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Item Type Subtype
$2 Coin Wondrous item
Accuracy Stone Wondrous item
Aglet Wondrous item
Alabaster Puppy Wondrous item
Alacritous Armor Armor medium or heavy, but not hide
Ancestral Weapon Weapon any
Apprentice Ring of Distance Ring
Archer's Ring Wondrous item
Armor of Gleaming
Arrow of Frost Weapon arrow
Artisan's Tools, +1, +2, or +3 Wondrous item
Auril's Kiss Potion
Ball of Gravity Detection Wondrous item
Basic Artifice Eye Wondrous item
Battlemage's Sheath Wondrous item
Bead of Nourishment
Bead of Refreshment
Beads of Sabotage Wondrous item
Belt of Language Decoding Wondrous Item
Blade of Bludgeoning Weapon any sword
Bleed Charm Wondrous item
Bleed Stone Wondrous item
Blight Charm Wondrous item
Boastful Weapon Weapon any
Bombchu Wondrous item
Bone Marrow Ash Wondrous item
Book of Hidden Secrets Wondrous item
Book of Memory Wondrous item
Books of Long Distance Texting Wondrous item
Boomerang Bandolier Wondrous item
Boots of False Tracks
Boots of Landing Wondrous item
Boots of Quick Mounting Wondrous item
Boots of Water Walking Wondrous item
Bottle of Disappearing Liquid Wondrous item
Bottomless Waterskin Wondrous item
Bowl of Soups Wondrous item
Box of Crack Jacks Wondrous item
Bucket of Lard Potion
Caelium Arrows Weapon arrows
Candle of the Deep
Cardsharp's Deck Wondrous item
Cartographic Earrings Wondrous item
Cast-Off Armor
Charged Armor Armor light, medium or heavy
Charged Wand Wand
Charged Weapon Weapon any
Charlatan's Die
Chocolate Rain Potion
Cloak of Billowing
Cloak of Many Fashions
Cloak of the Plesiosaurus Wondrous item
Close Shave Wondrous item
Clothes of Mending
Coin Weapon Wondrous item
Combat Wand Wand
Cool Sunglasses Wondrous item
Cosmic Steel Weapon Weapon any melee weapon
Coward's Knife Weapon dagger
Critical Helm Wondrous item
Dark Shard Amulet
Debuff Charm Wondrous item
Debuff Stone Wondrous item
Deity Juice Potion
Deku Stick Weapon greatclub
Dentures Wondrous item
Disease Charm Wondrous item
Dodge Stone Wondrous item
Dowsing Rod Rod
Dowsing Stone Wondrous item
Dread Helm
Drunkard's Flask Wondrous item
Dueling Blade Wondrous item
Ear Horn of Hearing
Electric Arrow Weapon arrow
Elemental Weapon Weapon any
Elevation Boots Wondrous item
Elixir of Energy Restoration Potion
Ember Seed Wondrous item
Enchanted Stick Weapon club
Enduring Spellbook
Envelope of Sending Wondrous item
Ersatz Eye
Ever-Bleeding Robe Wondrous item
Everfull Inkwell Wondrous item
Everfull Tin of Beans Wondrous item
Exploding Potato Wondrous item
Feathered Weapon Weapon any
Fire Arrow Weapon arrow
Fire Rod Rod
Firedart Javelin Weapon javelin
Flame Arrows (20) Weapon arrows
Flying Bucket Vehicle
Fortunate Cookie Wondrous Item
Frost Arrows (20) Weapon arrows
Gadabout Vehicle
Garfield Pouches Wondrous Item
Gauntlet of Exploration Wondrous item
Gauntlet of the Prodigal Explorer Wondrous item
Goodberry Potion Potion
Greasy Lantern Wondrous item
Guiding Light Wondrous item
Guitar of Breaking Wondrous item
Hair Cream of Wondrous Style Wondrous item
Hammer of Worthiness Weapon Any hammer
Hangover Cure Potion
Hat of Vermin
Hat of Wizardry
Heavy Arrows Weapon Ammunition
Heward's Handy Spice Pouch
Highwire Ammunition Weapon arrow or bolt
Hocotatian Whistle Wondrous item
Homeopathic Potion Potion
Horn of Silent Alarm
How to Jump Wondrous item
Ice Rod Rod
Instant Comfort Potion
Instrument of Illusions
Instrument of Scribing
Iron Boots Wondrous item
Ivory Dagger of Privilege Weapon dagger
Joy Potion
Korok Leaf Wondrous item
Lantanese Shield Armor Shield
Lenses of Darksight Wondrous item
Lesser Ring of Crystal Growth Ring
Lightened Pack Wondrous item
Lightning Rod Rod
Lizal Boomerang Weapon scimitar
Lock of Trickery
Lord Quantum Arrow Weapon arrow
Ludwig's Holy Blade Weapon greatsword or longsword
Magic Display Cabinet Wondrous item
Magical Prosthesis Wondrous item
Magma Mace Weapon mace
Marble of Liquid Storage Wondrous Item
Mask of Vedette Wondrous item
Memory Orb Wondrous item
Mirror of Communication Wondrous item
Moon-Touched Sword
Move Charm Wondrous item
Move Stone Wondrous item
Multi-Tool Wondrous item
Musical Blowgun Weapon blowgun
Mystery Key
Necklace Of Average Intelligence Wondrous item
Necklace of the Divine Messengers Wondrous item
Necklace of the Nap Wondrous item
Needle Ammunition Weapon arrow or bolt
Orange Guidance Soapstone Wondrous item
Orb of Direction
Pen of Endless Ink Wondrous item
Pen of Illiteracy Wondrous item
Perfume of Bewitching
Pipe of Smoke Monsters
Placebo Enhancer Potion
Poe Soul Potion
Pole of Angling
Pole of Collapsing
Portable Shield Armor combat round shield
Pot of Awakening
Potion of Anti-Sleep Potion
Potion of Damaging Potion
Potion of Initiate Bar Fight Potion
Potion of Magic Potion
Potion of Solace Potion
Potion of Squeaky Voice Potion
Potion of the Sleepless Mind Potion
Power Gloves Wondrous item
Purse of Holding Wondrous item
Quicksilver Bullet Weapon Ammunition
Quill of Writing Wondrous item
Rabbit's Foot Wondrous item
Reappearing Clothes Armor clothing
Resizable Guitar Wondrous item
Resizing Collar Wondrous item
Ring of Clean Language Ring
Ring of Fire Bolts Ring
Ring of Humankind Ring
Ring of Minor Illusion Ring
Ring of Nopes Ring
Ring of Photosynthesis Ring
Ring of Pleh Ring
Ring of the Adept Linguist Ring
Ripper Teeth Wondrous Item Symbiote
Robes of Ambiguity Wondrous item
Rod of Punishment Rod
Rope of Mending
Ruby of the War Mage
Rune of Muffled Noise Wondrous Item
Salamander Dagger Weapon any simple weapon that deals piercing damage
Sanctified Steel Weapon any metal weapon
Satchel of Slow Cooking Wondrous Item
Savior's Bandage Wondrous item
Scarf of Languages Wondrous item
Scarlet Bovine Potion
Scavenger's Bow Weapon longbow
Scroll of Spell Mimicry Scroll
Scroll of Summon Scroll Scroll
Seed Shooter Wondrous item
Self-Shuffling Deck Wondrous item
Shield of Absorption Armor shield
Shield of Expression
Shiny Red Balloon Wondrous item
Silver Skull Wondrous Item Symbiote
Sinister Looking Letter Opener Weapon dagger
Skeleton Mirror Wondrous item
Smoldering Armor
Spark Rod Weapon club
Speed Stone Wondrous item
Spell-less Spellman's Spellcaster Wand
Spellcard Wondrous item
Spring-Loaded Shield Armor shield
Spy's Paper Wondrous item
Staff of Adornment
Staff of Amplifying Staff
Staff of Birdcalls
Staff of Flowers
Staff of Light Staff
Star of Shenanigans Wondrous Item
Star Wand Wondrous item
Sticky Hand Wondrous item
Stone Grenade Wondrous item
Stun Charm Wondrous item
Synthoil Potion
Syringe of Regeneration Potion
Talking Doll
Tankard of Sobriety
Temperate Clothes Wondrous item
Theater Dagger Weapon dagger
Throwing Weapon Weapon any melee weapon without the heavy property
Tidestone Wondrous item
Tool of Repairing Wondrous item
Topaz of Digging Wondrous item
Townshend's Cudgel Weapon quarterstaff
Trigger Discipline Wondrous item
Tumbler of the Drunk Wondrous item
Twinkling Pipeweed Wondrous Item
Type 80 Integrated Thundercaster Wondrous item
Ultisword Weapon
Unbreakable Arrow
Unstable Elixir Potion
Variant Figurines of Wondrous Power Wondrous item
Venom Teeth Weapon symbiote
Very Comfortable Pillow Wondrous item
Vest of Safety Wondrous item
Veteran's Cane
Walloping Ammunition
Wand of Conducting
Wand of Magic Farts Wand
Wand of Minstrels Wondrous item
Wand of Prestidigitation Wand
Wand of Pyrotechnics
Wand of Quoitwil Wand
Wand of Scowls
Wand of Smiles
Wand of Sparkling Wand
Weapon +½ Weapon any weapon
Weapon of Fluctuating Accuracy Weapon any
Whistle of Silence Wondrous item
Wired Shuriken (Shinobi World Supplement) Weapon Shuriken or Fūma Shuriken
Witch's Fire Wondrous item
Worn Very Comfortable Pillow Wondrous item


Item Type Subtype
9 Volt Wondrous item
A Dollar Wondrous item
Abbodon's Channeling Weapon Weapon any melee weapon
Acid Arrows (20) Weapon arrows
Adamantine Thread Robe Wondrous item clothing
Adder of Strife Weapon spear, dagger
Advanced Artifice Eye Wondrous item
Adventurer's Pouch Wondrous item
Alchemist's Flask Wondrous item
Alchemy Jug
Amulet of Construct Location Wondrous item
Amulet of Darkness Wondrous item
Amulet of Languages Wondrous item
Amulet of Lightning Wondrous item
Anarchist Cookbook Wondrous item
Ancient Weapon Weapon
Angelic Bow, Variant Weapon longbow
Anklet of the Wind Wondrous item
Anti-Radiation Pills Potion
Apicius Weapon longsword
Apprentice Ring of Blasting Ring
Apprentice's Eyepiece Wondrous item
Aqua Cleaver Weapon handaxe
Arcane Lock Box Wondrous item
Arcane Propulsion Device wondrous item
Armband of Magic Resistance Wondrous item
Armor of Boosting Armor light, medium, or heavy
Armor of False Wings Armor light, medium, or heavy
Armor of Haste Armor light or medium
Armor of Silence Armor light, medium, or heavy
Armor of Speed Armor light. medium, heavy
Arrow of 1,000 Stars Weapon arrow
Arrow of 100 Souls Weapon arrow
Arrow of Razorwind Weapon arrow
Arrow of Sorrows Weapon ammunition,bows
Arrow of the Assassin Weapon arrow
Artisan's Tools, +1, +2, or +3 Wondrous item
Ashen Wake Weapon Quarterstaff
Assassin Dagger Weapon dagger
Athame Weapon dagger
Automail Limb Wondrous item
Axe of Hurling Weapon handaxe
Bag of Ash Wondrous item
Bag of Colding Wondrous Item
Bag of Holding level V Wondrous Item
Bag of Holding Toast Wondrous item
Bag of Rats Wondrous item
Bag of Stuff Wondrous item
Bag of Wind Wondrous item
Ball of Tar Potion
Banana Gun Wand
Banana Sword Weapon Any sword
Barbarian Armor Armor hide
Bauble of Wonder Wondrous item
Beacon Bow Weapon any bow or crossbow
Beggar's Coin-purse Wondrous item
Berserk Hammer Weapon warhammer
Berserk Potion Potion
Berserker's Toxin Potion
Bezoar Wondrous item
Black Hammer Weapon Sniper Rifle
Black Keys Weapon dual kodachis
Bladed Shield Armor shield
Bladesinger's Gloves Wondrous Item
Blanket of Warmness Wondrous Item
Blessed Garments Wondrous item clerical vestments
Blight Amulet Wondrous item
Blight Stone Wondrous item
Bloodied Fetish Wondrous item
Bloodthirsty Weapon Weapon any
Blue Cap Wondrous item
Blue Coral Snake Bomb Weapon Miniature Explosive
Blue Rose Sword Weapon Longsword
Bone Apple Tea Potion
Bone Dagger of Intoxication Weapon dagger
Book of Revelations Wondrous item
Book of Unlimited Spellcasting Wondrous Item
Boomerang of Retrieval Weapon boomerang
Boots of Hermes Wondrous item
Boots of Hovering Wondrous item
Boots of Nimble Running Wondrous item
Boots of the Flame Waker Wondrous item
Boots of Water Walking, Obsidian Wondrous item
Boots, Rocket Wondrous item
Bottle of Bees Wondrous Item
Bottle of Blizzard Wondrous item
Bottle of Boundless Coffee, Variant Wondrous item
Bottle of Cloud Wondrous item
Bottle of Tsunami Wondrous item
Bottled Bees Wondrous Item
Bottled Lion Potion
Bottled Misery Potion
Bound Weapon Weapon
Bow of Light Weapon longbow
Bow of Radiance Weapon longbow
Bow of Sun Rays Weapon any bow
Bow of the Storm Weapon longbow
Bowstaff Weapon any simple weapon
Box of Storage Wondrous item
Bracelet of Alchemy Wondrous item
Bracelet of the Chibi Wondrous Item
Bracelet of the Vampiric Fist Wondrous item
Bracelets of Illusion Wondrous item
Bracer of Barriers Armor shield
Bracer of Silvering Wondrous item
Bracers of Deft Hands Wondrous item
Bracers of Vampirism Wondrous item
Brawler's Handwraps Wondrous item
Bringer of the Black Sky Weapon Longbow
Broken Sword Weapon shortsword
Brooch of Rakshasa Persuasion Wondrous item
Bucket of Levitation Wondrous item
Buckler Sword Weapon Shortsword
Bug Bite Weapon blowgun
Burial Blade Weapon
Burl Shillelagh Weapon club
Bursting Shield Armor shield
Bustling Fungus Wondrous item
Canned Air Potion
Cap of Squirrel Kinship Wondrous Item
Caster's Guard Ring
Caution Cloak Wondrous item
Chakram of Returning Weapon chakram
Charge Blade Weapon shortsword or longsword
Charlatan's Shield Armor shield
Cherry Wondrous item
Chest of Shrinking Wondrous item
Chocolate Armor Armor plate
Cleaving Weapon Weapon any weapon with the heavy or two-handed property
Climber's Chalk Wondrous item
Cloak of Gliding Wondrous item
Cloak of Menacing Wondrous item
Cloak of Particles Wondrous item
Cloak of the Innocuous Wondrous item
Cloak of Warmth Wondrous Item
Clockwork Blade Bow Weapon shortsword, longbow
Clown Cube Wondrous item
Club of Giant Power Weapon club
Coconut halves of phantom steed Wondrous item
Coconut Horse Vehicle
Coin Cannon Weapon hand crossbow
Coin of the Acrobat Wondrous Item
Combat Skirt Armor light
Confused Binoculars Wondrous item
Cookie of Fortune food
Cookie of Misfortune food
Corpse Eater Weapon longsword
Corpsefat Candle Wondrous item
Corrosive Bomb Wondrous item
Corruption Arrow HZD Weapon arrows
Covetous Gold Serpent Ring Ring
Crescent Blade Knives Weapon Dagger
Critical Stone Wondrous item
Crown of True Resolve Wondrous item
Crystal Spear Weapon spear
D20 Wondrous item
D4 Wondrous item
Dagger of Whistleblowing Weapon dagger
Dancing Juice Potion
Danger Chimes Wondrous item
Dark Hilt Wondrous item
Das Kinder Mallet Ring
Dawn Weapon LongSword
Decanter of Endless Ale Wondrous item
Decanter of Endless Blood Wondrous item
Decanter of Endless Espresso Wondrous item
Deflecting Armor Armor medium or heavy, but not non-metal armor
Deku Nut Wondrous item
Demonic Mask Wondrous Item
Die of Second Chances Wondrous item
Disposable Ring of Protection Ring
Divine Blessed Gauntlets Wondrous item
DNA Solution Potion
Dora's Backpack Wondrous item
Draconic Essence Blade Weapon any sword
Dragon Killer Weapon any axe
Dragon Scale Armor Armor scale mail
Dragon Shield Armor shield
Drang Weapon Machine Pistol
Draught of Toad Potion
Dream Journalist Wondrous Item Book
Dunestalker Legs Wondrous item
Dust of Forgery Wondrous item
Dusty Ring Ring
Earrings of Improved Healing Ring
Eihwaz Runestone Wondrous item
Eldritch Punch Wondrous item
Elemental Gauntlet Wondrous item
Elemental Scarabs Wondrous item
Elemental Weapon Weapon any
Elixir of Assurance Potion
Elven Spear Weapon spear, pike, glaive, halberd, javelin or trident
Elven Wand Wondrous item
Emerald Pen
Enchanted Fistwraps Wondrous Item
Enchanted Hour Glass Wondrous Item
Enchanted Net Weapon net
Ensilvering Ammunition Weapon any ammunition
Entropic Bone Quarterstaff Weapon quarterstaff
Eternal Ember Wondrous item
Everfrost Ale Potion
Everturning Axle Wondrous item
Executioner's Blade Weapon any sword
Expanded Coin Dispenser Wondrous item
Explosive Arrows Weapon arrows
Eyenox Monocle Wondrous item
Eyepiece of Clear Sight Wondrous item
Falcane Staff
False Flag Wondrous Item
False Potion Poison
Feline's Garb Armor light armor
Fingerprint Copier Potion
Fingerprint Powder Wondrous Item
Fire Extinguisher of Violence Wondrous item fire extinguisher
Fire Flower Wondrous item
Fire Staff Staff
Fire-ball Wondrous item
Flamesmash Weapon maul
Flamespitter Wondrous item
Flask of Perpetual Booze Wondrous item
Fly, Angry Wondrous item
Fly, Big Wondrous item
Fly, Pretty Wondrous item
Flying Ship Vehicle
Focus Rod Rod
Force Gauntlet Wondrous Item
Force Weapon, Variant Weapon Any melee weapon
Found Verdict Weapon Trench Gun
Freeze Arrow HZD Weapon arrows
Frostbreath Weapon Any Sword
Frosty's Snowball Cannon Weapon unique
Fun Gun Weapon flintlock pistol
Futuresight Potion
Gauntlets of Flame Wondrous item
Gauntlets of the Necromancer Wondrous item
Gem of the Wretched Wondrous Item
Girdle of Gender Wondrous Item
Glamoured Armor Armor light, medium, or heavy
Glass Cannon Wondrous Item
Glasses of the Curator Wondrous Item
Glove of Nilin Wondrous Item
Glove of Shocking Wondrous item
Gloves of Potion Shrouding Wondrous item
Gloves of Visible Surfaces Wondrous Item
Goggles of Identification Wondrous Item
Golden Lute Wondrous item
Gravitation Potion Potion
Great Scimitar Weapon longsword
Guardian Armor Armor plate
Handaxe of Bleed Weapon handaxe
Harlok's Skeleton Wondrous item
Hawkeye Kohl Potion
Healing Bolt Weapon arrow or bolt
Healing Stick Staff
Health Stone Wondrous item
Hedron hook Weapon kor hook
Heide Knight Sword Weapon longsword
Helm of Hindsight Wondrous Item
Hide of the Bear Spirit Armor hide
Hollowflight Arrows Weapon arrow
Hornet Glaive Weapon glaive, elven glaive
Hornet's Nest Club Weapon club
Hover Boots Wondrous item
Hunter's Bracers Wondrous item
Hyperion Lance Weapon Spear
Ice Arrow Weapon arrow
Ice Flower Wondrous item
Ice Staff Staff
Identified Cube Wondrous Item
Immortal's Scimitar Weapon scimitar
Indigo Coat of Tears Wondrous item
Ingrained Javelin Weapon Symbiote
Inner Eye Wondrous item
Invulnerable Shield Armor shield
Ioun Pringle Wondrous item
Ipecac Potion
Isaz Runestone Wondrous item
Jelly Boots Wondrous Item
Jute sack of Stupidity Armor Jute sack ( natural armor CA)
Kaunan Runestone Wondrous item
Khadgar's Robe Armor clothes
Kibble's Helm Armor crested helmet
Kinky Whip Weapon whip
Knife Throwing Gloves Wondrous item
Kotodama no Nenju Wondrous Item
KrigUlv Vehicle
Ladnar's Potion Potion
Landboat Vehicle
Lava Charm Wondrous item
Le Roc Armor shield
Lead Elixir Potion
Leather Armour of Pocketing Armor Leather
Leomund's Gem Staff Weapon quarterstaff
Levitation Bomb Wondrous Item
Lick of Flames Weapon whip
Life Drinker Weapon battleaxe
Life-Steal Dagger Weapon dagger
Lightning Staff Staff
Lightweight Item Wondrous item
Lil' Gus Wondrous Item Ventriloquist Dummy
Living Moss Wondrous Item symbiote
Lizal Forked Boomerang Weapon scimitar
Lock of Deception Wondrous item
Long Long Sword Weapon longsword
Lucky Clobbins Weapon club or greatclub
Lusty Maiden's Earring Ring
Lyre Bow Weapon Longbow
Mage Lens Wondrous item
Magic Mama's Firebolt Moonshine Wondrous item
Magic Rock Vehicle
Magical Prosthesis Wondrous item
Magma Stone Wondrous item
Magnifying Glass Polishing Solution Potion
Manticore's Mane Armor studded leather
Manual of Useless Trivia Wondrous item
Marconi Wondrous Item Modified Radio
Mask of Illuminating Wondrous item
Mask of Spellcasting Wondrous item
Mask of the Warlock Wondrous item
Medallion of Ability Enhancement Wondrous Item
Medallion of Armor Wondrous item
Melanated Tomato Wondrous item
Melody Charm Bracelet Wondrous item
Metallurgist's Ring Ring
MIDA Mini-Tool Weapon M7 SMG
Miracle Sword Weapon longsword
Mirror Scale Armor scale mail
Mithral Net Weapon net
Monk's Iron Armor Armor padded
Mood Ring Ring
Mood Ring, Variant Ring
Moon Juice Potion
Moonlight Arrow Weapon arrow
Movable Rod Rod
Muffin of Might Wondrous item
Multi-Action Rodsword Rod
Mysterious Powder Wondrous item
Mystery Seed Wondrous item
Nemean Leather Armor Armor Leather Shoulder Guard
Net Arrow Weapon arrow
Noggenfogger Elixir Potion
Noroki Weapon greatsword
Obsidian Shield Armor shield
Ochilles' Heels Wondrous Item
Oil of Amorphousness Potion
Oil of Anger Potion
Old Gef Tool Instrument
Omni-Directional Mobility Gear Weapon rapier
Omnidress Wondrous item
Oni Hannya Wondrous item
Oozing Lash Weapon whip
Orb of Fumes Wondrous item
Orcsbane Weapon crescent cleaver
Orichalcum Nugget Wondrous item
Paired Rings of Illusion Ring
Paired Twisted Rings Ring
Paraglider Wondrous item
Pausing Amulet Wondrous item
Pebble of Gluttony Wondrous item
Pebble of Metabolic Vitality Wondrous item
Pegasus Boots Wondrous item
Pen of Literacy Wondrous item
Pen of Shapes Rod
Phial of exanimis Potion
Phoenix Tear wondrous item
Pictograph Box Wondrous item
Piecemeal Armor Armor hide
Pill of Vitality Potion
Pirate Garb Armor leather
Plague Doctor's Outfit Wondrous Item
Player's Band Hook Wondrous item
Poisoned Dagger Weapon dagger
Poisoner's Dart Weapon Dart
Poisonsoak Ring Ring
Poofing Sword Weapon
Portable Battering Ram Wondrous item
Portable Cover Armor tower shield
Portable Fortune Teller Wondrous item
Possum Poultice Potion
Potion of Darkvision Potion
Potion of Gobbledygook Potion
Potion of Goose Potion
Potion of Kobold Juices Potion
Potion of Light Potion
Potion of Lycanthropy Immunization Potion
Potion of Magic Potion
Potion of Message Deliverance Potion
Potion of Minor Shielding Potion
Potion of Pre-workout Potion
Potion of Regeneration Potion
Potion of Sleep Potion
Potion of Venom Potion
Potion of Violent Divination Potion
Pouch of Plentiful Potions Wondrous item
Pouch of Tricks Wondrous item
Power Gloves Wondrous item
Protection Stone Wondrous item
Quarterstaff of Mercy Weapon quarterstaff
QuickArmor Armor medium or heavy, but not hide
Quiet Armor Armor any
Quiver of the Arcane Archer Wondrous item
Radnalek Cutlass Weapon cutlass
Ragnarok & AUX Wondrous item Lute
Ranger's Cloak Wondrous Item
Raven Feather Wondrous Item
Reckless Charm Wondrous item
Reluctant Weapon Weapon any melee weapon
Requip Band Ring
Requip Ring Ring
Rest in a Bottle Potion
Rickten's Instant Equipment Wondrous Item
Ring of Accuracy Ring
Ring of Alter Self Ring
Ring of Blackrock Ring
Ring of Bladewarping Wondrous item
Ring of Bravery Ring
Ring of Cure Wounds Ring
Ring of Dark Vision Ring
Ring of Deception Ring
Ring of Drowning Ring
Ring of Finding Ring
Ring of Focus Ring
Ring of Haste Ring
Ring of Impact Ring
Ring of Incredible Strength Ring
Ring of Invisible Dress Ring
Ring of Minor Speed Ring
Ring of Misfortune Ring
Ring of Misfortune, Variant Ring
Ring of Pallet Stunning Ring
Ring of Radiance Ring
Ring of Shroud Ring
Ring of Spider Climbing Ring
Ring of the Ant Ring
Ring of the Barbarian Ring
Ring of the Courageous Lion Ring
Ring of the Goat Ring
Ring of the Luddite Ring
Ring of the Sneak Thief Ring
Ring of the Spectral Blade Ring
Ring of the Wretched Hag Ring
Ring of Thunder Amplification Ring
Ring of Weapon Storage Ring
Ring of Witchery Ring
Ritual Dagger Weapon dagger
Robe of Shielding Wondrous Item
Robe of Shielding, 2nd Variant Wondrous Item
Roc's Feather Wondrous item
Rock of Pocket Filling Wondrous Item Rock
Rod of Pain Rod
Rod of Pain, 2nd Variant Rod
Rune of II Wondrous item
Rune Scarred Bones Wondrous item
Runic Armor Armor Any
Rusted Spoon Weapon dagger
Saddle of Haste Wondrous item
Saddlebag of Holding Wondrous Item
Saturn Dagger Weapon dagger
Savage Tool Weapon Any Weapon
Scroll of Spell Forms Scroll
Scroll of Spell Mimicry Scroll
Sea-Soaked Weapon Weapon any
Seer's Maginetic Marbles Wondrous item
Self hanging noose Wondrous item
Sending Stone, Variant Wondrous item
Sentinel Shield
Seraph Blade Weapon shortsword
Shadow Flask Wondrous item
Shave Butter Wondrous item
Shield Averting Weapon Weapon any
Shield of Bats Armor shield
Shimmer Bow Weapon longbow
Shortsword of Living Wood Weapon shortsword
Shyster's Shell Game Wondrous Item
Sight of True Shooting Wondrous item
Silentium Weapon rapier
Silversteel Weapon a silvered shortsword
Singing Blade Weapon rapier
Smother Rug Wondrous item
Snake Eyes Weapon shortsword
Snake Oil Wondrous item
Snake Sword Weapon longsword
Sniffing Glue Potion
Soothing Tie Wondrous item
Soul Garments of Shadow Armor studded leather
Soul-Infused Weapon Weapon any weapon
Space Cat Shirt Wondrous item
Spell Render Weapon any sword
Spell Ring Ring
Spellslinging Glove Wondrous item
Spirit Crossbow Weapon any crossbow
Splintering Bolt Weapon crossbow bolt
Springheel Blade Weapon shortsword
Spyglass of Watching Wondrous item
Staff of Cats Wondrous item staff
Staff of Ducks Wondrous item staff
Staff of Flame Staff
Staff of Icefire Staff
Staff of Protection Staff
Stalkie Talkies Wondrous item
Steambolt Rifle Weapon special
Stele Wand
Stepback Wondrous item
Sticky Bomb Wondrous item
Stinger Sword Weapon longsword
Stone of Monkey Business Wondrous item
Stool of Comfort Wondrous item
Strike Bow Weapon any bow
Stun Stone Wondrous item
Subjugation Bands Wondrous item
Sun Blade, Variant Weapon any sword
Sune's Amulet Wondrous item
Super Lamp Wondrous item
Swiss Army Ring Ring
Sword of Champions Weapon any sword
Sword of Feisty Betrayal Weapon Shortsword
Sword of Shapes Weapon longsword
Sword of the Divine Weapon rapier
Sylph Cloak Armor Cloak
Tearblast Arrow HZD Weapon arrows
Telepathy for Dummies Wondrous item
Teleportation Bead Wondrous item
Terrarium of Goodberry Wondrous item
Tesla Thrower Weapon Wondrous Item
Tessen Fan Weapon
The Bracers of Blak Sab'batõn Armor light
The Crowned Eye Wondrous Item
The Escape Plan Wondrous item
The Pitcher Wondrous Item
The Watcher's Garb Wondrous item
Thief's Dagger Weapon dagger
Thieving Blade Weapon dagger, shortsword, or rapier
Thorned Whip Weapon whip
Tier Chest of Storage Wondrous Item
Tina's Gloves Wondrous Item
Titus Bracer Weapon spear, dagger
Tlaloc Weapon Battle Rifle
Tonic Potion
Tools of Magic Smithing Wondrous item
Toothpick of Resistance Attack Wondrous item
Toxic Bomb Wondrous item
Trident of Channeling Weapon trident
Trinket of Truth Wondrous item
Triple-Bladed Scythe (Shinobi World Supplement) Weapon Scythe
True-Flight Dagger Weapon dagger
Twelfth Blade Weapon any sword
Twilight Scimitar Weapon scimitar
Twin Books of Long Distance Scribing Wondrous item
Umbrella Lance Weapon lance
Unerring Dagger of "Meh" Weapon dagger
Urbraxus Assault Prosthetic Wondrous item
Valiant Flame Wondrous item
Vanishing Powder Wondrous Item
Variant Bags of Tricks Wondrous item
Variant Figurines of Wondrous Power Wondrous item
Vial of Moon's Essence Potion
Vile Arrows (20) Weapon arrows
Vision of Confluence Weapon Battle Rifle
Wand of Catapult Wand
Wand of Grim Wand
Wand of Healing Wand
Wand of Overexertion Wand
Wand of Smiles, Variant Wand
Wand of the Elements Wand
Wand of Thunderwave Wand
Wandgun, Eldritch Blast Wand
Wardstone Wondrous item
Warrior's Cap Wondrous item
Water Dragon Scale Wondrous item
Waterflow Blade Wondrous item any sword except greatsword
Weapon of Boosting Weapon any
Weapon of Elemental Power Weapon any weapon with the ammunition property
Weapon of Smiting Weapon any melee weapon
Whetstone of Elemental Affinity Wondrous item
Whip of Archaeology Weapon whip
Wild Magic Pearls Wondrous Item
Wild Pelt Wondrous item
Wind Cutter Weapon any slashing melee weapon
Witch Hunter's Headset Wondrous item
Wraith's Hood Wondrous Item
Wurm Scale Mail Armor scale mail
Zalantar Gem Staff Weapon Unique
Zalantar Staff Weapon quarterstaff
Zeus's Belt of Bolts Wondrous Item
Zilean Time Bomb Wondrous item


Item Type Subtype
Abbodon's Channeling Weapon Weapon any melee weapon
Abhorrent Hybrid Fruit Wondrous Item
Absorbing Shield Armor shield
Aegis, Variant Armor shield
Aetheon's Epilogue Weapon Assault Rifle
Alchemist's Blade Weapon
Algernon's Gloves of Temporary Sentience Wondrous Item
All-In-One Black Powder Flask Wondrous item
Amazing Handwraps of Torrential Ki Wondrous item
Amber Songstone Wondrous item
Amitola's Blade Weapon  rapier
Ammo Duplicator Wondrous Item
Amulet of Companionship Wondrous item
Amulet of Recalling Wondrous item
Amulet of Refreshment Wondrous item
Amulet of Regeneration Wondrous item
Amulet of the Animal Within Wondrous item
Amulet of the Magic Savior Wondrous item
Amulet of the Moon Wondrous item
Amulet of Translation Wondrous Item
Amulet of Undead Control Wondrous item
Ancestral Weapon Weapon any
Ancient Weapon Weapon
Angelic Light Glaive Weapon glaive
Angels Tear Staff
Angelus Ex Solis Weapon Shortsword
Angelus Lunae Weapon Shortsword
Angreal Wondrous item
Ankh Charm Wondrous item
Anthem Weapon shortsword
Anti Magic Edge Weapon any
Anything Armor Armor any
Apothecary's Amulet Wondrous item
Apron of Julia Wondrous item
Aquamarine Dagger Weapon dagger
Arachnidism Weapon scimitar
Arc Weapon Weapon Any melee weapon
Arcane Door Wondrous item
Arcane Ring Ring
Arcannon Wand
Arm Cannon Wondrous item
Armband of Magic Resistance Wondrous item
Armbands of Prestidigitation Wondrous Item
Armor Assistant 9000 Wondrous Item
Armor Breaking Chainsaw Weapon Longsword
Armor of Bound Form Armor Plate
Armor of Elemental Rebuke Armor light, medium, or heavy
Armor of Haste Armor light or medium
Armor of Mount Protection Armor light, medium, or heavy
Armor of the Anti-Mage Armor any
Armor of the Blood Fisted Armor medium or heavy
Armor of the Dryad Armor light, medium, or heavy
Armor of the Spirits Armor light
Armor of the Wind Armor light, medium, or heavy
Armor of Thorns Armor light or medium
Armor of Undead Fortitude Armor medium or heavy, but not hide
Armory Armor heavy
Armour of Warding Armor Breastplate, Half plate, Splint, Plate
Arrow of Seeking Weapon arrow
Articulated Plate Armor plate
Artifact of Glass Wondrous item
Artifice Sword Weapon longsword
Artisan's Tools, +1, +2, or +3 Wondrous item
Asedal's Extra-dimensional Hat Wondrous Item
Astorian Sword Weapon any sword
Axe of Bloodletting Weapon any axe
Axe of Pain Weapon greataxe
Axe of Sorrow Weapon any axe
Axe of the Hoardsmen Weapon battleaxe
Axe of the Hunter Weapon any axe
Axe of the Mighty Olaf Weapon battleaxe
Azalith Plectrum Wondrous Item
Azimandium Armor Armor medium or heavy, but not hide
Aztec Gold Wondrous item Gold Coin
Azule's Seashell Wondrous item
Backpack of Teleportation Wondrous item
BAMF Belt Wondrous Item
Banana Revolver Weapon Revolver
Bane Weapon Weapon any axe or sword
Bard's Cheat Sheet Potion
Barkskin Armor Armor wood armor
Barrel of Fermenting Wondrous item
Bedding of Beauty Sleep Wondrous item
Belt of Bestial Rage Wondrous item
Belt of Lost Things Wondrous item
Belt of Might Wondrous item
Berserker’s Prosthetic Arm Wondrous item
Binding Choker Wondrous item
Black Heart Weapon dagger
Blade of Ambition Weapon special
Blade of Chaos Weapon scimitar
Blade of Grass Weapon longsword
Blade of Midday Weapon scimitar
Blade of Misty Step Weapon Any sword
Blade of Sheol Weapon any sword
Blade of the Arcanist, +1, +2, or +3 Weapon any sword
Blade of the Patient Master Weapon any sword
Bladebreaker Armor Armor heavy
Bladed Bracer Weapon shortsword
Bladed Wing, Variant Wondrous item
Blademaster Gloves Wondrous Item
Blades and Chain Weapon dual blades
Blasting Blade Weapon Any melee weapon
Blazing Rapier Weapon rapier
Bleed Amulet Wondrous item
Blesk Blade Weapon any sword
Blessed Lance Weapon lance
Blessed Weapon Weapon any melee weapon
Blind Man's Eyes Wondrous item
Blink Dog Blade Weapon dagger
Blinkwyrm Cloak Wondrous Item
Blitz Weapon dagger
Blood Charm Wondrous item
Blood Tablet Wondrous item
Bloodbath Weapon flintlock pepperbox
Bloodletting Blade Weapon dagger
Bloodlust Potion Potion
Bloodthirst Ring Ring
Bloodthirsty Battleaxe Weapon battleaxe
Boltlance Weapon spear
Bomb Arrow Weapon arrow
Bone Armor Armor light
Bone-Shredding Axe Weapon any axe
Book of Constitution Wondrous item
Book of Holiness Wondrous Item book
Book of Sin Wondrous item
Book of Songs Wondrous item
Boomerang Machete Weapon shortsword
Booming Hammer Weapon warhammer
Boots of Luck Wondrous item
Boots of the Dunerider Wondrous item
Boots of the Red Rogue Wondrous Item
Boots of Thunderous Entry Wondrous item
Boots, Lightning Wondrous item
Boots, Spectre Wondrous item
Bottle of Suni-Dee Wondrous Item
Bottled Water Wondrous Item
Bow of Chance Weapon Any bow
Bowstring of Flame Wondrous item
Box of Hiding Wondrous item
Box of Rainbow Cigs Wondrous item
Bracelet of Alchemy Wondrous item
Bracelet of the Cardsharp Wondrous item
Bracer of Inseparable Bonds Wondrous Item
Bracers of Haste Wondrous Item
Bracers of the Blade Weapon daggers
Bracers of the Bloodied Beast Wondrous Item
Brave Weapon Weapon any weapon
Breaker Plate Armor plate
Buckler of Watchful Eyes Armor shield
Buckler Sword +1 Weapon Shortsword
Bunny Hood Wondrous item
Burning Ash Shield Armor shield
Cabinet of Theatrical Wonders Wondrous item
Cain's Eye Wondrous item
Can of Whoop@$$ Wondrous item
Candle of Secrecy Wondrous item
Candle of the Scholar Wondrous item
Candy Necklace Wondrous item
Canoptek Cloak Wondrous item
Capacitance Gauntlet Wondrous item
Cat Slippers Wondrous item
Celestial Glaive Weapon glaive
Cerg's Glorious Right Hook Wondrous item
Chaelu's Wand of the Frigid Grasp Wand
Chain Gauntlet, Variant Wondrous item
Chains That Bind Us Wondrous Item chain
Chakrams of the Phoenix Weapon chakram
Chalice of the Feast Wondrous Item
Champion's Sword Weapon Any sword with the finesse property
Chaos Satchel Wondrous item
Charged Quarterstaff Weapon quarterstaff
Chariot Boots Wondrous item
Cheap Potion of Transmutation Potion
Chemical F Potion
Chest of Tiny Things Wondrous Item
Choker of the Stolen Voice Wondrous Item Choker
Chromatic Spear Weapon spear
Circlet of Onslaught Wondrous item
Clacker Balls of Ki Channeling Weapon Light Hammer
Clawshot Wondrous item
Clear Potion Potion
Cloak of Acid Wondrous item
Cloak of Bedazzlement Wondrous item
Cloak of Concealment Wondrous Item
Cloak of Suspicious Yet Innocent Levitation Wondrous item
Cloak of the Barbed Devil Wondrous item cloak
Cloak of the Bearded Devil Wondrous item cloak
Cloak of the Earthwalker Wondrous item
Cloak of Verna Mist Wondrous Item
Cloak of Winter's Aspects Wondrous item
Clothes-Colony Armor light
Clown's Cutter Weapon dagger
Club of Projectile Redirection Weapon club
Coil Shield Armor buckler
Colossus Bracers Armor shield
Compass of the Trailblazer Wondrous Item
Conch of Fibonacci Wondrous item
Confused Greatsword Weapon greatsword
Corazon's Wand of Greater Fire Bolts Wand
Corpse Eater, Variant Weapon longsword
Corrective Measures Weapon Light Machine Gun
Cow Tools Wondrous item
Craag's Hellion Hunter weapon javelin
Cream of Imperviousness Potion
CreativiCell Wondrous item
Creator of Thralls Weapon dagger
Crescent Moon Charm Wondrous Item
Crosspick Weapon crossbow/pickaxe
Crow-bar Weapon Crowbar
Crown of Broken Daggers Wondrous item
Crown of Thorns Wondrous item
Crown of Zion Wondrous item
Crystal Blade
Crystal Bow Weapon Any Bow
Crystal of Health Wondrous item
Crystal Railgun Weapon Railgun
Crystal Wrath Weapon swords
Cufflinks of Warding Wondrous item
Curio Death Whistle Wondrous item
Cursed Blade Weapon any sword
Cursed Portrait Wondrous Item
Cutlass of Ocean Storms Weapon cutlass
Dagger of Running Weapon dagger
Dagger of Shadows Weapon dagger
Dagger of Silence Weapon dagger
Dagger of Yysmoira Weapon dagger
Damage Stone Wondrous item
Damageshift Weapon Weapon Any Melee Weapon
Dancing Blade Weapon Rapier
Dancing Devils Weapon scimitar, hook and chain
Darkstaff Staff
Dart Thrower Bandolier Wondrous item
Dazzling Charm Wondrous item
Dead-Eye's Eyepatch Wondrous Item
Death Collecting Scythe Weapon finesse, two handed, reach.
Deathsnare Whip Weapon whip
Decanter of Endless Milk Wondrous item
Decanter of Healing Wondrous item
Deceitful Weapon Weapon any
Deck of Infinite Whimsy Wondrous item
Deck of Ok Occurrences Wondrous Item
Deck of the Assailant Wondrous item
Dehydrated Water Wondrous item
Demon Mask Wondrous item
Demondrug Potion
DemonFire Dagger Weapon Dagger
Demonic Chained Rings Ring
Demonic Dagger Weapon dagger
Deteriorating Bracer Wondrous item
Devil Shard Weapon greatsword
Diamond Embedded Shield Armor shield
Dimensional Doorknob Wondrous item
Dimensional Scissors Wondrous Item
Din's Fire Wondrous item
Dirgen's Daughter Weapon chain-dagger
Disposable Crystal Wand Wand
Distasteful Dust Wondrous item
Divine Powered Stick Weapon quarterstaff
Double Fanged Ring Ring
Dracomaw Wondrous item
Dragon Ooze Wondrous Item Symbiote
Dragon Slayer Shield Armor shield
Dragon Staff Staff
Dragon Wing Bow
Dragon's Kiss Weapon hand crossbow
DragonFang Weapon maul, axe, pick
Dragonhorn Bow Weapon shortbow or longbow
Dragonslayer's Axe Martial Weapon Axe
Drang (Baroque) Weapon Machine Pistol (5e Equipment)
Dread Bow Weapon longbow
Dreamwood Staff Staff
Drigonlay Weapon shortsword
Drop Bear Darkbow Weapon any bow
Druid Claw Weapon clawed bracer
Druid Serpent Spear Weapon spear
Dual Rings of Symmetry Ring
Dwarven Blade Weapon any sword
Dwarven Spear Weapon spear, pike, glaive, halberd, javelin or trident
Eagle Bow Weapon any bow or crossbow
Eagle's Might Weapon maul
Ear Coracle Vehicle
Ear of Dionysius Wondrous item
Earcovers of A03 Wondrous Item
Earring of the Merfolk Wondrous item
Earrings of Quick Equipment Wondrous item
Ebon Blade Weapon longsword
Ebony Weapon rapier
Edge of Subtlety Weapon dagger, shortsword, or rapier
Egg of Mystery Wondrous item
Eldritch Bow Weapon any bow
Eldritch Staff Staff
Electric Ixalik Weapon lance
Electro Lasher Weapon whip
Elemental Blade Weapon longsword
Elemental Control Ring Ring
Elemental Enchantment Weapon any
Elemental Repeater Weapon hand crossbow
Elemental Weapon Weapon any
Eleshi's Wand of Blinding Sacred Flames Wand
Elite Artifice Eye Wondrous item
Elixir of Elemental Magic Potion
Elixir of Lesser Insanity Potion
Elixir of Madness Potion
Ella-Mae's Brooch Wondrous item
Elven Longbow Weapon longbow
Empowering Drink Potion
Enhanced Wing Harness Wondrous item
Enhanced Wolf Armor Armor medium
Ensilvering Ammunition Weapon any ammunition
Entaglement Cloak Wondrous item
Envies Rest, Martyr's Death Armor breastplate
Equalizer Weapon quarterstaff
Equilibrium Ko-naginata Martial Weapon: 1d8 slashing, 3 lb, Finesse, Versatile (1d10), Reach, Heavy
Esmira's Bulwark Armor Shield
Estus Flask Wondrous Item
Eternal Ice Blade Weapon longsword
Ethereal Bow Weapon any bow
Ethereal Crossbow Weapon light crossbow
Ethereal Weapon Weapon any melee weapon
Ever Beating Heart Wondrous item
Evil Armor Armor Any
Evoker Wondrous item
Evolver Weapon blade whip
Ex-Noble's Dagger Weapon dagger
Excelsior's Rapier Weapon Rapier
Eye of Expansion Wondrous Item
Eye of the Beholder Wondrous Item
Eye of the Nothic Wondrous item
Eye of Watchfulness Wondrous item
Face Mask of Ventriloquy Wondrous item
Fade Plate Armor plate
Fairy Dust Gloves Wondrous item
Falcon Bow Weapon swallow bow
Farron Greatsword Weapon greatsword, parrying dagger
Fate and Fortune Weapon dagger
Fatebringer Weapon Magnum Revolver
Fatecaster Greatbow Weapon Greatbow
Feather Staff Weapon Quarterstaff
Fetus in a Jar, Lesser Wondrous item
Feurio Weapon sword
Feyslay Weapon any
Fiend's Pike Weapon pike
Fiendseeker Weapon dagger
Fiery Bars Weapon flindbar
Fire Spartan Armor Armor any heavy armor
Firework Cannon Weapon hand cannon
Flame of Wrath Weapon swords
Flame Tongue Ko-naginata Ko-naginata Martial Weapon: 1d8 slashing, 3 lb, Finesse, Versatile (1d10), Reach, Heavy
Flaming Berserker Weapon greataxe or greatsword
Flaming Eyes of K'Varn Weapon flail
Flangil Weapon shortsword
Flask of Many Things Wondrous item
Flask of Reversal Potion
Flask of the Titans Potion
Flaying Dagger Weapon dagger
Flurry Bow Weapon Shortbow
Flux Powder Wondrous item
Fly, Lost Wondrous item
Flying Blade Weapon double sword and throwing glaive
Flying Chariot
Forbidden Fruit Wondrous Item
Force Ko-naginata Ko-naginata Martial Weapon: 1d8 slashing, 3 lb, Finesse, Versatile (1d10), Reach, Heavy
Force Weapon Weapon any melee
Forge Breaker Weapon light hammer, warhammer, or maul
Forge Ringer Weapon light hammer, warhammer, or maul
Frost Brand Ko-naginata Ko-naginata Martial Weapon: 1d8 slashing, 3 lb, Finesse, Versatile (1d10), Reach, Heavy
Frostbite Weapon Martial Weapon, Melee Weapon

10 lbs 2d8 cold damage

Frostbite Axe Weapon greataxe
Frumious Armor Armor Half Plate
FUBAR Button Wondrous item
Fullmetal Cloak Armor half plate
Gale Weapon sling
Gambler's Armor Armor light, medium, or heavy
Gambler's Suit Wondrous Item
Gamehunter's Longbow Weapon longbow
Garment of Protection Armor clothes
Gauntlet of the Duel Wondrous item
Gauntlets of Elemental Fury Armor gauntlets
Gauntlets of Shared Life Wondrous item
Gauntlets of the Unarmed Mage Wondrous Item
Gem of the Genasi Wondrous Item
Ghost Armor Armor Light, Medium or Heavy
Ghost Pepper Wondrous item
Ghostfire Jack O' Lantern Wondrous item
Ghostly Blade Weapon any sword
Giant Blade Weapon greatsword
Girdle of Levitation Wondrous Item
Giving Glove Wondrous Item
Glamoured Armor Armor light, medium, or heavy
Glasses of Unyielding Attraction Wondrous item
Glasya's Crossbow Weapon hand crossbow
Gleaming Knife Weapon dagger
Gleipnir Weapon Whip
Gloves of Aon Drawing Wondrous item
Gloves of Auras Wondrous item
Gloves of Object Returning Wondrous Item
Gloves of silence Wondrous item
Gloves of the Dart Master, +1, +2, or +3 Wondrous item
Gloves of the Mountebank Wondrous item
Gloves of the Pugilist Wondrous item
Gloves of the Storm Herald Wondrous item
Gloves of the War Mage Wondrous Item
Gloves of Throwing Wondrous Item
Goat Staff Weapon quarterstaff
Godflesh Mushroom Wondrous item
Golden Chain Mail Armor chain mail
Golden Guardian Plate Armor half plate or plate
Golden Symbiote Wondrous Item Symbiote
Gooey Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie Ring Ring
Gothic Armor Armor splint
Greater Rod of Wonder Rod
Growth Hormones Potion
Guardian's Robes Armor battle robe
Gungnir Spear of Odin Weapon Spear
Gunslinger's Bandolier Wondrous item
Gunslinger's Duster Wondrous item
Gunslinger's Stetson Wondrous item
Halfhilt Weapon dagger
Halo of Flies Wondrous item
Hand of the Fire Demon Wondrous Item
Handaxe of the Financier Weapon handaxe
Handheld Mirror of Life Trapping Wondrous Item Handheld Mirror
Harlequin Mask Wondrous item
Harlok Armour Armor plate, half-plate, splint
Harlok's Blockhead Weapon crossbow bolt
Hat of Commanding Wondrous item
Hawkeye Wondrous item
Healer's Gloves Wondrous Item
Healers Vow Staff
Hearrings Ring
Heartache Locket Wondrous item
Heartwood Armor Armor medium or heavy, but not hide
Hellfire Bow Weapon any bow
Hellfire Chain Weapon whip
Helm of Domination Wondrous item helm
Helm of Heroism Armor great helmet
Helm of the Gods
Helmet of Wealth Wondrous item
Hide of the Bear Spirit Armor hide
Holt's Crossbow Weapon any crossbow
Holy Lantern Wondrous item
Holy Plate Armor breastplate
Honor's Call Firearm flintlock pistol
Hordebreaker's Bow Weapon longbow
Horn of Nature's Call Wondrous item
Horrid Mouth Harp Wondrous item
Hound Spear Weapon spear
Howl Weapon Hand axe
Howl's Magical Doorway Wondrous item
Howling Fan Weapon steel fan
Huginn & Muninn Weapon dagger
Hunter's Blade Weapon longsword
Hunter's Hide Armor hide
Huntress' Hide Armor Hide
Hush Weapon Unique
Hyperdimensional Klein Bottle Wondrous item
Icon of Sacrifice Wondrous item
Illogical Weapon Weapon any
Infinity Gauntlet, Variant 3 Weapon Finesse, glove
Insta-River Potion
Invisible Ring of Visibility Ring
Invisible Symbiote Wondrous Item symbiote
Invisible Weapon Weapon all weapons
Invulnerable Shield Armor shield
J's Forge Weapon any hammer
Jack's Foot Wondrous Item
Jacket of Useful Things, Variant Wondrous item
Jar of Lava Wondrous item
Jarenhäg, the Killing Light Weapon evening star
Jarred Black Pudding Wondrous Item Symbiote
Jarred Orchre Jelly Wondrous Item Symbiote
Jarred Slithering Tracker Wondrous item symbiote
Jarred Symbiotic Oblex (green) Wondrous Item Symbiote
Jenevee's Bag of Dirt Wondrous item
Jeweled Choker Wondrous Item
Joker Cards Weapon playing card
Judge and Jury weapon executioner's greataxe
Judgement's Headband Wondrous item
Jug of Infinite Liquids Wondrous item
Kale Smoothie Potion
Khopesh of Summoning Weapon longsword
Kiba Kaze Weapon Katana
Kinto-Un Wondrous Item
Knight Tatru's Ointment Potion
Knives of Thievery Weapon dagger
Knowledge Leech Weapon longsword
Knuckles of Antioch Weapon greatclub
Ko-naginata of Disruption Ko-naginata Martial Weapon: 1d8 slashing, 3 lb, Finesse, Versatile (1d10), Reach, Heavy
L'évasion Weapon rapier
Labels of Identification Wondrous Item
Lava Axe Weapon battleaxe
Law and Order Weapon Firearm
Leech Spear Weapon spear
Lesser Ring of the Lycanthrope Ring
Leviathan Axe Weapon battleaxe
Levin Sword Weapon shortsword
Lexicanum Botanica Wondrous item
Lightning Badge Wondrous Item
Lightning Rod, Variant Rod
Lightning Shield Armor shield
Lion’s Mane Armor hide
Lipstick of Seduction Wondrous item
Liquidform Hand Wondrous item
Living Clothing Armor symbiote
Living Rebreather Wondrous Item symbiote
Living Sand Weapon Unique
Lizal Tri-Boomerang Weapon scimitar
Locket of Charm Wondrous item
Locking Armor Armor plate
Longbow of Accuracy Longbow
Lor Axe Weapon double axe or greataxe
Lucky Coin Wondrous item
Lucky Hat Wondrous item
Luna's Bow Weapon any bow
Mace of Obligation Weapon mace
Mage Slayer Weapon any sword
Magic 8 Ball Wondrous Item
Magic Mortar and Pestle Wondrous Item
Magic Nails Wondrous item
Magical Prosthesis Wondrous item
Magma Skull Wondrous item
Magnifying Glass Polishing Solution, Improved Potion
Majestic Cloak of Ego Wondrous item
Maltheur's Wand of Supreme Frost Rays Wand
Mana Potion Potion
Manipulative Matter Wondrous item
Manslayer Weapon dagger or any sword
Mantle of Magical Mitigation Wondrous item
Mantle of The Changeling Wondrous item
Manual of Martial Stratagems Wondrous item
Map of the Pathfinder Wondrous item
Mask of Aberrant Word Wondrous item
Mask of Dragon Scales Wondrous item
Mask of Greed Wondrous item mask
Mask of Hidden Identity Wondrous Item
Mask of Identity Wondrous Item head
Master Wand of Charm Person Wand
Master's Multitool Wondrous item
Mastercrafted Wolf Armor Armor Medium
Medallion of Ability Enhancement Wondrous Item
Merfolk Tunic Wondrous item
Mermaid Tattoo Wondrous Item
Midas' Coin Wondrous Item
Mikon's Bracers Wondrous item
Mikon's Retribution Weapon chain axe
Minato's Kunai Weapon Kunai
Minor Ring of Dexterous Strength Ring
Minor Ring of Primal Power Ring
Mirror of Scrying Wondrous Item
Mistcloak Wondrous Item
Mithral Sword Weapon shortsword
Mobius's Arm Canon Wondrous item
Mogma Mitts Wondrous item
Molten Berserker Weapon broad claw
Molten Bronze Skin
Molten Charm Wondrous item
Monastic Charm Wondrous item
Monk Body Modification Wondrous Item
Monk's Belt Wondrous Item
Monk's Bow Weapon longbow
Monkey Ring Ring
Monocle of Insightful Knowledge Wondrous item
Monocle of Inspection Wondrous item
Moon Ring Ring
Morning Hail Weapon maul
Muscle Milk Wondrous item
Muse Mirror Wondrous Item
Mutation Bottle Potion
Mystic Odachi Weapon scimitar
Mythril Trailer Weapon iron claw
Naphtha Potion
Necklace of Calming Wondrous item
Necklace of Languages Wondrous item
Necklace of Sparing Wondrous item
Necklace of Strangulation Wondrous item
Necromancer Robes Armor common clothes
Nemesis Star Weapon Light Machine Gun
Nephilic spirit weapon Weapon Spirit Weapon
Nichirin Weapon Weapon any
Nifelhiem & Loxus Weapon dual longsword
Night's Edge Weapon greatsword
Nightmare Weapon halberd
Nova Corps Helmet Wondrous item helmet
Novelty Rune Sticker Kit Wondrous item
Nukathkav Weapon
Oblito Falchion Weapon falchion
Obsidian Skull Wondrous item
Obsidian Skull Rose Wondrous item
Oil Essences Wondrous item
Only Friend Weapon greataxe
Onyx Bowblade Weapon bowblade
Orb of Dar'Orahil Wondrous Item
Orb of Health Wondrous item
Organtine Chestplate Armor light
Paladin's Hammer Weapon warhammer
Palemoon Staff Staff
Pantry Hose Wondrous item
Paradox Ends Weapon double sword
Parrying Blade Weapon any sword
Patience and Time Weapon Sniper Rifle
Pearl of Truth Detection Wondrous item
Pegasus Whistle Wondrous item
Pen of Spell Scribing Wondrous item
Pen of Stars Wand
Pendant of Reduction Wondrous item
Pendant of Shifting Size Wondrous item
Permanent Potion of Climbing Potion
Permanent Potion of Yeeting Potion
Pet Farm Wondrous Item
Peter's Pan Flute Wondrous item
Phantom Blade Weapon any sword
Phoenix Down Wondrous Item
Pick of Digging Weapon war pick
Piercing Twilight Weapon spear
Pill of Vitality Potion
Pirate Shield Armor shield
Pitcher of Instant Moat Wondrous Item
Plan C Weapon Fusion Rifle
Planar Looking Glass Wondrous Item
Planar Tuning Fork Wondrous item tuning fork
Plasma Blade Weapon any sword
PMPU Wondrous item
Pobeda Life Taker Weapon greatsword
Poignant Saber Weapon any sword
Polyglot's Diadem Wondrous item
Pop up Tent Wondrous Item
Portable Temple Wondrous item
Potent Novice's Ring of Spellcasting Ring
Potion of Aqueous Form
Potion of Artistic Form Potion
Potion of Chaos Potion
Potion of Divination Potion
Potion of Freezing Potion
Potion of Guilt Potion
Potion of Life Potion
Potion of Magic Potion
Potion of Magic Restoration Potion
Potion of Ooze Potion
Potion of Orcafacation Potion
Potion of Plant Growth Potion
Potion of Potions Potion
Potion of Rapid Combat Potion
Potion of Survival Potion
Potion of Synchrilicy Potion
Potion of the Nineteen Realms Potion
Potion of the Virus Potion
Potion of Underdark Sight Potion
Potion of Vulnerability Potion
Potion of Vulnerability, Variant Potion
Potion of Wild Speech Potion
Powdered Holy Water Potion
Power Gloves Wondrous item
Praedyth's Revenge Weapon Sniper Rifle System 99C-Series 2 Anti-Matériel
Prayer Beads of Tranquility Wondrous Item
Prismascope Wondrous item
Propulsion Gear wondrous item
Purification Beads Wondrous item
Purifier's Blade Weapon Claymore
Pyre-bone Staff Staff
Quake Weapon warhammer
Quickdraw Revolver Weapon revolver
Quilled Armor Armor any
Quiver of Elvenkind Wondrous item
Raccoon Mask of Comical Banditry Wondrous item
Radiant Dance Machines Wondrous item
Radiant Ko-naginata Weapon ko-naginata
Radiant Stone Wondrous Item Stone
Radnalek Eyepatch Wondrous Item
Radnalek Parrot Statue Wondrous Item
Raijo & Yara Weapon longsword
Railgun, Pistol Weapon special
Ranger's Rifle Weapon Any rifle or musket
Rapid Thunderblade Weapon longsword
Rapier of Inner Aura Weapon Rapier
Rapier of Puncturing Weapon rapier
Rat King Weapon Pistol, Heavy Automatic
Raven Feather Cloak Wondrous Item
Raven Ring Ring
Ray Gun Ring Ring
Reapers Instrument of The Bard Wondrous Item
Reckless Ring of Magic Ring
Red-Tailed Arrow Weapon arrow
Regressed Fists of Balance Wondrous Item Handwraps
Reliquary of Unmatched Wealth Wondrous item
Relll Wondrous Item
Respite of Memories Wondrous item
Revealing Weapon Weapon any weapon
Revitalisation Potion Potion
Revitalizing Kitchen Knife Weapon dagger
Rewind Circlet Wondrous item
Righteous Fury Weapon shortsword
Rimefire Potion
Rin g of Perfectiveness Ring
Ring of Ancient Magic Ring
Ring of Attraction Ring
Ring of Awareness Ring
Ring of Borrowing Ring
Ring of Bureaucratic Wizardry Ring
Ring of Crushing Ring
Ring of Earthly Movement Ring
Ring of Fertility Ring
Ring of Fire Ring
Ring of Gender Swapping Ring
Ring of Gnomekind Ring
Ring of Healing Ring
Ring of Hold Person Ring
Ring of Homunculi Ring
Ring of Hostile Projection Ring
Ring of Impenetrable Force Ring
Ring of Incredible Strength Ring
Ring of Keys Ring
Ring of Knowledge Ring
Ring of Last Stand Ring
Ring of Linguistic Transmutation Ring
Ring of Magical Resistance Ring
Ring of Minor Inconvenience Ring
Ring of Mirror Image Ring
Ring of Nature Ring
Ring of Rage Ring
Ring of Resizing Ring
Ring of Returning Wondrous item
Ring of Shadows Ring
Ring of Shielding Ring
Ring of Smiting Ring
Ring of Steel Protection Ring
Ring of Sustenance Ring
Ring of Sustenance, Variant Ring
Ring of the Chameleon Ring
Ring of the Champion Ring
Ring of the Evil Eye Ring
Ring of the Hunt Ring
Ring of the Mage, Variant Ring
Ring of the Moon Ring
Ring of the Mystic Hand Ring
Ring of the Ocean's Choke Ring
Ring of the Raven King Ring
Ring of the Sun-Walker Ring
Ring of the Tree Whisperer Ring
Ring of the Tressym Trio Ring
Ring of Three Walnuts Ring
Ring of Wardrobe Ring
Ring of Weapon Projection Ring
Ring of Wild Shape Ring
Ring of Wild Speech Ring
Ring of Wizardry Ring
River Needle Weapon rapier
Roaring Kanabo Weapon greatclub
Robe of Avoidance Wondrous Item
Robes of the Ascended Wondrous Item
Rod of Emergency Teleport Rod
Rod of Foul Odours Rod
Rod of Life Drain Rod
Rod of Swaying Rod
Rod of the Guardian Rod
Rod of the Mount Rod
Rod of the Spellshaper Rod
Rod of Tremorsense Rod
Rod of Truth Rod
Rope Blade Weapon Any sword
Rose Weapon Magnum Revolver
Royal Weapon Weapon any weapon
Rudolph´s Meatcleaver Weapon greataxe, battleaxe
Rune Breaker Weapon Longsword
Rune of III Wondrous item
Rune of IV Wondrous item
Rune of V Wondrous item
Runed Cane Sword Weapon rapier
Runic Gunblade Weapon Gunblade
Sacrifical Dagger Weapon dagger
Sacrificial Dagger Weapon dagger
Saint George's Holy Sword Weapon greatsword
Saint's Staff Staff
Sand of Hours Wondrous item
Sand Whale Weapon tetsubo
Sandy Shell Wondrous Item Symbiote
Saw Collar Wondrous Item
Sayafushi Weapon katana
Scared Blade Weapon Longsword
Scorching Socks Wondrous item
Scroll of Spell Forms Scroll
Scroll of Spell Mimicry Scroll
Scythe of the Hunter Weapon scythe
Seed of the Forgotten Wondrous Item
Seeker's Compass Wondrous Item
Seeking Axe Weapon any axe
Self Eviscerator Wondrous item
Sentinel Armor Armor plate
Seven Hundred League Boot Wondrous item
Sexy Armor Armor light
Shade's Cloak Wondrous item
Shadow Blade of the War Mage Wand
Shadow Katana Weapon longsword, Heavy
Shadowsnare Whip Weapon Whip
Sharpshifter Weapon varies
Shatter Shield Armor
Shattermace Weapon mace
Shawl of Charming Wondrous item
Shield of Brutality Armor shield
Shield of Cthulhu Armor shield
Shield of Hurling Armor shield
Shield of Missile Deflection Armor Shield
Shield of Missile Deflection (Alt. Version) Armor Shield
Shield of Ptolos Armor shield
Shield of Shields Armor shield
Shieldsabers Weapon shortsword
Shifting Robes Wondrous item
Shimmering Shield Armor shield
Shiv of Opportunistic Preying Weapon dagger
Shock Arrow Weapon arrow
Shock Rod Rod
Shrinking Armour Armor Plate
Shrouded Greataxe Weapon greataxe
Sickle of Plant Control Weapon sickle
Siege Axe Weapon any axe
Siege Keeper Armor shield
Sightseeker Weapon shortsword
Signet of Elemental Novicery Ring
Silken Lash Weapon battle lash
Silver Force Bowstring Wondrous item
Silvermountains Runeblade Weapon any two-handed blade
Siren Song Lyre
Skip Box Wondrous item
Skull Hammer Weapon maul
Skull of the Wretched Wither Weapon mace
Slavers Choker Wondrous item
Slippery Boots Wondrous item
Smart Sword Weapon any sword
Smokerender Weapon broadsword
Soil of Awakening Wondrous item
Soul Blade Weapon any sword
Soul Chain Weapon flail
Soul Dew Wondrous item
Soul Eater Weapon evolving weapon
Soul Eater, variant Weapon (evolving weapon)
Soul Stone Wondrous Item
Soul Sword Weapon shortsword
Spear of Combustion Weapon spear
Spectral Boomerang Weapon boomerang
Speed Blade Weapon longsword
Spellblade Weapon any sword
Spellsnatcher Weapon whip
Spelunker's Torch Wondrous Item
Spheres of Force Weapon Spheres
Spirit Scepter Staff
Spoon of Godly Cuisine Weapon spoon
Spray On Armor Wondrous item
Squirellfolk Armor Armor leather
Staff of Altered Life Staff
Staff of Beekeeping Staff
Staff of Bones Staff
Staff of Coldtouch Staff
Staff of Light, Variant Weapon quarterstaff
Staff of Prowess Staff
Staff of Slime Staff
Staff of the Airbender Staff
Staff of the Desert Staff
Staff of the Fool Staff
Staff of the Viper Staff
Staff of Two Faces Staff
Stalwart Agony Armor shield
Star Gloves of Ôra Wondrous item
Star Jar Potion
Star Pocket Wondrous item
Starbreaker Weapon morningstar
Stasis Crystal Wondrous item
Stone of Protection Wondrous item
Storm Gauntlets Wondrous Item
Storm Hammer Weapon light hammer or warhammer
Storm Quiver Wondrous item
Storm Whip Weapon whip
Stormsnare Whip Weapon whip
Strixhaven Diploma Wondrous item
Strummer Weapon longblade
Subtle Lute Strings Wondrous Item
Sugar Snaps of Speed Wondrous item
Sumroon Staff
Sun Blade, Variant Weapon any sword
Sun Ring Ring
Sunder Ring Ring
Sune's Gloves of Beauty Wondrous item
Sunglasses of Night Wondrous item
Sunlight Ring Ring
Super Bug-Catching Net Weapon bug-catching net
Swift Slicer Weapon scimitar
Sword of Champions Weapon any sword
Sword of Lifestealing Weapon
Sword of Shadows Weapon longsword
Sword of the Lawful Weapon Longsword
Sword of the Meteorite Weapon Longsword
Sword of the Unicorn Slayer Weapon any sword
Swordmaster Gauntlets Wondrous Item
Sylph Sword Weapon Arming Sword
T-Bone Stake Weapon light crossbow
Tablet of "Y=X/O" Wondrous item
Tablet of Exponential Growth and Decay Wondrous item
Tablet of Inverse Functions Wondrous item
Tablet of Sinusodal Waves Wondrous item
Tainted Amulet of Restoration Wondrous item
Talisman of Infinity Wondrous item
Talonsbane Weapon footwear
Tarrasque PRE Potion
Tassels Wondrous Item
Technicolor Dreamcoat Wondrous item
Teleportation Talisman Wondrous item
Tendril Plate Armor Armor Symbiote
Thaze's Glaive Weapon Glaive
The Arcane Anvil Wondrous Item
The Batter Weapon greatclub
The Black Feather Weapon dagger
The Black-Sun Blade Weapon longsword, shortsword, or greatsword
The Catcher Weapon man catcher
The Conch Shell Wondrous item
The Dealers Vest Wondrous Item Clothing
The Eyelander Weapon greatsword
The Flask of Something Wondrous item
The Fleece of Navidad Wondrous item
The Garlick Brade Weapon Longsword
The General's Bicorn Wondrous item helm
The Hat of the Preston Wondrous Item
The Infiltrator Wondrous item
The inSight Cane Weapon club or quarterstaff
The Just Dance Ring
The Key of Dreams Weapon hand axe
The Lemons of Life Weapon Quarterstaff
The Lost Blade Weapon any sword
The Mimic Sword Weapon longsword
The One Hit Killer Weapon Sword (any type)
The Pick of Destiny Wondrous item a pick
The Potion of Metamorphosis Potion
The Reaver Cleaver Weapon battleaxe
The Sealed Fist Wondrous Item
The Wand of Unstable Arcane Force Wand
This Charming Helm Wondrous item
Thousand Fold Weapon Weapon any melee weapon that deals slashing damage
Thousand-Men Pins Wondrous item
Three Gold Piece Wondrous item
Thunder Cannon Weapon musket
Thunder Storm Weapon handaxe
Thunder Sword Weapon any sword
Thunderbolt Iron Weapon Weapon any
Tiger Chopper Weapon bat
Time Glove Armor Glove
Tiny House Wondrous item
TitanoBoa Taffy Wondrous Item
Token of Perpetual Attendance Wondrous item
Tome of Runes Wondrous Item
Transformation Mask Wondrous item
Traveler's Fort Wondrous item
Traveler's Sigil Wondrous item
Treant Fist Weapon weighted gauntlet
Trident of Deep Waters Weapon Trident
Trident of Sadness Weapon trident
Trout Weapon club
True Seeing Mirror Wondrous Item
Twin Dragon Bow Weapon longbow
Two-Birds Sling
Uifghx's Warrant Wondrous Item
Ultra Sword Weapon any sword
Ultra-Greatsword, Variant Weapon Greatsword
Umbral Band Ring
Underfoot Ring Ring
Unstable Banana Wondrous item
Unstable Compound Bow Weapon longbow
Usekh of the Dragon Wondrous item
Vampire Killer Weapon whip
Vampire Teeth Wondrous Item Symbiote
Vampiric Bracers Wondrous item
Vampiric Kings Blade Weapon shortsword
Vampiric Weapon Weapon any
Variable Length Sword Weapon
Variant Bags of Tricks Wondrous item
Variant Figurines of Wondrous Power Wondrous item
Variant Ioun Stones Wondrous item
Vehiculum Magia Vehicle
Vice Bracers Wondrous item
Vile Scar Shield Armor shield
Visor of Protection Wondrous item
Vorcka Potion
Wand of Consumption Wand
Wand of Crippling Wand
Wand of Fingers Wand
Wand of Ice Storms Wand
Wand of Icicles Wand
Wand of Misfortune Wand
Wand of Overexertion Wand
Wand of Paracusia Wand
Wand of the Whispering Dead Wand
Wand of Warding Wand
Wand of Wasting Wand
Wand of Witch Bolt Wand
War Mage's Bracelet Wondrous item
Warding Steel Armor heavy
Wardrobe Ring Ring
Warp Sword Weapon longsword
Waterskin Cloak Wondrous item
Weapon Bonding Gem Wondrous item
Weapon of Friendship Weapon Any
Weapon of Smiting Weapon any melee weapon
Weapons of Change Weapon Varies
Weeping Shield Armor shield
Whetstone of Elemental Affinity Wondrous item
Whip Master's Ring Ring
Whip of Encouragement Weapon whip
Whistle of Bodyguard Summoning Wondrous item
White Sword Weapon longsword
Wilsod Munitions™ "Rifle of Many Beams" Weapon Firearm
Wilsod Munitions™ Anti-Mischief Cream Wondrous item
Wilsod Munitions™ “Handy Little Helper” Wondrous item
Wind in Willows Weapon quarterstaff
Winter Gale Weapon any sword
Winter's Claws Weapon handaxe
Wise Socks Wondrous Item
Wisestone Wondrous item
Wolf Armor Armor Medium
Wraith's Cloak Wondrous Item
Wraithblade Weapon any weapon that deals piercing or slashing damage
Wurm Scale Mail Armor scale mail
Wyrmtail Whip Weapon whip
Yin Yang robe Armor clothes
Yo-Yo of Dooooooom Weapon yo-yo
Your Uncle's Scythe Weapon Scythe/Club
Yrrdun's Wand of Volatile Acid Splashes Wand
Zephyr Shield Armor shield
Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator Wondrous item
Zodiac Mark Weapon light crossbow
Zyikurru Weapon naginata

Very Rare

Item Type Subtype
8 Inch Nails Wondrous item
Aaridytun Flail Weapon heavy flail
Abbodon's Channeling Weapon Weapon any melee weapon
Aboleth Choker Wondrous item
Absorption Armor Armor light, medium, or heavy
Accruba Dagger Weapon dagger
Adamantine Ring Ring
Aestus Estus Weapon greatsword
Alastor Weapon longsword
Alchemical Animorpher Wondrous Item Clockwork
Alchemical Supplementation Array Wondrous item
Alchemist's Hilt Weapon sword hilt
Alchemist's Query Rod
Alchemy Jug of Potent Spirits Wondrous Item
All-Purpose Pocket Dimension Wondrous item
Alpha Weapon any
Alpharius Twinlance Weapon Halberd
Ambrosia Potion
Ambrosia and Nectar Wondrous Item
Amethyst Lodestone
Amulet of Beholder Eyes Wondrous item
Amulet of Determined Action Wondrous item
Amulet of Great Luck Wondrous item
Amulet of Life Warding Wondrous item
Amulet of Ooze Control Wondrous item
Amulet of Spell Transfer Wondrous item
Amulet of Storage Wondrous item
Amulet of the Berserker Wondrous item
Amulet of the Wilds Wondrous item
Amygdala Weapon Shortsword
Ancestral Weapon Weapon any
Ancient Arrow Weapon arrow
Ancient Shield Armor shield
Ancient Weapon Weapon
Angelic Armor Armor light, medium or heavy
Angelic Bow Weapon any bow
Angelic Lance Weapon halberd
Angelic Sword Weapon any sword
Animated Sand Weapon Unique
Annihilator Weapon heavy flail
Antimagic Arcannon Wand
Arcane Blood Ring Ring
Arcane Bow Weapon any bow
Arcane Dagger Weapon Dagger
Arcane Kettle Wondrous item
Arcanum Spellbook Wondrous Item
Arihant Weapon shortsword
Armband of Magic Resistance Wondrous item
Armor Decimator Weapon lucerne hammer
Armor of Celestial Boons Armor any medium or heavy, but not hide
Armor of Dawn Armor light, medium, or heavy
Armor of Haste Armor light or medium
Armor of Immunity Armor light, medium, or heavy
Armor of Rocks Armor medium or heavy, but not hide
Armor of the Darkest Night Armor light
Armor of the War Path Armor plate
Arrows of Unrelenting Flame Weapon Arrows
Arsenal Ring Ring
Assassin’s Dagger Weapon dagger
Astorian Arms Weapon any weapon
Avian Armor Armor studded leather
Axe of Changing State Weapon varies
Axe of the Gnomes Weapon any axe
Axes of the Bifrost Weapon Hand axe
Azriel's Iron Horns Wondrous Item helmet
Back-Step Scepter Staff
Backfire Potion Potion
Bag of Bacon Wondrous item
Bag of Bags Wondrous item
Bag of Clones Wondrous item
Bag of Wizards Wondrous item
Balgar's Armor Armor half plate
Banewand Wand
Banished One's Cloak Wondrous Item
Barbarian Club Weapon greatclub
Barbaric Blade Weapon greatsword
Battle Ready Armor Wondrous item
Battle Standard of Infernal Power
Battlegear of Might Armor plate
Battlemage's Bulwark Armor plate
Bead of Harmless Force Wondrous Item
Beads of the Tarantula Wondrous Item
Beast Claw Weapon Claw
Beaten Frostrim Weapon broken sword
Bedazzled Robes Wondrous item
Bella's Bag of Bits and Bobs Wondrous item
Belt of Battle Wondrous Item
Biggoron's Sword Weapon greatsword
Bikini Armor Armor light or medium
Binding Bracer Wondrous Item arm brace
Binding Mask Wondrous Item Mask
Black Prince Weapon longsword
Black River Scimitar Weapon scimitar
Blade of a Thousand Cuts Weapon any sword
Blade of Growing Regrets Weapon longsword
Blade of Jumanji Weapon any weapon that deals slashing damage
Blade of Sacrifice Weapon berserker blade
Blade of Stygia Weapon longsword
Blade of the Arcanist, +1, +2, or +3 Weapon any sword
Blade of the Nephalem Weapon Any one-handed blade
Blade of the Warforged Weapon Any slashing weapon
Blade of the Warrior Queen Weapon greatsword
Blades of Fire and Ice Weapon Dual Daggers
Blessed Jug of Chugging Wondrous item
Blessing In Disguise Weapon any weapons
Blindfold of the Sharpshooter Wondrous item
Blitzkrieg Weapon greataxe
Blizzard Armor shield
Blizzard Sword Weapon greatsword or longsword
Blood Armor Armor medium, heavy
Blood Armor of Chaos Armor plate
Blood Blade Weapon Any Sword/Dagger
Blood Moon Scythe Weapon Crescent Scythe (variant)
Blood Quiver Weapon Quiver and Arrows
Blood Shield Armor shield
Blood Sword Weapon any sword
Bloodlust Weapon dagger
Bloods Speed Wondrous item
Bloodsteel Weapon Weapon any
Bloodstone Wondrous Item
Bloodvenom Whip Weapon whip
Bloody Edge Weapon any melee weapon
Blue Mail Armor chain shirt or chain mail
Bolstering Staff Staff
Bone Staff Weapon quarterstaff
Bone Sword Weapon shortsword
Book of Intuition Wondrous item
Book of Shadows Wondrous item
Book of the Elements Wondrous item
Boolean Gemini Weapon Battle Rifle
Boomering Ring
Boots of Frost Wondrous item
Boots of Parkour Steadiness Wondrous item
Boots, Frostspark Wondrous item
Bottle of Sandstorm Wondrous item
Bow of Bass Weapon longsword
Bow of Destruction Weapon longbow
Bow of Many Arrows Weapon Bows and Crossbows
Bow of Splitting Weapon Any bow or crossbow
Bow of The Elements Weapon longbow
Bow of the Inaccurate Weapon any bow
Bow of the Soul Stealer Weapon longbow
Bow of Versatility Weapon longbow
Bracelet of Adaptation Wondrous item
Bracelet of Alchemy Wondrous item
Bracelet of Animal Adaptation Wondrous item
Bracelet of Guardian's Protection Wondrous item
Bracelet of the Colossus Wondrous item
Bracer of Titan Grip Wondrous item
Bracers of Bonus Potions Wondrous item
Bracers of Iron Shadow Wondrous item
Bracers of the Dawnbringer Wondrous item
Branch of Connection Wondrous Item
Brand of the All Seeing Wondrous item
Broken Hero Blade Weapon longsword
Broken Ring of Libra Ring
Broken Shackles Wondrous Item
Bronze Armor of Glory Armor plate
Bubble Wand Magic Item
Bulette Plate Armor half plate
Bunny Ring Ring
Burning Bow Weapon longbow
Buster Sword of Spirit Weapon Slabsword
C.H.A. Cube Wondrous item
C.O.N. Cube Wondrous item
Candle of Stabilty Wondrous item
Canteen of Healing Wondrous Item
Cape of the Mist Wondrous item
Cape of Wanderlust Wondrous item
Castram Weapon shortsword
Celestial Twins Dagger
Centurion Spear Weapon spear, javelin
Chains of Chronias Weapon spiked chain
Chainsaw of Dismemberment Weapon chainsaw
Champion's Ring Ring
Chaos Blade, Variant Weapon Katana
Chillrend Weapon any sword
Chime of Insanity Wondrous item
Circlet of the Fae Wondrous item
Circlet of the Golden Mask Wondrous Item circlet
Circlet of the Warlock Wondrous item
Clawed Symbiont Wondrous Item
Cloak of Dragon Power Wondrous item cloak
Cloak of Frozen Scale Wondrous item cloak
Cloak of Mirrors Wondrous item
Cloak of Pet Storage Wondrous item
Cloak of the Bone Devil Wondrous item cloak
Cloak of the Chain Devil Wondrous item cloak
Cloak of the Horned Devil Wondrous item cloak
Cloak of the Mistwalker Wondrous item
Cloak of the Mystic Smith Wondrous item
Cloak of the Shadow Lord Wondrous item
Cloak of the Shadowalker Wondrous item
Clockwork Armor Armor half plate, plate, or scale mail
Cobra Hood Wondrous item
Cocoon Cloak Wondrous item
Collar of Thorns Wondrous item
Collar of Water-Breathing Wondrous Item collar
Comet Bow Weapon longbow
Compass of Desires Wondrous Item
Compass of Greed Wondrous item
Compass of the Longing Heart Wondrous item
Compendium of Vigor Wondrous item
Concealed Mithril Breastplate Armor breastplate
Contradimensional Wand Wand
Core Fighter Vehicle
Corpse Eater, 2nd Variant Weapon longsword
Cosmic Understanding Wondrous item Symbiote
Courier's Clothes Wondrous item clothes
Covetous Silver Serpent Ring Ring
Craag's Crawling Tower Wondrous item shield
Crackle and Burn Ring
Crawling Bracelet of Meenlock Wondrous Item
Crescent Rose Weapon great scythe
Crow Quills Weapon rapier and daggers
Crown of the Princess Wondrous item
Crush Weapon basic rifle
Crystal of Peace Wondrous Item
Crystal Sword Weapon longsword
Curling Flame Weapon whip
Curling Water Weapon whip
Curse of Akatosh Ring
Curse of Echo Wondrous Item
Cursed Arcannon Wand
Cursed Clockwork Contraption Wondrous Item
Cursed Ring of Attunement Ring
Cursed Silver Coin Wondrous item
Cybertronian Blade Weapon sword
D.A.R.C.I. Weapon Sniper Rifle
D.E.X. Cube Wondrous item
Dagger of Five Elements Weapon dagger
Dagger of Healing Weapon dagger
Dagger of Piercing Weapon dagger
Dagger of the Offhand Warrior Weapon dagger
Daggermaster's Blade Weapon dagger
Daggers of Euphoria and Enticement Weapon dagger
Dancer's Enchanted Swords Weapon scimitar
Dark Rod Rod
Darkhunter's Spear Weapon spear
Dart of Shadows Weapon dart
Dead Man's Tale Weapon Lever Action Rifle
Deadman's Hat Wondrous item
Death's Lyre Wondrous item
Deathbender's Charm Wondrous item
Debt Collector Weapon club
Dec's Wrath Weapon Double Weapon Scythe
Demiplanic orb Wondrous Item
Demon Gauntlet Wondrous item
Demon Slayer Weapon falx
Deus Ex Calibre Weapon Revolver
Devil Armor Armor plate
Devil's Chamber Weapon revolver
Devilsknife Weapon Sickle
Die of Fortune's Favor Wondrous item
Diminisher Weapon any bladed melee weapon
Diode Weapon dagger
Dirk of Synchrelicy Weapon dagger
Divine Rapier Weapon Rapier
Divine Teapot Wondrous item
Docent Weapon Weapon any melee weapon
Dolos Ring
Dowsing Rod, Variant Rod
Drachma Coins Wondrous Item
Draconic Greatblade Weapon greatsword
Dragon Bone Daikatana Weapon Greataxe
Dragon Crystal Blade Weapon longsword
Dragon Full Plate Armor dragon full plate
Dragon Gauntlet Wondrous item
Dragon Half Plate Armor half plate
Dragon Hearts Wondrous item
Dragon Master's Sword Weapon katana
Dragonslayer Swordspear Weapon swordspear
Dragonslayer Swordspear, Variant Weapon swordspear
Drakeleech Wondrous Item
Dreadnaught Shield Armor shield
Dreadnought Armor Armor plate
Dreamstone Wondrous item
Dreamwood Staff, Variant Staff
Dusk Weapon Quarterstaff or nunchaku
Dusksong & Dawnsvoice Weapon
Dwarven Axe of Change Weapon battleaxe
Dwarven Bane Weapon battleaxe
Earth Mother's Thorn Weapon dagger
Efreeti Mayhem Weapon cutlass
Efreeti Soul Ring Ring
Elemental Axe Weapon greataxe or handaxe
Elemental Weapon Weapon any
Elixir of Skeletonization Potion
Elixir of Zombification Potion
Elven Court Bow Weapon longbow or shortbow
Elven Short Spear Weapon shortsword, glaive
Enchanted Sails Wondrous item
Endless Bottle of Pills Wondrous item
Ensilvering Ammunition Weapon any ammunition
Inseparable Sword Weapon greatsword
Ordovis's Greatsword Weapon greatsword
Frost Hammer Weapon light hammer or warhammer
Ice Lightning Weapon Weapon any melee weapon
Ethereal Weapon Weapon any melee weapon
Exalted Blade Weapon longsword
Excelsius Sword Weapon longsword
Extreme Gear Vehicle
Eye of the Beholder Wondrous Item
Faen Shortbow Weapon shortbow
Falcon's Fist Wondrous item glove
Fallen Godsblade Weapon any weapon that deals piercing or slashing damage
Fallen Star Weapon Hammer, Maul
Fan of the Four Winds Weapon steel fan
Fancy Bow Weapon any bow
Far Shores Weapon longbow
Fast Forward Boots Wondrous item
Fatebringer (Timelost) Weapon S&W 500
Fattiest Heart Wondrous item
Feindish Presence Weapon shortsword
Felix Felicis Potion
Fell Rider's Cloak Armor hide
Fetus in a Jar, Greater Wondrous item
Fiery Demise Wondrous item
Fiery Runic Wondrous item
Figurine Creation Capsule Wondrous Item
Fire Ring Ring
Fire Spider Weapon Any sword
Fire Sword (Shinobi World Supplement) Weapon greatsword
Fire Wolf Armor Armor any medium or heavy armor
Fists of The Storm Wondrous Item choker
Flamemaker Weapon halberd
Flamesnare Whip Weapon whip
Flaming Battle Pan Weapon battle pan
Flask of Stoicism Wondrous item
Flesh Render weapon whip
Fluid Plate Armor plate
Flute of the Dead Wondrous item
Fly, Smart Wondrous item
Flying Nimbus Vehicle
Flying Spear Weapon spear
Force Dragon Blade Weapon longsword
Force Shield Armor shield
Forgemaster's Hammer Wondrous item hammer
Fox Hide Armor hide
Freeze and Flame Weapon handaxes
Friede's Great Scythe Weapon scythe
Friendly Dagger Weapon dagger
Frigus Aquis Weapon any martial weapon
Frozen Star Weapon morningstar
Frozen Turtle Shell Wondrous item
Full Kit Gauntlets Weapon weighted gauntlets
Fume Ultra Greatsword Weapon ultra greatsword
Fume Ultra Greatsword, Variant Weapon greatsword
Furious Storm Weapon any sword
Gaia's Fujin Yumi Weapon longbow
Galatine Sword of The Platinum Dragon Weapon any Sword
Gallant Armor Armor medium or heavy
Gallerhuul Weapon war saw
Gambler's Longbow Weapon longbow
Garment of Protection Armor clothes
Gauntlets of Spiders Weapon
Gauntlets of the Storm Wondrous item
Genesis Chain Weapon Assault Rifle
Giant Blade Weapon greatsword
Giant Spiky Monstrosity of Spiral Deformity Weapon Lance
Gideon Weapon great maul
Glamoured Armor Armor light, medium, or heavy
Glasses of the Nighteye Wondrous item
Gleaming Repentance Weapon
Glove of the Corvus Weapon Gauntlet
Gloves of Compression Wondrous item
Gloves of Lethal Strikes Wondrous Item
Gloves of Parkour Nimbleness Wondrous item
Gloves of Soma Wondrous item
Gloves of the Dart Master, +1, +2, or +3 Wondrous item
Glow Glaive Crossbow Weapon light crossbow
Glowstaff Staff
Gnome Tremble Weapon katana
Goblin Cleaver Weapon longsword
Goggles of Erasure Wondrous item
Goldbrand Weapon katana
Golden Butter Knife Wondrous item
Goliath Berserker Greataxe Weapon greataxe
Goliath Sling Weapon sling
Gothic Collar Wondrous Item
Gradivus Weapon trident
Gravity Suit Wondrous item
Graystaff Staff
Great Dagger of Momentum Weapon dagger
Great Dragon Slayer Weapon Greatsword
Great Eagle Bow Weapon shortbow
Greatsword of Bloodweep Weapon greatsword
Greatsword of Cleaving Weapon greatsword
Greatsword of Unreliable Slaying Weapon greatsword
Grim Dagger Weapon dagger
Grim Sword Weapon any sword
Grudgebringer Sword Weapon longsword
Guardian Drone Wondrous item
Guardian Egg Wondrous item
Guardian Sword++ Weapon Unique
Guiding Blade Weapon longsword
Guiding Bow Weapon any bow or crossbow
Gut Bucket Wondrous item
H.P. Cube Wondrous item
Handaxe of Fate Weapon handaxe
Handbook of Growth and Instruction Wondrous item
Harlok's Eyeshredder Weapon crossbow bolt
Hat of the Witch Wondrous item
Hayaku Natta Longsword Weapon longsword
Head of Tammy Wondrous item
Hearthstone Wondrous Item
Heide Knight Armor Armor plate
Hellforged Sword Weapon any sword
Hereafter Weapon Sniper Rifle
Hermes Blade Weapon longsword
Hexbreaker Weapon Weapon any
Hide of the Bear Spirit Armor hide
Hisen Weapon quarterstaff
Hollow Purge Weapon whip
Holy Hammer Weapon Hammer, war hammer
Holy Mantle Wondrous item
Holy Protector Armor shield
Holy Sword Weapon Longsword
Hooded Tunic of Flight Wondrous item
Hope's Edge Weapon spear
Horn of Healing Hooch Wondrous item
Horn of Unyielding Wondrous item
Hornet Helm Armor Helmet
Horror's Demise Weapon any martial melee weapon
Hunger of Gnolls Weapon any Meele Weapon
Hunter's Axe Weapon battleaxe
Hurling Handaxe of Blood Weapon handaxe
Hypnotizing Pocket Watch Wondrous item
I.N.T. Cube Wondrous item
Identity Crisis Weapon warhammer, maul
Ilmater's Retribution Armor Plate
Immortal King's War Belt Wondrous item
Immortal King's War Boots Wondrous item
Immortal's Lantern Wondrous Item
Imperial Archmage Helper Staff
Incredibly Comfy Chair Wondrous Item Armchair
Incursion Armor Armor medium or heavy
Infectious Milk Wondrous Item
Instrument of Inspiration Wondrous item Instrument
Invulnerable Shield Armor shield
Iron Finial Rod
Iron Halo Armor Shield
Iron Man Suit Armor heavy armor
Iron Wings Wondrous item
Jack-of-Smiles Weapon dagger
Jacket of Dragon Leather Wondrous item
Jacket of the Donnybrook Armor leather armor
Jade Monkies Wondrous Item Figurine of Wondrous Power
Keyblade Weapon any sword or club
Keyblades Weapon any sword or club
King's Sword of Hearts Weapon Greatsword
Kitsunebi Lantern Wondrous item
Knave's Dart Weapon dart
Kori Blade Weapon any axe or sword
Krakatoa Weapon broadsword
Kurtansi Eye Wondrous Item Stone
Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi Weapon Katana
Kōsoku Weapon longsword
Lance of Judgement Weapon lance
Lava Waders Wondrous item
Liar's Sabre Weapon sword
Lightfingers Pack Wondrous Item
Lightning Axe Weapon any axe
Living Slumber Jewel Wondrous Item
Longbow of the Forest Weapon longbow
Longsword of the Betrayed Paladin Weapon longsword
Lost Doll Wondrous item
Luck & Pluck Weapon longsword
Lucky Staff Staff
Luring Edge Weapon greataxe
Lycanthrope's Lute Wondrous item
M.I.M.O.'s Misfortune Weapon Longsword
Maca Warforge Vehicle
Mage Blade Weapon any sword
Mage Slayer Weapon any sword
Magic Deck Weapon Deck of Cards
Magic Sweet Box Wondrous Item
Magical Prosthesis Wondrous item
Magnolia Weapon longsword
Magus Blades Weapon broadsword
Major Ring of Primal Power Ring
Malachite Blade Weapon executioner's sword
Mana Seal Wondrous item
Mana Sword Weapon any sword
Mantle of Ashes Wondrous item
Mantle of Tentacles Wondrous item
Mark of the Outsider Wondrous item Tatoo
Marksman's Badge Wondrous Item
Martial Snare Wondrous Item
Mask of Confession Wondrous item
Mask of Spiderkind Wondrous Item Mask
Mask of the Beast Wondrous Item
Mask of the Crow Wondrous item
Mask of the Fox Wondrous item
Mask of the Noir Wondrous item
Mask of the Panther Wondrous item
Mask of the Queen Wondrous item
Mask of the Skull Wondrous item
Mask of Twice Wondrous item Mask
Mask of Zariel Wondrous item mask
Master Armor Armor light, medium, or heavy
Master Smith's Gauntlets Wondrous item
Master Thief Armor Armor light armor
Maul of Glory Weapon maul
Mermaid Bracelet Wondrous Item Bracelet
Meteoric Soul Flail Wondrous Item
Meteorite Armor Armor plate
Milekki's Garden Weapon Long Bow
Mimic Armor Armor Medium
Mini-Hakkero Wondrous Item
Mirror of Self Reflection Wondrous item
Mirror of the Medusa Wondrous Item Handled Mirror
Mistresses' Mantreaders Wondrous item
Molten Skull Rose Wondrous item
Monk's Beads of Wisdom Wondrous item
Moodulator Wondrous item
Moon Lord's Ring Ring
Moonslice Blade Weapon longsword or rapier
Morse Anti-Magic Shield Armor shield
Murmur Weapon Longbow
Nature Runic Wondrous item
Naupaka Wondrous item
Necklace of Infinite Magic Missiles Wondrous item
Necklace of the Healing Faith Wondrous Item
Necklace of the Siren Wondrous Item Necklace
Neekar Weapon broadsword
Netherbane Weapon glaive
Nidoplate Armor plate
Night's Whispers Ring
Nightcap of Restfulness Wondrous item
No Land Beyond Weapon Rifle, Hunting
Norse Shield Armor shield
Nova Corps Helmet Wondrous item helmet
Nuclear Warhead Weapon Mace
Nyan's Gambit Wondrous item
Nyr-metal Armor Armor Medium or heavy, but not hide
Néngyuán Weapon quarterstaff
Old One's Gauntlets Wondrous Item
Onyx Champion's Mask Wondrous Item
Opus of Acumen Wondrous item
Opus of Knowledge Wondrous item
Opus of Physicality Wondrous item
Opus of Vitality Wondrous item
Orb of Chaos Wondrous item
Orb of Formidomancy Wondrous item
Orb of the Past Wondrous Item
Pachyderm Helmet Wondrous item
Paired Brass Guard Cats Wondrous Item
Paladin's Shield Armor shield
Palutena Bow Weapon shortbow
Pants of Lower Body Strength Wondrous Item
Parasitic Blade Weapon any sword
Pearl of Power, Greater Wondrous item
Pendant of Memories Wondrous item
Permanent Potion of Animal Friendship Potion
Permanent Potion of Fire Breath Potion
Permanent Potion of Growth Potion
Permanent Potion of Poison Potion
Permanent Potion of Resistance Potion
Permanent Potion of Water Breathing Potion
Petrification Orb Wondrous Item
Phantom Hourglass Wondrous item
Phantom Scythe Weapon scythe
Phoenix Rod Wondrous item
Pickled Crimson Worms Wondrous item
Pike of Charging Weapon pike
Pill of Vitality Potion
Pinata Breaker Wondrous Item
Pirate Armour armor half plate
Pitcher of Instant Moat Wondrous Item
Pixie Wings Wondrous Item
Plate Armor of Burning Rage Armor plate
Polearm of Halting Weapon any polearm
Possessed Hatchet Weapon handaxe
Potion of Bestial Growth Potion
Potion of Crippling Frost Potion
Potion of Euphoria Potion
Potion of Morb Potion
Potion of Rage Potion
Potion of Sudden Translocation Potion
Potion of Ultra Strength Potion
Pouch of Revisitation Wondrous item
Power Staff Weapon Quarterstaff, staff
Prestigious Earring Wondrous item
Primordial Armor Armor medium or heavy, but not hide
Primordial Weapon Weapon Any
Prism Cloak Wondrous item
Protectorate Shield Armor shield
Psychoserum Potion
Pure Elementium Band Ring
Quake Medallion Wondrous item
Quakestone Hammer Weapon warhammer
Quickstrike Ring Ring
Rapier of the Holy Assassin Weapon Rapier
Razor of Blood Rights Weapon dagger
Rebound Weapon dagger and rope
Red Headbelt of Accuracy Wondrous item
Rending Axe Weapon any axe
Revealing Plate Armor Plate
Rift Glaive Weapon glaive
Righteous Heart Weapon longsword
Rime Blade Weapon dagger, shortsword, scimitar, rapier, or longsword
Ring of Arcane Focus Ring
Ring of Armored Strength Ring
Ring of Ash Ring
Ring of Attunement Ring
Ring of Balance Ring
Ring of Binding Ring
Ring of Crystal Growth Ring
Ring of Decapitation Ring
Ring of Devil Sight Ring
Ring of Dexterous Strength Ring
Ring of Disrobing Ring
Ring of Endless Ammunition Ring
Ring of Eternal Tears Wondrous item
Ring of Evil Ring
Ring of Gigantism Ring
Ring of Immense Charisma Ring
Ring of Interception Ring
Ring of Magical Prowess Ring
Ring of Magical Resistance Ring
Ring of Misty Step Ring
Ring of Mortality Ring
Ring of Myrkul Ring
Ring of Petrification Ring
Ring of Precision Ring
Ring of Resizing Ring
Ring of Sacrifice Ring
Ring of Sirens Ring
Ring of Slight Delay Ring
Ring of Sorcerous Energy Ring
Ring of Strong Technique Ring
Ring of Superiority Ring
Ring of the Hidden Shadow Ring
Ring of the Mage Ring
Ring of the Silver Blade Ring
Ring of the Soul Collector Ring
Ring of the Summoner Ring
Ring of the Undead Ring
Ring of Tricks Ring
Ring of True Appearence Ring
Ring of Wizardry Ring
Ring of Yinni Ring
Ringed Knight Armor Armor half plate
Rings of Mylott Ring
Rings of Saturn (5e Shield) Armor Shield
Robe of the Archdruid Wondrous item
Robe of the Archwizard Wondrous item
Robe of the Reaper Wondrous item
Robe of the Sage Armor Light
Rock of Bludgeoning Wondrous item
Rod of Clarity Rod
Rod of Discord Rod
Rod of Tentacles Rod
Rodd's Raincoat Wondrous item
Rough Tutor Weapon battleaxe
Rubber-Rubber Fruit Wondrous item
S.T.R. Cube Wondrous item
Safety Collar Wondrous item
Saint's Ring Ring
Sandstorm Weapon scimitar
Santa Claws Weapon clawed bracers
Scamp's Bandana Wondrous item
Scarf of the Journey Wondrous Item
Scattershot Weapon slingshot
Schlagen Weapon
Scissor Blade Weapon Longsword
Scroll of Spell Forms Scroll
Scroll of Spell Mimicry Scroll
Scythe of Azamara Weapon scythe
Seakeeper's Staff Staff
Seeds of Eternal Enrootment Wondrous Item
Sentinel Shield, Variant Armor Shield
Serrated Sword Weapon any sword
Seward Blade Weapon cutlass
Shadow Axe Weapon handaxe
Shadow Daggers Weapon dual daggers
Shadow Edge Weapon longsword
Shadow Reaver Weapon crescent scythe
Shadowglass Blade Weapon arrow or any weapon that deals piercing or slashing damage
Share Crystal Wondrous item
Sharingan in a Bottle Wondrous Item
Shattered Sword Weapon short sword
Shattering Spear Weapon glaive, halberd, javelin, pike, spear, or trident
Shield Bracelet Wondrous Item
Shield of Expertise Armor shield
Shield of Flying Armor shield
Shield of Remorse Armor shield
Shield of the Protecting Warrior Armor Shield
Shifting Scarf Wondrous Item
Shooting Star Weapon any bow
Shorecrash Weapon maul
Siege Breaker Weapon warhammer or maul
Siege Drill Wondrous Item
Sigma Arcana Weapon Longsword or Katana
Simulacrum Wondrous Item
Skorpion Weapon executioner's sword
Skull Crusher Weapon warhammer
Skull of the Last Warchief Wondrous item
Skull of the Wendigo Wondrous item Helm
Skycracker Wondrous item
Slave Master's Whip Weapon whip
Slavers Choker Wondrous item
Sling Bullets of Althemone
Sling of Meteors Weapon sling
Snakeskin Robe Wondrous item
Sneak-ers Wondrous item
Sniper's Bow Weapon greatbow
Sniper's Touch Weapon Crossbow, Light
Snowl Armor Armor light or medium
Snowman Incubator Wondrous Item
Some Observations on the Art of Invisibility Wondrous item
Soul Blade Weapon any sword
Soul Grenade Wondrous Item
Soul Reaper's Dagger Weapon dagger
Space Stone Weapon
Sparking Guitar Wondrous item musical instrument
Spear of the Druids Weapon spear
Spear of the Overlord Weapon Spear
Spectral Bow Weapon longbow
Spell Soul Ring Ring
Spell-snaring Gloves Wondrous Item
Spellbook of the Divine Wondrous item
Spellwurm Symbiont Wondrous Item
Spiderplate Armor plate
Spiked Flail of Darkness Weapon flail
Splitting Sword Weapon Longsword
Spook's Quarterstaff Quarterstaff
Sseth's Fang Chainmail Armor chain mail
Staff of Acid Staff
Staff of Arcane Mastery Staff
Staff of Christmas Staff
Staff of Corruption Staff
Staff of Death Staff
Staff of Draconic Mastery Staff
Staff of Earth Staff
Staff of Epic Earth Shift Staff
Staff of Greater Spellcasting Staff
Staff of Heatbane Staff
Staff of Illusion Staff
Staff of Knowledge Staff
Staff of Location Staff
Staff of Rebirth Staff
Staff of Rest Staff
Staff of Rings Staff
Staff of Serpent Form Staff
Staff of the Giver Staff
Staff of the Moonmaiden Staff quarterstaff
Staff of the Sun Staff
Staff of Warding Staff
Staff of Wickedness Quarter Staff
Stand Arrow (JJBA Supplement) Weapon Arrow
Stasis Slab Wondrous item
Steady Guard Rapier Weapon rapier
Stiganfal Weapon longbow
Stone of Domination Wondrous item
Stone of Morphing Wondrous item
Stone of the Buyer Wondrous Item
Stones of Elemancy Wondrous item
Storm Dragon Bow Bow Any Bow
Strength of a Lion Ring
Stuffed Doll Wondrous Item doll
Subplus Ring
Sufferer's Crown Wondrous item
Sun Blade, Variant Weapon any sword
Sun Lord's Ring Ring
Sune's Blessed Shield Armor shield
Super Good Advice Weapon Light Machine Gun
Supernal War Hammer Weapon Hammer, war hammer
Surge Ring Ring
Surtyr Weapon longsword
Survival Guide Wondrous item
Swift Sword sword shortsword or longsword
Sword of a Thousand Souls Weapon greatsword
Sword of Anti-Magic Weapon any sword
Sword of Champions Weapon any sword
Sword of Diamond Weapon Any sword
Sword of Flying Weapon Greatsword
Sword of Mana Burn Weapon Any Sword
Sword of Necromancy Weapon any sword
Sword of the Duat Weapon longsword
Sword of the Kings Weapon greatsword
Sword of Wonder Weapon shortsword
Sworn Protector Wondrous item
Symbol of Justice Wondrous item
Tassels Wondrous Item
Taste of Souls Weapon whip
Tattoo of Power Wondrous item
Teapot of Item Fusing Wondrous item
Teeth of the Gallows Weapon any sword
The Absolver Weapon warhammer
The AK-FU Weapon Burst Assault Rifle
The Alard Stradivarius Wondrous Item
The Chosen One Weapon any
The Cloak Of The Wild Wondrous item
The Compass of Worldly Desires Wondrous item
The Crown of Gruumsh Wondrous item
The Crystal of Long Dreaming Wondrous Item
The Devil's Coin Wondrous item
The Godfather's Will Weapon Any Slashing Weapon
The Gutter Weapon greataxe
The Potion of Advanced Milk Potion
The Ring of Second Life Ring
The Spell-Splitter Sword Weapon Longsword
The Thousand Demon Daggers Weapon shortsword, longsword
The Viridian Blade Weapon any sword
The Voyager's Map Wondrous item
Thieves Bag Wondrous item
Thornzu's Beam Weapon heavy crossbow
Thunder Guardian Weapon Revolver
Thunderlight, Blade of the Storm Weapon katana
Thunderstaff Weapon any melee weapon that deals bludgeoning damage
Thurrum, Axe of the North Weapon greataxe
Tiara of Intellect Wondrous item
Timber! Weapon maul
Tinkerer's Infusion Goggles Wondrous item
Titan’s Gauntlet, Variant Weapon Runearm
Tome of Monster Knowledge Wondrous Item
Tome of the Body Wondrous item
Tome of the Mind Wondrous item
Tonie Spark's Steel Defender Treat Ball Wondrous item
Tortoise Shell of Open Space Wondrous item
Totem of Undying Wondrous item
Tracking Gauntlet Wondrous Item
Transformation Control Collar Wondrous Item
Transformative Pelt Wondrous item
Trickle Weapon morningstar
Trisagion Wondrous item
Tuning Forks of the Bards Wondrous item
Twin Dwarven Hammers Weapon warhammer
Twinstrike Arm Wondrous item
Undead's Bane Weapon Any Martial Weapon
Undersized Lifesteal Crossbow Weapon Crossbow, light
Undine Overflow Weapon katana
Universal Remote Weapon KS-23
Unstoppable Rod Rod
Urf-Dreed Ak-Di-Mar Weapon greatsword
Valefor Rampage Weapon katana
Valiant Helmet Wondrous Item
Valmanway Weapon dueling sword
Vampire Cape Wondrous item
Variant Bags of Tricks Wondrous item
Variant Figurines of Wondrous Power Wondrous item
Variant Ioun Stones Wondrous item
Venomous Bow Weapon any bow or crossbow
Vestments of Expert Elusion Wondrous item
Veteran's Sword Weapon longsword
Vicabre's Quiver/Quiver of the Assassin Weapon Quiver
Vielot Weapon maul
Vincent's Sword Weapon longsword
Vir Tasallan Staff
Vowedge Weapon longsword
Vulskari House Armor Armor Medium, Heavy
W.I.S. Cube Wondrous item
Wand of Arcane Power Wand
Wand of Confusion Wand
Wand of Conjuration Wand
Wand of Heaven's Fire Wand
Wand of Hydrokinesis Wand
Wand of Overexertion Wand
Wand of Resistance Wand
Wand of Todd Wand
Warpwood Staff Staff
Water Shield Armor shield
Wave Fury Weapon maul
Wavebreaker Weapon Halberd
Weaknessless Soaring Shortswords (Shinobi World Supplement) Weapon two shortswords
Whetstone of Elemental Affinity Wondrous item
White Dragon Mask, Variant Wondrous item
Whumpy Handwraps Wondrous item
Windy Runic Wondrous item
Winged Guardian's Cloak Armor Cloak
Winter's Fang Weapon shortbow
Wishbone of Tuning Wand
Wisher Wand Wand
Witch Bow Weapon longbow
Witch’s Head of Undeniable Wisdom Wondrous item
Witherwhip Weapon whip
Woodman's Favourite Weapon greataxe
Word of the Lord Wondrous item
Xenophage Weapon Heavy Machine Gun
Yang Rod Rod
Yeeterson Weapon warhammer
Yellow Jacket Weapon rapier
Yggdrasil Bow Weapon longbow
Yin Rod Rod
Yin Yang Blade Weapon longsword
Yojimbo Onslaught Weapon katana
Zhalo Supercell Weapon Assault Rifle
“Fate Sealer” Weapon Heavy Revolver


Item Type Subtype
20% Delirium Weapon Light Machine Gun
Abacus Ring of Storage Ring
Abraxian Prisoner's Shackles Wondrous item
Abraxonian Overseer's Helmet Wondrous item
Acheron Cube Wondrous item
Acidic Brand Wondrous item
Adamantine Meteor Weapon warhammer
Adrian Weapon battleaxe
Aegis Sword Weapon longsword
Aestus Estus: The Original Flame Weapon longsword
Aeternum Vinculum Wondrous Item Amulet
Aetherius, the Dragon Slayer Weapon greataxe
Agreious Weapon rapier
Alash'Serrar Weapon Chain Blade
Alexander Staff
Alfred Weapon crossbow, heavy
All Seeing Eye Wondrous Item
All Seeing Eye Goggles Wondrous item
Alley Cat Fangs Weapon dual daggers
Amaterasu's Amulet Wondrous item Amulet/Omamori
Amongus Potion Potion
Amulet of Answering Wondrous Item
Amulet of Argent Wondrous Item
Amulet of Balgar Wondrous item
Amulet of Elements Wondrous Item
Amulet of Faith Wondrous Item
Amulet of Will Wondrous item
Ancestral Weapon Weapon any
Ancient Guardian Wondrous item
Andraste Wondrous Item arcane focus
Angel's Cry Weapon Spear
Ankh of the Cat Lord Wondrous item
Ankh Shield Armor shield
Antimagic Shield Armor shield
Apollo's Wrath Weapon any bow
Apparatus of the Lobster Wondrous item
Apparatus of the Scorpion Wondrous item
Apparatus of the Shrimp Wondrous item
Arcane Colossi Vehicle
Archangel's Blessed Armor Armor any suit of metallic armor
Archbishop's Robes Wondrous item
Archer Gloves Wondrous Item
Architect's Artifice Wondrous item
Areis's Second Weapon any sword
Argent Blood Wondrous item
Aria Weapon Longsword
Arkham Orb Wondrous item
Arm of Balor Weapon Slabsword
Arm of Darkness Weapon Pistol
Arm of Darkness, Variant Weapon Pistol
Arm of the Titan Wondrous item
Armads Weapon greataxe
Armband of Magic Resistance Wondrous item
Armor of Automatic Defense Armor chain mail
Armor of Contra Armor light, medium, or heavy
Armor of Fenris Armor camouflage leather
Armor of Guardians Armor plate
Armor of Light Movement Armor Light, Medium, or Heavy
Armor of Selûne Armor plate
Armor of the Archlich Armor magnificent half-plate
Armor of the Druid Armor ring mail
Armor of the Feathered Wing Armor magnificent half-plate
Armor of the Fire Elemental Armor plate
Armor of the High Dragoon Armor plate
Armor of the Last Guardian Armor plate
Armor of the Nameless Son Armor half plate
Armor of the Phoenix Armor splint
Armor of the Primes Armor heavy
Armor of the Void Armor light, medium, or heavy
Armor of the Warleader Armor half plate
Armor of Unyielding Fury Armor hide
Armor or the Moon Dancer Armor light
Arrow of Yondu Weapon arrow
Art of War Weapon longsword, shortsword, or greatsword
Artificed Plate Armor plate
Artillery Sword Weapon shortsword
Aryeh's Embrace Wondrous item
Ascalon Weapon longsword
Ascalon the Dragon Slayer Weapon longsword
Assassin's Mark Weapon dagger
Astral Axe Martial Weapon greataxe
Astral Silver Armor Armor medium or heavy, but not hide
Astur's Might Weapon longsword
Athena's Sword weapon longsword
Atomizer of Decimation Weapon long sword
Augmented Artificer Assistant Wondrous Item
Augneral Gear Wondrous item
Aura Armor Armor plate
Auric Andamantine Titanium Armor Armor All armor combined
Avalanche Hammer Weapon any hammer
Awesome Equipment Wondrous Item
Axe of Rage Weapon greataxe
Axe of the Furyborn Weapon battleaxe
Axed Yarting of Lightning Weapon Magical Instrument
Axel Weapon longsword
Axle of Nirvana Staff
Azek's Will Weapon drill
Azkre's Arcane Sniper Rifle Weapon Adamantine Sniper Rifle
Azrael's Rapier Weapon rapier
Azura's Star Wondrous Item
BACON!!!!!! Wondrous item
Bag of the Between-Worlds Wondrous item
Bag of Transmutation Wondrous Item
Balmung Weapon greatsword
Bands of Sundering Wondrous item
Bane of Justice Weapon greataxe
Bane of the Abyss Weapon greatsword
Bare Weapon longsword
Battle Armor Armor heavy
Battlecry Weapon rapier
Beauty Ring Ring
Behold Staff
Belt of Revenge Wondrous item
Belt of the Giant of the Sun Wondrous Item
Belt of the Grappler Wondrous Item
Beowulf Weapon Gauntlets
Berserker Armor Armor plate
Berserker Runesword of Winter Weapon any sword
Betan the Convert Weapon greatsword
Bident of Mechanic Staff
Black Axe of the Monster Weapon greataxe
Black Belt Wondrous item
Black Death Weapon revolver
Black Lotus Wondrous item
Black Rose Weapon longsword
Blade of Coldfire Weapon any sword
Blade of Earth's Rage Weapon longsword
Blade of Eldritch Power Weapon any sword
Blade of Everbleed Weapon Any Sword
Blade of Evolution Weapon longsword
Blade of Fortune's Bane Weapon any sword
Blade of Glory's Wrath Weapon greatsword
Blade of Levistus Weapon any sword
Blade of Mourning Weapon longsword
Blade of Power Absorption Weapon rapier
Blade of the Arcanist, +1, +2, or +3 Weapon any sword
Blade of the Ashen Hills Weapon katana
Blade of the Burnt Hand Weapon longsword
Blade of the Chronomaster Weapon longsword
Blade of the Holy Weapon longsword
Blade of the Mind Weapon Longsword
Blade of the Moonwalker Weapon longsword
Blade of the Ruined King Weapon longsword
Blade of Vertigo Weapon any sword
Blades of Hanzo Weapon shortsword
Blanche Wondrous Item Earring
Blazing Armor Armor medium or heavy
Bleeding Lapel Wondrous item
Blessed Ring of Power Ring
Blindfold of Truesight Wondrous Item
Blood Cursed Ring of Strength Ring
Blood Lord’s Armor Armor medium or heavy
Blood of an Archmage Wondrous item
Blood-Forged Armour Armor plate
Blood-Soaked Cape Wondrous Item
Blood-Sword Weapon Greatsword
Bloodbringer Weapon halberd
Bloodletter Weapon greatsword
Bloodmourne Weapon greataxe
Bloods Wrath Weapon bow
Bloodskal Blade Weapon greatsword
Bloodsong Weapon longsword
Bloodthirster Weapon longsword
Bloody Mary Armor medium, heavy
Blue Dragon Tooth Wondrous item
Blue Lightning Scale Armor Armor scale mail
Bone-Pulverizer Weapon Heavy Flail
Book of Infinite Spells Wondrous Item Book
Book of Living History Wondrous Item
Book of Time Wondrous Item
Boomstick Rod
Boots of Ghostwalk Wondrous Item
Boots of Swiftness Wondrous Item
Boots of the Iron Footed Wondrous item
Bottle of Long Rest Potion
Bow of Liutia Weapon longbow
Bow of Resistance Weapon bow
Bow of the Fey Queen Weapon longbow
Bow of Ysgard Weapon longbow
Bracelet of Alchemy Wondrous item
Bracelet of Time Distortion Wondrous item
Bracelets of Time Wondrous item
Bracers of Giant Might Wondrous item
Brahmastra "Forge Casters" Weapon flintlock pistol
Breaker Weapon warhammer
Breakneck Weapon Assault rifle
Broom of Sweeping Wondrous item
Bucket of Horrible Collision Wondrous item
Bulwark Regalia Armor plate
Bumbo's Bag of Trash Wondrous item
Buyer's Guidebook Wondrous Item
Caduceus Staff
Calamity Ring Ring
Calandil Weapon shortsword
Calibur Weapon longsword
Cane of Earth-Shaking Staff
Cape of Monologuing Wondrous item choker or any other thin necklace
Capturing Quartz Wondrous Item
Caretaker's Spade Weapon swordspear
Cat's Curiosity Weapon
Cataract Weapon falchion
Celaena Weapon rapier
Celestial Orichalcum Lance Weapon lance
Ceremonial Dagger Weapon dagger
Chalice of Purification Wondrous item
Champion's Axe of Might Weapon greataxe
Chankla Wondrous item
Chaos Blade Weapon any sword
Chaos Card Wondrous item
Chaotic Transference Catalyst Rod
Charge Blade, Variant Weapon Long sword, Shield, Great Axe
Charge Leech Symbiont Wondrous Item
Chastiefol Spirit Spear Weapon spear
Chivalrous Weapon Weapon sword or lance
Chloe Wondrous Item ring
Chromatic Dual Lashers Weapon whip
Chromatus Watch Wondrous Item
Cintura dell'Artefice Wondrous item
Circlet of Monstrous Dominance Ring
Clarent, Variant Weapon Longsword
Claws of War Weapon lizal gauntlet
Cloak of Death Wondrous Item
Cloak of Death Obstruction Wondrous item
Cloak of Eldritch Outgrowth armor light armor
Cloak of Insect Flying Wondrous item
Cloak of Reality Warp Wondrous item
Cloak of the Blessed Gargoyle Wondrous item cloak
Cloak of the Fire Rat Wondrous Item
Cloak of the Ice Devil Wondrous item cloak
Cloak of the Pit Fiend Wondrous item cloak
Cloak of the Ripper Wondrous Item
Cloak of the Warrior Wondrous item
Closed Fist Wondrous Item
Coat of the Duelist Armor leather
Coat of the Lycan King Wondrous item clothing
Cold Iron Staff Weapon quarterstaff
Collar of Khorne Armor plate
Colossus Shield Armor shield
Compendium of Might Wondrous item
Conditional Finality Weapon Shotgun, Super (5e Equipment)
Conjurer’s Map Wondrous item
Consecrating Greataxe Weapon greataxe
Consummate Pair Weapon scimitar
Copper Dragon Rapier Weapon rapier
Copy Cat Wondrous Item
Corpse Lord's Main Gauche Weapon Dagger
Courage-Seeker Weapon longsword
Craag's 5 Sided Circle Ring
Craddlewood Crossblade Weapon greatsword and heavy crossbow
Craven Edge Weapon greatsword
Crazy Diamond's Pendant Wondrous item
Crescendo Wondrous item
Cresweld Plate Armor plate
Cresweld Straight Sword Weapon longsword
Crimson Dawn Weapon scimitar
Crissaegrim Weapon longsword
Cross Knife Weapon longsword
Crown of the Blood of the Martyr Wondrous item
Crown of the Faceless Queen Wondrous Item Crown
Crusader Cannon weapon Cannon
Cube of Rubik Wondrous Item
Cursed Ring of Power Ring
Cursed Scourger Weapon any sword
Cygnus Alpha Weapon Firearm
Cypher Weapon Shortsword
Dagger of Death's Hand Weapon dagger
Dagger of Faust Weapon dagger
Dagger of Necromancy Dagger Magical
Dagger of the Abyss Weapon dagger
Daikatana Weapon Odachi
Damageshift Armor Armor Any Armor or Shield
Darius Weapon Staff
Dark Arm Wondrous item
Dark Light Greatsword Weapon greatsword
Dark Magic Stone Wondrous item
Dark Pit Staff Weapon quarterstaff
Dark Spear Weapon spear
Darksteel Ingot Ring
Dawn's Edge Weapon longsword
Dawnbreaker Weapon longsword
Dawnbringer Weapon longsword
Dawnbringer, Variant Weapon glaive
Dead King's Blade Weapon greatsword
Deadman's Brooch Wondrous item
Deadman's Cape Wondrous item
Death Sword Weapon Greatsword
Deathcleaver Weapon greataxe
Dec's Mercy Weapon Double Weapon Great Axe
Deceivingly Small Axe Weapon Battleaxe
Deck of Arcana, Variant Wondrous item
Deck of Greed Wondrous Item
Deck of Many Things, Variant Wondrous Item
Deck of Plenty Wondrous Item
Deck Of Plenty, 1st Variant Wondrous Item
Deck of Plenty, 2nd Variant Wondrous Item
Deck of Plenty, 3rd Variant Wondrous Item
Deck of Plenty, 4th Variant Wondrous Item
Deck of Weals and Woes Wondrous Item
Deck of Weals and Woes, Variant Wondrous item
Decrepit Lamp of the Undead Wondrous item
Defiled Vindicator Weapon any sword
Deific Armor Armor any armor
Dekkard's Blade Weapon dagger
Demon Scythe Abygale Weapon crescent scythe
Destin Weapon glaive
Destroyer Weapon ultra greatsword
Diamond Plated Armor Armor plate
Die of the Elements Wondrous item
Divine Axe Rhitta Weapon Heavy Hand Axe
Divine Hood Wondrous item
Divine Infurnis Cloak Cloak Magical Item
Divine Riptide Weapon Longsword
Djerg Nurn Weapon longsword
DoomBlade Weapon Greatsword
Double-edged Sword of the Einherjar Weapon Longsword
Drach'nyen Weapon Greatsword
Draconic Armor Armor studded leather (dragon leather)
Draconic Magestaff Staff
Draconic Sphere Wondrous Item Sphere
Dragon Mantle - Black Wondrous item
Dragon Mantle - Red Wondrous item
Dragon Mask Wondrous item mask
Dragon Render Weapon any sword
Dragon Soul Weapons Weapon any
Dragon Sword Weapon Longsword
Dragon Tooth Weapon maul
Dragon Tooth Dagger Weapon dagger
Dragon's Eye Wondrous item
Dragon's Wrath Weapon maul
Dragonblood Brew Potion
Dragonbone Club of Reinvigoration Weapon Club
Dragonfang Longbow Weapon shortbow, longbow
Dragonslayer Greataxe Weapon greataxe
Dragonslayer, Variant Weapon Slabsword
Dragonspine Axe Weapon battleaxe
Draught of the Colossus Potion
Draupnir Spear Weapon Spear
Dreadnought Plate Armor Armor plate
Dual Wands of Spell Twinning Wand
Dust Wondrous item
Ea, Sword of Rupture Weapon longsword
Ebony Blade Weapon greatsword
Ebony Mail Armor plate
Eira Weapon spear
Eiryka Weapon longsword
Eldarath Weapon Longsword
Electrovine Stradivari Weapon Magical Instrument
Elemental Titan Heart Wondrous item
Elemental Weapon Weapon any
Elemental's Bane Weapon Maul
Elementalist's Bow Weapon any bow
Elis'vor, The Incandescent Weapon glaive
Elis'vor, the Incandescent Weapon glaive
Elven Recurve Longbow Weapon longbow
Embercleave Weapon greatsword
Emberfist Weapon cestus
Empty Genie's Lamp Wondrous Item
Enchanted Lich Robes Armor battle robe
Endrian Blade Weapon all martial weapons
Energy Conduit Rings Ring
Enzyme 42 Potion
Equinox Wondrous item
Blade of Ruin Weapon greatsword
Celestial Fury Weapon longsword
Dragon Spine and Claw Weapon longsword and dagger
Excalibur, the Sword in the Lake Weapon longsword
Ghostflame Blade Weapon any sword
Greatsword of Judgement Weapon greatsword
Profaned Greatsword Weapon greatsword
Starfang Weapon greatsword or longsword
Erubus' Chaos Weapon Light Crossbow
Erwin's Rapier of Trickery Weapon rapier
Esh'omim, the Dawnring Ring
Eternal Winter Snow Globe Wondrous item Magical Focus
Ethereal Staff Weapon Quarterstaff
Ethereal Weapon Weapon any melee weapon
Etheria's Dagger Weapon dagger
Eversong Troubadour Wondrous item
Exceptionally Scrumptious Pie Wondrous Item
Exponential Weapon Weapon any
Extradimensional Vessel Vehicle
Eye of Paranoid Watching Wondrous Item
Eye of the Beholder Wondrous Item
Eye of the Dragon Wondrous Item Infusment with the eye of the holder
Fabian Strategy Weapon Assault Rifle
Fafnir Weapon greatsword
Fairemere Blade Weapon longsword
Fairemere Blade, Variant Weapon longsword
Fallen Angel Weapon longbow
Farasta and Lintie, Long Bow and Quiver Weapon longbow and quiver
Fate and Karma Weapon dagger
Feather Mask Wondrous Item
Fiore Weapon greatsword
Fire Titan Heart Wondrous item
Firebane Weapon longsword
Firerazor Weapon
Firestarter Weapon Maul
Flail of Tiamat
Flamethrower Chainsaw Guitar Weapon glaive/instrument
Flamus Anus Potion
Flói's Never Ending Pint Wondrous Item
Forbidden Draconic Armor Armor studded leather (dragon leather)
Force Edge Weapon longsword
Force Saber Weapon Sword, any
Forcepalm Gloves Wondrous Item
Frayed Blade Weapon katana
Frost's Bite Weapon any sword
Frostfire Axe Weapon battleaxe
Frostmourne Weapon greatsword
Frostmourne, Variant Weapon longsword
Frozen Shield Armor shield
Fume Greatsword Weapon greatsword
Fumoafacation Formula Potion
Gamma Velorum Weapon Firearm
Garment of Protection Armor clothes
Gauntlet of Frozen Soul Wondrous Item Gauntlet
Gauntlet of Silver King Wondrous item gauntlet
Gauntlets of Megaton Blows Wondrous item gauntlets
Gauntlets of Niflheim Weapon Glove/Gauntlet
Gauntlets of the Sea Behemoth Wondrous Item
Gem of Power Wondrous Item
Gem of the Lords of Law Wondrous item
Genie's Lamp Wondrous Item
Ghal-Maraz Weapon warhammer
Ghostblade Tattoo Wondrous item tattoo
Giant Blade Weapon greatsword
Giantfall Weapon greataxe
Gift of the Deity Weapon battleaxe
Gilded Serpent Mail Armor scale mail
Giorno's Piano Wondrous item
Girdle of Aphrodite Wondrous Item
Githyanki Silver Sword Weapon greatsword
Glaive Prime weapon Glaive (Warframe)
Glamoured Armor Armor light, medium, or heavy
Glasses of Truesight Wondrous item
Gleaming Epaulet Wondrous item
Gloves of Riftmaking Wondrous item
Gloves of the Black Silence Wondrous item
Gloves of the Dart Master, +1, +2, or +3 Wondrous item
Gloves of the Juggernaut Wondrous Item
Glowing Sword of the Ljosalfar Weapon Longsword
Goa'uld Sarcophagus Wondrous item
Gobbo's Gloriously Gargantuanism Serum Potion
Goblet of Golden Coin Wondrous item
Golden Armour Armor half plate
Golden Birds Parlis Net Wondrous item
Golden Experience's Brooch Wondrous item
Golden Plate Armor plate
Golden Sword Weapon greatsword
Goltal Weapon Maul
Grafted Dragon Head Wondrous item
Grand Inferno Weapon greatsword (+3)
Grand Raven Armor Armor studded leather
Grandmaster Feline Armor Armor light armor
Grass Crest Shield Armor shield
Great Dragon Shield Armor shield
Great Eagle Bow Weapon shortbow
Greataxe of Anti-Faith Weapon greataxe
Greataxe of Baphomet Weapon greataxe
Greater Ring of Crystal Growth Ring
Greater Staff of Fire Staff
Greatsword of Artorias Weapon greatsword
Greatsword of Phasing Weapon Greatsword
Green Lantern Ring Ring
Grendel weapon ultra greatsword
Grexl's Staff Staff
Greyblade Weapon longsword
Greystaff Weapon spear
Grim Weapon any sword
Grim Reaper's Scythe Weapon scythe
Grimheart Talisman Wondrous item
Grimluck Weapon Sickle
Gripsoul Weapon longsword
Gromril Armor Armor Plate
Guitar of the Sightless Blade Weapon Magical Instrument
Gungnir Weapon Spear
Hammer of Daedalus Weapon light hammer
Hammer of Damnation Weapon warhammer
Hammer of Might Weapon maul
Hammer of the Holy Forge Weapon variant warhammer
Hammer of the Meteorite Weapon light hammer or warhammer
Hand of Malenia Weapon Katana
Hand-Clock of Time Wondrous item
Hat of Wonders Wondrous item
Hawk Blade Weapon greatsword
Head of The Moon Wondrous item gauntlet
Heart of Gehenna Armor splint
Heart of the Wild Wondrous item
Heartcleaver Weapon glaive
Hearthlance Weapon lance
Heavenly Array Weapon special
Heavenly Beasts Beads Wondrous item
Hedron Hammer Weapon mace
Hell Forged Armor Armor plate
Hello Weapon Warhammer
Helm of Mind Evasion Wondrous item helm
Helmet of Brain Protection Wondrous item
Helmet of the Eternal Guardian Armor great helmet
Helmet of Time Wondrous Item helmet
Hero Shield Armor shield
Hero's Hood Wondrous Item
Hide of the Bear Spirit Armor hide
Hiyori Weapon saber
Hofund Weapon Greatsword
Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch Wondrous Item
Holy Moonlight Greatsword Weapon longsword
Hunting Weapon scythe
Hurricane Blade Weapon khopesh
Ice and Fire Armor Armor plate
Ignius Ring
Ignus ring
Imaginary Blade Weapon Longsword
Immortal King's Helm Wondrous item
Immortal King's Sacred Armor Armor half plate
Immortal King's War Gauntlets Wondrous item
Impenetrable Arm Shield Armor shield
Imrae Wondrous Item arcane focus
Inelul Magilor Nebuni Ring
Inferno Weapon gunblade
Infinity Blade Weapon longsword
Infinity Gauntlet Wondrous Item hand
Infinity Stones Wondrous item
Inscribed Veil Wondrous item
Instant Death Dagger Weapon dagger
Insurrection Weapon Longsword
Invigorating Headband Wondrous item
Inxialot Weapon longsword
Iranstraad's Call Weapon warhammer
Irken P.A.K. Wondrous item
Iron Golem Armor Armor plate
Iron Maiden Wondrous Item
Iron of Broken Fates Weapon quaterstaff
Ironic Pacifist Weapon any sword
Ironwood Seed Wondrous item
It Which Shatters Weapon mace
Jack's Foot Wondrous Item
Jack's Ripper Ring Ring
Jackal Mask Wondrous item
Jade Scepter Weapon quarterstaff
Jeryal's Focus Weapon Longsword
Jewel of Mastery Wondrous item
Jittering Anklet Wondrous item
Jorick Weapon shortsword
Judge & Jury Weapon pistols
Judge and Jury Pistols Weapon pistols
Juggernaut Armor Armor plate
Juggernaut Armor, Variant armor Plate
Kamish's Wrath Weapon dagger
Karsus’ Dream Staff
Kataima Incarnate Weapon varies
Katana of the Magus Slayer Weapon longsword
Kazeer's Arcane Repulser Wondrous item
Kenmyouren Weapon Katana
Ki Knuckles Wondrous item
Kiba Weapon 2 shortswords
Killer Queen's Necktie Wondrous item
King of Kings Armory Wondrous item
Knuckles of Shattering Weapon brass knuckles
Krakenscale Armor any
Kurikara Weapon longsword
Kusarigama of the Moon Weapon Chain weapon
Kyle Weapon Greataxe
Kylerion Weapon longsword
La Fleur du Mal Weapon longsword
La guitar of death Wondrous item
Lady Luck's Gambit, Ella'Nor Weapon Pistol
Lament Weapon Chainsword
Lament, Variant Weapon Revolver
Lance of Longinus Weapon spear
Lance of Michael Weapon lance
Lance of the Seal Weapon lance
Lasso of Hestia Weapon whip
Lasso of Truth Wondrous item
Law/Order Weapon small pistol
Leviathan Daggers Weapon dagger
Leviathan's Bane Weapon trident
Liar's Cane Weapon rapier and whip
Lich's Staff of Magic Staff
Life-Siphoning Greataxe Weapon greataxe
Light Arrow Weapon arrow
Light Stream Weapon any bow
Lightning Blade Weapon rapier or shortsword
Lightning Left Armor gauntlet
Lightning Robe Wondrous item
Lightning's Wrath Weapon spear
Lil' Bomber Wondrous item
Ling Kuo's Magnificent Ink Brush Wand
Liquid of Martial Arts Potion
Living Breastplate Symbiont Armor breastplate
Living Rags Weapon Living Armor
Loaded Gun Weapon Firearm
Loaded Question Weapon Fusion Rifle
Lolth's Glaive Weapon dual-bladed glaive
Longbow of Smiting Weapon longbow
Longbow of the Frigid Wind Weapon longbow
Longsword of Bladesinging Weapon longsword
Louisville Slugger Weapon Baseball Bat
Lucii Ring of Old Ring
Lucky Ingot Wondrous Item
Luna's Howl Weapon .454 Casull
Mace of Molag Bal Weapon mace
Mace of the Vampire King Weapon mace
MacGuffin Stone Wondrous item
Maestro's Mirage Tome Wondrous Item Magical Spellbook
Mage Slayer Weapon any sword
Magic Armor Wondrous item
Magic Keg Wondrous item
Magic Tinderbox Wondrous Item
Magic-Bane Exoskeleton Armor plate
Magical Prosthesis Wondrous item
Magician's Hat Weapon Hat
Malediction Ring of the Onyx Alpha Ring
Mammon & Prattfeld’s Brooch of the Selfless Necromancer Wondrous item
Mani Katti Weapon Rapier or Elven Longblade
Manreaper Weapon Power Scythe
Mantle of Ashes Wondrous item
Mantle of the Magic Queen Wondrous Item
Mar's Might Potion
March of the Dead Weapon longsword
Mask of Empty Eyes Wondrous item
Mask of Fire and Ice Wondrous item
Mask of Indeterminate Faces Wondrous Item Mask
Mask of Iratus, Avatar of Orcus Wondrous item
Mask Of The Doom Flumph Wondrous item mask
Mask of the Fantastic Beast Wondrous Item
Mask of the Fox, Variant Wondrous Item
Masque of Clavicus Vile Wondrous Item
Master Sword, Variant Weapon longsword
Master's Crown Wondrous Item
Masterplate Armor half plate or plate
Mechanical Quarterstaff of Power Weapon quarterstaff
Medallion of Discord Wondrous item
Mega Evolution Stones Wondrous item
Megaton Hammer Weapon maul
Mehrune's Razor Weapon dagger
Mermaid Music Box Wondrous item
Meteor Sword Weapon longsword
Meteoric Hammer Weapon maul
MIDA Multi-Tool Weapon Battle Rifle (5e Equipment)
Mirror of Duplication Wondrous item
Mirror Shield Armor shield
Mirror Shield, Variant Armor shield
Mithril Pebble of Pig Smiting Weapon improvised weapon
Mobile Battle Wagon Wondrous Item
Molten Poleaxe Weapon Halberd
Monkey's Paw Wondrous Item
Monster Door of Monsters Wondrous Item
Monster Hunter's Greatsword Weapon greatsword
Moon Boots Wondrous Item
Moonlight Greatsword Weapon greatsword
Mordenkainen's Peddler Bag Wondrous Item
Morgott's Cursed Sword Weapon greatsword
Morne's Great Hammer (Hammer of Mourning) Weapon greatclub
Morphic Cloak Wondrous item
Mortal Blade Weapon longsword
Mortal's Bane Dagger
Mournblade Weapon greatsword
Mr. Shifty's Trident Weapon trident
Multiplanar Airship
Murasame Weapon Katana
Murasame, One Cut Killer Weapon Katana
Murasame, The Demon Blade Weapon Katana
Myriadic Edge Weapon longsword
Myriadic Edge, Variant Weapon longsword
Mystic Eyes of Death Perception Wondrous item
Myxapia Armor Armor
Nameless King Swordspear Weapon swordspear
Nathil Wondrous item torch
Navigator's Staff Staff
Necklace of God Blood Wondrous Item
Necklace of the Gods Wondrous item
Necromancer's Mask Wondrous Item mask
Nemean Lion Skin Armor hide
Nemeses Armor shield
Nightfall Weapon longsword
Nimi Weapon nunchaku
Ninniel Seldarine Weapon longsword
No Evil Ring
Nova Armor Armor
Nova Corps Helmet Wondrous item helmet
Nox's Bow Weapon Shortbow and Longbow
Nunchucks of Lightning weapon nunchucks
Nurgle's Living Plate Armor plate
OathKeeper Heavy Armor Plate
Obsidian Ring of Power Ring
Odin's Greataxe Weapon greataxe
Ol Fortuna Ring
Old One's Bone Weapon quarterstaff
Olivia Wondrous Item viol
Omni-tool Wondrous item
Onyx Blade Weapon greatsword
Open Hand Wondrous Item
Orb of Antimagic Wondrous item
Orb of Destined Fate Wondrous Item
Orb of Praesidium Wondrous item
Outsider's Bane Weapon greatsword
OVERLORD's Sword Weapon Longsword
Oxygen SR3 Weapon Battle Rifle
Pahlem Weapon greatsword
Painful Truth Weapon sickle
Panther Necklace Wondrous item
Pants of Awesomeness Wondrous item pants
Permanent Potion of Clairvoyance Potion
Permanent Potion of Diminution Potion
Permanent Potion of Gaseous Form Potion
Permanent Potion of Heroism Potion
Permanent Potion of Invulnerability Potion
Permanent Potion of Mind Reading Potion
Permanent Potion of Nimbleness potion
Phantom Hourglass Wondrous item
Pill of Vitality Potion
Pitcher of Instant Moat Wondrous Item
Pixel Buster Weapon Shortsword
Plasma strike dagger
Polar Wand Wand
Polyippos Wondrous Item
Poor People's Bane Weapon Browning Hi-Power
Portal Bracers Wondrous item
Portal Scepter Weapon Any Scepter or Staff
Portal Staff Staff
Potion of Legendary Healing Potion
Potion of Slavic Powa Potion
Potion of Temporary Immortality Potion
Potion of Unknown Effect Potion
Power Armor VII (Aquila/Imperator Armour) Armor Plate
Primordial Earth Titan Knucklebone Wondrous Item
Primordial Staff Staff
Protection of Mother Kosem Armor any
Punisher's Cross Weapon Unique
Pyromancer Robes Wondrous item
Pyromancer's Parting Flame Weapon Special
Pyxis of Pandemonium
Quentin's Incredible Blunderbuss Weapon firearm
Quicksilver Gauntlets Wondrous Item
Quiver of Chaos Wondrous Item
R'lyeh Weapon greatsword
R'lyeh Scroll Scroll
Radiance Weapon longsword
Rain Weapon warhammer
Rajhin's Mantle Wondrous Item
Randur's Helm Armor great helmet
Rapier of Armor Piercing Weapon rapier
Rapier of Ravaging Rapidity Weapon rapier
Raserei Weapon greatsword
Ravager Weapon any axe
Ravenheart Robe Wondrous Item
Ravio's Bracelet Wondrous item
Reaper's Judgement Weapon Scythe
Rebellion Weapon longsword
Reckless Abandon Weapon any melee weapon with the two-handed or versatile property
Red Death Weapon Assault Rifle
Redrix's Claymore Weapon Assault Rifle
Reginald the Strongsword Weapon Longsword
Reju Weapon Rapier
REKT (Rapidly Escalating Kill Tactic) Weapon Weapon any
Rennigan Wondrous item
Revitalisation Potion Potion
Revival Potion Potion
Revoker Weapon Sniper Rifle
Revolver of Light Weapon revolver
RhinoRoller Staff
Rhitta Divine Axe, Variant Weapon Heavy Hand Axe
Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers Weapon longbow
Rhumnam Weapon rapier
Rider's Sword of the Dragon's Bond Weapon Any Sword
Rienfleche Weapon longbow
Ring of Action Saving Ring
Ring of Anti-Magic Ring
Ring of Bravado Ring
Ring of Charges Ring
Ring of Death Ring
Ring of death stopping Ring
Ring of Dragons Ring
Ring of Famine Ring
Ring of Flame Jump Ring
Ring of Forced Peace Ring
Ring of Forgiveness Ring
Ring of Frost and Ice Ring
Ring of Gaia Ring
Ring of Infinite Souls Ring
Ring of Khajiiti Ring
Ring of Magical Resistance Ring
Ring of Meta Gaming Ring
Ring of Namira Ring
Ring of Necromancy Ring
Ring of Nightmare Ring
Ring of Pestilence Ring
Ring of Plentiful Technique Ring
Ring of Resizing Ring
Ring of Resurrection Ring
Ring of Stun Removal Ring
Ring of Supreme Magical Resistance Ring
Ring of Supreme Nature Ring
Ring of Swiftness Ring
Ring of the Fey Queen Wondrous item
Ring of the Invincible Ring
Ring of the King's Gates, Variant Ring
Ring of the Kings Gates Ring
Ring of the Slaver Ring
Ring of the Warrior Ring
Ring of Tongues Ring
Ring of War Ring
Ring of Wizardry Ring
Rings of Di Lee Suun Ring
Rings of Oblivion Ring
Ripper Weapon shortsword
Robe of Rubik Wondrous item
Robes of the Archsorcerer (Variant for Archmage Robe) Wondrous item
Rod of Remorse Wondrous item
Rod of Stolen Starlight Rod
Rolling Shield of Skoraeus Wondrous item
Rose of Ariandel Weapon whip
Ruinous Doom Weapon longbow
Runic Blade Weapon any sword
Ruyi Jingu Bang Weapon quarterstaff
Ryderwood Bow Weapon Longbow
Saber of the West Wind Weapon saber
Samehada Weapon greatsword
Samesword Weapon longsword
Sanguine Rose Staff
Savior's Hide Armor leather
Sawtooth Weapon longsword, handaxe
Scarf of the Vermilion Bird Wondrous item
Scion Staff Staff
Scorching Hatchet Weapon handaxe
Scroll of Spell Forms Scroll
Scythe of Life and Death Weapon great double scythe
Scythe of Quakes Weapon Scythe
Scythe of Reaped Souls Weapon great scythe
Scythe of the Cosmos Weapon Great Scythe
Scythe of Time Weapon greatscythe
Sea Serpent Armor Armor any medium armor
Senketsu Armor Clothing
Serastial Weapon longsword
Shadow Symbiont Wondrous Item
Shadow-Spider Armor Chitin Armor
Shadowblade Weapon any sword
Shadowed Monocle Wondrous item
Shadowflame Gem Wondrous item
Shadowplay Wondrous item cloak
Shamisen Sword Weapon longsword
Shardplate Armor plate
Sharingan Wondrous item
Shawl of Hellfrax Wondrous item
Shield of Deflection Armor shield
Shield of Kord Armor shield
Shield of the Endless Sky Armor shield
Shield of the Forgotten Armor shield
Shield of the Grand phalanx Armor Shield
Shield of Throwing and Returning Armor shield
Shikon no Tama Wondrous Item
Shimmering Bracers Wondrous item
Shining Discus Weapon Chakram
Shiva Hailstorm Weapon katana
Shoutouren Weapon Katana
Shurikens of Ice Weapon Shurikens (50/100
Sieg'gram Weapon longsword
Silver Chariot's Rapier Weapon Rapier
Silver Wishes Wondrous item Ammunition
Six Bullet's Revolver Weapon Revolver
Skeleton Key Wondrous Item
Skull Knight's Set Armor plate
Sky Cleaver Weapon battleaxe
Sky Guard Weapon Longsword
Skygrinder's Tonic Potion
Slayer Destroyer Weapon glaive, lance, longsword, shortsword, longbow
Sling of sacrifice Weapon sling
Slipknot Weapon Flail
Slither Sling Weapon sling
Solar Instrument Weapon greatsword, longbow
Solune Armor Shield
Sorrow's Cross Fragment Duty Wondrous Item Tattoo
Sorrow's Cross Fragment Temptation Ring
Soul Blade Weapon any sword
Soul Guard Wondrous item
Soulstrum Weapon greataxe
Spear of Akatosh Weapon spear
Spear of Destiny Weapon spear
Spear of the Warriors Might Weapon Spear
Spectral Key Wondrous Item
Spell Sponge Armor shield
Spell Weaver Brew Potion
Spellbinder Weapon whip
Spellbreaker Armor shield
Spellsyphon Vehicle
Spice Wondrous item
Spider-Man Suit Armor Any light armor
Spike of Distorted Flesh Wondrous Item
Spirit Spear Chastiefol Weapon spear
Spirit Warrior Wondrous item
Springing Boots Wondrous item
Sseth Scimitar Weapon Scimitar
Sseth's Amulet Wondrous item
Sseth's Fang Boots Wondrous item
Sseth's Gloves of Regeneration Wondrous item
Staff of Charging Staff
Staff of Explosion Staff
Staff of Hades Staff
Staff of Magical Endurance Staff
Staff of Marcus Staff
Staff of Ruin Staff
Staff of Sacrifice Staff
Staff of the Archdruid Staff
Staff of the Blighted Staff
Staff of the Death Goddess Staff
Staff of the Redeemer Weapon quarterstaff
Staff of the Seven Seas Staff
Staff of the Thunderous Storm Weapon Quarterstaff
Star Platinum's Hat Wondrous item
Stargazer's Pendant Wondrous item
Stat Stick Rod
Steadfast Hold Armor shield
Steamed Hams Wondrous item
Steel Hair-sticks Parlis Net Wondrous item
Steelbrand Weapon Scythe/Rapier
Stolen Wrath Wondrous Item Orb
Stone Fists of the Ancients Wondrous Item
Stone Mask of the Vampire Wondrous item
Stone of Domination Wondrous item
Stone of the Wise Wondrous item
Storm Bringer Weapon broadsword
Storm God's Greataxe Weapon battleaxe
Storm Reavers Bulwark Armor plate
Stormbringer, Variant Weapon Longsword
Sturm Weapon .454 Casull
Suicide King Wondrous item
Suit of Transmutation Armor Special
Sumarbrander Weapon shortsword
Sun Blade, Variant Weapon any sword
Sun's Wrath Weapon longsword
Sunbright Weapon shortsword
Sune's Blessed Armor Armor chain mail
Sunlight Rose Weapon great scythe
Swift Flame Weapon shortsword
Swift Rapier Weapon rapier
Swift Sash Wondrous item
Sword of Answering
Sword of Armageddon Weapon any sword
Sword of Fenris Weapon longsword
Sword of Fire Weapon Katana
Sword of Fire and Ice Weapon Longsword
Sword of Fire and Rock Weapon Longsword
Sword of Glory's Wrath Weapon greatsword
Sword of Libet's Delay Weapon Any weapon
Sword of Power - Clarent Weapon shortsword
Sword of Power - Durendal Weapon shortsword
Sword of Power - Excalibur Weapon shortsword
Sword of Power - Joyeuse Weapon shortsword
Sword of the Bards Weapon any sword
Sword of the Celestials Weapon any Sword
Sword of the Creator Weapon longsword
Sword of the Phoenix Weapon Any sword
Sword of Vanchilia Weapon greatsword
Swords of Light and Darkness Weapon Longsword
Swords of Night and Day Weapon Longsword
Syrune Wondrous item
T.A.R.D.I.S. Vehicle
Talking Stick Rod
TARDIS Vehicle
Tassels Wondrous Item
Taulmaril Weapon longbow
Taulmaril's Quiver Weapon Quiver and Arrows
Telestia Weapon katana
Temporal Wand Wand
Tempus Weapon trident
Tenseiga Weapon katana
Tergrid's Lantern Wondrous item
Terrarian Excalibur Weapon longsword
Tessaiga Weapon katana
The 4 Skinner Weapon any sword
The Accursed Rakuyo Weapon Longsword
The Arcane Compendium Wondrous Item
The Athame of a Thousand Deaths Weapon dagger
The Auditor’s Plume Wondrous item
The Bangle of Disintegration Wondrous Item bangle
The Black Pearl Wondrous item
The Black Ring Ring
The Black Rose Weapon heavy revolver
The Blade Weapon katana
The Bloodthirster Weapon Greatsword
The Bow of Helios Weapon Longbow
The Chadius Blade Weapon Bastard Sword (5e Equipment)
The Compass that doesn't Point North Wondrous item
The Death Sandwich Wondrous item
The Demon's Fang Weapon ShortSword
The God Slayer Weapon greataxe
The Golden Rapier (5e Weapon) Weapon rapier
The Heart Wall Armor shield
The Helm of Ancient Souls Armor Helmet
The Hexblade Weapon Longsword
The Hummingbird Blade: Domina Mortis Weapon Rapier
The Hush Weapon Longbow
The Hybrid Blade Weapon any sword
The Lamp of Cameo Wondrous item
The Lashing Python Weapon Whips
The Mask of Numerous Faces Wondrous item mask
The Master Torch Weapon Warhammer
The Mountaintop Weapon Grenade Launcher
The One Ring, Variant Ring
The One Ring, Variant 2 Ring
The Pale Violin Wondrous item
The Perfect Loaf Wondrous item
The Potion of Yum Yum Time Potion
The Psych Sword Weapon Any sword
The Recluse Weapon Submachine Gun
The Ring of Teleportation Ring
The Scarlet Summit Armor studded leather
The Space Stone Wondrous item
The Staff of Tzeentch Staff
The Sufferer's Gauntlet Wondrous item
The Sword of Swords Weapon Sword
The Talon of Horus Weapon Lightning Claw
The Tear of Boccom-Pink Wondrous Item
The Tear of Boccom-Red Wondrous Item
The Teeth of Aezoan Wondrous item
The Thespian Mask Wondrous Item Mask
The Time Staff Weapon Staff
The Trident of The Drowned Weapon Trident
The Waifu Cannon Wondrous item
The Yato Blade Weapon longsword
The Yin/Yang Staff
Thieve's Outfit Wondrous Item
Thinking Cap Wondrous item
Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury Weapon longbow
Thorn, Crusader of the Falling Sky Weapon glaive
Thunder Helm Wondrous item
Thunder Striker Weapon any bow or crossbow
Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, Variant Weapon Longsword
Thundering Right Armor gauntlet
Thunderlord Weapon Heavy Machine Gun
Thánatos & Vita Weapon Longswords
Tiebreaker's Clip Wondrous item
Tieren Weapon scimitar
Time Stone Wondrous item
Time Warp Weapon Longsword
Timekeeper's Scythe Weapon Scythe
Token of the Damned Wondrous Item
Tombstone Ring Ring
Tome of Alteration Wondrous Item
Tome of Vast Knowledge Wondrous item
Tower Shield of the Rein Armor shield
Trident of Atlantis weapon trident
True Shillelagh Weapon club or quarterstaff
True Spirit Spear Chastifol Weapon spear
True Wand Wand
Truthseeker's Rod Rod
Tube of Recreation Wondrous item
Twilight Weapon katana
Twin-Bow Herritt Weapon Greatbow
Twisted Bident Staff Morphing
Ultima Weapon Weapon special
Ultimate Key Wondrous item
Ultra-Heavy Shackles Wondrous item
Undead Longbow Weapon longbow
Unholy Moonlight Weapon greatsword
Unyielding Ring of Primal Power Ring
Unyielding Ring of Yinni Ring
Valorheart Weapon broadsword and buckler
Vampire Armor Armor plate
Vampiric Blade Weapon any sword
Vampiric Claws Weapon Claws
Vampiric King's Greatblade Weapon greatsword
Vanquishing Staff Staff
Variant Bags of Tricks Wondrous item
Variant Figurines of Wondrous Power Wondrous item
Variant Ioun Stones Wondrous item
Veil Weapon glaive
Vengeance is Mine Weapon longsword
Vest of Happiness Wondrous Item Vest
Vibranium Plate Armor plate
Vic's Sticks of Recall Weapon Magical Instrument
Victorian Doll Wondrous Item Doll
Villager Sword Weapon shortsword
Vocal Choker Wondrous item
Void Halo Weapon Halo
Voidkeeper Staff Staff
VoidWalker Armor Armor leather
Volendrung Weapon maul
Volt's Uprising Weapon katana
Vorpal Ko-naginata Ko-naginata Martial Weapon: 1d8 slashing, 3 lb, Finesse, Versatile (1d10), Reach, Heavy
Vulpus Blade Weapon Greatsword
Wabbajack Staff
Wailer weapon greataxe
Wand of Creation Wand
Wand of Greater Consumption Wand
Wand of Negation Wand
Wand of Pudding Wand
Weapon of Annihilation Weapon any weapon
Wendigo GL3 Weapon Grenade Launcher, Multiple
White Stripes Weapon Instrument
Wilt and Bloom Weapon katana and crossbow, light
Wind God's Shield Armor shield
Windslicer Weapon rapier
Wings of Flying, Greater Wondrous item
Winterweiss Weapon rapier
Wisecracker Weapon mace
Wolf Knight Greatsword Weapon greatsword
Wolf's Fang Weapon greatsword
WorldKey Wondrous Item
WormWood Ring Ring
Wraith Leggings Wondrous Item
Wyrmfang Blade Weapon Dagger
X-Buster Weapon Unique
Xavius's Platemail Armor plate
Yamato Weapon longsword
Yami Weapon any bladed weapon
Yeoui Weapon quarterstaff
Yoldorg Weapon Scythe
Yungouth Weapon Greatbow
Yuri Weapon Greatsword
Zen Meteor Weapon Anti-Materiel Rifle
Zezzet Deck, Variant Weapon Deck of Tarot
Ænglisc Runerow Wondrous item
Ōdachi of the Dawn Lion Weapon ōdachi

Incomplete Items

Items with one or many improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Please help work on the problem presented on the template.
Item Type Subtype
A Normal Wooden Sword Weapon shortsword
Animajin Armor Armor light
Ansuz Runestone Wondrous item
Arrow of Blazing Weapon any ammunition
Asuramaru weapon katana
Bag of Halflings Wondrous item
Bag of Tricks, Patchwork Wondrous item
Beholder's Lantern Wondrous item
Belt of Benefits Wondrous Item
Berserker Armor, 2nd Variant Armor Plate
Blood Fire Phoenix Weapon rapier
Brødrene Dal's Backpack of infinite storage Wondrous item
Bubbly Wine Wondrous item
Cards Wondrous item
Cecilia, The Cursed Sash Wondrous item
Cerberbuss Weapon Firearm
Crazy Slot Wondrous item
Dark Fruit Wondrous item
Deck of Many Things, 2nd Variant Wondrous item
Dragonslayer Weapon greatsword
Dual Silver Fangs longsword
Eclipsing Shot Weapon Bolt Action Pistol (5e Equipment)
Empty Spoon Wondrous item Spoon
END Weapon scimitar
Foot long corn dog Rod
Forge of Kwalish Wondrous Item
Frost Lance weapon quarterstaff
Fujin Weapon katana
Furtim Rifle Weapon carbine musket
Glob of Chaos Potion
Gold and riches Weapon Revolver
Grab Pack Wondrous item
Greataxe Of Smight Weapon greataxe
Greatsword of Self Weapon greatsword
Hades Magnum Weapon pistol
Hakurouken (Rebalanced) Weapon scimitar
Hammer of The Great Wyrm Weapon Warhammer
Heavenly Maanna Weapon any
Hgmjhg Weapon
Honor's Call, Variant Weapon Greataxe/Battleaxe
Hope's End Weapon longsword
Immovable Object wondrous item
Infinity Gauntlet, Variant 2 Weapon
Infused Leather Vestments Armor leather
Instant Infusion Wondrous item
Key of mimicry wondrous item key
Kinetic Cudgel Weapon mace
Lapidary (5e Subclass) Wondrous item tuning fork
Last Resort Weapon Hunting Rifle
Liban's Gauntlet Wondrous item
Lucky Block Wondrous item
Magical Charms Wondrous item
Malfeasance Weapon longsword
Manual of Iron Guards Wondrous item
Mask of the Doctor wondrous item cloak and mask
Masks of Forms Wondrous item
Maul of the Sky Cleavers Weapon maul
Mentalurgy (fixed) Wondrous Item
Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear Weapon Pike
Neckronomicon magical item spellbook
Nirnogzahar Armor spiked armor
NULL'S Blade Weapon longsword
Odin's Lost Eye Wondrous item
Orb of Dark Matter Wondrous item
Outbreak Weapon longsword
Pimp's Glove Wondrous item
Potion of (temporary) Godly Power Potion
Radiant Moon Crystal Wondrous Item
Raiment of the Fey Queen Wondrous item
Reaper's Revenge Weapon Scythe
Ring of Piercing Ring
Ring of Thoth Ring
Robe of the Archdruid, Variant Wondrous item
Rod of Alchemy Rod
Roukanken (Rebalanced) Weapon katana
Runekeeper's Scroll Scroll
Runestone & Glyphs Wondrous item
Saiyan Battle Armor Armor
Sakura Storm Weapon longsword
Scythe of the End Weapon greatscythe
Sentient Slime Armor Armor
Shield of Returning Armor shield
Sickly Staff of Life Staff
Skull of Corruption Staff
Slaaneshi Harmful Harness Armor chain shirt
Spear of the Ebon Crusader Weapon spear
Special-Grade Cursed Tool: Playful Cloud Weapon Quarterstaff, three-section staff
Spider Silk Wondrous item
Spirit Shield Armor Shield
Staff of Mithrallus Wondrous item quarterstaff
Staff of Ra Weapon heavy glaive
String Fruit Wondrous item
Swarming Mace Weapon mace
Sword of the Flowing Waters Weapon longsword
Talisman of the Little Reaper Wondrous Item
Terra Blade Weapon greatsword
The Book wondrous item
The Carousel Wondrous item
The Hard Hat Armor Hat
The Hillgiant's Holy Hamwich Wondrous Item
The Holy Blood Tablet Wondrous item
The Ice Crown Wondrous item
The Infinity Stones Wondrous item
The Lorentz Formula Weapon (Rifle), Heavy, Ammunition.
The Oldest Flame Wondrous Item
The One Ring Ring
The Stone Basins Vestige Staff
The suit of the Eerlasting Light Armor 20 and Constitution
The Three Scales Wondrous item
Tiamat's Hide Armor light, medium, or heavy
Traveller's Backpack Backpack
Trinity Force Weapon shortsword
Tzeechian Psychic Bracers Weapon Daggers/Bracers
Unbreakable Armor Armor heavy
Wado Ichimonji Weapon Katana
Warhammer of Balance Weapon warhammer
Yata no Kagami Wondrous item
Z-Sword Weapon longsword
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