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Vehicle, very rare

Extreme Gear Type-J, Source

Arriving from a time far beyond your own, this board-like vehicle travels through the air at impossible speeds.

Upgrade. You can spend gold pieces that you collect to upgrade the Extreme Gear. By letting the Extreme Gear absorb 1000gp, you can make the Extreme Gear "Lv. 2", allowing you to unlock additional effects on the Extreme Gear's features. After your Extreme Gear is upgraded to "Lv. 2", you can let the Extreme Gear absorb 2000gp to make it "Lv. 3".

Wing-Like Flight. While standing on the Extreme Gear, you gain a flying speed of 80 feet and you hover 10 feet above the ground. However, if there is no ground underneath your Extreme Gear, you will enter a free-fall until there is ground beneath you. A "Lv. 2" Extreme Gear has an increased flying speed of 120 feet, and a "Lv. 3" Extreme Gear has a flying speed of 175 feet. This vehicle can only be used by Medium or smaller creatures and can hold only 1 Medium creature, 1 Small creature, or 2 Tiny creatures at a time.

Air-Powered. The Extreme Gear is powered entirely by the air around it. It has a limited tank of air that it can use and must go into a state of recharging after this air is expended. The Extreme Gear's fuel tank holds 30 Air Points, which are used to measure the amount of air that the Extreme Gear uses while flying. For every 10 seconds that the Extreme Gear is flying in the air, 1 Air Point is used up. When the number of Air Points remaining reaches 0, the Extreme Gear powers off and can no longer be used. Air Points are regained by filling the Extreme Gear's fuel tank with an Air Capsule or letting the Extreme Gear remain idle for 1d6 hours as it sucks up the air around it. A "Lv. 2" Extreme Gear holds 50 Air Points, and a "Lv. 3" Extreme Gear holds 100 Air Points.

Boost. The Extreme Gear also has the ability to dash quickly at the cost of a large amount of fuel. While standing on the Extreme Gear, you can use a bonus action to double your flying speed while using the Extreme Gear until the start of your next turn. In addition, your high-speed movement makes your attacks even stronger. While boosting, your attacks with melee weapons deal an additional 1d6 slashing damage (2d6 for a "Lv. 2" Extreme Gear and 3d6 for a "Lv. 3" Extreme Gear). Using the Boost feature costs 10 Air Points.

Tornado. The Extreme Gear can also cause a large disturbance behind you to throw enemies off of your path. While standing on the Extreme Gear, you can use a bonus action to do a quick spin on your Extreme Gear, halving your movement speed until the start of your next turn and creating a small whirlwind behind you. Enemies in a 30-foot cone behind you must make a Dexterity saving throw or their movement speed becomes 0 until the end of their next turn. Using the Tornado feature costs 10 Air Points.

Air Trick. You can also perform stunts while in mid-air. While standing on the Extreme Gear and approaching the edge of a cliff or ledge, you can use a bonus action to shoot a burst of compressed air under you, causing you to soar into the sky. While in free-fall, you can make one DC 20 Acrobatics skill check to perform stunts. On a successful skill check, you regain 15 Air Points. On a Critical Success (rolling a 20), you regain Air Points equal to half of your Extreme Gear's maximum Air Points. On a Critical Failure (rolling a 1), you lose Air Points equal to half of your Extreme Gear's maximum Air Points. These Air Point changes are applied when you return to the ground. Using the Air Trick feature costs no Air Points.

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