6 lb.
Tiger 6' 10" +2d6" 245 lb x 1d6 lb

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