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Wondrous item, rare (major) (requires attunement by a monk of 3rd level or higher.)

While the strength in all monks is almost solely found in their traditions and practices, they aren’t all prudes when it comes to magical enhancement. The most popular of these are known as monastic charms, small objects of power that, when used by a master of the right tradition, amplify their powers even further.

Traditional Knowledge. To attune to one of these charms, you must be part of the same monastic tradition.

Official Traditions

Astral Hand

A pair of arms, set on a small crest. While the holder has their Arms of the Astral Self active, it glows slightly.

Astral Ascent. When using Arms of the Astral Self to make unarmed attacks, your martial arts die increases by one step.

Drunken Master

A shot glass filled with a deep brown liquid, supposedly some kind of hard liquor. When drunken, it is completely tasteless, and the next time the glass is upright, it is completely refilled.

Freedom of Movement. When you use Drunken Technique, you may instead move up to half your movement speed.

Four Elements

A stone, about the size of a child’s fist. It occasionally transmogrifies into a different form, a chunk of ice, still burning charcoal, and a clear gemstone. It is always the same size, and is indestructible despite the form.

Avatar of The Elements. When casting a spell through your elemental discipline, the spell is upcast by one level at no cost.


An incredibly small sword of eastern design, a replica. Despite the size, the sheer level of detail is miraculous, engravings of a master’s skill level running up and down the blade.

Master’s Influence. You have a +1 to attack and damage rolls with Kensei weapons.

Long Death

A small skull from a supposedly young animal. It is somewhat brittle, but any part of it that is broken off quickly returns to the skull of it’s own accord.

Grasp of Death. When using Touch of Death, you instead gain twice your Wisdom modifier + your Monk level in temporary hitpoints.


A small knotted cross made of hempen rope. No matter what you do, it can’t be untied.

Healing Storm. Whenever you would make an attack, you can spend a ki point to instead use Hands of Mercy.

Open Hand

A strip of leather, resembling a miniature belt. It eminates an aura of confidence.

Greatest Technique. Once every attack action, you may use Open Hand Technique as if you made a Flurry of Blows.


A sliver of steel, sharp as any knife. When held, deep black wisps of smoke emerge from small cracks in the metal.

Lord of Shadows. When casting a spell through Shadow Arts, you only need to spend a ki point.

Sun Soul

A small, glass bauble. It is incredibly resilient to damage, and emits a faint, bright glow.

Bolts of the Stars. If you make a Flurry of Blows, and you have not already made a Radiant Sun Bolt attack, you can make one bolt attack as part of the flurry.

Homebrew Traditions

Abandon Ache

A leather glove, small wires of mithril running through it. When worn, the wearer is quickly overwhelmed by massive amounts of pain, all throughout their bodies. Monks of this tradition still feel the pain inflicted by the glove, but can fight while wearing it regardless.

Forgotten Feelings. You can add 5 to the damage reduction of Removal of Sense.

Broken Thief

Two small samples of cloth stitched together, one end simple and brown, the second extravagantly detailed. Both ends are always a bit dusty.

Criminal’s Fury. Whenever you use Outlaw Training, you may impose a second effect.

Unending Assault

A tiger’s claw, still somewhat damp with blood. When dried off, the blood returns a few hours later.

Fury of Thousands. Whenever you would gain another stack of Tiger’s Lust past your 6th, you gain an additional stack.


A shard of blue glass. Whenever touched, a small jolt of static electricity jumps from it.

Kinetic Buildup Whenever you cast a spell from Stormstrke, on your next turn, your first unarmed attack deals an additional die of lightning damage, equal to your Martial Arts die.

Long Blade

A deep black whetstone, which can fit in your pocket. When held in your hands, it quickly becomes impossibly heavy, from a middling quarter pound to fourty.

Master’s Weight. When you land a critical hit with a heavy monk weapon, you instead regain 3 ki points.

Ki Thief

A nice looking pearl, seemingly nonmagical. However, monks not of the same tradition are greatly unnerved by it’s presence, for no clear reason.

Stolen Rejuvination. Your ki point maximum is no longer reduced by your Proficiency bonus.

Sacred Form

A little stone slate, made of marble. While attuned to, words in celestial appear, and glow slightly on both sides. It fits the scripture of the attuned holder.

Empowered Marks. When you use Flurry of Blows, Step of the Wind, or Patient Defence, you can spend a ki point to use one of the others. This use is not improved by Concentrated Technique.


A crystalline token, four different colors making up equal portions, blue, orange, green, and teal. When attuned to, the token is taken up solely by one color.

Solar System. Whenever you use Inner Cosmos, you can use it an additional time.

Toxic Palm

A light metal mask, the visage of an eternally screaming face. While it has eyeholes, you cannot identify someone wearing the mask, and in the loathing stance, it eminates a deep green fog from the mouth.

Hatred Unparalleled. While in the Loathing stance, you deal additional poison damage equal to your Wisdom modifier.

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