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Vehicle, Very Rare

The Core Fighter is essentially a large, black fighter jet with a turret connected to the core. As a whole, the vehicle has a damage threshold of 25 hit points, an AC of 17, and 350 total hit points. The only thing keeping the turret, cockpit, wings, and jet together is an energy field pulling it all to the core with 2 feet of seemingly empty space. This makes for better evasion and pursuit abilities, such as following a thin vehicle through a canyon by making everything as streamlined as possible, or dodging a laser blast by twisting the whole ship to a certain direction while keeping the cockpit at an angle that doesn't give the pilot vertigo. The turret also takes a person to operate, making that a crew of 2 with no room for passengers. The turret does 3d10 damage to a single target, made for besieging a kingdom or taking down airships or water vessels.

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