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Wondrous item, uncommon

This is a bardic magic item which summons and assembles a backup band of musicians and/or backup singers from all around the bard's current plane to perform with the bard.

The band members are 80% teleported to the stage next to or behind the bard once the bard starts playing. To summon the backup band, the bard hangs the hook somewhere on the stage behind him or her, and then places valuable items such as gold, silver, gems or some other precious substance on a flanged shelf which is part of the hook. When the bard starts playing, the valuable items disappear and the band members appear from all over the plane, and accompany the bard in playing a couple of sets. The quality of the band and/or the backup singers is directly proportional to the amount of value placed on the flanged shelf.

It is possible to talk with the band members between the two sets. Any of them which take damage or are attacked in some other way immediately disappear and return to their origin after taking the first point of damage or after needing to make a saving throw. Any that are hit with a spell other than light or illusion immediately return to their origin as well. Once the bard has finished performing, all of the backup band members and/or singers immediately return to where they came from. The band members each find their share of the valuable items in their purses, pockets or bank accounts upon returning.

You must be able to cast bardic spells to be able to use this item.

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