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Wondrous item, uncommon

This 9 inch sphere of glass is suspended by a single piece of braided gold wire. The top, off center from the suspension point, has a hole cut that can fit a hand with the Holy symbol of Chauntea engraved on the opposite side of the opening. Inside this Terrarium is a miniature Cherry Tree that has 10 visible cherries. Affixed vertically to the outside of the sphere is a seemingly normal upturned vial missing it's bottom.

Growth of New Cherries. Every dawn, if the vial was filled with at least 4 gallons of clean water (it can hold up to six before overflowing and spilling all the water in the vial) the previous dusk, all cherries picked the previous day will regrow up to 10. By using an action a creature can reach in and pull one cherry from the tree, once leaving the terrarium this cherry acts like a berry from the spell goodberry.

Neglect of the Tree. Every day that the terrarium goes without 4 gallons of water the number of cherries produced decreases by 1 and any berries over that number that are left on the tree turn black and if eaten will give the creature one level of exhaustion.

Repairing the Tree. In order to replenish cherry production to 10 the tree requires 10 hours of natural sunlight and 1 pint of honey (1 gp) mixed in with the 4 gallons of water per cherry that has rotted.

Curing a Dying Tree. One day after the last cherry has rotted, if the vial is not filled with the water and honey mixture, the tree will wither and winter will come in the terrarium, a greater restoration spell within the next 30 days will heal the tree and have 2 cherries ready to be picked.

Identifying the Terrarium. The identify spell or successful Intelligence (Nature) check reveals the positive and care features of this item. A successful DC 15 Wisdom (Nature) check on a rotten berry will reveal the negative and how to replenish the tree.

Miniature Terrarium

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