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”If you want people to obey you, sometimes you have to make them.” - Darkos

”Yes, I can punch you through that wall with little to no effort. No, I'm not going to punch you through that wall, because it is purely idiotic.” - Intella

Physical Description[edit]

Deitans are a large race of green men and women. They can grow from 7 to 9 feet in height. The males typically have between 1 and 3 dull horns on their jaw, along with short, cleanly cut hair. This trait is an obsessive compulsion that has stuck around throughout the known history of the Deitans. The hair can be blue, brown, or red. their skin is always a shade of green. Their eyes can be red, blue, or yellow. The females share the same traits, except for the horns and hair. Their hair can be whatever length they want, and they normally have three small jaw spikes. These spikes are typically a shade of brown, but can also rarely be shades of black or green.


The harsh environment of Cascadia has evolved this race into a strong race with a very high intellect. Darkos, for example, was able to find the correct velocity and force to crumble a concrete tower in a single punch, all within a few seconds’ time.

Long ago during the first few centuries of the race, some small civilizations were formed. With this came war. After the colonies had been fighting for a century or two, a young Deitan decided that he had enough. He decided to end the constant stream of wars by talking his way through problems and compromising. Eventually everyone stopped fighting as much and followed him. Since then, he has been the model for all world leaders since.

The Deitans came to this planet some time after their new world leader, Darkos, came into power. After some time under his rule, he became ruthless, so some Deitans left. They are a somewhat rare race on our planet.


Deitans value intellect more than strength, typically. With their democratic society, they normally elect the smartest person to be their leader, mainly because that person will be able to identify problems that need fixing, and will at least try to fix it. Strength is not their main priority, mainly due to them inheriting incredible feats of strength from their ancestors. They typically don’t interfere with other planets’ affairs due to their introvertive nature.

Deitan Names[edit]

The names of Deitans tend to predict how the person will act in the future. So, a Deitan named Tyrannus might grow up to be a very strong tyrant. A Deitan named Benignus could be very nice. The names tend to also follow basic Latin, or sound like a descriptive word.

Male: Darkos, Tyrannus, Benignus, Atreus, Strong, Largo, Arigenta

Female: Arcan, Destra, Nebula, Perdera, Charuna, Atrea, Scarnia

Deitan Traits[edit]

Deitans are very strong and smart creatures with a couple of extra abilities.
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 2 and your Intelligence score increases by 3. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.
Age. Deitans mature ever so quicker than humans, reaching adult maturity by around 15. They can live up to 250 years, aging slowly after they reach full maturity.
Alignment. They tend to stay between good and neutral.
Size. Deitans tend to grow between 7 and 9 feet tall.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 45 feet.
Eye Beams. You may fire a powerful beam of heat from your eyes at whatever you are able to see. It only takes a few seconds to 300 ft. To attack, roll 1d20+Perception. To dodge this attack, the target would have to perform a dexterity saving throw. If this attack hits, roll 1d12+1+Perception fire damage. If the attack hits and the difference between the two rolls is 5 or greater, the target catches on fire until they are put out or there is nothing left to burn, resulting in 1d4 points of fire damage each turn.
Natural Armor. The tough environment of Cascadia has granted you very tough skin for you to survive. This will make your AC 11+Dexterity+Constitution+Shield (if you have one equipped). If you wear any sort of armor, simply add 4 to that armor's AC. If you do this, you cannot have Unarmored Defense stacked.
Thick Skin. Deitans are a lot tougher when it comes to taking blows, so due to the harsh environment of Cascadia and your ancestors surviving natural selection, your skin is a lot tougher than most other people's. Gain +4 HP onto your max HP.
Headgear. Headgear allows you to take a few hits and automatically hit back. If you are hit in the head with an unarmed blow, the attacker will take damage as well, equal to the damage they roll. You, however, take off two damage from that roll, making you take slightly less damage than them, with a minimum of 0 damage.


Males will do bludgeoning damage due to their dull chin horns.


Females will deal piercing damage due to their chin spike.
Deitan Rage. This mainly only happens when Deitans are beyond angry.

Your rage can keep you fighting despite grievous wounds. If you drop to 0 Hit Points while you're raging and don't die outright, you can make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw. If you succeed, you drop to 1 hit point instead.

Each time you use this feature after the first, the DC increases by 5. When you finish a short or Long Rest, the DC resets to 10.

Add a temporary +4 to Strength, +2 to Constitution, and +3 to Dexterity. Your Intelligence and Wisdom will temporarily decrease by 5.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, Giant, Deitan, and one other language of your choice.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

7′ 9″ +2d12 312 lb. × (1d8) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

When creating a Deitan character, you can use the following table of traits to help flesh out your character. Use this table in addition to or in place of your background's characteristics.

These characteristics are only suggestions, but are very strongly advised to take one or more of these. The personality traits are going to be listed under the voting section. I have no idea how to fix it, if someone can, please help.


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d8 Personality Trait
1 I serve Darkos, my planet's leader. I enjoy his methods of law enforcement.
2 Knowledge is power. I must gain as much as I can.
3 I try my best to stay neutral in situations, unless it directly involves me.
4 I never hurt anyone unless provoked.
5 I hate to admit it, but I'm not as smart as the others.
6 I like being strong. It keeps the fools away.
7 In terms of strength, you must be strong both mentally and physically to break your opponents.
8 Darkos, my planet's leader, is a terrible man whom I wish to defeat one day.
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