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Vehicle, Legendary (Requires Attunement)

This item is a huge silver container. Once studied for some time (attuning), creatures will notice magic controls on a wall. The vessel has 5 charges, and can hold 4 medium creatures or equivalent creatures of different of sizes. A creature operating the vessel can expend a charge to activate any of the following abilities. The vessel regains one charge every day.

Movement. The vessel becomes controllable, with 120 flying speed, and a 120 swimming speed. The vessel remains controllable for 1 day.

Extraplanar Teleportation. After D20 seconds, the vessel and its inhabitants are teleported to a location anywhere in any plane of existence. Roll a D4. The vessel will be that far away from the location, in miles.

Space Manipulation. The vessel and its inhabitants become a different size. The size can be any size from fine to gargantuan. The creatures and the vessel will automatically return to normal size after 12 hours, or can be ended from the vessel by the operator.

Magic Amplification. The vessel causes a magic effect to be amplified by the vessels power. One spell cast by a creature inside the vessel have tripled range, and doubled effects.

Spellcasting. The vessel casts a spell without material components that is lower than 9th level. It can be amplified by the effect above.

Weaponry. The vessel gains one of the following attacks. Cannons: +4 to hit, 4 targets (30 foot range), on hit: 8D10 bludgeoning damage. Minimizer: +5 to hit, one target (30 foot range), on hit: the target is shrunken 3 size levels, including gear. Razors: +7 to hit, two targets (10 foot range), on hit: 5D20 slashing damage. Hyperlaser: 10 by 100 rectangle, targets must make DC 15 Dex save or take 4D20 + 10 Radiant Damage.

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