Rune Scarred Bones (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, uncommon (minor tier) (requires attunement by a skeleton)

Created and utilized by skeletal mages with a knack for creation, they enhance their, generally, weaker forms with resistance to certain damage.

The appearance of the bones tends to vary, as do the effects they incur. However, they all feature small sets of engraved runes, covering the surface. Many of these runes don't even seem to be part of any known languages, this unknown nature believed to be the cause of the minor physical strangeness.

Etched Runes. While you are attuned to the item, and it is part of your body, you are resistant to one damage type, and can cast a spell at will, at it's lowest level. It requires no components, other than the bones being used as an arcane focus. The resistances and spells are based on the bones, listed below.

Bones Resistance Spell
Skull psychic psionova
Left Arm fire hellish rebuke
Right Arm cold armor of agathys
Left Leg thunder expeditious retreat
Right Leg lightning longstrider
Chest force shield
d8 Random Physical Trait
1 The bones glow slightly.
2 The bones take on a charcoal like texture, and even occasionally begin to smoulder again.
3 The bones are noticeably, if only slightly, smaller or larger than usual.
4 Small spikes or horns cover the bones.
5 Small parts of the bones appear to be solidly connected, however they maintain full flexibility.
6 Flesh is attached to the bones, and it never seems to rot.
7 Small chunks of sand, dirt, and other grime cover the bones, and even after being cleaned off it quickly returns, even when isolated.
8 Small chunks of the bones are missing, even parts that miss connections float in place as if they were there.

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