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Copyright: Konosuba

Staff, Legendary (requires attunement)

A oak staff that carries a large focusing crystal created by an archwizard who is said to have mastered pyromancy.

This Staff has 10 Charges. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 or more of its Charges to cast the Fireball spell (save DC 15) from it. For 1 charge, you cast the 3rd-level version of the spell. You can increase the spell slot level by one for each additional charge you expend.

The staff regains 1d6 + 1 expended Charges daily at dawn. If you expend the wand's last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the staff crumbles into ashes and is destroyed.

Increased Magic using more charges at one time adds Metamagic to the spell

Charges Used Fireball Level Metamagic
2 4 Flared Spell
4 6 Hieghtened Spell
6 8 Empowered Spell
8 9 Widened Spell
10 9 Maximized Spell
Flared Spell

When casting a spell that deals fire, lightning, or radiant damage, creatures that were hit by, and failed the save against the spell to make a constitution saving throw. Those who fail the save are blinded until the end of your next turn.

Heightened Spell

When you cast a spell that forces a creature to make a saving throw to resist its effects, you can give one target of the spell disadvantage on its first saving throw made against the spell.

Empowered Spell

When you roll damage for a spell, you can reroll a number of the damage dice up to your Charisma modifier (minimum of one). You must use the new rolls

Widened Spell

Increase the area of a spell's effect. Fireball now has a radius of 45 feet

Maximized Spell

When you cast a spell expending ten charges deal maximum damage with the spell to one affected target of your choice.

Why is it so overpowered? I made this for a one shot, it was designed to be overpowered, the idea was a nuclear fireball. AriaVehemente (talk)
Megumin's Staff

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