Witch Hunter's Headset (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)

This magical glowing headset allows its wearer to communicate with others across space, and even dimensions!

Copper Make. The copper wire extending from the earpiece is used for the headset's abilities. This wire can be used as the material component for spells like message and sending, regardless of if you use the item's power or your own spellcasting to do so.

Message. The headset has 10 charges. You may use a charge to cast the message cantrip. If a wearer of another Witch Hunter's Headset is within a mile of you, you can target them for the spell. Expended charges are replenished after an hour from the use of the first charge.

Sending. You may use 5 charges to cast the sending spell. If you use charges this way, expended charges will not replenish until the next dawn.

Destruction. If all charges are expended, roll a d20. On a 1, the item becomes inert and non-magical, but its Copper Make property remains.

Tech Variant. As a different version of the item, the DM might make it have this property. The item uses advanced technology, rather than magic, to communicate telepathically. This version of the item is unaffected by magic nullifying spells and effects, is non-magical, has a Rare rarity, doesn't have the Copper Make or Destruction properties, and doesn't require attunement. Future Tech Variant versions of the item also exist, that also keep the Copper Make property and have a Very Rare Rarity.

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