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Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

A map to set your adventures apart and above all others

A map which allows the owner to view and maneuver the landscape of the world around them.

This map draws upon the magic of an Ancient Explorer who once used the map to never get lost. Made of a stiff fine cloth, the map shows a holographic image of the world around the player; an image which can be maneuvered(by the owner) to reveal the landscape of the world.

This map pulls details of the land from ALL maps within a 3 mile radius to fill itself with the knowledge gained by other travelers and explorers. This map can show creatures or landmarks(signified by a colourful aura) of significant power within 1 mile. In addition this map will show the path to a way-point set by the owner, via a trail upon the map in a colour of their choice.

Other properties of this item include:

  • The map can be made to have any language the owner knows.
  • The map may show the layout of The Cosmology of the Universe
  • The owner(at level 5) may use this map to Scry(basic Scrying spell)(without the consuming of a spell slot)
  • The owner(at level 8) may use this map to conjure their own likeness to a specific location(or person if scrying); this image can then communicate to the target.(Number of uses is equal to the owners Constitution modifier+1 per long rest)
  • The owner(at level 12) may use this map to transport a held object to another location(on the known map)(Number of uses is equal to the owners Constitution modifier+1 per week)
  • The owner(at level 16) May use this map to transport them self to a location(on the known map) for no longer than 10 minutes, then is instantly returned to their original location(number of uses is 1 per month)
  • (once the owner reaches level 19)This map will reveal all information whether or not it has learned it from other maps.(DM's discretion)
  • If more than one map exsits the owners may use these maps to communicate over large distances.

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